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Ma Tai turned his head and saw a young girl dressed in green walking over. This young girl had a sweet appearance and was likely the so-called Little Junior Sister.

Wan Yingying said, “Eldest Senior Brother didn’t have any instructions, I’m here to deliver pills.”

Before Jing An could react, Ma Tai’s eyes suddenly lit up and he called out, “A pill? What pill?”

Wan Yingying was startled and quickly dodged to the side, staring at Ma Tai in confusion, “This is…”

Jing An smiled, “Little Junior Sister, don’t panic, this gentleman is the one who came here this morning to ask for pills.”

“Oh, so it’s you!” Wan Yingying suddenly understood and smiled, “Since this gentleman is here, I’ll give this pill to you. You can also examine it and see if there are any problems.”

Saying so, she handed a jade box to Ma Tai.

Ma Tai stared at the jade box in shock, “Pill… the pill I requested has been completed?”

“That’s right!” Wan Yingying tilted her head and looked at him, not understanding why he was acting like this. She then handed over the jade box and said, “Sir, you should examine it first. Later, I’ll have to ask you to accompany Senior Brother Jing An to the Deacon's place to complete it.”

“Oh, good, good, good!” Ma Tai finally came back to his senses and wiped his hands on his body, as if he was afraid the filth on his hands would stain the jade box, solemnly accepting the jade box and holding his breath, gently opening it.

A round pill immediately appeared before his eyes…

Wan Yingying said, “Sir, your luck is quite good. Eldest Senior Brother managed to refine a high rank pill this time, this is it.”

Ma Tai’s hands couldn’t help trembling as his pair of eyes stared fixedly at the pill in the jade box like a leech, unable to contain his excitement as he exclaimed, “High Rank Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill!”

As soon as his voice fell, everyone turned to look at him.

Wan Yingying approached her two Senior Brothers and whispered, “What's wrong with this mister? Why is he making such a fuss?”

Jing An smiled, “Perhaps he was too happy.”

“This… Is this really something Pill Master Yang refined for me?” Ma Tai still couldn’t believe it. Just now, he had decided to take the risk of offending a Heaven Pill Master to obtain his things, but who would have thought that in the blink of an eye, a high rank ten Revolutions Heartless Pill would fall into his hands. This life was truly filled with ups and downs.

High Rank Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill! He had never even thought about it. When he came here, he felt that he would be satisfied if he could obtain a mid rank pill…

It should be known that every year, countless people came to this Asking Pill Pavilion to ask for pills, but only ten percent of them were lucky enough to obtain high rank pills. Most of them could only obtain mid rank or even low rank pills.

“Yes, it’s just been refined and it’s still warm. If you don’t believe me, feel it!” Wan Yingying said.

Ma Tai didn’t know what was wrong with his brain, but after hearing her words, he really reached out to touch it and exclaimed, “It’s really warm…”

Wan Yingying curled her lips and said, “How could I lie to you? I personally saw Eldest Senior Brother refine it and immediately sent it here without delay.”

“Thank you, Young Lady!” Ma Tai said gratefully.

Jing An said, “Sir, there are many people here, so it’s best to put away this pill first.”

When Ma Tai heard this, he realized that there were many people around him, all of them staring enviously at the pills in his hand. He quickly closed the jade box and cupped his fists towards the three of them, “Please thank Pill Master Yang on this Ma’s behalf. This Ma will definitely repay this great favor in the future!”

Wan Yingying didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know what Ma Tai was feeling right now, so she quickly waved her hand and said, “Sir, you’re too serious. You’re here to ask for a pill, and you’ve already given us a reward, so we should naturally refine it for you.”

Jing An said, “I would like to ask Sir to follow me to the Deacon’s place and report to him in person.”

These matters were necessary. Every Pill Master who hung a plaque here to refine pills, whether they succeeded or not, would have to be registered. This was related to the Pill Master’s evaluation and contribution.

Ma Tai obviously knew about this and immediately nodded, “Of course, of course, Young Sir, please!”

Jing An immediately led Ma Tai to the Deacon’s place. Ma Tai took out the High Rank Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill and left after receiving the Deacon’s confirmation.

As for the deacon, he recorded Yang Kai’s Pill Refining evaluation.

At the same time, in front of the originally cold table, a large group of people rushed over and surrounded Wan Yingying and another Junior Brother, all of them asking questions. After learning that they didn’t need to wait long for Yang Kai to refine the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill and had personally witnessed Yang Kai refine a high rank pill for Ma Tai, many people immediately expressed their desire to ask Yang Kai for a pill.

The scene went out of control and eventually attracted the attention of the Asking Pill Pavilion guards, allowing them to maintain order.

A moment later, Wan Yingying rushed back to Yang Kai’s Cave Mansion on Moon Locking Peak and brought back a carriage full of treasures!

When Wan Yingying rushed into the Cave Heaven, Hua Rong and Yang Huai also ran out. Listening to Wan Yingying’s story and looking at the contents of the carriage, Hua Rong’s eyes flashed with green light as she circled around the carriage, “Good, good, good!”

