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Under Gao Ming’s lead, Yang Kai soon arrived at the nearest Spirit Peak. This should be the Profound Pill Sect’s Receiving Guest Peak with a reception hall. After arriving here, a young maid led Yang Kai into a room to rest.

Gao Ming said, “Pill Master Yang, please wait here for a moment. Just now, I had someone send a message to Sir. I believe Sir will arrive soon.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Thank you for your hard work!”

Gao Ming cupped his fists and left, leaving Yang Kai alone in the room.

After waiting for about an hour and seeing no sign of Gao Xinpeng, Yang Kai got up and walked out, preparing to walk around.

The maidservant he had seen before followed closely behind him. Yang Kai glanced back at her but didn’t pay her any mind. After all, he was new here and wasn’t familiar with this place, so it was good to have someone by his side. If he got lost, he could ask for directions.

This Receiving Guest Peak was the outermost region of Profound Pill Sect, so Yang Kai wasn’t surprised that he was arranged here. After all, he wasn’t a disciple of Profound Pill Sect yet, so he naturally wasn’t qualified to enter the core region.

The scenery on the Receiving Guest Peak is quite good, with all kinds of buildings scattered about, and the World Energy is also quite extraordinary.

After wandering around for half a day, Yang Kai returned to his room, and just at that moment, Gao Xinpeng arrived.

“Junior Brother Yang has been waiting for a long time!” Gao Xinpeng was still the same, appearing quite enthusiastic when he saw Yang Kai, “Today, it just so happens that it’s my turn to teach Pill Refining. I was just teaching a group of juniors about Pill refining, so I was delayed a bit.”

“Senior Brother is too serious, I didn’t wait long,” Yang Kai smiled and invited Gao Xinpeng to sit down.

Gao Xinpeng sized him up and nodded, “Junior Brother Yang is now a Heaven Rabj cultivator, right?”

Yang Kai smiled, “It’s all thanks to the High Rank Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill Senior Brother gave me.”

Gao Xinpeng waved his hand and said, “Even without my Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill, Junior Brother will still be able to smoothly break through. Junior Brother’s aptitude is truly astonishing.” Changing the topic, his expression also became serious, “Junior Brother, I’m sure Gao Ming told you the reason I called you here, right?”

Yang Kai nodded, “No matter what, my Pill Refining skills are from the Profound Pill Sect. Although I don’t have any status, I am still a disciple of the Profound Pill Sect.”

“That’s right,” Gao Xinpeng gently knocked on the table, “The current situation is like this. When I came back last time, I reported your matter to the Sect, and the higher-ups attached great importance to your matter. After all, that person was involved, so they asked me to bring you into the Sect. But before that, there will be a test to see if you are related to my Profound Pill Sect’s Pill Refining techniques!”

“Test?” Yang Kai raised his brow, “What kind of test?”

Gao Xinpeng smiled lightly, “Junior Brother doesn’t need to worry, the test is to refine the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill. The pill recipe that Junior Brother possesses is the best proof, and the higher-ups will also personally observe it. When the time comes, Junior Brother just needs to act normally. Of course, they may ask you some questions, but it shouldn’t be difficult for Junior Brother.”

Yang Kai thought to himself that this was what was most worrying about. Refining a Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill was not a problem, but he had stolen the pill recipe from Gao Xinpeng, so he definitely wouldn’t make any mistakes. However, if they were to ask about some information about his Master, he would be completely ignorant.

The only thing he knew now was that his 'Master' has one more finger, and not too young.

Although he felt helpless, he did not show it on his face, “When will this test be held?”

“That will depend on the higher-ups’ intentions, but it should be in the next few days. Junior Brother should be ready at any time. If there is any news, I will come to inform you,” Gao Xinpeng seemed to have another important matter, so after he finished speaking, he hurriedly stood up, “Originally, Junior Brother came from far away, so as Senior Brother, I must entertain you. However, today I have many things to attend to, so I really don’t have time to attend to you. I’ll owe you this welcoming banquet first, Senior Brother will make it up to you later.”

Yang Kai stood up and saw him off, “Senior Brother has some matters to attend to, you don’t need to worry about me.”

“Then that’s all for now, I’ll take my leave first,” Gao Xinpeng said before hurriedly leaving.

Yang Kai walked him to the door and turned around to continue meditating.

The night passed uneventfully, and the next day, after waiting for half a day without any news, with no cultivation resources in hand, Yang Kai walked out of boredom and wandered around the Receiving Guest Peak. Feeling bored, he could only find the maid and ask, “Is there any problem with me going down the mountain?”

The maidservant bowed respectfully, “In response to Sir’s words, Pill Master Gao has ordered that Sir can do as you please here as long as you return every night.”

“Oh, no problem then,” Yang Kai said before heading down the mountain.

Previously, when Gao Ming was traveling up the mountain, he had only taken a quick look at the Returning Platform and had not paid much attention to the scenery along the way. Now, as he walked down the mountain, he saw the sea of clouds and felt quite relaxed.

When he were halfway down the mountain, he suddenly saw a stream of people rushing to the place to ask for pill.

