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After asking a few more questions, Yang Kai was about to leave when he suddenly remembered something and turned around, “Right, Master, is there any news from Tiger's Roar Sect?”

Su Changfa shook his head, “Nothing.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Disciple will take his leave!”

After exiting the hall, Yang Kai ordered his Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters to withdraw and cultivate, leaving only Wan Yingying behind. Then Shi Minghui quickly greeted him, “Sir!”

As Yang Kai walked forward, he asked Wan Yingying, “Did the two Junior Brothers i ask a few days ago purchased the herbs?”

Wan Yingying said, “It's already been bought, but we don’t know what to do with them. They’re all in your cave mansion.”

“En,” Yang Kai responded and led the two towards his cave mansion.

A moment later, Yang Kai asked Shi Minghui to wait outside the cave while he brought Wan Yingying inside.

Previously, Yang Kai had asked his two Junior Brothers to go down the mountain to buy some herbs for their body refining. Now, not only were the disciples of the Void Spirit Sword Sect lacking in manpower, but their cultivation was also very low. Although Yang Kai had already passed down the improved Void Spirit Arts, there was no immediate effect.

However, cultivating had to be done steadily. By concocting some body tempering medicine to assist his Junior Brothers and Sisters in their cultivation, it would also lay a good foundation for them.

It was impossible for Yang Kai to do this kind of thing himself in the future. Wan Yingying was a good candidate, so he could teach her how to concoct medicines.

Inside the Cave Mansion, Yang Kai skillfully categorized the various herbs while patiently explaining them to Wan Yingying. Fortunately, this Little Junior Sister’s aptitude was quite good. Although she had never come into contact with the principles of medicine before, under Yang Kai’s profound and simple explanation, she was able to quickly understand.

Yang Kai had taught her how to concoct a few medicines, so her performance was not bad.

This kind of matter was not complicated and was not yet at the level of Pill Refining, only mixing different herbs together according to their proportions. When they needed to use them, they would boil the herbs together with the water, allowing the medicinal efficacies to dissolve into the water. When the Junior Brothers and Sisters cultivated, they could absorb the medicinal efficacies of the water to strengthen their flesh body.

“You can observe from the Sect and see if any Junior Brothers or Junior Sisters are interested in Alchemy. I’ll find an opportunity to teach you Alchemy,” Yang Kai said casually while guiding Wan Yingying.

The Divine Weapon World also had Alchemists, and their status was very high, but a small Sect like the Void Spirit Sword Sect couldn’t afford to raise Alchemists. The dozens of bottles of pills Yang Kai had found in the storehouse had all been purchased from other places.

“Eldest Senior Brother, you also know Alchemy?” Wan Yingying asked in surprise.

Yang Kai chuckled, “You also know that the Ancestor passed down his techniques to me through space, there’s nothing the Ancestor doesn’t know about. I just know a little bit.”

“Oh!” Wan Yingying didn’t hesitate in the slightest.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong with Wan Yingying’s method of concocting the body refining medicine, Yang Kai left the rest to her and left the cave mansion.

Shi Minghui was still waiting outside and quickly came up to him.

Yang Kai glanced at him and asked lightly, “How strong is Tiger’s Roar Sect compared to your Heavenly Net Residence?”

“The difference isn’t too great,” Shi Minghui respectfully replied, “The Tiger’s Roar Sect’s Sect Master, Zhuang Juhe, also has a cultivation of the Ninth Order Earth Rank, and his Sect’s left and right Protectors are all Eighth Order Earth Rank, as well as several Elders who are above the Fourth Order Earth Rank! However, in front of Sir, this little bit of strength is nothing more than a chicken or dog. Does Sir want to attack Tiger’s Roar Sect?”

He had personally witnessed Shu Wancheng, a Ninth Order Earth Rank master, being killed in front of him by Yang Kai. Zhuang Juhe was at most on par with Shu Wancheng, so how could he be Yang Kai’s opponent?

“They owe me something,” Yang Kai snorted lightly. Last time, Wan Tianhe had said that before he left, he would come back another day to apologize and atone for his sins, which would definitely satisfy him. After so many days, he had not even seen a shadow of him. Did they think he was young and easily bullied?

“A debt must be repaid, this is a matter of course!” Shi Minghui said righteously, “I won’t hide it from Sir, the Tiger’s Roar Sect’s Wan Tianhe once informed us that Third Elder Zhan Boxiong was killed and the Clear Void Sword appeared. This person is despicable and insidious, obviously trying to stir up a fight between my Heavenly Net Residence and Sir so that Tiger’s Roar Sect can benefit from it.”

“There’s such a thing…” Yang Kai grinned.

“It's true,” Shi Minghui vowed.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before looking at him and saying, “If I let you deal with the Tiger’s Roar Sect…”

Shi Minghui’s face immediately went stiff as he forced a smile, “Sir bright view, that Tiger’s Roar Sect has been in operation for over a hundred years and has a solid foundation. Even if my Heavenly Net Residence sends out all of its elites, we may not be able to win in their territory.”

“You really are trash!” Yang Kai’s face was filled with resentment, “I had to personally take action, what use do you have!”

Shi Minghui didn’t dare make a sound.

“Where is the Tiger’s Roar Sect headquarter? Lead the way, we’ll set out now,” Yang Kai ordered. Since he had lost his cultivation resources, it would take some time to mine the Black Jade Mine, so robbing Tiger’s Roar Sect would be a good idea.

What’s more, Tiger’s Roar Sect definitely had a lot of people on their side, so pulling them over to mine would increase their efficiency.

The two horses quickly departed from the Void Spirit Sword Sect.

