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Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord’s current problem was that he was old and weak and wouldn’t be able to live for more than a few years. Gao Xinpeng’s purpose in coming here was to refine a life Elixir for him to increase his lifespan.

Yang Kai also had many pill recipe that could extend one’s lifespan, and their effects were extraordinary. If he could refine one of them, he could guarantee that Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord would instantly become vigorous and live a long life.

However, the problem was that the herbs required for the pill recipe he possessed were all extremely precious. Not to mention whether the Divine Weapon World had them or not, even if they did, it was likely not something a single Heavenly Martial City could have.

He didn’t know what kind of pill Gao Xinpeng wanted to refine or what effect it had.

However, if he could gain the trust of Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord first, he would naturally be able to enter the City Lord’s Mansion. When Gao Xinpeng arrived, they would naturally be able to meet.

Therefore, he planned to refine some pills to enhance and nourish his vitality. These pills were relatively simple to refine, and the herbs weren’t precious, so Heavenly Martial City should have them.

If Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord could take the pills he refined for a long time, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to live a few more years.

The night passed uneventfully, and the next day at dawn, Du Youyou returned with a large pile of herbs.

“Good work,” Yang Kai nodded.

Du Youyou grinned, “It is this servant’s honor to be able to share Sir’s worries. Does Sir have any other instructions?”

“That’s all, you can go.”


After Du Youyou respectfully withdrew, Yang Kai took out a simple pill furnace and a few fiery red stones. This pill furnace was something he had found in the Void Spirit Sword Sect’s storeroom. It was unknown how many years it had been in the storeroom, but it should have been left behind by an Alchemist from several generations ago.

There were several such things in the Void Spirit Sword Sect’s storehouse, and now Wan Yingying and the other two disciples who studied Alchemy had obtained these pill furnaces.

The fiery red stone was the Fire Shining Stone. Yang Kai didn’t have Pill Fire, and there was no Earth Fire to use here, so he naturally only used Brilliant Flame Stone to refine pills.

The Vitality Pill he refined this time was not complicated. If it was outside, Yang Kai could easily refine it, but here, he would have to spend more effort.

Two days later, a bottle of Vitality Pills was successfully refined. Each pill was about the size of a soybean and had a dark red color. This small bottle contained over a hundred pills.

Yang Kai summoned Shi Minghui and asked him to bring two Vitality Pills to the City Lord’s Mansion to offer. As long as the City Lord’s Mansion verified the effects of these Vitality Pills, they would naturally invite him in for a discussion.

At that time, he could openly stay in the City Lord’s Mansion and wait for Gao Xinpeng to arrive.

What Yang Kai didn’t expect was that after Shi Minghui left, there was no news of him. Yang Kai waited for a full day but didn’t see him return, nor did he see anyone from the City Lord’s Mansion come, so he faintly realized that something must have happened.

He asked Du Youyou to inquire about the situation, but the result left Yang Kai dumbfounded.

Women were indeed easier to talk to, especially beautiful women like Du Youyou. Even though the City Lord’s Mansion had sealed off all information, she was still able to easily find some clues.

According to her, Shi Minghui had indeed entered the City Lord’s Mansion to offer up the Vitality Pill, but when they were examining the effects of the Vitality Pill, a certain Earth Pill Master from the City Lord’s Mansion insisted that the Vitality Pill Shi Minghui brought was poisonous and intended to poison the City Lord. Shi Minghui was taken down on the spot and thrown into Heavenly Martial City’s dungeon, his fate unknown.

Yang Kai immediately laughed in anger!

Thinking about how he, an Emperor Pill Master, had spent so much time and effort to refine some Vitality Pills, it was actually called poisonous? Immediately, he had the urge to draw his sword and charge into the City Lord’s Mansion.

Although he had used some unusual methods to subdue Shi Minghui, he was still working for him. Now that something went wrong with him, he naturally couldn’t ignore it.

On top of that, the City Lord’s Mansion hadn’t come looking for him, meaning that Shi Minghui hadn’t revealed any information about him, otherwise, the City Lord’s Mansion would have been able to find him long ago.

However, Yang Kai quickly suppressed this impulse. He faintly felt that this matter was not simple, that he had been involved in some kind of trouble, and that Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord was definitely not just old and frail.

This caused him to have some doubts.

With his current ability, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to kill his way into the City Lord’s Mansion. The difficult part was how to rescue Shi Minghui. If he was alone, he was confident he could come and go without a trace, but if he brought Shi Minghui along, that might not be the case.

There were many Heaven Rank masters in Heavenly Martial City, and the Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord was a peak Heaven Rank master with the backing of Profound Pill Sect’s Gao Xinpeng. If things were to get out of hand, it would not be beneficial to him or the Void Spirit Sword Sect.

After pondering for a while, Yang Kai asked Du Youyou to find a way to inquire about Shi Minghui’s current situation, mainly to determine whether he was dead or alive, while he quietly waited for night to fall, preparing to explore the depths of the City Lord’s Mansion.

Du Youyou accepted the order and left.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, carefully prepared himself. When night fell, he dressed in black and snuck out of his residence, heading straight for the City Lord’s Mansion.

