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In less than three days, the energy contained in the surrounding white jade and black jade had been completely consumed, turning them all into gray and dull waste. Not only that, more than two hundred bottles of pills had also been completely consumed by Yang Kai.

Instead, Yang Kai’s cultivation had risen from the First Order Earth Rank to Third Order.

This result surprised him.

He had thought that after obtaining so many cultivation resources this time, he would be able to raise his cultivation to the Fifth or Sixth Order, but in reality, after reaching the Third Order Earth Rank, he was somewhat powerless.

There were many reasons for this.

The Heaven Devouring Battle Law was indeed powerful, and once it was activated, Yang Kai felt like he had transformed into a bottomless pit, refining all the energy in the world for his own use, but Yang Kai’s physical body couldn’t bear it.

If it was his body at the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, it would definitely be no problem, but in this Divine Weapon World, he is just a small Earth Rank cultivator. With such a massive amount of energy pouring into his body, it was impossible for him to digest it.

Some of the energy had been inadvertently wasted, and a large portion of it had been directed by Yang Kai to temper his physique, so although he had used up all the cultivation resources in the Heavenly Net Residence's storehouse, he had only managed to raise his cultivation from the First Order Earth Rank to the Third Order.

However, as his physical strength improved, the Dragon Vein’s power was also stimulated, and the strength of the Dragon Vein was also enhanced…

Such a sacrifice was worth it.

What’s more, the strength of his physical body also allowed him to cultivate to a higher level than ordinary people.

Yang Kai also noticed the drawbacks of cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.

If one’s cultivation rose too quickly, an ordinary person’s foundation would definitely become unstable, and sooner or later there would be a risk of qi deviation. However, Yang Kai didn’t have such concerns. His cultivation was already at the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, and with his powerful temperament, controlling an Earth Rank cultivation shouldn’t be a problem.

Another thing was that the energy absorbed by the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was too complex and impure. The purpose of this cultivation technique was to devour the energy of all things in the world for its own use, regardless of whether it was useful or not.

Although Yang Kai had just tried it, he could already feel this weakness.

However, the amazing thing was that the Dragon Vein’s power in his body was slowly removing the impurities in his body, purifying the energy he was absorbing.

Yang Kai suddenly realized that as long as he could resolve the impurities brought about by the devoured energy, he could cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.

He just didn’t know if he could do so after returning to the 3000 Worlds. If he could, the speed at which he refined the various cultivation resources would greatly increase, and perhaps he could find an opportunity to do so in the future.

The Heavenly Net Residence's storehouse had been completely looted. Although there were still some good things left, they were all useless for cultivation. Yang Kai stood up and pushed open the door.

Standing outside the door was a familiar figure. Hearing the commotion, it turned around and asked in surprise, “Senior Brother, are you really here?”

The newcomer was none other than Little Junior Sister Wan Yingying.

The newly appointed Palace Master, Li Zhengqing, who was standing next to her, smiled and said, “Sir, this Miss Yingying came to find you. This old master told her that you were in seclusion inside, but she didn’t believe him and nearly fought with this old master.” Turning to Wan Yingying, he asked, “How about it, Miss Yingying, this old master didn’t lie to you, right?”

An awkward look flashed across Wan Yingying’s face, but she quickly put it to the back of her mind, “Eldest Senior Brother, what’s going on? Yesterday, many people from Heavenly Net Residence came to our place to help us mine the Black Jade Mine. They said you asked them to go, but the Sect Master and two Elders dod not know if this is true or false…”

Yang Kai gently rubbed her head and smiled lightly, “Yes, I was the one who asked them to go. En, this matter was a bit urgent, so I didn’t have time to report it to Master and the others. Let’s go home, I’ll personally explain it to Master and the two Elders.”

Turning around, he ordered Li Zhengqing, “Prepare the horses!”

Li Zhengqing quickly went down to work.

When Wan Yingying saw that this newly appointed Palace Master of Heavenly Net Residence was actually so respectful and obedient to her Eldest Senior Brother, she suddenly felt like she was dreaming.

Soon, the two horses were brought over by Li Zhengqing, and a moment later, Yang Kai and Wan Yingying headed straight for the Void Spirit Sword Sect’s entrance.

Li Zhengqing watched Yang Kai leave and secretly wiped away his cold sweat before turning around to check the situation in the storehouse. He almost fainted.

Half a day later, Yang Kai and Wan Yingying returned to the Sect and went straight to the Discussion Hall to meet Su Changfa and the two Elders.

He saw many of his Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters gathered outside the meeting hall, all of them ready to fight to the death, while outside the hall, a half-grown old man stood with a bitter smile, looking somewhat awkward.

Hearing the commotion, the old man turned around and immediately rushed over as if he had seen his savior, “Sir, you’ve finally returned.”

This old man was the Second Elder of Heavenly Net Residence.

“What’s going on!?” Yang Kai’s face sank. From the looks of it, why was it that the Coid Spirit Sword Sect seemed to want to fight with them?

The Second Elder wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and forced a smile, “Sir bright view, your Sect seems to think that this old master is here to harm them, so they set up a formation to stop me.”

Yang Kai was speechless, “You didn’t explain the situation to them?”

The Second Elder’s eyes twitched, “I told them, but they didn’t believe me! They insisted that this old master had some kind of scheme up his sleeve. In order to appease your Sect’s disciples, this old master didn’t even dare to keep anyone around him, but they still took precautions.”

