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Half a day later, Yang Kai returned to his cave mansion, but in the end, he still couldn’t figure out what his White Fire was.

Sect Master Baili Yunsang and the two Elders must have known about this, but perhaps because they were worried that Yang Kai was too young, they didn’t tell him too much. They only tell him that this White Fire was not an ordinary Pill Fire and couldn’t be classified as an ordinary Mortal, Earth, Heaven, and Spirit Fire. It had an extremely long history, so Yang Kai had to use it carefully and observe the changes in this White Fire at all times to prevent any accidents.

The three of them have a strange attitude towards this White Fire, somewhat eager, somewhat vigilant, and somewhat respectful.

Since they didn’t say anything, Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered to ask any more questions. What he cared about now was the voice he had just casually mentioned…

Originally, he only wanted to push all the blame onto his 'Master', but who would have thought that the voice actually existed.

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, feeling that he really did have some kind of inexplicable affinity with this Profound Pill Sect. Back then, he had casually brought out a 'master' he didn’t know about, but in the end, Gao Xinpeng had misunderstood him and led him into the Profound Pill Sect. Today, he had somehow managed to make a connection with something.

Moreover, from the expressions of Baili Yunsang and the two Elders, it seemed that the true self of that voice was something extraordinary.

But now, in the Profound Pill Sect, there was indeed something incredible! Yang Kai had a faint guess in his heart and couldn’t help feeling some anticipation.

The next day, the Spirit Rank One-Eyed Old Man who had come here before once again came to the cave mansion of Moon Locking Peak. After seeing Yang Kai, he immediately used his spiritual force to wrap him up and flew away.

By the time he landed, he had already arrived at a secluded valley. In front of him was an old man, the Sect Master of Profound Pill Sect, Baili Yunsang. However, this time, he was alone and the two Elders he had met yesterday were not present.

Yang Kai stepped forward to greet him.

Baili Yunsang nodded, “Follow me.”

Finished speaking, Yang Kai led the way, following closely behind him as he passed through several checkpoints. Yang Kai could clearly feel that there were countless Spirit Rank masters hiding in the shadows, secretly observing their surroundings. As he followed Baili Yunsang, these Spirit Rank masters’ perception locked onto him, causing him to feel like he was being stabbed in the back.

“This is my Profound Pill Sect’s forbidden area. Only this Sect Master and a few Elders can enter this place. If anyone else wants to enter, they will have to pay a large amount of contribution points, and they will also need to pass some tests to confirm their loyalty to my Profound Pill Sect before being allowed to enter,” Baili Yunsang said casually as he walked forward, “Do you feel anything?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “Sect Master, I don’t feel anything.”

Baili Yunsang didn’t mind and continued forward.

After a while, Yang Kai felt that he had followed Baili Yunsang into the belly of a mountain, and when he arrived, the scene in front of him suddenly became clear. There was actually a huge chamber inside this mountain, filled with a gentle light that illuminated the surroundings.

Yang Kai’s eyes were instantly attracted by something in front of him.

In front of them was an altar-like building, and at the top of the altar sat an ancient-looking four-legged cauldron. This cauldron was about half the height of a man, and it was obvious that it had been there for many years. On the surface of the cauldron were traces of the passage of time, and the interior of the cauldron was filled with a dense white fog. This white fog was like flowing water, filling the entire space with a strange power.

Under this power, Yang Kai’s mind became peaceful and even his mind became clearer than ever.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s mind became clear and he suddenly pointed his finger like a sword, turned around, and walked over to the cave wall and began drawing on it.

Baili Yunsang was startled by Yang Kai’s actions and didn’t know what he was thinking. Just as he was about to stop him, his expression suddenly changed, as if he had thought of something and quickly shut his mouth, instead focusing on Yang Kai’s movements.

A rustling sound rang out. Although this was a forbidden area, the most valuable thing here was the large cauldron. The other things on the altar were all ordinary objects, with Yang Kai’s actions, a series of small characters quickly appeared on the stone wall, while a layer of dust quickly appeared beneath his feet.

The entire process lasted for about half an incense stick of time before Yang Kai suddenly let out a muffled groan and stopped what he was doing.

Baili Yunsang walked over to his side and stared at the thing on the rock wall, his expression filled with excitement as he muttered to himself, “Incredible, unbelievable!”

“Sect Master…” Yang Kai shook his head and called out.

“Oh, are you alright?” Baili Yunsang finally remembered to pay attention to Yang Kai’s situation.

Yang Kai shook his head, “It’s fine, Sect Master, what’s… wrong?”

Baili Yunsang smiled at him, “Don’t you remember what you did?”

Yang Kai looked at the words on the rock wall beside him and said in a daze, “I’m not too sure either. Just now, there was a sudden explosion in my head and I somehow managed to grasp this thing. Afraid that I would forget about it, I quickly recorded it down. If I did anything wrong, please punish me, Sect Master!”

