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In the main hall of the Void Spirit Sword Sect’s meeting hall, Yang Kai sat at the head of the table, with Heavenly Net Palace’s Li Zhengqing on his left and the Tiger’s Roar Sect’s Sect Master Zhuang Juhe on his right.

The two sides were clearly separated and everyone present was a Fourth Order Earth Rank and above cultivator.

It had been a month since Yang Kai had broken through to the Heaven Rank, and many things had happened during this time.

The one thing that had the greatest impact on the Void Spirit Sword Sect was naturally the old Sect Master, Su Changfa, abdicating his position and the young generation’s Eldest Disciple, Yang Kai, taking over the new Sect Master position.

This was also something everyone wanted to see happen. In the entire Void Spirit Sword Sect, Yang Kai was the only Heaven Rank cultivator with the strongest strength, and at such a young age, he would sooner or later take over the Sect Master’s responsibility. Su Changfa had only brought this matter up a few days sooner.

What’s more, the current state of the Void Spirit Sword Sect was the result of Yang Kai’s hard work. Tiger’s Roar Sect and HEavenly Net Residence had both become branches of the Void Spirit Sword Sect, and all the great families and small sects within a thousand kilometer radius had followed the Void Spirit Sword Sect’s lead. The Void Spirit Sword Sect really needed a stronger Sect Master to act as a deterrent and symbol.

Now that Su Changfa was old, although he was happy to witness the rise of the Void Spirit Sword Sect, he didn’t have the time or energy to take care of the Sect. Yang Kai was full of drive and was here to expand the foundation.

So after a brief discussion with Gu Kangning and Hong Xiu, Su Changfa happily decided to pass the throne to Yang Kai, not caring if he agreed or not.

The Inheritance Ceremony was held half a month ago, and within a thousand kilometer radius, all the various forces had sent representatives to offer their congratulations. The scene was quite lively.

In addition, the news that Yang Kai was refining a Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill in Heavenly Martial City also spread like wildfire among the higher-ups of Heavenly Net Residence and Tiger’s Roar Sect.

This kind of matter couldn’t be concealed, and Yang Kai had no intention of concealing it.

So when Du Youyou and Shi Minghui intentionally or unintentionally spread this news, Yang Kai didn’t pay too much attention to it, which cause a stir among the higher-ups of Tiger’s Roar Sect and Heavenly Net Palace.

These days, these fellows’ attitudes were obviously much more respectful and polite than before.

In the past, it was because Yang Kai had given them poisonous pills and forced them to submit to Yang Kai’s tyrannical might, but now it was different. Yang Kai was now a Heaven Rank master as well as a Heaven Pill Master. In the entire Divine Weapon World, this kind of person is an important figure.

Once this news spread, many Heaven Rank masters would be willing to follow him.

In the Divine Weapon World, it was not shameful for a Heaven Rank master to follow a Heaven Pill Master. On the contrary, it was a common practice that everyone acknowledged!

Because Heaven Rank masters needed a lot of resources to cultivate, and Heaven Pill Master were all rich people, as long as they could follow a suitable Heaven Pill Master, they wouldn’t need to worry about their future cultivation resources.

Of course, the most important point was that if the Heaven Pill Master they followed could become a Spirit Pill Master, they would have a chance of obtaining the Hundred Revolutions Heartless Pill and advancing to the Spirit Rank.

This was an early investment.

Gao Xinpeng was accompanied by two peak Heaven Rank guards who were eagerly waiting for him to become a Spirit Pill Master so he could refine Hundred Revolutions Heartless Pills for them.

After all, in the entire Divine Weapon World, there weren’t many Alchemists. Even if they were peak Heaven Rank masters, if they went to ask those Spirit Pill Master for help, they might not have a chance.

The people from Tiger’s Roar Sect and Heavenly Net Palace were well aware that with Yang Kai’s current status, he could easily recruit a large number of Heaven Rank masters, so this small number of people was nothing to him.

It wasn’t easy for them to cling onto a Heaven Pill Master, so they naturally wouldn’t let go easily.

Inside the meeting hall, a group of people were sitting upright and listening to the order. Although there were many people in the hall, the sound of a pin dropping could be heard. Everyone’s breathing was suppressed to the extreme.

They didn’t know why Yang Kai had gathered everyone here this time, but since he had returned last time, he had been in secluded cultivation. Other than showing up once during the Inheritance Ceremony, he had disappeared.

Looking around and seeing everyone’s respectful attitude, he nodded in satisfaction and called out, “Li Zhengqing!”

Heavenly Net Residence's Palace Master Li Zhengqing quickly stood up and cupped his fists, “This humble subordinate is here!”

“How many years have you been stuck at the peak Earth Rank?” Yang Kai asked casually.

Li Zhengqing quickly replied, “Reporting to Sir, this old master has been at the peak Earth Rank for thirteen years.”

Yang Kai nodded and looked to the other side, “What about you Zhuang Juhe?”

The Tiger’s Roar Sect’s Sect Master, Zhuang Juhe, also quickly stood up and smiled awkwardly, “I’m a bit better than Brother Li, it’s been eight years.”

Yang Kai said, “The world has its own shackles, like a shackles that bind people. If you don’t break these shackles, you will never be able to see the secrets of the Heaven Rank.” Raising his hand, two streaks of light shot towards Li Zhengqing and Zhuang Juhe, “Take this and cultivate properly, don’t disappoint this King!”

Li Zhengqing and Zhuang Juhe caught the stream of light and stared at it, suddenly becoming excited.

Li Zhengqing’s lips trembled, “This, this… Sir, could this be…”

Zhuang Juhe took a deep breath and continued, “Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill?”

