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Of course, the most important thing was that he wanted to stall for time so he could observe Gao Xinpeng’s pill refining.

During ordinary times, even if an Alchemist were to personally witness another Alchemist refining a type of Spirit Pill, it would be impossible for them to understand the mysteries of the pill recipe. However, Yang Kai was not someone ordinary Alchemists could compare to. His profound Alchemy skills were his greatest asset, not to mention that when he bought these herbs, he had already begun to deduce the pill recipe in his mind, so he now had many ideas.

If he could obtain an intact Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill in front of him right now, with the information he had obtained so far, Yang Kai was sixty percent confident he could completely deduce the pill recipe.

Of course, this would take a great deal of time, perhaps a few months or even a few years.

On the other side, Gao Xinpeng had already sorted out all his herbs and circulated his spiritual force to stimulate the Earth Fire, skillfully throwing the herbs into the pill furnace to refine the medicinal liquid.

During this time, he also raised his eyes to look at Yang Kai’s movements, but seeing that he was still getting familiar with the Earth Fire, he couldn’t help slowly shaking his head, feeling that agreeing to this kind of sparring was a bit too hasty. Yang Kai’s current performance really disappointed him.

Only after he had refined more than half of the medicinal liquid did Yang Kai take action. Under his instructions, Du Youyou opened the bag he had brought and took out the herbs one by one.

Gao Xinpeng swept his eyes over it and couldn’t help being stunned. Even the Earth Fire inside the Pill Furnace seemed to be in a daze, obviously having some kind of mental fluctuation, causing him to quickly control his Pill Fire.

The reason for this change was because he discovered that the herbs Yang Kai had brought were exactly the same as the ones he had brought, and the quantity was similar.

This was a bit strange. Looking across the entire Divine Weapon World, although this Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill could be refined by any Heaven Pill Master, every Sect’s pill recipe had some subtle differences. The most obvious difference was that some of the herbs were different.

Of course, the medicinal efficacy of the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pills refined would also vary.

As one of the top ten Sects in the Divine Weapon World, the Profound Pill Sect had a rich heritage and a long heritage. The pill recipe for the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill had been improved and deletion by countless generations of predecessors. Although it wasn’t the best in this world, it was at least one of the top three.

It was almost impossible for others or even Alchemy Sects to possess the same pill recipe as Profound Pill Sect!

So when he saw that the herbs Yang Kai brought were almost identical to his own, Gao Xinpeng was surprised.

On the other hand, Yang Kai raised his head and nodded slightly.

He knew that Gao Xinpeng must have become suspicious and had previously considered whether he should buy a few more sets of herbs to add in, but this time he was mainly imitating Gao Xinpeng and using this method to perfect the pill recipe. In the end, these extra herbs would not be of any use and would only have the effect of avoiding suspicion.

Fortunately, although Gao Xinpeng didn’t understand why the herbs Yang Kai brought were exactly the same as his own, and the difference was only in quantity, he didn’t say anything. He simply suppressed his doubts and waited for the pill refining to finish before asking.

As time passed, Gao Xinpeng’s hand seals continued to change, his spiritual force fluctuating between large and small, and the Earth Fire he summoned also became stronger and weaker.

Yang Kai immersed himself in refining the medicinal liquid, but in reality, he had already paid close attention to Gao Xinpeng’s movements and repeated what he had done.

However, he wasn’t completely repeating this process. His attainments in the Alchemy Dao were extremely profound, so even though he was imitating Gao Xinpeng’s Alchemy, many thoughts were already flashing across his mind, using his own unique methods to replace Gao Xinpeng’s Alchemy secrets.

However, even so, the process of the two of them refining pills was quite similar.

Time was simply too short. Yang Kai needed to follow Gao Xinpeng’s various Alchemy steps closely and didn’t try to conceal his movements.

Even Miao Hong, who knew nothing about Alchemy, could tell that something was wrong after watching from the side for a long time. From time to time, his eyes would sweep between Gao Xinpeng and Yang Kai, revealing a puzzled look.

Needless to say for Gao Xinpeng, even though Yang Kai had tried his best to change some things, he could still tell that when Yang Kai was refining this Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill, he had maintained the same pace as him, only a few beats behind.

This caused his expression to change slightly.

At this moment, Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered to care too much. Things had already developed to this point, so he could only walk down this path. As long as he could observe Gao Xinpeng’s Alchemy process, he would have succeeded!

Many medicinal liquids were constantly being condensed, and the temperature in the Pill Room continued to rise. Gao Xinpeng’s bearing remained calm. For a HEaven Pill Master like him, refining a furnace of Ten Revolutions Heartless Pills wasn’t too difficult, what he needed to worry about was whether or not he would succeed in the end.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, was sweating profusely, his face slightly pale, as if he had consumed a great deal of energy.

This could not be considered a disguise. Refining this Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill required a massive amount of spiritual force, and at this moment, Yang Kai finally understood why Gao Xinpeng had said that this pill could not be refined unless it was a Heaven Rank master, and that the spiritual force in the Eartg Rank cultivator’s body was unable to satisfy such a consumption.

