After wandering around the Asking Pill Pavilion for a while, Yang Kai finally left, Hua Rong following closely behind him.

Originally, Yang Kai had planned to visit the Profound Pill City at the foot of the mountain, but now he was no longer in the mood to do so. Hua Rong had spoken too much, so he couldn’t bear the noise and decided to return home.

Hua Rong stared at the Profound Pill Sect’s Receiving Guest Peak for a moment before stopping halfway up the mountain. She didn’t dare to rush up any further, constantly waving at Yang Kai, “Pill Master Yang, when you think it over, come find me. I’ll be waiting for you here.”

Yang Kai pretended not to hear.

Returning to his own residence in the Receiving Guest Palace, he ordered the maidservant to inform him immediately if there is any news, and then shut himself in for the next few days.

It wasn’t until three days later, when the sky was about to turn dark, that Gao Xinpeng rushed over and greeted him. After the two of them sat down, Gao Xinpeng said, “Junior Brother, prepare yourself tonight. The Elder Assembly will arrange a test for you tomorrow.”

“Good!” Yang Kai agreed. Although he had long known that such a day would come, when it really came, he couldn’t help feeling somewhat nervous. What if he was exposed?

However, on second thought, even if he was exposed, it didn’t matter. At worst, he could just kill his way out of here. His current strength wasn’t low, so even if there is a Spirit Rank taking action, there was still a chance he could escape, but he was afraid that the Void Spirit Sword Sect would be implicated.

Gao Xinpeng had come here personally to inform him of this matter, and after chatting with Yang Kai for a while, he took his leave, simply telling him to wait here tomorrow and that someone would lead him to the testing ground.

The night passed uneventfully. The next day, Yang Kai woke up early, washed up, and waited patiently.

Late in the morning, a voice suddenly came from outside the house, “Where is Yang Kai?”

Hearing this, Yang Kai walked out and saw a middle-aged man quietly standing outside the house, his bright eyes staring towards him like a hawk.

Spirit Rank! Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat. Although this man didn’t release any aura, Yang Kai still keenly noticed that he was a Spirit Rank cultivator, but he didn’t know what level he was at.

“I am Yang Kai, Sir is…” Yang Kai politely asked.

The man nodded slightly, “I am the Sect Master’s Blood Servant and am here to receive you. Follow me.” He didn’t mention his name.

“Thank you for your trouble!” Yang Kai said politely, muttering in his heart. It seemed that Profound Pill Sect really valued this matter, even the Sect Master had sent out his Blood Servant.

The man didn’t say anything more, his figure flashing as he suddenly appeared next to Yang Kai. Circulating his spiritual force, he wrapped it around Yang Kai and soared into the sky, flying off into the distance.

This was Yang Kai’s first time flying in this Divine Weapon World, and he was being carried by someone, but Yang Kai was no stranger to this kind of flying experience, so there was nothing to panic about. On the other hand, the man glanced at Yang Kai in surprise, seemingly surprised by his calmness.

Not long after, a Spirit Peak appeared in front of the two of them. There was a series of palaces on the Spirit Peak, and the man brought Yang Kai to a palace and said, “You can go by yourself!”

“Many thanks!” Yang Kai cupped his fists and turned to look at the palace before adjusting his robes and walking over.

The door to the palace opened and Yang Kai walked in. He thought that after entering, he would be able to see the higher-ups of the Profound Pill Sect and accept their test, but to his surprise, the hall was empty.

Before he could react, the door slammed shut.

Yang Kai was slightly startled, carefully observing his surroundings.

Although he couldn’t see anyone, he could still feel many curious gazes staring at him from the shadows. The surrounding candles flickered and lit up the hall.

Yang Kai soon saw a Pill Refining Furnace in the middle of the hall, and on one side of the hall was a shelf filled with various herbs.

A voice suddenly rang out in the hall, echoing from all directions, “I’ve prepared a Pill Refining Furnace for you. This place can ignite the Earth Fire, and there are all kinds of herbs on the shelves over there. Choose what you need and refine a furnace of Ten Revolutions Heartless Pills!”

Hearing this, the worry in Yang Kai’s heart dissipated quite a bit. It seemed that Gao Xinpeng was right, the pill recipe he had grasped was the best evidence, and this time’s test was indeed to refine a Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill.

He said respectfully; “Yes!”

Turning around, he walked towards the shelf and began searching for the herbs he needed.

There were many herbs here, simply refining a Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill wouldn’t require all of them. The reason they were placed here was obviously a test.

However, Yang Kai had long since familiarized himself with the pill recipe for the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill, so it was naturally easy for him to find some of the herbs he needed.

Soon, everything was ready and he arrived in front of the Pill Refining Furnace.

In the side hall next to the main hall, there were four or five old men with white hair and beard standing quietly. All of them were the higher-ups of Profound Pill Sect, and one of them was the Sect Master of Profound Pill Sect, Baili Yunsang, one of the most outstanding Spirit Pill Master in the Divine Weapon World. Apart from him, the other Elders were also Spirit Pill Master.

