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With a single slash, an overwhelming sword light shot out in all directions, causing rubble to fly everywhere as several figures appeared from their hiding places and surrounded Yang Kai and the others.

With a loud bang, Li Zhengqing fell to the ground, dust flying everywhere as his vitality was drained. Not only had Yang Kai’s sword cut through his flesh, but the sharp Sword Qi had also shattered his vitality.

One of the figures turned to look at Li Zhengqing’s corpse and frowned slightly, seemingly not having expected Yang Kai to be so decisive.

This was completely different from the Yang Kai he knew. In Profound Pill Sect, Yang Kai had always been gentle and polite. Other than having some conflicts with a Heaven Pill Master named Wei Cheng at the beginning, he had never shown any signs of shame in the past few years. Even though his talent was outstanding, even though many Elders of the Elder Pavilion regarded him highly, he had never shown any signs of superiority. He could drink and chat with other Heaven Pill Master, and many of his fellow disciples had received his guidance.

Among the Profound Pill Sect’s Spirit Pill Master and below, Yang Kai had an extremely high reputation.

As their eyes met, Yang Kai lowered his eyes and called out coldly, “Vice Hall Master Wu!”

There were a total of three people hiding in the surrounding area, one of them was the Vice Hall Master of the Holy Fire Hall, Wu Zheng Qi! When Yang Kai and Wei Cheng fought, Wu Zheng Qi had been a witness. With such a relationship, Wu Zheng Qi had had some contact with Yang Kai over the past few years, especially after Yang Kai displayed his superior Pill Way aptitude. Wu Zheng Qi had wanted to befriend him, so in the past few years, their relationship had been quite good.

Unexpectedly, they had actually encountered him here today.

Wu Zheng Qi’s expression was also a bit complicated, but when he received the mission, he had anticipated this scene, so he didn’t say anything.

Yang Kai turned to look at the other man and narrowed his eyes, “Old Man Qi!”

Wu Zheng Qi was a Fifth Order Spirit Rank master, so his strength wasn’t weak, but Yang Kai wasn’t too afraid of him. Even if they fought, Wu Zheng Qi might not be able to do anything to him.

However, this Old Man Qi was different. This old man was the personal Blood Servant of the Profound Pill Sect’s Sect Master, Baili Yunsang. In the past few years, Yang Kai had come into contact with him several times, and the Elder Token on his body was given to him by this old man.

The old man’s cultivation was at the Ninth Order Spirit Rank, almost the peak of the Divine Weapon World, so Yang Kai knew how terrifying he was.

Yang Kai didn’t recognize the third person, but since he had appeared here, he was definitely a Spirit Rank master.

“So that’s how it is. Is the Sect plotting something here?” Yang Kai looked at Old Man Qi and asked. Yang Kai didn’t know what the old man’s name was, he only knew his surname was Qi.

However, after seeing these three, Yang Kai suddenly understood something.

Before this, Yang Kai had been wondering how he had left the Profound Pill Sect so easily. Logically speaking, Yang Kai should have shouldered the heavy responsibility of comprehending the mysteries of the Medicine King Cauldron and was definitely an extremely special existence in the Profound Pill Sect. Even if there was a reason he had no other choice but to leave, the Profound Pill Sect would never agree to it so easily. Even if they agreed, they would still send many masters to guard him in case anything happened to him.

However, Yu Boyang had just casually let him leave.

Now that he thought about it, this was all planned by the Profound Pill Sect, so he didn’t encounter any resistance when he left.

Many thoughts flashed across his mind. He had contributed greatly to the Profound Pill Sect these past few years and had studied many pill recipe and Pill Refining insights from the Medicine King Cauldron. On top of that, he had also displayed extraordinary Pill Way aptitude. Logically speaking, the Profound Pill Sect should have regarded him highly, so why would they suddenly lead him to the Void Spirit Sword Sect and ambush him?

Thinking about it, there was only one possibility, and that was that his previous fabrications had been exposed. The Profound Pill Sect should know that he had nothing to do with his 'master'.

In other words, his 'master' had already returned to Profound Pill Sect, or perhaps he had some kind of connection with Profound Pill Sect?

On the side, Yang Huai and Wan Yingying were all stunned, unable to understand what was happening in front of them. Moreover, after Old Man Qi and the others appeared, they didn’t immediately attack. For a time, Yang Huai and Wan Yingying were at a loss, not knowing what to do.

Old Man Qi looked at Yang Kai indifferently and said, “Little brat Yang, surrender now. This old master’s attacks are not light, and you Alchemists all have tender skin. It would be bad if you were injured.”

Wu Zheng Qi also tried to persuade him, “Pill Master Yang, it’s best if you don’t resist. We received orders to bring you back to the Sect, and the Sect Master specifically ordered that you are not to be killed!”

Yang Kai turned his head to look at the stone tablet engraved with the words ‘Void Spirit Sword Sect’ and asked, “Where are my Void Spirit Sword Sect’s people?”

Wu Zheng Qi said, “Don’t worry, there are no casualties among the Void Spirit Sword Sect’s people. Half a month ago, they were all sent to Profound Pill City, so I believe they’ve all been settled there.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai sighed, “Good.”