Only Yang Kai’s foundation wasn’t something an ordinary Earth Rank master could compare with, allowing him to persist until now. If it were any other Earth Rank master, they would have long since been exhausted.

Not only that, but he also had to pay attention to Gao Xinpeng’s situation at all times, and he also had to be on guard against any flaws that others might notice, so his mental energy consumption was not small.

Yang Kai did feel a little tired, but it wasn’t as bad as he seemed.

After half a day, the two of them had reached the final stage of their Alchemy.

Miao Hong’s face was filled with surprise and shock. He hadn’t expected Yang Kai to really be a Heaven Pill MAster. After all, he had been refining pills for so long and had almost completed them, but Yang Kai was still stable and had not made any mistakes. The only difference between him and Gao Xinpeng was that his face was a bit pale. It seemed that with his Earth Rank cultivation, it would be difficult for him to refine this Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill.

However, this was enough to show that Yang Kai’s attainments in Alchemy were only lacking in cultivation.

A seventeen or eighteen year old youth at the peak of the Earth Rank had a high chance of breaking through to the Heaven Rank and even had the foundation of a Heaven Rank Alchemist. Such a character… was truly terrifying!

Miao Hong felt that he had to reevaluate this Yang Kai. His status as a Heaven Rank Alchemist was enough to leave Miao Hong in the dust, let alone his own cultivation.

At this moment, Gao Xinpeng suddenly reached into his robes and took out a transparent bottle. It was unknown what was inside the bottle, but it looked like a viscous liquid. Opening the pill furnace, he opened the bottle and gently poured a drop of amber liquid into it.

Yang Kai’s face instantly turned black…

He hadn’t expected that after spending so much effort to reach this point, Gao Xinpeng had actually hidden some things. He already knew the basic steps and ingredients needed to refine the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill.

But what was inside that bottle?

Fortunately, he had a firm heart, otherwise, a moment of carelessness would have caused his furnace to explode.

Right now, he could only pray that the thing inside the bottle was not a necessary ingredient for this Pill Refining, otherwise he would definitely fail this time.

After Gao Xinpeng dripped an unknown type of medicinal liquid into the pill furnace, he quickly began condensing the pill. After a short while, a strange medicinal fragrance wafted out from the pill furnace.

Miao Hong’s spirit shook, knowing that he was about to condense a pill. Whether he succeeded or not depended on this.

Gao Xinpeng was indeed worthy of being a veteran Heaven Pill Master. With a series of hand seals, he quickly condensed the pill, causing the pill furnace to emit a light sound.

He took a deep breath and didn’t rush to open the furnace. Instead, he turned his eyes towards Yang Kai and stared at him.

On Yang Kai’s side, it was almost time to condense his pills, so at this moment, he could finally relax. He discovered that even if he didn’t have that kind of unknown medicinal liquid, it wouldn’t affect the pill he was refining.

From the looks of it, the medicinal liquid that Gao Xinpeng had poured into it was not necessary.

In the end, Yang Kai didn’t use the Nine Heavens Mysterious Pill Secret Arts when condensing the pill. This thing was too shocking for the Divine Weapon World, but he used another set of Condensing Pill art that was neither good nor bad.

Clang! Clang! Clang! The medicinal fragrance in the Pill Room became even stronger.

Yang Kai’s face was frighteningly pale, pretending to be on the verge of death as he stumbled and fell to the ground. Fortunately, Du Youyou was quick to react and quickly caught him, nervously shouting, “Sir!”

Gao Xinpeng quickly walked over, “He has consumed too much energy. Refining a Heaven Rank pill with an Earth Rank cultivation is an impossible task, but I didn’t expect him to refine it so easily. Quickly let him lie down!”

Du Youyou complied and allowed Yang Kai to lie down. Gao Xinpeng took out a pill and handed it to Du Youyou and said, “Let him take this.”

Du Youyou took it and hesitated for a moment before Yang Kai weakly said, “Many thanks, Pill Master Gao.”

Gao Xinpeng waved his hand, “Don’t speak for now, rest well, I have some things to ask you.”

Yang Kai sighed in his heart, knowing that his performance just now had made Gao Xinpeng very concerned. After all, whether it was the materials used for the Pill Refining or the steps used, he was still suspicious of imitating them. Anyone who encountered such a situation would not be able to let go.

Secretly rejoicing that this Gao Xinpeng’s temper wasn’t bad, he didn’t lose his temper on the spot, but how was he going to explain it to him later? A Heaven Pill Master was someone the Void Spirit Sword Sect couldn’t afford to offend. If they really offended him, they would probably have to flee for their lives.

After being fed the pill by Du Youyou, Yang Kai’s spirit quickly recovered.

On the other side, Miao Hong had already walked over with two jade bottles in his hands and said with a smile, “This Miao has already taken the initiative to put away the Ten Revolutions Heartless Pills that the two of you refined. These are four pills refined by Brother Gao, three mid rank pills, and one low rank pill.” He handed a jade bottle to Gao Xinpeng and the latter accepted it.

“This was refined by Little Brother,” Miao Hong’s eyes lit up as he stared at Yang Kai, “One pill formed, low rank quality!”


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