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With his perception, Yang Kai could sense that the numerous Pill Fires around him were constantly flickering. Although he didn’t know what was happening, Yang Kai could sense that if he wanted to, he could easily collect any of the Pill Fires here, whether they were Mortal or Spirit Rank.

This discovery made him raise his brow slightly.

Recalling Wu Zhengqi’s words, the more outstanding a person’s aptitude was, the better the Pill Fire they could collect in the Holy Fire Cave. Suddenly, he realized that although he was only a Heaven Pill Master in the Divine Weapon World, his understanding of Alchemy had far exceeded the scope of this world. Although these Pill Fires did not have any sentience, they seemed to have some kind of instinct that allowed them to sense his uniqueness and take the initiative to approach him.

Almost all the Pill Fires in the entire Holy Fire Cave were gathered here, with only one exception.

About a thousand feet away from him, there was a ball of light that seemed to belong to a Pill Fire. Judging from the brightness of this Pill Fire, it should be a type of Heaven Fire, and even amongst Heaven Fire, it could be considered an excellent type.

The Heaven Fire gathered around Yang Kai were no better in terms of color and purity.

Thinking back to Pill Master Wei who had entered this place before him, Yang Kai faintly felt that Pill Master Wei should be there, and that special Heaven Fire should have been sealed by Pill Master Wei in some way, which was why it was not attracted to him.

He didn’t pay too much attention to the situation over there. Since Pill Master Wei had been preparing for this Heaven Fire for two years, he must have some special methods, and a mere Heaven Fire wouldn’t be able to arouse Yang Kai’s interest.

What he cared about were the rare Spirit Fire.

Although Wu Zhengqi had previously warned him not to touch the Spirit Fire unless he was strong enough to avoid any damage to himself, this was only to the average person, Yang Kai was confident he could subdue it.

One Spirit Fire was enough for him to use until he become Spirit Pill Master, saving him a lot of time for his Pill Fire to advance. Since he had come to this Holy Fire Cave, he naturally had to collect the best.

Making up his mind, Yang Kai examined the Pill Fires around him and quickly found his target.

It was an orange-red Pill Fire, one of the brightest Pill Fire in this place. If there were no surprised, it should be a Spirit Fire. Moreover, this Pill Fire gave off a very gentle and calm feeling, so it should be suitable for Pill Refining.

The orange-red Spirit Fire was originally located in the periphery, but after Yang Kai’s thoughts moved, it slowly approached and soon arrived three feet in front of him.

As it moved forward, the other Pill Fires also parted, as if they could sense Yang Kai’s will.

The Spirit Fire slowly approached Yang Kai and was about to reach him when it suddenly stopped.

Yang Kai didn’t understand what was happening, but in the next moment, all of the Pill Fires around him suddenly began to panic, as if some kind of beast was about to arrive. In the blink of an eye, all of the Pill Fires scattered and disappeared, along with the countless lights Yang Kai had sensed.

In the blink of an eye, the colorful world became pitch black again.

Yang Kai was stunned, not knowing what he had done to scare away these Pill Fires.

Turning his head to look around, Yang Kai saw that the Pill Fire on Pill Master Wei’s side was also twitching violently. However, Pill Master Wei’s methods were extraordinary, Yang Kai couldn’t see what he was doing, but no matter how hard it struggled, the Pill Fire was unable to escape. It seemed that it was only a matter of time before it was taken away by Pill Master Wei.

Yang Kai came back to his senses and carefully recalled his actions after coming here, but he didn’t find anything wrong with them. However, the Pill Fires that had gathered around him suddenly disappeared.

At this moment, from the corner of his eye, Yang Kai suddenly noticed a light slowly approaching him. This light was white and not very bright. According to Yang Kai’s previous observations, this should be a spiritual fire of the Mortal Rank.

However, this light was surprisingly pure. Yang Kai didn’t notice this kind of purity from other Mortal Rank's Pill Fire.

The Mortal Fire slowly floated in front of Yang Kai and gently landed in front of him without moving.

Yang Kai was stunned, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

What was this? So many Pill Fires had suddenly disappeared, leaving behind only a single Mortal Fire. He is now a Heaven Pill Master after all, so it was impossible for him to collect a Mortal Fire. This was simply not enough to satisfy his Pill Refining requirements.

As such, after observing the Mortal Fire for a moment and confirming that there was nothing special about it other than its pure light, he didn’t pay it any mind.

He once again immersed himself in his perception, hoping to attract the Pill Fires again.

Unexpectedly, this action caused the Mortal Fire to react slightly, like a mischievous child, jumping up and down in Yang Kai’s perception to attract his attention.

Seeing Yang Kai ignore it, it circled around him again.

A moment later, it suddenly rushed towards the Heaven Fire that was being restrained by Pill Master Wei, attracting Yang Kai’s attention.

Under his perception, the Heaven Fire that had been bound by Pill Master Wei suddenly shook violently, and Pill Master Wei’s cry rang out.