Yang Kai, on the other hand, was quite calm. He had already anticipated this situation.

After instructing Hua Rong and Yang Huai to tidy up the things in the carriage, the useful ones were left behind while the useless ones were sent down the mountain to Profound Pill City to be sold into Red Jade. He then brought Wan Yingying into the cave mansion to continue refining pills.

Profound Pill Sect’s Pill Master's Pill Refining had an unwritten rule that no matter how many pills they refined, they only needed to give one pill to the person who asked for it. The rest could be left for themselves, whether it was to hand over to the Sect or to sell, it was up to them.

However, even for someone like Gao Xinpeng, he had only managed to refine four pills back then, three mid rank pills and one low rank pill. In the entire Profound Pill Sect, Gao Xinpeng could be considered one of the top Heaven Pill Master, but even he could only achieve such results, let alone other Heaven Pill Master.

Basically, forming two or three pills in a furnace was the most common. Most of the time, one could only form one pill or even fail to refine it.

Therefore, even with such unwritten rules, these Heaven Pill Master didn’t have many Ten Revolutions Heartless Pills on hand. After all, refining a furnace of Ten Revolutions Heartless Pills would take at least half a day or two, and after refining them they would need to rest and recover, so their efficiency wasn’t very high.

Yang Kai was naturally different from the others. Now that he was refining pills, there were at least five or six pills in one furnace, and if he was lucky, there was a chance he could refine seven or eight pills. The pill furnace he refined for Ma Tai had six pills, two of which were high rank while the others were mid rank.

Such a furnace of pills was enough to supply six people seeking pills.

What’s more, he had spent less time refining a furnace of pills than other Alchemists. Now, because he wanted to teach Wan Yingying, he had deliberately slowed down his pace.

If he could do as he pleased, he would only need two hours to refine a single batch of Ten Revolutions Heartless Pills.

With so many Pill Success in a short time, it would not delay his own cultivation.

As the days passed, there was a long queue in front of the Asking Pill Pavilion’s table. People who came to ask for pills came in an endless stream. Basically, anyone who came here to refine a Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill would choose to sit at Yang Kai’s table.

Without a doubt, Yang Kai’s Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill was at least a mid rank pill, and if one was lucky, they would be able to obtain a high rank pill without fail. This gave the person who asked for the pill a great sense of security, so no matter how much they had to spend, they were willing.

The number of people who came to him to ask for pills had even reached a year long list, but compared to the other Alchemists, a year wasn’t that long.

The three hundred thousand pieces of Red Jade Wei Cheng had lost to Yang Kai had long since been used up, and most of the materials brought by those who came to ask for pills had been sold by Yang Huai and Hua Rong into Red Jade, which had been continuously sent back to Yang Kai’s cave mansion for his cultivation.

As for the remaining treasures, Yang Kai also refined them into various pills.

With the support of a massive amount of resources and pills, the strength of Yang Kai’s group rapidly increased!

Even the Sixth Order Heaven Rank Hua Rong, after spending three months with Yang Kai, had broken through to the Seventh Order. Even the others like Wan Yingying and Jing An had also reached the Seventh Order Mortal Rank.

Yang Huai had even broken through from the Second Order Heaven Rank to the Fifth Order Heaven Rank! This kind of growth speed was simply astonishing.

The Flawless Tyrant Body Secret Art was indeed very compatible with this iron tower-like man. With the help of the Pills and materials Yang Kai had given him, Yang Huai’s growth was not surprising.

As for Yang Kai himself, now that he had reached the Fifth Order Heaven Rank, his strength had increased and his demand for cultivation resources had also increased. The Heaven Devouring Battle Law was indeed heaven-defying, but when it came to cultivating it, it was like drinking water and eating food. Coupled with the constant stimulation of the Dragon Vein’s power in Yang Kai’s body, no matter how many resources he had, they would be consumed in an extremely short amount of time.

However, as long as he was able to refine pills in Asking Pill Pavilion, he would be able to receive a steady stream of resources.

He was more concerned about his contribution points.

Although he could obtain a certain amount of contribution points every time he refined pills, there weren’t many of them. He had checked the contribution points required to exchange for the Hundred Revolutions Heartless Pill, and the amount of contribution points required was simply astonishing.

According to this accumulation, he would need to refine pills for at least twenty years before he could collect enough pills to exchange for the Hundred Revolutions Heartless Pill.

Thinking about it carefully, this wasn’t too surprising. Generally speaking, it would take at least several dozen years for a Heaven Pill Master to break through to the Spirit Pill Master. The Profound Pill Sect’s Heaven Pill Master had enough time to accumulate contribution points, but Yang Kai’s rate of advancement was simply too fast. It had only been three months, yet he had already broken through from the Second Order to Fifth Order. It would probably take him less than a year or two to break through to the Ninth Order Heaven Rank.

At that time, he would need the recipe for the Hundred Revolutions Heartless Pill to refine it!

One or two years was not enough time for him to accumulate enough contribution points. Yang Kai even took the time to teach Earth Pill Master and Mortal Pill Master in the Sect to earn contribution points, but it was still a drop in the bucket.


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