Three days later, Shi Minghui led several hundred people of the Void Spirit Sword Sect. The Sect Master of Tiger’s Roar Sect, Zhuang Juhe, under his leadership, paid a visit to Su Changfa, informing him that these people were all here to mine ores, and that Tiger’s Roar Sect had already submitted to the Void Spirit Sword Sect and would be the branch of the Void Spirit Sword Sect in the future.

After experiencing the previous incident, Su Changfa was able to accept this situation easily, but he still felt a bit confused.

How could the two biggest forces within a radius of a thousand kilometers suddenly become subordinates of the Void Spirit Sword Sect? When Zhuang Juhe saw him, he was extremely cautious…

However, for some reason, his face was somewhat swollen.

More than a thousand people poured into Ashes Mountain, constantly extracting black jade. It must be known that these thousand people were not ordinary people, but cultivators. Although their cultivation levels were uneven, from the Mortal Rank to Earth Rank, their efficiency was much higher than ordinary people.

A few days later, Yang Kai returned from Tiger’s Roar Sect.

After digesting the many resources in Tiger’s Roar Sect’s storehouse, Yang Kai’s cultivation had now reached the Fifth-Order Earth Rank! It had to be said that the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was simply too heaven-defying. If it weren’t for this cultivation method, Yang Kai would never have been able to cultivate so quickly. This heaven-defying evil art he had obtained from Wu Kuang had greatly accelerated his growth.

Within a radius of a thousand kilometers, the Void Spirit Sword Sect is the true leader. The strongest forces, Heavenly Net Residence and Tiger’s Roar Sect, had already surrendered, so the remaining small fry naturally couldn’t cause any trouble.

Yang Kai didn’t want to find trouble with these small forces, but these small forces couldn’t sit still any longer. They didn’t know why the Void Spirit Sword Sect had suddenly risen to prominence, nor what attitude they had towards outsiders, so they all sent representatives to pay their respects, expressing their willingness to follow the Void Spirit Sword Sect’s lead.

Yang Kai didn’t refuse. These small forces had no enmity with him and didn’t have much wealth, but each of them could send some people to mine.

In less than a month’s time, two thousand people on Ashes Mountain had been busy day and night.

On the other hand, the amount of black jade that could be mined every day ranged from three to five hundred pieces to more than a thousand pieces, and as the mine channel deepened, the amount that could be mined every day continued to increase.

Eighty percent of the black jade had been sent to Yang Kai’s Cave Mansion, leaving only twenty percent for the Sect’s development needs.

However, even so, Yang Kai’s consumption was not enough. Basically, once the black jade was in his hands, it would be quickly devoured.

In just two months, Yang Kai’s cultivation had reached the Ninth Order Earth Rank! Not only that, but the several dozen disciples of the Void Spirit Sword Sect had also begun cultivating. Although their strength had not increased significantly, each of their physiques had received a significant boost.

Aside from cultivating, Yang Kai spent the rest of his time teaching Wan Yingying and his other two Junior Brothers Alchemy.

In the future, there would definitely be a lot of demand for pills in the Void Spirit Sword Sect, so naturally, they would need to cultivate their own Alchemists. Aside from Wan Yingying, these two Junior Brothers were found by Yang Kai in the Sect, and they also had some talent in Alchemy. Now that the Void Spirit Sword Sect was sparsely populated, they couldn’t force too many people, so they could only find a taller one among the short.

Fortunately, although their aptitudes were not as good as Wan Yingying’s, they were still somewhat good.

Right now, their cultivation was still low and they were unable to use their spiritual force to refine pills, the Void Spirit Sword Sect didn’t have any Earth Fire they could use. Every time they refined pills, they could only use something called Fire Shining Stone as their Pill Fire.

This was also a path many new Alchemists in the Divine Weapon World had to take.

Fortunately, the Void Spirit Sword Sect now had a black jade mine, otherwise they would not have been able to sustain such consumption.

On top of that, Tiger’s Roar Sect and Heavenly Net Residence had also managed many businesses, and many of their profits had been sent to Yang Kai to satisfy his cultivation needs. Although these days were a bit difficult, they could still be maintained.

Just as he was teaching Wan Yingying and the two Junior Brothers some Alchemy techniques, he suddenly heard footsteps behind him.

Yang Kai sat still and waited until he had finished speaking before asking, “What is it?”

Behind him, Shi Minghui cupped his fists, “Sir, I found some clue.”

“Oh? So fast?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

“It’s also a coincidence!” Shi Minghui continued, “Half a month later, Heaven Pill Master Gao Xinpeng will be staying in Heavenly Martial City for three days. It is said that when Gao Xinpeng haven't make a name for himself, Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord was indebted to him. Today, Heavenly Martial City’s City Lord is old and weak, and his lifespan is nearing its end, so Gao Xinpeng personally went to refine life Elixir for him.”

“Heavenly Martial City!” Yang Kai raised his brow, “How far is it from here?”

“If we ride a horse, it will take about three days!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and ordered, “Be prepared. Three days later, we will set out for Heavenly Martial City to meet that Gao Xinpeng!”

“Yes!” Shi Minghui quickly replied before turning around and leaving.

Yang Kai gave a few more instructions to Wan Yingying and the others before going to the quiet room next door. The black jade they had mined today had already been delivered, except for the remaining 20%, there were still more than seven hundred remaining.

Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and activated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law!

However, even after swallowing all the black jade, he still showed no signs of breaking through to the Heaven Rank.

“It seems like this Divine Weapon World’s laws are restricting it. If I want to break through to the Heaven Rank, I really need a Ten Revolutions Heartless Pill!”


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