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In the wilderness, the smell of blood pervaded the air as a calf-sized beast’s corpse fell into a pool of blood. Seven or eight emaciated Earth Wolf tore at the flesh of their prey and swallowed them whole.

This was a perfect hunt, and under the lead wolf’s command, this small pack of wolves finally had a chance to eat after half a month of hunger.

The alpha wolf, which was slightly larger than the other Earth Wolf, had already eaten its fill and was lying lazily on the ground, licking its injured forelimbs.

Suddenly, the Alpha Wolf’s ears perked up and its golden eyes fixed on a certain spot in the void. In that direction, the void distorted as black cracks appeared.

Feeling uneasy, the Alpha Wolf slowly stood up, bared its fangs, and roared towards that direction.

The wolves who were fighting over food also turned their attention to it, and in the next moment, the howls of the wolves rang out.

The pitch-black cracks began to flow faster as a strange force suddenly burst forth. Immediately after, four figures appeared in the vision of the wolves like ghosts.

Behind the four of them, a huge black hole appeared, emitting a chaotic aura that slowly closed under the influence of the World Laws.

The Alpha Wolf’s golden eyes suddenly shrank to the size of a needle, and after letting out a low cry, it turned around and fled. At this moment, the instincts of a wild beast made it feel the threat of death.

In the wilderness, the pack of wolves rushed forward and disappeared.

Of the four people who had suddenly appeared, besides Yang Kai who was still standing in place without any reaction, the other three, including Hua Rong, all turned pale, covered their mouths, and ran to the side, bending over to vomit!

This was the first time they had experienced this kind of Space Transmission, and it was always not so wonderful. The feeling of space distortion was like their entire body was being broken down into countless tiny particles and then reformed.

Yang Kai had already anticipated this scene. Although the cultivation of Hua Rong and the others in this Divine Weapon World wasn’t bad, they weren’t strong enough to withstand Space Transmission. If it weren’t for his protection, they would have been cut into countless pieces by the turbulent flow of space.

Looking back at the slowly closing black crack, Yang Kai frowned slightly. The World Laws of this world were stronger than he had imagined.

He had been in the Divine Weapon World for several years now and his cultivation had reached the Ninth Order Heaven Rank. The power of the Dragon Vein had also been greatly stimulated. Over the past year, apart from stimulating the power of the Dragon Vein, his main focus had been the Dao of Space.

However, perhaps due to the limitations of his cultivation, his progress in the Dao of Space wasn’t very satisfactory, and he was unable to use many of his Space Dao methods.

However, back in the Star Boundary, he had used his Space Dao to become a Great Emperor, so even in this Divine Weappon World, his Space Dao could still display some brilliance.

At the very least, escaping from Old Man Qi was not a problem.

However, what surprised him was that this time, the Void Spirit Sword Sect’s matter was actually planned by Profound Pill Sect. First, they lured him out and brought him back to the Void Spirit Sword Sect, and then Old Man Qi and the other three Spirit Rank masters ambushed him…

If his previous guess was correct, it was definitely the Profound Pill Sect who had found out that he had nothing to do with his master, otherwise, there was no need for the Profound Pill Sect to act like this.

Fortunately, Wu Zheng Qi also said that the people from the Void Spirit Sword Sect had been transferred to Profound Pill City half a month ago, and there were no casualties.

But in this way, he would have to return to Profound Pill Sect.

The cultivation of a Ninth Order Heaven Rank master was still a bit low. After a year of accumulation, it was time to break through to the Spirit Rank.

“Just now…” Hua Rong walked back with a pale face, “What happened? Where are Old Man Qi and the others?”

“I got rid of them!” Yang Kai replied casually as he looked around. He didn’t know where this place was, although he was able to use his Space Force slightly, he couldn’t accurately control it, so he couldn’t guarantee his position or distance.

Casually choosing a direction, Yang Kai called out, “Let’s go, we’ll find someone to find out the direction first.”

Hua Rong was still in a daze, unable to understand how these three powerful Spirit Rank masters had been thrown off. She followed Yang Kai and came to Yang Huai’s side and poked his waist, whispering, “Big guy, do you know what happened just now?”

Yang Huai’s expression was cold as he remained silent.

“I’m asking you a question, are you deaf?”

Yang Huai lowered his head and glanced at her, his expression becoming increasingly ugly.

Hua Rong was puzzled, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I want to… vomit again!” After Yang Huai finished speaking, he turned around and rushed to the side, retching again.

After walking for less than an hour, they passed by a small village, and Hua Rong went forward to inquire about the situation. A moment later, she returned and pointed in a certain direction, “Heavenly Martial City is in that direction!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and looked at her, “Can you still fly?”

Hua Rong pointed at her pale little face, “Do you think I can fly in this state? I don’t even have the strength to walk now.”

Yang Kai raised his brow, “Then let’s find a place to rest for the night.”

Everyone naturally didn’t have any objections. After randomly searching for a place in the wilderness, Yang Huai returned after hunting a deer. The four of them lit a bonfire and casually roasted some fruits.

After a night of rest, they had finally recovered.

