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“Two martial battle, both of you have won one, and now it can be considered a draw. The last one will be up to the two of you to fight.” Wu Zheng Qi looked around. This was an unspoken rule between the Profound Pill Sect’s Alchemists, so Yang Kai and Wei Cheng naturally wouldn’t object.

Moreover, this last round was related to Alchemy, not something a pure cultivator like Wu Zheng Qi could interfere with.

On the Battle Method Stage, Yang Kai said, “Pill Master Wei, I’m new here and am not familiar with the Sect’s rules, so I’ll leave this last round to you. I have no problems with it.”

Wei Cheng coldly snorted, “Pill Master Yang is quite confident. If I were to say we were going to compete in Pill Fire Battle, would you also accept?”

As soon as these words came out, the crowd of Alchemists below the stage went into an uproar, and even Wu Zheng Qi hurriedly raised his hand, “Not possible!”

Yang Kai asked curiously, “What is Pill Fire battle?” Looking at their expressions, it seemed like this Pill Fire Battle was something extraordinary.

Wei Cheng was speechless, “How come you don’t even know this? What kind of corner did you jump out from?”

Wu Zheng Qi explained from the side, “Pill Master Yang, you and the other Alchemists all have your own Pill Fire, and there is a difference in strength between Pill Fire. You went to the Holy Fire Cave Cave a few days ago, so you should have some understanding of this. A powerful Pill Fire can swallow a weak Pill Fire to increase one’s strength, allowing one to advance! This Pill Fire Battle came about because of this, but this kind of competition is extremely dangerous. Usually, the Pill Fire of a certain party will be completely swallowed up, and once the Pill Fire is swallowed, the Alchemist will definitely suffer a certain degree of backlash, so unless there is some kind of deep hatred between the Alchemists, there is usually no Pill Fire Battle!”

After explaining this to Yang Kai, he turned to Wei Cheng and said, “Pill Master Wei, you and Pill Master Yang are both pillars of my Profound Pill Sect. Today’s battle isn’t something that cannot be resolved. If it’s just some ordinary method, then it’s fine, but if it’s really a Pill Fire Battle, don’t blame this Wu for immediately reporting it to the Elder Assembly and allowing them to intervene.”

Wei Cheng curled his lips and said, “This Wei was just making a casual remark. How could this Wei not know the dangers of Pill Fire Battle? Vice Hall Master Wu doesn’t need to take it seriously!”

Wu Zheng Qi nodded, “Good!”

Wei Cheng then turned to Yang Kai and said, “Let’s not compete in Pill Fire. If we compete in Pill Refining, it will take too long, so why don’t we compete in tempering medicine liquid? We’ll see who can refine a higher concentration of medicinal herbs in the shortest amount of time! It’s also simple and won’t take much time.”

Yang Kai naturally had no objections and immediately nodded, “Yes!”

Wei Cheng was obviously prepared and clapped his hands. The Heaven Rank cultivator who was pushed off the Battle Metode Stage's platform by Yang Kai immediately rushed up with two boxes.

Wei Cheng put his hands behind his back and said, “These are two Constellation Flower strains. Whether it’s age or size, they’re basically the same. Pill Master Yang, you can examine them yourself and choose one of them. Today, we won’t use a pill furnace and will only use our Pill Fire to refine the medicinal liquid. Let’s see who is stronger and who is weaker!”

As he spoke, the Heaven Rank cultivator had already brought two boxes over to Yang Kai for him to inspect.

The spectating Alchemists all whispered amongst themselves.

“Constellation Flower, Pill Master Wei actually wants to refine Constellation Flower, this is no simple matter.”

“That’s right, among all the Heaven Rank medicinal herbs, although the Constellation Flower is not the most expensive, it is the most difficult to refine. Among my Profound Pill Sect’s Heaven Rank Alchemists, the most powerful one seems to only be able to refine about seventy percent of its medicinal efficacy.”

“Not to mention Heaven Pill Master, I heard that the Elders Assembly's Spirit Pill Master can only refine less than 90% at most!”

“But this shows the basic skills of an Alchemist, interesting!”

A loud noise came from all directions, and Yang Kai looked at the two boxes in front of him. Just as Wei Cheng had said, there were two similar herbs inside. There was no difference in size, and they were basically identical. They looked like a palm-sized flower with eight petals, and on top of these petals, there were densely packed silver dots that emitted a fluorescent light, as if they were stars.

Yang Kai had never seen this thing before and faintly felt that it was a special product of the Divine Weapon World.

Wei Cheng stretched out his hand and said, “Pill Master Yang, please!”

Yang Kai nodded lightly and picked a random one. The guard carried the other one to Wei Cheng’s side. Wei Cheng took the Constellation Flower and smiled, “Pill Master Yang, when it comes to refining Constellation Flowers, I have my own unique insights. You will definitely lose this match.”

If he wasn’t confident in himself, he wouldn’t have come up with such a question, much less prepared the Constellation Flower beforehand.

Yang Kai didn’t comment.

Wu Zheng Qi’s voice rang out, “If the two of you are ready, you may begin at any time!”

“Pill Master Yang, please begin!” Wei Cheng shouted as he circulated his spiritual force. At the same time, an orange-yellow fire appeared in his hand. This flame was clearly a Heaven Rank Fire, but Yang Kai didn’t know what it was exactly. The Heaven Fire wrapped around the Constellation Flower and under Wei Cheng’s control, it began refining the Constellation Flower’s medicinal liquid.