Thinking back to the information that Gao Ming had revealed, Yang Kai quickly realized that this was the place where the Asking Pill Pavilion was located, and also where outsiders came to request pills.

Yang Kai’s curiosity was piqued, so he turned around and walked towards the Asking Pill Pavilion. Along the way, he heard many people whispering to each other.

Continuing forward, it didn’t take long for a huge palace to appear in front of him. In front of this palace was a stone tablet with the words ‘Asking Pill Pavilion’ written on it.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment. When he first heard about the Asking Pill Pavilion, he had thought it was a loft-like place, but now that he had seen it for himself, he realized he had underestimated the strength of the Profound Pill Sect.

Such a large palace could easily accommodate hundreds or thousands of people.

As the crowd walked in, they saw that the main hall was bustling with people, like a huge market. Although there were many people, it was not noisy. Any cultivator who came here would naturally shut up, even if they wanted to speak, they would try their best to keep their voices down.

The first thing Yang Kai saw was a long line of people.

Around the main hall, there were many tables, and behind each table sat a young man or woman wearing blue hat. It was similar to the one Yang Kai had seen on the Returning Platform, so it should be the Pill Master's medicine boy or girl of the Profound Pill Sect.

On these tables, there was a sign which seemed to be a person name.

Yang Kai guessed that it was the name of a Pill Master.

There were people lining up in front of each table, but it was just a matter of how much.

On the opposite side of the hall, there was a circular counter with seven or eight maids standing behind it, scattered around the counter. In front of them, there were people who would occasionally come over to inquire about some things. After receiving some guidance, they would immediately leave.

However, this counter had always been bustling with people coming and going.

“Pill Master Yang!” A whispering voice came, causing Yang Kai to turn his head and ask, “Did you really follow me all the way here?”

Standing in front of him was Hua Rong. This woman had actually followed him all the way here from the Void Spirit Sword Sect. Yang Kai didn’t know how she had arrived, but from the looks of it, she was quite travel-worn.

“I knew you would come to Profound Pill Sect and was just thinking about how to find you. Aren’t we quite fated?” Hua Rong smiled at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai casually replied, “En, it seems we are quite fated.”

“Right, right? I also think so. Since we’re so fated, Pill Master Yang, please accept me as your guard. I can fight for you!” Saying so, she stared at Yang Kai.

“There’s no need!” Yang Kai waved his hand, “When I return to the Profound Pill Sect, there will be Blood Servant assigned to me. I don’t need any guards.”

“Don’t be so sure. Although the Blood Servants are good, they may not be to your liking, but I am different!”

“How are you different?” Yang Kai looked at her in amusement.

After thinking about it for a while, Hua Rong said shamelessly, “Anyway, it's just different… Speaking of which, what are you doing here, Pill Master Yang?”

“I was bored, so I decided to watch the fun.”

“Let’s watch it together, let’s watch it together,” Hua Rong giggled as she followed closely behind Yang Kai, seemingly noticing that Yang Kai had come here for the first time, taking the initiative to explain to him, “Those who come here to ask for pills must first consult these people.” She pointed at the seven or eight maidservants sitting on the round platform facing the door.

“Profound Pill Sect has countless Alchemists, Earth Rank, Heaven Rank, and Spirit Rank. Each of them has their own area of expertise. Some Alchemists are proficient in refining this type of pill, while others are proficient in that type of pill, so those who seek out pills must first understand that the success rate of the pill they need is the highest and the number of pills they can produce is the highest. These people will guide them.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I can tell.”

Just now, when he was looking around, he had also seen the use of these maids. It was just as Hua Rong had said, every Alchemist excelled in different fields, so those who sought pills naturally hoped to find the most proficient Alchemist who could refine some kind of pill.

“This place is also divided into three regions, namely Earth, Heaven, and Spirit, corresponding to the Earth Pill Master, Heaven Pill Master, and Spirit Pill Master. Behind these tables are the medicine boy/girl under each of these Pill Master, and the sign hanging in front is their name. This way, those seeking Pill Refining can easily find the Pill Master they are looking for. Right, Pill Master Yang, when are you going to put up a sign here? If you don’t want me to be your bodyguard, I can be your medicine girl!” Hua Rong suddenly thought of a good idea, “A Sixth Order Heaven Rank medicine girl doesn’t exist in the entire Profound Pill Sect, how about it?"

“You know Pill Refining?” Yang Kai asked.

“No!” Hua Rong readily admitted.

“What kind of medicine girl are you if you don’t know how to refine pills?”

“If you teach me, I’ll be able to learn it,” Hua Rong said as if it was a matter of course.

Yang Kai shook his head speechlessly, but after looking around for a while, he also discovered that the division of labor in the Asking Pill Pavilion was very clear and could provide great convenience to those seeking pills. No matter who came here to ask for pills, they would be able to quickly find their target. Of course, whether or not they could obtain the pills they wanted would require time and luck.

Alchemists couldn’t necessarily able to have Pill Success all the time, the probability of failure in Pill Refining was very high.


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Nathanael Germain
Nathanael Germain
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