Yang Kai understood. After all, the Third Elder of Heavenly Net Residence had just died here a few days ago, and this Second Elder had suddenly brought several hundred people here. Anyone would think he was here to take revenge.

As for the so-called Heavenly Net Residence submitting to the Void Spirit Sword Sect in the future, how could Su Changfa believe such a thing? Having lived for so long, if he didn’t even have this little bit of common sense, he would have long been swallowed up by others.

This matter couldn’t be blamed on the Second Elder of Heavenly Net Residence. Yang Kai patted him on the shoulder and said, “Wait here, I’ll go see my Master.”

The Second Elder nodded in agreement.

“Eldest Senior Brother!”

Yang Kai stepped forward and the group of Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters respectfully cupped their fists. Although they were curious about how their Eldest Senior Brother was able to chat and laugh with the Second Elder of Heavenly Net Residence, they didn’t ask much. Since the day Yang Kai saved the Sect from a crisis, their Eldest Senior Brother’s position in the hearts of these Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters had risen to an unlimited height.

“You’ve all worked hard!” Yang Kai said before following the path he had taken.

A moment later, he entered the main hall and met with Su Changfa and the two Elders.

Su Changfa, Gu Kangning, and Hong Xiu were all dumbfounded!

The events of the past few days had been too inconceivable. The original disaster of extermination had been resolved by Yang Kai alone, and it could even be said that the ancestor’s spirit had appeared, leaving behind a gift for his descendants. But now, the Heavenly Net Palace had actually submitted to the Void Spirit Sword Sect and become the Heavenly Net Residence branch?

“So you’re saying that the Heavenly Net Residence's Second Elder wasn’t joking?” Su Changfa asked somewhat uncertainly.

Yang Kai replied, “How could he joke about such a thing? Master can rest assured, the entire Heavenly Net Residence is now under my control. Isn’t the Black Jade Mine lacking manpower to mine? Disciple decided to let them mine the Black Jade.”

Gu Kangning said, “Then how could Shu Wancheng compromise so easily? This person is not easy to deal with.”

“I didn’t ask him, I just went up and killed him!” Yang Kai said lightly.

Hong Xiu’s face was filled with horror, “That Shu Wancheng is a Ninth Order Earth Rank master, how could you kill him?” She suddenly reacted, “Did you use Clear Void Sword Qi again?”

“Second Elder is thinking too much. How could I waste such a great weapon like Clear Void Sword Qi on a piece of trash? Disciple relied on his own ability to kill Shu Wancheng. En, I also asked around before and found out that this Shu Wancheng has done many bad things, so his death should not be regretted! Now, the current Palace Master of Heavenly Net Residence is Li Zhengqing.”

Su Changfa and the others looked at each other in dismay. If Shu Wancheng, a Ninth Order Earth Rank cultivator, was a trash, so what were they?

Although they still couldn’t believe Yang Kai’s words, there was no reasonable explanation for the current situation. Yesterday, when several hundred people from Heavenly Net Residence rushed over, they all thought they were dead, but who would have thought that they would go to the Ashes Mountain, leaving only the Second Elder to negotiate with them.

Even so, the Void Spirit Sword Sect was unable to resist. The Second Elder was an Eighth Order Earth Rank cultivator, so if he really wanted to harm the Void Spirit Sword Sect, he would have done so long ago.

Seeing that Su Changfa and the others were still skeptical, Yang Kai could only turn his head and say, “The one outside, come in and talk.”

The Second Elder of Heavenly Net Residence… was now the Great Elder. After all, Li Zhengqing had taken over the position of Palace Master, so the Second Elder had naturally been promoted to the next rank. However, Yang Kai didn’t know the specific name of the Second Elder and didn’t ask.

Hearing Yang Kai’s shout, the old man quickly bent his back and walked in with a flattering smile, “Sir, this old man is Shi Minghui, what can I do for you?”

Seeing his humble attitude, Su Changfa and the others all frowned.

This is an Eighth Order Earth Rank master! Normally, he wouldn’t even look at them, when had he ever been so flattering?

“Tell my Master about the current situation in Heavenly Net Residence,” Yang Kai ordered.

“Yes!” Shi Minghui replied before turning to face Su Changfa and the others and solemnly declaring, “My Heavenly Net Residence admires Sir's moral character and has decided to turn over a new leaf in the future and submit to Sir in the future!”

Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction and waved his hand, “You may leave.”

“Yes!” Shi Minghui respectfully stepped back.

Above them, Su Changfa and the other two stared at Yang Kai with complicated expressions, as if they had suddenly become much older, but there was also a sense of excitement and relief.

After a long time, Su Changfa finally said, “Child, I won’t ask you how you did it. Since Ancestor passed down his technique to you through space, it means that you are the future hope of my Void Spirit Sword Sect. Now it seems that Ancestor’s vision is as bright as a torch, but you still need to be careful. After all, Heavenly Net Residence… is much stronger than us. If you aren’t careful, you may be burned.”

“Disciple doesn’t need to worry about this, Master can rest assured,” Yang Kai nodded seriously.

“As for the Black Jade Mine, you can handle it yourself,” Su Changfa waved his hand. It was obvious that today’s events had impacted him greatly and he needed time to digest them.


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