Although they were separated by a wall, from the side hall, the scene in the hall where Yang Kai is located was completely unobstructed. On the contrary, from Yang Kai’s side, he couldn’t see anything.

Gao Xinpeng stood respectfully behind the Elders and Sect Master. Even though he is a Heaven Pill Master, he still felt a great deal of pressure in this environment, occasionally wiping the cold sweat from his forehead.

“En, there’s no problem with the herbs, they are indeed the ones recorded in my Profound Pill Sect’s pill recipe,” Great Elder Wu Fenghua nodded slightly, “I just don’t know if there are any problems with the pill refining method and other details.”

Baili Yunsang stroked his snow white beard and smiled lightly, “Whether there is a problem or not, you will know at a glance.”

The Second Elder turned his head to look at Gao Xinpeng and asked, “Little Gao, are you sure this boy’s cultivation was Earth Rank when he refined the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill?”

Hearing this, Gao Xinpeng quickly replied, “Reporting to Second Elder, this is something this Disciple saw with his own eyes. This Junior Brother Yang was indeed an Earth Rank cultivator when he refined the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill.”

Third Elder said, “Little Gao’s words can be trusted. If that’s the case, he really is a good seedling.”

Wu Fenghua asked, “Have you investigated his background?”

Gao Xinpeng replied, “I did. This Junior Brother Yang seems to be an orphan who grew up in the Void Spirit Sword Sect and is now only eighteen years old.”

“Eighteen…” Baili Yunsang took a deep breath, “An eighteen year old Heaven Pill Master with a Heaven Rank cultivation, such aptitude is truly rare.”

Wu Fenghua shook his head and said, “It’s not just rare, it’s hard to see such a Heaven Rank appear in ten thousand years. Although there are very few Heaven Rank cultivators at the age of eighteen, there have been a few in history. The key is this Heaven Pill Master… When this old master became a Heaven Pill Master, he was already over fifty years old.”

Baili Yunsang suddenly said, “Let’s not talk about it for now, this boy is about to start Pill refining.”

The few of them looked over and found that Yang Kai had indeed activated the Earth Fire and was preparing to refine pills.

Under everyone’s observation, Yang Kai skillfully threw herbs into the pill furnace in the main hall, accurately controlling the size of the Earth Fire. The timing and control of the herbs were exactly the same as Profound Pill Sect’s pill recipe.

Even if they were to personally refine this Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill, it would probably be impossible for them to do more.

However, some of the details seemed to be a result of his lack of experience in Pill Refining, but this was not a big deal.

The entire pill refining process lasted for more than half a day, and several of the Profound Pill Sect’s higher-ups were chatting while observing, confirming that the pill recipe Yang Kai possessed belonged to the Profound Pill Sect.

“This boy’s method of condensing pills is quite strange,” Wu Fenghua said thoughtfully, “I’ve never seen such a method before.”

The Second Elder couldn’t help laughing, “You also know that guy’s personality. He loves to study strange things. This Condensing Pill Technique should have been developed after he left the Sect.”

Wu Fenghua nodded, “I guess that’s the only explanation.”

At this moment, Yang Kai’s voice came from the next room, “Three pills, one mid rank, and two low rank pills, please examine them, Seniors!”

Baili Yunsang raised his brow and turned to look at Gao Xinpeng, “How many pills did you say he refined the last time he refined the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill?”

Gao Xinpeng replied, “The last time I sparred with Junior Brother Yang, he acheive one Pill Success, a low rank pill!”

Baili Yunsang sighed, “To be able to improve so much in just two months, his talent is truly outstanding.”

The Second Elder said, “That guy’s personality isn’t good, but his vision is quite good. He actually found such a good disciple.”

Wu Fenghua said, “We can basically confirm that he is related to my Profound Pill Sect.”

In the next hall, after Yang Kai finished speaking, he didn’t receive any response, but the feeling of being watched didn’t subside, so he could only wait quietly.

A moment later, the voice from before rang out again, this time asking him a lot of questions about his master. Yang Kai told him everything he knew about his master, some of which were made up. He only said that he was still young at the time and couldn’t remember many things, so the other party didn’t pursue the matter.

The voice asked him to refine another type of pill, and Yang Kai decisively said he didn’t know how to refine it. His master had only taught him the pill recipe for the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill, but he hadn’t taught him anything else. All of the pill recipes he had learned so far had been found elsewhere.

He didn’t know if these words would be able to fool the higher-ups of Profound Pill Sect, but after that, no sound came out.

Yang Kai waited in the main hall for the time it takes an incense stick to burn before the main door opened.

Yang Kai turned around and saw Gao Xinpeng standing outside the door with a smile, enthusiastically calling out, “Junior Brother Yang!”

“Senior Brother Gao!” Yang Kai stood up and walked outside. After confirming that the gazes around him had subsided, he whispered, “Today’s test…”

“Congratulations Junior Brother for passing,” Gao Xinpeng didn’t try to beat around the bush.

Yang Kai’s heart immediately relaxed.


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