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With such a high rank Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill, Yang Kai’s breakthrough to the Heaven Rank was certain.

Afterwards, Yang Kai asked Gao Xinpeng about the amber liquid he had added to the pill refining process. Gao Xinpeng only said that it was a small recipe he had developed himself and could increase the success rate of condensing a pill. Whether it is necessary to refine the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill or not, doesn't matter much.

In fact, this kind of thing was very common. Although everyone had the same pill recipe, everyone’s understanding of the pill recipe was different, so many Alchemists had their own little tricks. It was just that this was the first time Yang Kai had come into contact with other Alchemists in the Divine Weapon World, so it was a bit strange.

“With Junior Brother’s talent and diligence, perhaps he will be able to improve the pill recipe for this Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill. At that time, he will definitely become famous throughout the ages!”

Yang Kai blushed, “Senior Brother is too kind.”

Gao Xinpeng shook his head, “I really have high hopes for you, successfully refining a Heaven Pill with an Earth Rank cultivation. At the very least, according to what I know, you’re the first. Alright, enough small talk, let’s go out first. I want to return to Profound Pill Sect as soon as possible and report today’s matter.”

If Yang Kai was just an ordinary Alchemist, it would be fine, but the key was that Yang Kai’s aptitude was simply too outstanding. Such a person might become the next owner of the Medicine King Cauldron in a hundred years. This was a matter that concerned the glory of Profound Pill Sect for a hundred years, so naturally they couldn’t be careless.

The two of them pushed open the door and walked out, smiling happily. Miao Hong, who had been standing guard outside the door, quickly came up to them and was also stunned by this scene.

Gao Xinpeng explained a few things to Miao Hong, who was greatly shocked and stared at Yang Kai with a solemn expression.

Originally, he had been thinking about recruiting Yang Kai into Heavenly Martial City, but now it seemed that his plan was hopeless. Now that Yang Kai had a relationship with Profound Pill Sect and was also Gao Xinpeng’s Junior Brother, how could he possibly be interested in Heavenly Martial City?

Miao Hong had prepared a banquet to welcome Gao Xinpeng and thank him and Yang Kai for their help, but since Gao Xinpeng was in a hurry to return to Profound Pill Sect to report about Yang Kai, he politely declined.

Miao Hong didn’t insist and accompanied Yang Kai to escort Gao Xinpeng out of Heavenly Martial City.

After the luxurious carriage disappeared from sight, Yang Kai turned around, cupped his fists, and said, “City Lord, I must take my leave as well. I’ve been troubling you these past few days!”

“Alchemist Yang is too serious, this Miao owes you a debt of gratitude for saving my life. If there is anything you need from me in the future, please feel free to ask. I, Miao Hong, and Heavenly Martial City will not refuse!” After learning about Yang Kai’s relationship with Profound Pill Sect, he had also become aware of Yang Kai’s terrifying potential, so his words were resolute and decisive.

Changing the subject, he asked, “Is Alchemist Yang really not going to stay here for a few more days?”

Yang Kai shook his head and smiled, “No, I’ll return to my Sect first, but perhaps we’ll meet again soon.”

Hearing this, Miao Hong was overjoyed, “Then this Miao will wait for good news.” Saying so, he clapped his hands.

Two carriages immediately drove out from the back. Although their decorations were not as luxurious as Gao Xinpeng’s, they were definitely not bad. Moreover, this carriage seemed to be carrying some kind of heavy object, so it was quite heavy.

“This is…” Yang Kai looked towards the carriage suspiciously.

“A hundred thousand Red Jade to express my sincerity, Alchemist Yang, please don’t refuse!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai didn’t react, but Du Youyou and Shi Minghui, who were standing behind him, suddenly had their eyes light up!

A hundred thousand Red Jade was worth one million Black Jade and ten million White Jade! This kind of intention was quite genuine.

Although the Void Spirit Sword Sect now had a black jade mine that could mine at least ten to twenty thousand pieces of black jade every month, it would take at least seven to eight or ten years to accumulate a hundred thousand equivalent of Red Jade.

Miao Hong’s generosity naturally surprised Du Youyou and Shi Minghui.

Miao Hong smiled and said, “Alchemist Yang will soon break through to the Heaven Rank. When one’s cultivation reaches this level, it would be best to use the Red Jade to cultivate. If you use Black Jade, the efficiency won’t be too high.”

Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “Since City Lord has such intentions, this Yang will not refuse.”

Right now, he needed a lot of resources to cultivate, and Miao Hong was showing him goodwill, so there was naturally no need to refuse.

The value of the two large carts of Red Jade was not small, so Miao Hong arranged for people from Heavenly Martial City to escort them. After several days, Yang Kai and his group finally returned to the Void Spirit Sword Sect.

The escorts immediately left after delivering the supplies, but this scene frightened Su Changfa and the others quite a bit, causing them to think that someone had come to cause trouble.

After receiving Du Youyou and Shi Minghui’s explanations, Su Changfa’s mouth was agape for a long time before he shook his head in both relief and comfort, “Old, old…”

Returning to the Void Spirit Sword Sect, Yang Kai first told Su Changfa and the others about what had happened in Heavenly Martial City, and in between their conversations, he revealed that he had a master who taught him Alchemy when he was young.

It couldn’t be helped. Gao Xinpeng would definitely come to the Void Spirit Sword Sect soon, and Su Changfa and the others would also know about this matter. Rather than letting them hear about it from others, it would be better for him to tell them about it himself so that they could have some time to recover.

