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“Alchemist Gao’s skill is exquisite, this Yang is not as good as you, you've enlighten me!” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

In any case, he had already secretly learned the pill recipe for the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill, so it didn’t matter if he admitted he had lost or not. In the end, he had deliberately refined a low rank pill. If he had wanted to, even if it was his first time refining this Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill, it would have been impossible for him to achieve such results.

Gao Xinpeng shook his head, “Refining Heaven Pill with an Earth Rank cultivation, this Gao doesn’t have such skill, it’s just that I’m inferior to you.” Turning to Miao Hong, he said, “Brother Miao, please arrange a private room, I need to have a good talk with this Little Brother Yang.”

“No problem,” Miao Hong immediately agreed.

Yang Kai sighed in his heart, knowing that whether this was ablessing or a curse, he couldn’t avoid it. The traces of him imitating Gao Xinpeng’s Alchemy were too obvious, so Yang Kai was afraid he had long since become suspicious. During the sparring, he had restrained himself from asking about it because he didn’t want to be distracted. Now that the sparring was over, he naturally had to ask.

How should he explain this? Yang Kai felt a headache coming on. He couldn’t just say that the pill recipe he obtained was the same as the other party’s, how could there be such a coincidence in this world? But if he didn’t do so, there really wasn’t a reasonable explanation.

At this point, Yang Kai could only take things one step at a time. This Gao Xinpeng didn’t seem to be an inflexible person, and as a Heaven Pill Master, Yang Kai didn’t want to fall out with him.

Miao Hong quickly prepared a quiet room, and Gao Xinpeng and Yang Kai entered while Gao Xinpeng said to the two Heaven Rank guards who had been following behind him, “You may leave first.”

“Sir…” The female Heaven Rank master hesitated.

“Go!” Gao Xinpeng said again.

Only then did the two guards withdraw. Before they left, they gave Yang Kai a deep look, as if, if he dared to harm Gao Xinpeng, they would immediately rush in and cut him into seventy or eighty pieces.

“You should also leave,” Yang Kai ordered Du Youyou.

Du Youyou, on the other hand, didn’t say anything and respectfully left.

After the door closed, only Gao Xinpeng and Yang Kai were left in the room. The former couldn’t help sizing up Yang Kai as if this was the first time he had met him.

Yang Kai felt uncomfortable under his gaze, considering how he would deal with this situation if it was exposed. The Clear Void Sword still had two Sword Qi left, but this thing was too powerful. Once it was used, not to mention Gao Xinpeng, even the entire City Lord’s Mansion would be razed to the ground.

Yang Kai didn’t want to become a wanted criminal of the Profound Pill Sect, nor did he want to implicate the Void Spirit Sword Sect, so unless it was absolutely necessary, he couldn’t use this Clear Void Sword Qi.

“Little brother, do you know who taught you Alchemy? Who is his name?” Just as Yang Kai was lost in thought, Gao Xinpeng suddenly asked.

Yang Kai shook his head solemnly, “I’m not sure, Alchemist Gao should know that I’m a disciple of the Void Spirit Sword Sect. My master came to my Void Spirit Sword Sect and taught me Alchemy for a few years before wandering the world, never revealing his name from beginning to end.” Yang Kai casually replied while thinking to himself, how could he know the name of his 'Master'? It wasn’t realistic for him to come up with a new one. If Gao Xinpeng really went to investigate, he would be exposed sooner or later, so he could only be ambiguous.

Gao Xinpeng raised his brow, “That Senior… why did he teach you Alchemy?”

Yang Kai shook his head again, “When my Master taught me Alchemy, I was only six or seven years old. At that time, I wasn’t very sensible and didn’t remember much.”

“Six or seven years old…” Gao Xinpeng silently calculated for a moment, “So, it was more than ten years ago?”


“Do you still remember your master’s appearance?” Gao Xinpeng asked again.

Yang Kai was helpless and could only continue to blabber nonsense, “I don’t remember clearly, but I think he’s quite old, his hair is a bit white and he’s always wearing dirty clothes…”

Gao Xinpeng’s eyes instantly lit up, giving Yang Kai a fright as he quickly changed the subject, “As you know, I was still young at that time and didn’t remember much.”

“Understood, understood!” Gao Xinpeng nodded repeatedly, “Think about it carefully, does your master have any specific characteristics?”

“Specific characteristics? In what way?” Yang Kai really didn’t know how to continue.

“Hand!” Gao Xinpeng raised his left hand and waved it in front of Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before suddenly realizing something, “There are some, it seems like one more or one less finger!”

“One more finger!” Gao Xinpeng said solemnly.

Yang Kai slapped his thigh, “That’s right, that’s right, there’s an extra finger!” He didn’t dare to continue, if he continued, he would really expose himself. At this point, he had a vague guess that the master he was talking about seems to point to someone, but Gao Xinpeng seemed to have misunderstood something and he quickly changed the subject, “Alchemist Gao, do you know my master?”

Gao Xinpeng let out a sigh, and Yang Kai felt that the way he looked at him had become much friendlier. Nodding slightly, he said, “Yes! How could I not know him? Now everything makes sense.”

Yang Kai sat up straight, “Please enlighten me, Alchemist Gao!”

Gao Xinpeng smiled and said, “Didn’t you notice that the herbs you and I need to refine the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill, as well as the process and steps, are basically the same?”