Seeing this, Yang Kai also circulated his spiritual force and Pill Fire, causing the white fire to rise up into the air. Although it looked extremely pure, compared to Wei Cheng’s Heaven Fire, it's quality were inferior.

“Mortal Fire?” Someone exclaimed.

Many people stared at the flame in Yang Kai’s hand in shock. Although they didn’t know what kind of Pill Fire it was, from its appearance, it was obviously a type of Mortal Fire!

A Heaven Pill Master's Pill Fire was actually a Mortal Fire?

If one didn’t see it with their own eyes, no one would believe it. Mortal Fire was something that only new Alchemists could use, and it was also the lowest grade Pill Fire.

Wu Zheng Qi was also quite surprised. A few days ago, Yang Kai had clearly been to the Holy Fire Cave, so logically speaking, he should have had some kind of harvest. How could there only be Mortal Fire?

Wei Cheng quickly glanced over at Yang Kai and couldn’t help laughing, “Pill Master Yang, you actually… actually used Mortal Fire to refine the Constellation Flower? Do you know that Constellation Flower is a Heaven Rank medicinal herb? Mortal Fire can’t possibly have any effect on it, so I advise you to surrender as soon as possible so you don’t embarrass yourself later!”

Yang Kai glanced at him and said lightly, “So what if it’s Mortal Fire? So what if it’s Heaven Fire? The Alchemists itself are the foundation of everything. As long as one has enough skill, Mortal Fire can also refine Heaven Rank herbs, just like… this!”

As he spoke, the white fire surged and the medicinal liquid in the Constellation Flower was refined, condensing into a ball. Under the burning of the white fire, impurities were constantly being removed.

Wei Cheng was stunned, “That’s possible?”

In a daze, the Heaven Fire in his hand almost burned the Constellation Flower, causing him to hurriedly suppress the power of the Heaven Fire.

The many Alchemists below the stage were also in an uproar. The scene in front of them was simply too incredible. A ball of white Mortal Fire could actually refine Heaven Rank herbs, and its speed was not any slower than Wei Cheng’s.

This was still the result of Yang Kai deliberately suppressing it.

Although he had long known that the white fire he had collected in the Holy Fire Cave was somewhat strange, he had not had the time or materials to experiment with it in the past few days. Now that he had activated it, he discovered that the white fire was extremely powerful when it came to refining medicinal liquids. Without using much strength, the Constellation Flower’s medicinal liquid had been refined, and the impurities in the medicinal liquid had gradually dispersed under the influence of the white fire, gradually becoming purer.

This made Yang Kai even more concerned about what kind of Pill Fire he had obtained.

Unfortunately, there were no such records in the Ancient Book Pavilion of the Sect.

The competition continued. On the Battle Method Stage, Yang Kai and Wei Cheng constantly changed the intensity of their Pill Fire. The original Constellation Flower had disappeared, replaced by a drop of soybean-sized medicinal liquid in each of their hands. This medicinal liquid was filled with light, as if it was a condensation of the universe. As the impurities were removed, the medicinal liquid’s color became brighter.

Wei Cheng’s forehead was already dripping with sweat. It wasn’t that he couldn’t afford to lose three hundred thousand Red Jade, it was just that he couldn’t afford to lose face like this. He had already been in the Profound Pill Sect for several dozen years, if he lost to a little brat who had just entered the Sect, how could he have the face to face others in the future? What’s more, the other party was using Mortal Fire…

Therefore, he went all out! Under this heavy pressure, his performance today was also extremely outstanding. Compared to when he refined the Constellation Flower in the past, today could be said to be his best performance.

An hour later, Wei Cheng took a deep breath and withdrew the Heaven Fire in his hand!

On his palm, a drop of pure medicinal liquid floated above his palm under the stimulation of his spiritual force, slowly rotating like a small bean. As the sun shone down, the surface of the medicinal liquid reflected a brilliant light.

Wei Cheng let out a sigh of relief. He didn’t need to look carefully to know that the Constellation Flower’s medicinal liquid he had refined today was at least seventy percent. Although it couldn’t be compared to the Profound Pill Sect’s best record, it was still his best result.

Looking up towards Yang Kai, he saw that Yang Kai had also finished tempering the medicinal liquid and a drop of Constellation Flower’s medicinal liquid was also floating on his palm. From the outside, it looked almost the same as his own.

Wei Cheng’s heart sank and his expression became complicated.

Without considering anything else, Wei Cheng had already lost this match. After all, in order to refine this Constellation Flower, he had used Heaven Fire while Yang Kai had used Mortal Fire. Relying solely on Mortal Fire to achieve this, Wei Cheng couldn’t help feeling inferior.

However, this was still a contest between Alchemists, so Wei Cheng naturally wouldn’t admit defeat so easily. He glanced over at Yang Kai provocatively, “Pill Master Yang is quite capable.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Pill Master Wei isn’t bad either!”

Seeing the two’s insincere expressions, Wu Zheng Qi coughed lightly and said, “This Wu is a rough man, I don’t know much about Pill Way, so the two of you can judge the quality of these two medicinal liquids yourselves. I believe that the two Alchemists can be fair and just, with a clear conscience!”

Perhaps these words were spoken deliberately, or perhaps Wu Zheng Qi didn’t want to participate in this final match. In the previous two matches, it was a draw. There would always be a winner and a loser in this final match, so no matter who won or lost, it wouldn’t be appropriate, so he simply tossed this hot potato to the two sparring partners.


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