Everyone in the hall burst into an uproar as they stared at the pill in Li Zhengqing and Zhuang Juhe’s hands like leeches. Although they didn’t need this pill now, they would need it sooner or later.

“It’s a Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill. You should know that I am now a Heaven Pill Master, so these two pills were refined by this King himself,” Yang Kai said casually.

Yang Kai already knew the pill recipe for the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill. A few days ago, he had someone buy some herbs and casually refine a batch of them. This time, he didn’t need to hide anything, so Yang Kai did his best to refine the pills. In the end, he refined six pills, one High Rank pill and five Mid Rank pills.

This was simply too shocking. The ones he handed over to Li Zhengqing and Zhuang Juhe were only mid rank.

Even so, the two of them were still extremely excited.

Although they had long thought that as long as they showed enough loyalty, Yang Kai would one day bestow upon them a Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill to help them break through to the Heaven Rank, they had never imagined that such a happy thing would happen so quickly!

They had thought they would have to perform for a few more years…

However, after thinking about it carefully, Yang Kai’s current strength was obvious, and he is also a Heaven Pill Master. These Earth Rank masters probably wouldn’t be able to enter Yang Kai’s eyes, so helping them break through to the Heaven Rank would be of greater use.

Li Zhengqing was the first to regain his composure as he carefully put away the pill and cupped his fists, “Many thanks for Sir’s reward, this old master will offer his life to repay Sir’s kindness!”

He used to be the Great Elder of Heavenly Net Residence, and although Heavenly Net Residence was not bad, there was still a Palace Master, Shu Wancheng, above him. Most of the resources had been taken away by Shu Wancheng, so even if he wanted to ask a Heaven Pill Master to refine pills, he wouldn’t be able to gather enough compensation. On the other hand, Shu Wancheng had managed to gather enough, but it would take him many years to reach the top of the list.

Zhuang Juhe’s problem was the same as Shu Wan Cheng’s. Back then, he had traveled thousands of kilometers to the Profound Pill Sect to ask someone to refine pills for him and had given him a great gift, but in the end he had been told to wait for eight or ten years…

But now, a Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill was right in front of them.

He sighed deeply. There is someone above him, but this kind of treatment was truly different. With this pill, he had an eighty percent chance of breaking through to the Heaven Rank.

With a solemn expression, he cupped his fists, “Many thanks, Sir. This humble subordinate will not disappoint Sir’s expectations and strive to break through to the Heaven Rank as soon as possible to serve Sir!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and swept his eyes across the crowd, “The rest of you don’t need to be envious. In the future, if anyone reaches the peak Earth Rank and needs to break through to the Heaven Rank, feel free to come find me. I will naturally prepare a Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill for you.”

Everyone was moved and thanked him excitedly.

At this time, even if Yang Kai chased them away, they probably wouldn’t leave. If they stayed here, they wouldn’t need to worry about the pills they needed to break through to the Heaven Rank. Where could they find such a good thing?

After telling everyone to disperse, Yang Kai went to check on Wan Yingying and the other two Junior Brothers, taught them some common knowledge about Pill Refining, and taught them some Pill Refining techniques before returning to his cave mansion.

Out of the hundred thousand Red Jade he had brought back from Heavenly Martial City, only half remained. If this rate of consumption was known to outsiders, they would be shocked.

However, for Yang Kai, who had used the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, it was a result after he had deliberately suppressed it.

The Heaven Devouring Battle Law's power was unfathomable, and when it was used, even Yang Kai was shocked by its nature. If he hadn’t deliberately suppressed it, these hundred thousand red jades would have been completely consumed.

He needed his physical body to adapt to the sudden increase in his cultivation and needed his Dragon Vein to resolve some of the hidden dangers brought about by cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, so he had no choice but to suppress them.

Fortunately, as his cultivation increased, his physical strength also gradually increased, and the Dragon Vein’s power was also stimulated more, forming a delicate balance with the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, temporarily allowing him to avoid any hidden dangers.

Over the past month, Yang Kai’s cultivation had not increased much, only from the First Heaven Rank to the Second Heaven Rank. The main reason was that after reaching the Second Heaven Rank, the amount of resources required to advance one level was simply too great.

This should not be the case for other cultivators, Yang Kai knew he was different from others.

If one’s body was a vessel, the capacity of other Heaven Rank cultivators’ bodies would be like a lake, and he would be like an ocean. Every time he broke through to the next layer, the amount of spiritual energy he needed to increase was countless times more than other cultivators.

The reason for this was because his physical body was gradually strengthening, allowing him to contain even more spiritual force.

So even though he was only a Second Order Heaven Rank master, Yang Kai was confident he could defeat an ordinary peak Heaven Rank master without relying on the Clear Void Sword Qi.

The days passed by uneventfully. Every day, Yang Kai would get out from his secluded cultivation and take the time to teach Wan Yingying and the others. There was no need for him to worry about anything else. Ever since he rewarded Zhuang Juhe and Li Zhengqing with the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pills, the Tiger’s Roar Sect and Heavenly Net Residence had become completely loyal.

On the other hand, the cultivation of the Void Spirit Sword Sect’s younger generation disciples had also gradually achieved results.

Currently, the Void Spirit Sword Sect was not short of money. Not only did they have a black jade mine, but they also had Tiger’s Roar Sect and Heavenly Net Residence constantly transporting various cultivation resources, so the disciples no longer had to live in poverty. With the consumption of these resources and the body tempering cultivation technique Yang Kai had imparted to them, the several dozen disciples of the Void Spirit Sword Sect not only had their physical bodies strengthened, but their cultivation had also risen steadily.


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