Yang Kai asked in surprise, “Really?”

Gao Xinpeng said, “Previously, you were focused on Alchemy, so I’m afraid you didn’t have time to observe your surroundings, but I could clearly see that the pill formulas for the Ten Revolutionbs Heartless Pill you and I have should be the same! Originally, this was impossible. In the Divine Weapon World, there are at least eighty or a hundred recipes for the Ten Revolutionns Heartless Pill, and each pill formulas have a slight difference, unless they originate from the same Sect. I was a bit curious about why you had my Profound Pill Sect’s pill recipe, but now everything makes sense.”

Yang Kai pretended to ask what he meant humbly.

Gao Xinpeng smiled and said, “Don’t you understand? The one who taught you Alchemy is someone from my Profound Pill Sect!”

“Ah?” Yang Kai was shocked, casually bringing up a master he didn’t even know existed, but to think that he was actually related to Profound Pill Sect, this was truly a pleasant surprise.

“Alchemist Gao, this…” Yang Kai didn’t know what to say, but after thinking about it carefully, he realized that Gao Xinpeng’s conjecture was mainly because their pill recipe were the same. As for the characteristics of his master, half of it was Yang Kai’s imagination, while the other half was derived from Gao Xinpeng’s guidance.

“Still call me Alchemist Gao?” Gao Xinpeng smiled at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai stood up and cupped his fists, “Greetings, Senior Brother Gao!”

“Sit down and talk!” Gao Xinpeng’s tone became even more friendly. Yang Kai sat down and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He had been worried about what Gao Xinpeng would do to him, but now he had somehow become his Junior Brother.

“Of course, since I haven’t seen your master yet, I can’t say for sure. You being that person’s disciple is just my guess, but it should be around 80 or 90%. Only that person would… well, act like this, the pill recipe for the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill you get is the best proof.”

In this world, there was no one who could completely deduce the pill recipe after observing someone’s Alchemy, so Gao Xinpeng had never suspected that Yang Kai was imitating his Alchemy. From the beginning, he had suspected that Yang Kai was a disciple taught by a wandering master from Profound Pill Sect, so his subsequent inquiries were only to confirm his suspicions.

“Senior Brother Gao, what kind of person is my Master?” Yang Kai took this opportunity to inquire more about his master’s background, otherwise he might be exposed in the future.

Gao Xinpeng thought about it for a moment before chuckling, “That… how should I put it? His way of doing things is quite unique and cannot be judged by common sense. In short, remember, even in my Profound Pill Sect, he is one of the oldest and most senior people. When I see him, I have to call him Martial Uncle! However, it has been many years since I last saw him, he doesn’t like to live in Profound Pill Sect and instead runs around the world. I don’t know what he is busy with.”

Yang Kai was stunned, “So my master has such a great background…”

“But that person actually accepted a disciple, this is quite surprising,” Gao Xinpeng thought for a moment before turning his head to look at Yang Kai, suddenly realizing that this person really had an eye for talent. Refining a Heaven Rank pill with an Earth Rank cultivation was something no one in the entire Profound Pill Sect could accomplish. Could it be that this person had long since noticed that this Junior Brother Yang’s talent was extraordinary, so he made an exception to accept a disciple?

Yang Kai shook his head, “My Master only taught me Alchemy for a few years, and he didn’t allow me to call him Master, saying it was a disgrace to his face.”

Gao Xinpeng couldn’t help laughing, “Sure enough, it’s that person’s way of doing things. Junior Brother Yang doesn’t need to worry about it, since you’ve obtained the true inheritance, you’re a member of my Profound Pill Sect. After you pack up, follow me back to Profound Pill Sect to meet with all the Elders!”

“But my Void Spirit Sword Sect…” Yang Kai hesitated, “To be honest with Senior Brother Gao, Junior Brother is now the Eldest Disciple of the Void Spirit Sword Sect and has grown up in it since he was a child. The Sect has raised me, so Junior Brother cannot be ungrateful.”

Gao Xinpeng was stunned, “I forgot about that.”

Pondering for a moment, he said, “How about this, I’ll go back to the Profound Pill Sect first and ask for instructions from the Sect Master. Your situation is a bit special, my Profound Pill Sect has never had such a precedent before. When there’s news, I’ll go to the Void Spirit Sword Sect to inform you.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble Senior Brother Gao,” Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief. He definitely didn’t want to go to the Profound Pill Sect, he casually brought up the relationship between his 'Master' and the Profound Pill Sect. On the other hand, if he really went to the Profound Pill Sect, there would be a lot of inconveniences, and it would be bad if there were any flaws.

“Junior Brother, there’s no need to be so polite with me,” Gao Xinpeng was in a good mood as he reached into his robes and took out a jade bottle, “Since Junior Brother is already at the peak Earth Rank, I believe you need a Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill to break through to the Heaven Rank. You don’t need to use that low rank pill of yours, the effects aren’t very good. Although your aptitude is outstanding, there is always a better chance. I have a high rank Revolutions Heartless Pill here. Take it as a meeting gift given to you by this Senior Brother.”

These high rank pills were obviously not the one refined by him just now, but as a veteran Heaven Pill Master, it was not strange for him to have these pills on him.

Yang Kai didn’t refuse and accepted it.


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