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“Keep this thing for yourself, kill him!” Suddenly, a furious shout rang out as two figures flew out from the left and right at the same time, as if they had come to an agreement. spiritual force surged from their bodies as one of them held a blade while the other attacked Yang Kai with his bare hands.

After all, Shu Wancheng had managed Heavenly Net Palace for so many years and had many loyal and courageous subordinates. These two Elders were the same. When Shu Wancheng was killed just now, they hadn’t been able to react in time and were unable to save him. Now that Yang Kai wanted them to take this poison pill, they couldn’t bear it any longer and jumped out.

The blade was filled with an awe-inspiring Sword Qi that flickered with a dazzling light. It was a powerful Earth Weapon while the other person’s fists were completely red, as if they were burning hot iron, clearly pushing his spiritual force to the limit.

Sitting above, Yang Kai’s eyes flashed with a trace of ridicule as he unsheathed his long sword. As the sword spun, he slashed towards the man holding the blade while clenching his other hand into a fist and sending it towards the second man.


As a crisp sound rang out, a bloody light splashed out and in the blink of an eye, the victor was decided.

The blade-wielding Elder half-knelt on the ground and stared fixedly at the broken blade in his hand, “How… is this possible?”

This long blade of his was an Earth Weapon he had spent a great deal of resources to forge. Although it was not as good as a Heaven Weapon, it was not far off. In just a single exchange, it had been cut cleanly, like tofu.

Looking up, he saw that the long sword was right in front of him, with a drop of blood dripping from the tip of the sword, giving off a powerful aura.

“Spirit Weapon!” The Blade Wielding Elder’s eyes widened even further. No wonder his Earth Weapon couldn’t even withstand a single blow, it was actually a Spirit Weapon!

A thick darkness enveloped the Elder and he fell to the ground, blood flowing from his chest as his vitality dissipated.

As for the other Elder who had rushed out with him, he was currently being held up by Yang Kai’s hand in mid-air, his red fists covered in blood and flesh, even his arms hanging limply by his sides.

Yang Kai was still sitting on the chair in front of him as if he hadn’t moved at all, slowly exerting strength in his hands, “I like it when you have hard bones, the sound of pinching it is very crisp!”

The Elder who was being held by the neck struggled with all his might, but he was unable to break free from Yang Kai’s shackles and couldn’t stop laughing.

With a cracking sound, the Elder’s neck tilted and he immediately stopped breathing.

Yang Kai tossed the corpse in his hand down and looked down coldly, “You can all come at me together. If you have the ability, you can kill this King!”

The group of Elders who had been itching to make a move suddenly broke out in cold sweat as they stared at the young man above them as if they were looking at a ghost.

When Shu Wancheng was killed, they hadn’t been able to clearly see what had happened, they all felt that the death of their Palace Master was more or less a result of a sneak attack, so they didn’t have a clear understanding of Yang Kai’s strength.

Now that the two Elders who had joined forces had been killed in an instant, everyone could clearly see that the long sword Yang Kai had been holding was actually a Spirit Weapon!

If they were not mistaken, this is the Clear Void Sword left behind by the Clear Void Sword Lord!

Just a single Spirit Weapon wasn’t enough to shock everyone. After all, a Spirit Weapon was just an external object and couldn’t represent the true strength of its user. The Fourth Elder who wielded a blade had been killed, so it could be said that his weapon was inferior to his opponent’s, so his death was somewhat unjust.

However, the Fifth Elder’s death was a manifestation of that young man’s true strength!

The Fifth Elder had a Sixth Order Earth Rank cultivation! Yet he couldn’t even move that young man’s body, could this person be a Heaven Rank?

Thinking of this, all the Elders felt their hearts drop to the ground. All of their previous little schemes had now disappeared. In front of a Heaven Rank master, they were nothing but ants.

Great Elder Li Zhengqing was the first to return to his senses, quickly stuffing the poison pill into his mouth and cupping his fists, “My Heavenly Net Residence will follow Sir’s orders from now on. Under Sir’s orders, Heavenly Net Residence will not dare disobey!”

Only now did the others react, each of them quickly swallowing the poisonous pill to show their submission.

Yang Kai smiled brightly, “A wise man submits to circumstances, everyone will not regret today’s decision.”

What happened next was simple. The Heavenly Net Residence's Palace Master and the two Elders had both died under Yang Kai’s hands, and with the death of Zhan Boxiong, there were now only six of the nine Elders left in the Heavenly Net Residence. Great Elder Li Zhengqing took over the position of Heavenly Net Residence's Palace Master and Heavenly Net Residence became the branch sect of the Void Spirit Sword Sect.

The changes in the upper echelons did not have much impact on the disciples below. Li Zhengqing had announced to the public that the Palace Master, Fourth Elder, and Fifth Elder had died from cultivation deviation, so even if the disciples had doubts, they could only accept it.

Under the leadership of the Elders, hundreds of disciples marched towards the Void Spirit Sword Sect, preparing to mine for Yang Kai.

Li Zhengqing, on the other hand, took Yang Kai to the storehouse of Heavenly Net Residence and reported their properties and situation.

Yang Kai wasn’t too interested in these things, but he was quite interested in the resources in Heavenly Net Residence's storehouse. Previously, because he had refined the Clear Void Sword’s Sword Qi, his cultivation had risen from the Seventh Order Human Rank to the First Order Earth Rank, he lacked cultivation resources, so he had come here to look for someone to mine.