“Well done, there is nothing wrong, you did a good job!” Baili Yunsang looked at Yang Kai with some excitement, then at the thing on the wall, “This is a pill recipe, do you know what kind of pill recipe it is?”

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before replying, “It should be a pill recipe called the Human Origin Pill. After refining it, it will greatly benefit the cultivation of a Mortal Rank cultivator.” After saying this, he wore a shocked expression, “Strange, how do I know all this? I’ve never studied the pill recipe for the Human Origin Pill…”

Baili Yunsang patted his shoulder and said, “Calm down, this is not a bad thing, it’s actually a good thing. As for why you know all this, think carefully about what happened just now.”

Yang Kai put on a reminiscing expression and said after a moment, “After following Sect Master here, I saw the huge cauldron over there, and then there was an explosion in my mind, and then… could this be related to that sound?”

Baili Yunsang said, “This old master didn’t hear anything, so I don’t know what that sound was like. Think about it carefully, have you heard the sound before?”

Yang Kai said thoughtfully, “It sounds similar to the voice I heard on Moon Locking Peak!”

“That’s right,” Baili Yunsang nodded and pointed at the large cauldron, “All the sounds you heard came from it!”

Yang Kai looked over and asked in confusion, “Sect Master, what exactly is this cauldron?”

“This cauldron…” Baili Yunsang’s expression became solemn as he bowed towards the large cauldron and said solemnly, “It is one of the top ten Divine Weapons, the Medicine King Cauldron!”

Yang Kai was shocked, “This is the Medicine King Cauldron?”

“Yes!” Baili Yunsang nodded, “This is the Medicine King Cauldron!”

“Unbelievable!” Yang Kai stared blankly at the Medicine King Cauldron, “I thought…”

“What did you think? Do you think that Divine Weapons should shine brilliantly?” Baili Yunsang chuckled, “Each of the Ten Divine Weapons represents the ultimate Dao of Heaven and Earth. They may not have a gorgeous appearance, but they are the most precious things in this Divine Weapon World.”

“Disciple understands!”

Looking at the Medicine King Cauldron, Baili Yunsang sighed lightly, “Do you know why this old master brought you here?”

Yang Kai shook his head.

“Logically speaking, as a Heaven Pill Master who has just entered the Sect, you are not qualified to come into contact with the Medicine King Cauldron. This old master also told you just now that this place is a restricted area of my Profound Pill Sect. Other than this old master and a few Elders, the other disciples must spend a great deal of Contribution Points and must be loyal to the Sect in order to explore its mysteries.”

“Mysteries?” Yang Kai keenly grasped the key point.

Baili Yunsang nodded seriously, “Mysteries, the ultimate mysteries of Pill Way. Each of the Ten Divine Weapons represents one of the highest Dao of Heaven and Earth, and the Medicine King Cauldron represents Pill Way! It contains countless truths of Pill Way, and if one can learn a thing or two from it, they will benefit greatly for life.”

Pausing for a moment, he look at Yang Kai with a smile and said, “The faint sound you heard was the Great Dao Wonderful Sound of the Medicine King Cauldron! This old master can occasionally hear it, but it’s quite vague and it’s not as good as what you’ve gained.”

Yang Kai’s jaw dropped, “If that’s the case, the reason why I can improve the pill recipe for the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill is not because of the awakening of my Master’s memories, but because of this Medicine King Cauldron... and the Human Origin Pill's recipe…”

“That’s right!” Baili Yunsang stroked his beard and looked at Yang Kai with a gratified look, “You live in Moon Locking Peak, which is quite far from here, and there are many layers of protection here, yet you are still able to understand the Great Dao Wonderful Sound of the Medicine King Cauldron. This shows that you have an affinity with the Medicine King Cauldron, which is why this old master made an exception and brought you here. Now that I see it, it is indeed a wise decision. You have only just arrived here, yet you have already received the Medicine King Cauldron’s teachings and obtained the Human Origin Pill's recipe. If you can live here for a long time, I’m afraid your harvest will be even greater!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai was shocked. If he had really lived here for a long time, he wouldn’t be able to do anything! When he saw this Medicine King Cauldron, he had confirmed his previous guess. The voice he had casually made yesterday, in the eyes of Baili Yunsang and the others, was indeed related to the Medicine King Cauldron.

However, he didn’t expect things to be so coincidental. Baili Yunsang was also able to hear the Great Dao Wonderful Sound of the Medicine King Cauldron, and although it was quite vague, he didn’t gain anything.

But that voice really did exist.

So when he saw the Medicine King Cauldron, Yang Kai immediately put on an act and wrote down the recipe for the Human Origin Pill…

He possessed countless pill recipes, so it was naturally easy for him to obtain a pill recipe that didn’t exist in the Divine Weapon World. As for what kind of Human Origin Pill it was, it was naturally nonsense.

“Although we don’t know why, since this is the will of the Heavens, we can only take advantage of it. From today onwards, you will stay here and comprehend the secrets of this Medicine King Cauldron. You don’t need to worry about the matters of the Asking Pill Pavilion, this old master will arrange them for you!”


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