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An hour later, Yang Kai got off the roof beam and stood quietly by Miao Hong’s bed.

There was still a faint smell of blood in the air, but the blood Miao Hong spat out had been cleaned up by the guards.

“I’ve made little brother laugh,” Miao Hong suddenly opened his eyes.

Yang Kai was startled. Just now, he had thought that Miao Hong had fainted, but now it seemed that this guy was just pretending to be unconscious. Moreover, his tone was so indifferent that Yang Kai couldn’t help wondering if he had known that his wife was having an affair with another man.

Moreover, the City Lord’s wife was quite ruthless. Miao Hong was already in such a state, yet she still deliberately came over to provoke him. If it was an ordinary person, they would have already been angered to death, but Miao Hong was still able to survive. It was clear that he was someone who could endure.

Yang Kai couldn’t help sighing. Although he had been traveling the south and north for so many years, he had never encountered such a situation. However, this also confirmed his previous guess that he had indeed been involved in some kind of trouble during his trip to Heavenly Martial City.

“Little Brother’s pill is truly miraculous!” Miao Hong praised. He could clearly feel his vitality slowly recovering. If he was still holding onto a last-ditch effort before, he now had more confidence in Yang Kai, “Now that things have reached this point, I’m sure you’ve guessed that your subordinate who came to offer the pill was not captured by this City Lord, but someone else. Those people… want this City Lord dead!”

Yang Kai frowned, “If that’s the case, why didn’t they take the initiative to attack the city lord?” With Miao Hong’s current state, he probably didn’t have any ability to resist.

Miao Hong coldly snorted, “If they make a move, there will definitely be many traces left behind. I have a friend who will come to the Heavenly Martial City soon. If he sees any flaws, those people won’t be able to survive.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood why the City Lord’s wife had deliberately come here to provoke Miao Hong. It turned out she wanted to worsen his injuries and accelerate his death.

The friend Miao Hong was referring to should be Gao Xinpeng. With the eyesight and experience of a Heaven Pill Master, if Miao Hong was really killed, he would definitely be able to tell, but if he died naturally, there was nothing he could do.

“Fortunately, there is always a way out, allowing this City Lord to meet little brother. Little brother, do you have any more of the pills you just gave me?”

“I do have the pills,” Yang Kai nodded, “But now I have a problem.”

“What kind of trouble?”

Yang Kai smacked his lips, “When I was refining this pill, I didn’t know that the City Lord was in such a situation, so I didn’t think too much about it. After taking this Vitality Pill, although it can stimulate the vitality of the City Lord’s body, it needs to be supplemented with some great supplements to supplement the body. Otherwise, it will only overdraft the City Lord’s potential. Even if it can overcome the present difficulty, it will cause no end of trouble in the future.”

Miao Hong suddenly understood, “So that’s how it is!” He knew that Yang Kai wasn’t lying. He had personally taken the Vitality Pill, so he knew what kind of effect it had.

After thinking about it for a moment, he looked at Yang Kai earnestly, “Little Brother, you must be a good person to the end. These days, I’ll have to trouble you to bring some supplementary items for this City Lord. With Little Brother’s skills, as long as you are careful, entering and exiting this place shouldn’t be a problem. If this City Lord can preserve his life, I will definitely reward you greatly in the future.”

Yang Kai said helplessly, “That’s the only way.”

Originally, he had only wanted to come to the City Lord’s Mansion to inquire about the situation, but now that things had become like this, he was truly speechless.

“City Lord, my subordinate is still being imprisoned by the City Lord’s Mansion, I don’t even know if he’s alive or dead!” Yang Kai paused for a moment.

Miao Hong pondered for a moment before saying, “I’ll give you a token, go find a man named Huang Da. He is a deacon of my City Lord’s Mansion. With his help, your subordinate’s life will not be in danger.”

Although Miao Hong had basically been placed under house arrest by the City Lord’s wife, there were still some loyal and brave men under him, and this deacon named Huang Da must be one of them.

Saying so, he took out a palm-sized jade pendant from under his pillow.

Yang Kai took it and felt its warmth, “If Huang Da asks about the City Lord’s situation…”

Miao Hong’s eyes flashed, “You may speak the truth!”


Miao Hong pointed out the location of Huang Da’s residence to Yang Kai before he left.

The City Lord’s Mansion wasn’t small, but after taking a quick look around, Yang Kai had some impression of it. With Miao Hong’s guidance, he quickly found Huang Da’s residence.

Naturally, there were some misunderstandings between them, but after Yang Kai showed him the token, Huang Da became quite excited and asked about Miao Hong.

After Yang Kai explained the situation to him, Huang Da was both surprised and happy. When he mentioned Shi Minghui, Huang Da realized that Shi Minghui was actually Yang Kai’s subordinate.

“Don’t worry, that Shi Minghui is only temporarily detained in the dungeon, nothing serious. Moreover, the City Lord’s Mansion is currently in a state of turmoil, so those who harbor malicious intentions don’t want to complicate matters. Before this matter is settled, Shi Minghui’s life will not be in danger. If anything happens, this old master can take care of it,” Huang Da promised.

“Then I’ll have to trouble Deacon Huang,” Yang Kai said politely.

After a busy night, by the time Yang Kai returned to his residence, the sun had already risen.