However, mining the Black Jade Mine wasn’t something that could be achieved in a short period of time, so the resources in Heavenly Net Residence's storage room were quite useful.

“Alright, everything in Heavenly Net Residence is still the same, you take care of it yourself. I’m going into secluded cultivation for a while, I’ll have three meals a day,” Yang Kai waved his hand and interrupted Li Zhengqing’s chatter.

This old man was very cunning, and his ability to act according to the situation was quite impressive. Since he had already submitted to Yang Kai, his attitude quickly changed.

“Sir is cultivating here?” Li Zhengqing was slightly stunned, “Do you want this old master to find you a quiet place?”

“No need, it’s quite troublesome to move here,” Yang Kai waved his hand.

“Since that’s the case, this old master will take his leave,” Li Zhengqing said no more and respectfully withdrew.

The door of the storeroom was tightly shut and the light was dim, but the strange stones that decorated the room were still emitting light, so it was not completely dark.

Yang Kai took out all the pills in the storeroom and sat down in a pile of white jade.

The wealth of Heavenly Net Residence was undoubtedly many times greater than that of the Void Spirit Sword Sect. Previously, Yang Kai had plundered the entire Void Spirit Sword Sect’s storehouse, but he had only found about two thousand pieces of white jade, not even a single piece of black jade.

However, there were more than two thousand white jades in Heavenly Net Residence's storehouse, perhaps even twenty thousand. There were also several hundred black jades and two or three hundred bottles of various pills.

With so many resources, he didn’t know how far he could push his cultivation.

However, now that he was already an Earth Rank cultivator, the demand of resources for cultivation was also greater.

Opening a few bottles of pills, Yang Kai swallowed them and grabbed a handful of white jade in each hand. Just as he was about to activate his Void Spirit Arts, Yang Kai’s heart suddenly jumped.

In this Divine Weapon World, the Void Spirit Arts should be a good cultivation technique. If not for this, there wouldn’t have been the birth of the Clear Void Sword Lord in the past. As long as one cultivated step by step and had enough aptitude, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to reach the Spirit Rank. The Void Spirit Sword Sect only had a few small cats and dogs now. Firstly, they lacked aptitude, and secondly, they lacked supplies. If they had enough supplies, the Void Spirit Sword Sect would definitely be much larger than it was now.

Moreover, the current Void Spirit Arts had been modified by him, increasing the cultivation efficiency by twenty to thirty percent.

However, no matter how extraordinary it was, it was still just a Divine Weapon World’s Secret Techniqie, unable to surpass the scope of this Divine Weapon World.

Yang Kai had traveled far and wide for so many years and had killed countless powerful enemies. The cultivation techniques he had plundered were undoubtedly calculated, and there were naturally more powerful ones than the Void Spirit Arts.

Perhaps… he could try to change to another cultivation method?

Thinking of this, Yang Kai immediately thought of a heaven-defying cultivation method!

Although Yang Kai had collected countless Cultivation Techniques, to be honest, there was no one more powerful than this one. It was just that this Cultivation Technique seemed to have a great drawback, so even though Yang Kai had mastered it, he had never really tried it.

In this Divine Weapon World, one might be able to test out the mysteries of this Secret Technique! This is a Small Source World, so even if something really went wrong, it wouldn’t have much of an impact on one’s body.

With all these considerations, Yang Kai quickly made up his mind. This was a good opportunity, it would be a pity to miss it.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai circulated his spiritual force and changed the Qi Circulation route.

Heaven Devouring Battle Law!

In an instant, Yang Kai felt as if he had become a bottomless pit. The spiritual force contained in the white jade in his hand poured into his body at a terrifying speed, and even the medicinal efficacies of the pills he had taken earlier were quickly neutralized and seeped into his organs.

Yang Kai was shocked! He almost couldn’t resist interrupting the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.

This was the first time he had cultivated this strange technique on his own. Although he had obtained the Heaven Devouring Battle Law in the past, he had only allowed his Embodiment to cultivate it. He had never tried it before.

Later on, he accidentally learned that not cultivating was the right choice.

The Heaven Devouring Battle Law's purpose was to refine the energy of all things in the world for one’s own use. It was extremely profound, but in this way, whether it was useful or harmful energy, it would be refined into one’s body. If one didn’t have a corresponding method to neutralize it, it would cause irreparable damage to their body.

Because the Embodiment was the body of the Stone Puppet Race, it could naturally refine all kinds of impurities, so cultivating this cultivation technique would not have any drawbacks. It could be said that the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was simply tailor-made for the Stone Puppet Race.

Yang Kai didn’t know how Wu Kuang resolved this problem, but he definitely had his own methods.

Now that Yang Kai had truly activated this Heaven Devouring Battle Law, he discovered that the speed at which this technique was refining the energy is truly terrifying. Compared to the Void Spirit Arts, its efficiency was not just a little bit higher; it could be said to be a hundred times faster.

The white jade in his hand began to lose its luster at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the medicinal efficacy of the pill in his stomach was quickly refined. Not only that, but even the white jade and black jade that Yang Kai had yet to come into contact with began to crazily gather their spiritual force towards him.


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