Two hours later, in Heavenly Martial City, Yang Kai’s group of four descended from the sky and landed in front of the City Lord’s Mansion. Many of the City Lord’s Mansion’s guards were on high alert.

Although Heavenly Martial City was not an ordinary city, and there were many Heaven Rank masters in the city, the aura of Hua Rong's Spirit Rank was undoubtedly present, causing them to be extremely wary. Before they understood the purpose of Yang Kai’s visit, how could these people dare act rashly?

Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord Miao Hong soon received the news and came to investigate. After a quick glance, he was greatly surprised, “Alchemist Yang?”

Yang Kai cupped his fists, “City Lord Miao, long time no see!”

“It really is Alchemist Yang!” Miao Hong laughed, “What a rare guest!”

Waving his hand towards the surrounding guards, he shouted, “Disperse, you blind fools! The ones who came are the Heaven Pill Master of the Profound Pill Sect, what are you trying to do?”

Seeing this, how could the many guards not know that their City Lord recognized this person? They all let out a sigh of relief and dispersed.

Miao Hong was already eagerly welcoming him, “Alchemist Yang, it’s been several years since we last met, but you’re still as elegant as ever!”

“City Lord praises me too much,” Yang Kai smiled and said, “I hope City Lord won’t blame me for coming uninvited.”

Miao Hong smiled and said, “Alchemist Yang is this Miao’s life savior. I didn’t have the time to properly thank you for what happened back then, so how could this Miao blame you for coming here? Come, let’s talk inside.”

Perhaps out of gratitude for the kindness he had shown him all those years ago, or perhaps because he wanted to befriend him, Miao Hong appeared extremely enthusiastic. He had originally wanted to arrange a welcoming banquet for Yang Kai, but Yang Kai didn’t have the mood to do so now, so he politely declined.

Inside the inner room, Yang Kai said seriously, “I came here today to ask City Lord Miao for help.”

Hearing this, Miao Hong patted his chest and said, “Alchemist Yang, feel free to speak. As long as this Miao can help, I will definitely not refuse!”

“I want to borrow some Red Jade from the City Lord!” Yang Kai said.

“No problem, how much does Alchemist Yang need?” Miao Hong readily agreed, appearing extremely straightforward.

“How many does the City Lord have?” Yang Kai asked instead of answering.

Miao Hong was stunned for a moment before quickly realizing that Yang Kai needed a lot of money, but then again, Yang Kai was now a Heaven Pill Master, and he was also an extremely famous Heaven Pill Master in the entire Profound Pill Sect, so he definitely wouldn’t lack money. If he needed too little, he wouldn’t ask to borrow money from him.

Pondering for a moment, Miao Hong said, “To be honest, this Miao hasn’t counted how many Red Jade there are in my Heavenly Martial City, and I don’t know if they can satisfy Alchemist Yang’s needs. How about this, you come with me to the vault and I’ll place all the materials in my Heavenly Martial City inside!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai didn’t refuse and nodded, “Good.”

Miao Hong stretched out his hand and led the way.

Halfway down the road, Yang Kai asked, “City Lord, why didn’t you ask me why I borrowed so much red jade?”

Miao Hong smiled and said, “Alchemist Yang’s reputation is now widespread. Even though this Miao has lived in Heavenly Martial City for a long time, I have still heard of your great name many times. In the level of Heaven Pill Master of the Profound Pill Sect, you are a famous figure! Alchemist Yang is looking for this Miao, and asked this Miao to lend him some worldly possessions. If this Miao has any, I will do my best to help. As for what Alchemist Yang wants to do, that is your business.”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “Rest assured, City Lord. Today I took it from the City Lord, I will definitely repay you generously!”

Miao Hong chuckled, “We’ll talk about it another day! We’re here!”

Heavenly Martial City’s vault naturally had extremely tight security. Along the way, there were many layers of guards, but with Miao Hong as the City Lord, none of them dared to act rashly.

After Miao Hong opened the door to the vault, a rich Spiritual Energy fluctuation immediately rushed out.

Yang Kai stepped inside and immediately saw a pile of red jade, roughly estimated to be at least two or three million.

Thinking about it, it wasn’t strange. Back then, in order to thank him for his help, Miao Hong had given him three hundred thousand Red Jade. If he didn’t have such a massive amount of resources to support him, how could he have been so generous?

In addition to the red jade, there were also many spirit flowers, spirit grasses, strange stones, and ores. All of the wealth that Heavenly Martial City had accumulated over the years was now stored in this vault.

“Alchemist Yang, is this Red Jade enough?” Miao Hong asked with a smile.

“It’s enough!” Yang Kai nodded, “I need to go into seclusion here for a few days, I’ll have to trouble City Lord to arrange it.”

Miao Hong nodded and said, “Good, Alchemist Yang can rest in peace here. This Miao can guarantee that no one will disturb you during this time.”

“Many thanks!” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

Immediately after, Yang Kai instructed Hua Rong and Yang Huai.

A rumbling sound rang out as the vault’s door closed. Hua Rong and Yang Huai stood to the left and right, and even Wan Yingying stood to the side, trying her best to look around with wide eyes.


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