His heart was filled with speechlessness as he thought about how he, a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, had come to this Divine Weapon World and acted like a thief, simply disgracing his status.

The City Lord’s Mansion was heavily guarded, and even a Heaven Rank cultivator could not sneak in without being noticed. However, to Yang Kai, these precautions were useless.

Concealing his aura, Yang Kai took advantage of the darkness of the night and quickly broke through the perimeter of the City Lord’s Mansion and entered the inner courtyard.

It was quiet all around, and from time to time, patrolling cultivators would pass by. Occasionally, there would be some people whispering to each other, but all of them were worthless.

Yang Kai walked around, not knowing where the Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord was, so he could only search slowly.

A moment later, Yang Kai’s figure flickered and he disappeared into the shadows of a rock garden.

A series of footsteps came from not far away, and Yang Kai stole a glance over to see a woman wearing luxurious clothes leading a few maidservants down the corridor. This woman’s appearance was beautiful, her chest was high, her figure was graceful, and her temperament was very cold.

The woman walked straight into a palace, her maids standing quietly outside.

Yang Kai didn’t know the identity of this woman, but from the scene in front of him, this woman’s status in the City Lord’s Mansion shouldn’t be low.

Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly heard a series of heavy footsteps, followed by an extremely violent aura.

Heaven Rank!

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed. Although the other party didn’t have any spiritual force fluctuations, Yang Kai could still feel that this person was a Heaven Rank!

This was the first time he had encountered a Heaven Rank cultivator in the Divine Weapon World, so he couldn’t help glancing over curiously.

The person who had just arrived was a burly man in short combat clothes, his muscles bulging.

Although Yang Kai was confident in his Qi Concealment Technique, he didn’t dare act too presumptuously at such a close distance. After all, the other party’s cultivation was slightly higher than his, so he immediately withdrew his gaze after taking a glance to avoid being noticed.

The burly man walked straight up to the palace entrance where the woman had just entered. The two maids standing guard at the entrance bowed politely, but the burly man didn’t say anything and simply pushed open the door.

A moment later, a strange sound rang out from inside the room, mixed with some muffled groans…

Yang Kai’s face turned black as he took this opportunity to quickly withdraw.

An hour later, Yang Kai was hiding in the darkness, staring at a grand hall in front of him. There were guards standing guard outside the hall, and faint moans of pain could be heard coming from inside the hall, giving off a feeling of being out of breath.

If he wasn’t mistaken, this should be the resting place of Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord!

After searching for a long time, Yang Kai finally found the real master. Before coming here, Yang Kai was considering how he should explain his intentions to Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord and how to convince him of the effects of the Vitality Pill he had refined.

However, when he heard the voice coming from the main hall, he realized that this Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord wouldn’t be able to live for long, and the situation was even more serious than the rumors said.

He even detected a faint aura of death from the hall!

All of his previous considerations were useless. He didn’t know when the Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord would die, so Yang Kai didn’t have much to worry about.

Finding an opportunity, Yang Kai threw out a stone to attract the attention of the guards outside the door and smoothly entered the hall through a skylight.

Sure enough, this was a room with a very large area. Unexpectedly, there was not a single person guarding this room, only a huge bed. A person was covered by a blanket, breathing weakly and coughing from time to time.

The dim candlelight in the room lit up a small area. Looking down from above, Yang Kai found that the person lying on the bed didn’t look very old. He seemed to be in his early forties, and his sickly face was pale, but he could tell that this person was quite handsome.

While he was observing, the person lying on the bed suddenly opened his eyes and stared straight at Yang Kai on the roof beam. Although his eyes were a bit cloudy, at this moment, a light flashed across them.

Yang Kai was startled. He hadn’t expected that he would be discovered so easily.

Of course, this was related to him staring at the other party for a long time, but it was also obvious that the strength of the person on the bed was extraordinary.

It was rumored that Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord was a peak Heaven Rank master, only a step away from Spirit Rank. He truly lived up to his reputation! Even with his body in such a state, his senses were still so sharp.

“Who are you?” The man on the bed wore a calm expression, not showing any intention of shouting, only asking lightly.

Since he had been discovered, Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered to hide any longer and gently descended to the ground, not making a single sound as he approached the bed and asked, “City Lord Miao?”

Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord’s surname was Miao and his name was Hong, so Yang Kai naturally knew about this.

“Yes, this Miao. Who is this little brother?” Miao Hong looked at Yang Kai indifferently, “Why are you visiting my City Lord’s Mansion?”

After confirming that this person was Miao Hong, Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “Void Spirit Sword Sect, Yang Kai!”

“The Void Spirit Sword Sect…” Miao Hong frowned, seemingly trying to recall the information about the Void Spirit Sword Sect. However, the Void Spirit Sword Sect was just a small force, and Miao Hong had never paid much attention to it before. For a moment, he couldn’t think of much information and couldn’t help frowning, “The Void Spirit Sword Sect isn’t close to my Heavenly Martial City, what are you doing here? Are you here to kill me?”


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