A moment later, Du Youyou came to greet him after washing up. Yang Kai handed her a piece of paper he had prepared earlier and sent her out to buy some things.

Miao Hong needed something to nourish his body, but with his current situation, even if he had a peak Heaven Rank foundation, it was likely he wouldn’t be able to replenish his strength. Yang Kai had to think of a more gentle method.

Making some medicinal soup was the safest option.

Du Youyou didn’t know what Yang Kai wanted to do, but her biggest advantage was that she was obedient and quickly bought some things to help him.

During this time, Yang Kai casually asked who Kou Yong was.

This person was the man who had an affair with the City Lord’s wife, and according to the City Lord’s wife, her daughter had also been born with Kou Yong.

“Kou Yong?” Du Youyou thought for a moment and said, “He should be Heavenly Martial City’s Vice City Lord, right? He seems to have the strength of a Seventh or Eighth Order Heaven Rank master!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai raised his brow but didn’t comment… he only felt that Miao Hong’s life was quite miserable.

For the entire day, Yang Kai was busy. When night fell, Yang Kai snuck into the City Lord’s Mansion to deliver food to Miao Hong…

The effects of the Vitality Pill were quite good, and after drinking a large pot of medicinal soup, Miao Hong’s complexion clearly became a lot more rosy, and he was full of praise for Yang Kai, calling him a promising young master and showing great interest in him.

After all, with such a young peak Earth Rank and an Earth Rank Alchemist, there was probably no one else in the entire Divine Weapon World who could win him over. If he could win him over, it would definitely be a great help.

For the next few days, Yang Kai went to the City Lord’s Mansion every night to deliver some supplementary supplements to Miao Hong. With the help of the Vitality Pill, Miao Hong’s condition was almost the same as his normal days, but his injuries had yet to fully heal, so it was hard to say how much strength he could display. As such, he had been holding back, pretending to be on the verge of death whenever the City Lord’s wife came to see him.

The City Lord’s wife would come over almost every night, and every time she did, she would provoke Miao Hong to the point of vomiting blood before leaving in satisfaction.

Once, when Yang Kai was hiding on the roof beam, he saw the City Lord’s wife and Kou Yong come over and kiss in front of Miao Hong…

This time, Miao Hong was probably so angry that he really fainted, so Yang Kai had to spend a lot of effort to wake him up.

On this day, Yang Kai brought over some medicinal soup and Vitality Pill. After Miao Hong took them, he lay down on his bed and said, “Little brother, I must trouble you with something.”

Yang Kai put away the things he had brought and said, “City Lord, please speak.”

“I want you to go greet Profound Pill Sect’s Heaven Pill Master Gao Xinpeng!” Miao Hong gasped for breath for a moment, “According to the plan, Alchemist Gao will arrive in Heavenly Martial City in three days, but that adulterous pair will definitely not wait until then. You’ve seen the situation these past few days, they’re eager for me to die. If I don’t die before Gao Xinpeng arrives, I’m afraid they’ll take the risk to act, so I want you to go greet Alchemist Gao and ask him to hurry over. It would be best if he can hide his whereabouts.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai smiled, “Rest assured City Lord, I will arrange this matter freely, there is no need to disturb Alchemist Gao.”

He had also seen what Miao Hong had said, so he was naturally aware of the City Lord’s wife and Kou Yong’s desperate attitude, so he had been prepared.

“Oh?” Miao Hong was stunned, “Little brother’s arrangement is…”

Yang Kai reached into his robes, took out a small jade bottle, and poured out a black pill the size of a dragon eye from it, “The Turtle Breath Pill. After consuming it, the City Lord will enter a state of suspended animation and lose all signs of life, enough to deceive those people.”

Miao Hong was extremely shocked as he took the Turtle Breath Pill from Yang Kai’s hand and asked uncertainly, “Is this pill really so miraculous?”

“City Lord doesn’t believe me?”

Miao Hong shook his head and said, “Although Little Brother and I haven’t known each other for many days, I can tell that you’re a heroic and courageous person. If you really wanted to harm this City Lord, you could have done so long ago. This City Lord’s life was saved by you, how could I not believe you?”

“It’s best if City Lord can believe me, but City Lord can rest assured that this Turtle Breath Pill is not harmful. After taking the antidote, the City Lord will wake up in half an incense stick’s worth of time,” Yang Kai paused for a moment before continuing, “Moreover, now that we’re looking for Alchemist Gao, I’m afraid we’ll alert the enemy. They also know that Alchemist Gao is your only hope, so they must have been monitoring Alchemist Gao’s side for quite some time now. If we rashly approach him now, I don’t know what consequences will befall us.”

Miao Hong thought for a moment before nodding, “Little Brother’s words are reasonable, we’ll do as you say.”

Yang Kai didn’t know how much trust Miao Hong had in him, but someone as determined and patient as Miao Hong definitely wouldn’t have a kind heart. The betrayal of his lover probably didn’t make him trust anyone, but Yang Kai didn’t have any malicious intent towards him, so he should be able to feel it. In addition, he had personally experienced Yang Kai’s abilities these past few days, so he had easily accepted his suggestion.

Two nights later, Yang Kai hid on the roof beam and saw Miao Hong being angered by the City Lord’s wife, Qin Youshuang and Kou Yong until he vomited three liters of blood and died!


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