Pill Master Wei’s panic cry didn’t last long, because after the Mortal Fire rushed over, a white light instantly enveloped the Heaven Fire, and by the time the dust settled, the light belonging to the Heaven Fire had disappeared.

The white Pill Flame didn’t change in the slightest as it once again flew towards Yang Kai. When it arrived in front of Yang Kai, it gracefully spun around as if it was showing off.

Yang Kai was dumbfounded.

Although this was his first time seeing such a situation, he could guess that the Heaven Fire that had disappeared just now had been swallowed by this white Mortal Fire!

Didn’t Wu Zhengqi say that the Pill Fires that had returned to the Holy Fire Cave had been sealed, so it was impossible for them to devour each other? What was with this white flame?

What’s more, only a High Rank Pill Fire could devour a Low Rank one, so how could a Mortal Fire swallow a Heven Fire?

“Who is it!? Who dares to ruin my plans, report your name!” Pill Master Wei’s roar resounded throughout the entire Holy Fire Cave.

Seeing no response, Wei Cheng grit his teeth and said, “Good, very good, unless you stay in the Holy Fire Cave forever, this Wei will find out who you are sooner or later. When the time comes, I’ll make you pay!”

After speaking for a while, Yang Kai heard the sound of hurried footsteps.

Looking at the white flame swaying in front of him, Yang Kai’s face went black. Who had he provoked for no reason? This time, it was likely he would have some kind of grudge with Wei Cheng.

Yang Kai could only hope that he wasn’t the only one inside the Holy Fire Cave, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to explain himself.

Seeing the white fire swallow the Heaven Fire with his own eyes, Yang Kai also faintly realized that this white fire was somewhat unusual. How could an ordinary Mortal Fire possess such an ability?

At this moment, no matter how he tried to sense it, the Pill Fire inside the Holy Fire Cave did not respond at all. Thinking back to how the Pill Fires had fled, Yang Kai could only sigh deeply.

In this current situation, whether he wanted to or not, he could only collect this white fire.

Fortunately, the process wasn’t unexpected. When Yang Kai sent this thought, the white fire immediately flew towards him and disappeared into his body.

At the same time, Yang Kai clearly felt that there was a strange power in his body. This power didn’t pose any harm to him, but he needed some time to refine and familiarize himself with it before he could truly use it.

This should be the White Fire's power.

His purpose in coming to the Holy Fire Cave had been achieved. Although he had obtained a Pill Fire that was suspected to be a Mortal Fire, from the strange appearance it had displayed before, it was definitely not a simple Mortal Fire.

It seemed he would need to go to Ancient Book Pavilion to investigate what kind of Pill Fire he had obtained.

Standing up, he followed the faint light coming from the entrance and quickly left the Holy Fire Cave.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Yang Kai’s vision suddenly cleared up and he walked out of the Holy Fire Cave. Before he could get used to it, he heard a voice gnashing his teeth, “It really is you!”

Yang Kai looked up and saw Wei Cheng glaring fiercely at him. The two Blood Servant behind him also wore unfriendly expressions while Wu Zhengqi stood with his hands behind his back, staring at Yang Kai curiously.

Yang Kai sighed in his heart, knowing that this trouble had indeed come, but he still pretended not to know, “Vice Hall Master Wu, this is…”

Wu Zhengqi asked curiously, “When Pill Mster Wei was collecting the Pill Fire in the Holy Fire Cave, he encountered some kind of accident. It seems that he was disturbed by someone, so I want to ask Pill Master Yang what he did in the Holy Fire Cave?”

“Naturally to collect the Pill Fire inside the Holy Fire Cave, what else can I do?” Yang Kai frowned, “I don’t know anything about this matter, Vice Hall Master Wu may as well ask the other Alchemists who entered the Holy Fire Cave.”

Wei Cheng grit his teeth and said, “In the Holy Fire Cave just now, besides me, there was only you, how could there be any other Alchemists? If you hadn’t played some kind of trick, how could this Wei have failed? I was clearly about to succeed!”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “I don’t know what Pill Master Wei is talking about, but when I entered the Holy Fire Cave just now, I was just collecting my Pill Fire when I suddenly heard a cry of shock. It seems that it was Pill Master Wei shouting?”

“Stop pretending!” Wei Cheng insisted, “Who else could it be but you?”

Yang Kai looked at him and said, “Pill Master Wei, today is the first time we’ve met, there is no enmity between us, we are both Heaven Pill Master of Profound Pill Sect, so why should I spoil your plans?”

Wu Zhengqi nodded and said, “That’s right, Pill Master Wei, what exactly happened before?”

Wei Cheng glared hatefully at Yang Kai, seemingly thinking that he was right. This was the first time they had met and there was no enmity between them, so Yang Kai really didn’t need to spoil his plans. However, thinking about how he had spent two years preparing and was about to succeed, he couldn’t swallow his anger.


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