Sure enough, after hearing this, Su Changfa and the others were stunned.

Gu Kangning frowned and said, “When you were six or seven years old, didn’t you spend all your time trying to sneak a peek at your Martial Aunt Hong Xiu bathing? How could you have time to learn Alchemy from others?”

Hearing this, Hong Xiu immediately glared at Gu Kangning.

Yang Kai was shocked, “Did I do this when I was young?” Cold sweat dripped down his forehead.

Hong Xiu immediately glared at him with her sharp eyes, causing Yang Kai to sweat even more.

Su Changfa coughed lightly, “But if it was an expert from the Profound Pill Sect, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have been able to detect anything. This is a good thing, but I didn’t expect you to have such high Alchemy talent, even being able to refine a Heaven Rank Pill.”

However, when he thought about how even his Ancestor had taught him things through space, there was nothing strange about it.

Gu Kangning and Su Changfa glanced at each other before nodding slightly and saying, “My Void Spirit Sword Sect will prosper!”

The Clear Void Sword, which had been missing for many years, had once again appeared and the three Clear Void Sword Qi had stabilized the sect’s destiny. Now that Yang Kai is a Heaven Pill Master and was even related to the Profound Pill Sect, it was obvious that the Void Spirit Sword Sect would rise to prominence in the future.

“Master, after returning to the Sect this time, I’m afraid I’ll have to immediately go into seclusion. Before Senior Brother Gao left, he gave me a high rank Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill. When this disciple comes out, he should be able to break through to the Heaven Rank!”

Hong Xiu couldn’t care less about what had happened back then and asked in surprise, “What is your current cultivation?”

“Peak Earth Rank!” As Yang Kai spoke, he circulated his spiritual force and immediately released his Peak Earth Rank aura.

Su Changfa and the others were suddenly stunned!

Regardless of how shocked the three masters of the Void Spirit Sword Sect were by Yang Kai’s cultivation speed, they simply couldn’t understand how a Fourth Order Human Rank cultivator could cultivate to the peak of the Earth Rank in less than three months. Meanwhile, Yang Kai had already gone into seclusion.

He had tried it before, this World’s Laws had a layer of shackles. If one wanted to break through from the Earth Rank to the Heaven Rank, they would need the help of an external force and would be unable to break through with their own efforts.

He didn’t know why, but it could only be explained that the Divine Weapon World was special.

Inside the Cave Mansion, Yang Kai was surrounded by piles of Red Jade. He took out the high rank pill that Gao Xinpeng had given him and examined it carefully to make sure there was nothing wrong before swallowing it.

Advancing from the Earth Rank to the Heaven Rank was a process of transformation for any cultivator, a baptism of life, a sublimation of strength, a test of life and death.

If they could break through this barrier, they would be able to see a wider world, and if they couldn’t, there would be no end to their troubles.

However, with Yang Kai’s Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage foundation and the High Rank Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill, he didn’t need to worry about failure.

Activating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, the medicinal efficacy in Yang Kai’s abdomen quickly dissolved, and the pure spiritual energy in the surrounding red jade seemed to be drawn in by a great force, transforming into a tide of spiritual energy that flowed into Yang Kai’s pores.

Yang Kai’s aura was released without restraint, and his aura rose steadily, soon reaching its peak.

In the past, when he had tried this method, Yang Kai had felt an invisible shackle locking him down, rendering him powerless.

However, this time was different. As soon as he felt the invisible shackles, the medicinal efficacy of the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill began flowing through his body, quickly shattering them.

Yang Kai’s body suddenly felt lighter, as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

His aura, which had already reached its peak, rose once again, and with a leap, a great pressure spread out from him, causing a visible shockwave to spread out, causing the rubble in the cave to fall.

At this moment, all the cultivators of the Void Spirit Sword Sect noticed something and stopped what they were doing to look towards Yang Kai’s cave mansion.

Su Changfa, Gu Kangning, and Hong Xiu had been standing guard not far from Yang Kai’s Cave Heaven. At this moment, this old man’s face was filled with excitement, “Heaven Rank! My Void Spirit Sword Sect finally has a Heaven Rank! My Ancestor has shown mercy!” As he spoke, tears began streaming down his face.

Gu Kangning and Hong Xiu were equally excited.

Su Changfa was getting on in years, and his vitality was beginning to decline. His Martial Dao was likely to stop at the Third Order Earth Rank, but Gu Kangning and Hong Xiu were different. They still had the potential to continue advancing, and the reason why their cultivation had been slow in the past was mainly because of the lack of supplies.

Now that the situation had taken a turn for the better, the Black Jade Mine was being mined every day. Yang Kai is also a Heaven Pill Master, so he was capable of refining a Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill. As long as they cultivated diligently, they would eventually reach the Heaven Rank.

For a time, both of their eyes filled with hope!

On the other side, Du Youyou and Shi Minghui stood together. This time, the two of them had accompanied Yang Kai on a business trip, so they had seen quite a bit of the world. Both of their cultivations weren’t low. One at the Seventh Order Earth Rank while the other was at the Eighth Order Earth Rank. In a few years, they would be able to cultivate to the peak of the Earth Rank. At that time, Yang Kai would be their greatest hope to break through to the Heaven Rank!

As a Heaven Pill Master, refining a Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill for his subordinates was naturally not difficult.

Thinking so, the two of them looked at each other and understood what they were thinking.

At this time, even if Yang Kai cured the posion in their body, they would not leave, determined to follow Yang Kai to the end.


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