Now that he thought about it, Su Changfa’s illness must have been a random excuse made up by Li Zhengqing to lure him back to the Void Spirit Sword Sect. Thinking about this, Yang Kai frowned and said, “Since Sect Master wants to capture me, why lead me here? When we are in the Sect, he can act!”

Wu Zheng Qi shook his head and said, “We don’t know the details, we were just following orders…” Saying so, he smiled bitterly, “To be honest, before this Wu came here, I didn’t even know that the person I wanted to capture was you, Pill Master Yang.” Turning to look at Old Man Qi, he continued, “Perhaps Old Man Qi knows a thing or two.”

Old Man Qi shook his head and said, “This old master doesn’t know either. The Sect Master has ordered this old master to do as he says!” Glancing at the Clear Void Sword in Yang Kai’s hand, Old Man Qi said, “Little brat Yang, this old master knows that this Clear Void Sword in your hand has two Sword Qi, but those two Sword Qi shouldn’t have any effect on this old master. If you don’t believe me, you can try it.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Old Man Qi’s strength is profound, so these two trifling Sword Qi naturally can’t do anything to you.”

Old Man Qi said, “Since you know this, then follow this old master back to the Sect. If there really is a misunderstanding, you can explain it in front of the Sect Master.”

Wu Zheng Qi also urged, “Old Man Qi is right, Pill Master Yang, please follow us back to the Sect!”

Yang Kai took a deep breath and narrowed his eyes, “I will naturally return to the Sect, but… not now!”

Old Man Qi’s eyes drooped slightly, “Boy, just because this old master doesn’t want to attack you doesn’t mean this old master can’t…”

Yang Kai raised his hand and said, “Old Man Qi, it’s not that I’m looking down on you, but if I really wanted to leave, there shouldn’t be anyone in this world who could keep me here.”

Old Man Qi’s face sank, seemingly angered by these words, “Such shameless boasting!”

Yang Kai didn’t pay any more attention to him, instead turning to look at Hua Rong and Yang Huai, “Now that I’m in trouble, where are you two going?”

Hua Rong grit her teeth and said, “What else can we do after we board the pirate ship? Why don’t you go back with them? It’s better than being beaten half to death and dragged back.”

Yang Huai had always been a man of few words and only cupped his fists, “I am willing to die for Sir!”

Wu Zheng Qi sighed, “Those from the Blood Servant Camp, as long as they follow any Alchemist, they are always loyal.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Good!”

Turning to Old Man Qi, he said, “Old Man, when you return to the Sect, please inform Sect Master that I will return within ten days and explain everything to him. Tell the Sect Master, please treat my Void Spirit Sword Sect’s disciples well, they have nothing to do with this!”

Old Man Qi raised his brow, “Now that things have reached this point, are you still dreaming? Attack!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he stretched out his hand and grabbed towards Yang Kai. A terrifying spiritual force fluctuation spread out like a ripple, and under that huge hand, both Yang Huai and Hua Rong felt their hair stand on end, as if they were being trapped in a cage.

The strength of a Ninth Order Spirit Rank master was obvious, and it was definitely not something the two of them could contend with.

In the next instant, Old Man Qi’s expression suddenly changed, because he was surprised to discover that the distance between him and Yang Kai was growing further.

Yang Kai was clearly standing in front of him without any movement, but the space between the two of them seemed to stretch out strangely, a strange force affecting his perception and judgment.

Old Man Qi turned pale with fright. He had cultivated for so many years but had never encountered such a strange thing. He fiercely pushed his own spiritual force in an attempt to break the influence of this strange power, but to no avail.

Yang Kai’s voice rang out beside his ear, “I said that if I wanted to leave, there is no one in this world who can keep me here! Old man, when you go back, don’t forget to inform Sect Master. Also, tell him that I have no malicious intent towards Profound Pill Sect!”

The space in front of him distorted abnormally, and by the time Old Man Qi reached out to grab him, Yang Kai and the others had strangely disappeared. Wu Zheng Qi and the other Spirit Rank cultivator’s attacks also missed and almost hit Old Man Qi.

Old Man Qi’s eyes widened to the size of an egg, unable to believe what he was seeing. Turning his head, he shouted, “Where is he?”

Wu Zheng Qi and the other Spirit Rank master both shook their heads.

Three Spirit Rank cultivators had sealed off the way, and Yang Kai’s group of four had disappeared just like that. One of them was even a Ninth Order Spirit Rank cultivator!

If they hadn’t experienced this personally, no one would believe it.

“Impossible! Find them, they’re definitely hiding nearby!” Old Man Qi shouted angrily as he quickly began searching around.

After a while, the three of them gathered together again and looked at each other with ugly expressions.

Yang Kai and the others had really disappeared… without a trace.

“Just now… what kind of method was that?” Wu Zheng Qi asked with a solemn expression. He had cultivated for so many years, but this was the first time he had encountered something so strange.

Old Man Qi snapped, “If I knew what kind of method he was using, how could I have let him escape?”

Wu Zheng Qi and the other Spirit Rank cultivator looked at each other and saw the inexplicable horror in each other’s eyes!

The scene just now was simply too bizarre. In front of everyone’s eyes, the four living people had suddenly disappeared, and since Yang Kai had disappeared, he could naturally reappear. If they were caught off guard and allowed him to get so close to them, even if they were stronger than him, it would be difficult to resist!


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