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“It is precisely because Ancestor passed down this technique through space that disciple was able to break through to the Earth Rank so quickly, allowing disciple to know where the Clear Void Sword is and trigger Ancestor’s legacy!”

In fact, when Yang Kai first laid eyes on the statue, he had already felt that there was something inside it. From the ancient records he had read in his memories, he was naturally able to deduce that it was the Clear Void Sword that had disappeared from the Void Spirit Sword Sect many years ago.

Gu Kangning nodded and said, “It seems Ancestor has not abandoned us useless juniors. We have failed Ancestor.”

Su Changfang looked at Yang Kai with concern and asked, “You’ve also broken through to the Earth Rank, do you feel any discomfort?”

Yang Kai’s rate of advancement was simply too fast. It could be said that in just a few days, he had broken through from the Seventh Order Human Rank to the Earth Rank. Su Changfa was very worried about this.

“Don’t worry Master, Disciple doesn’t feel any discomfort,” Yang Kai replied before holding the Clear Void Sword with both hands and taking two steps forward, “When the Ancestor forged this Sword, he sealed three Sword Qi inside it, each of them extremely powerful. Disciple activated one of them a few days ago, so there are still two remaining. However, as the foundation of my Void Spirit Sword Sect, this sword should be handed over to Master for safekeeping!”

Su Changfa glanced at the Clear Void Sword but didn’t take it, slowly shaking his head as he said, “Since Ancestor passed the technique to you through space and told you where the Clear Void Sword is, it means that Ancestor thinks highly of you and thinks you can lead my Void Spirit Sword Sect to its former glory. This sword… it’s best if you take it.”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before nodding and saying, “Very well. That’s right, Master, when Ancestor taught me the Void Spirit Arts, he also taught me about our deficiencies and imparted us an improved Void Spirit Arts. Disciple has tried it before, and it is indeed better than the Void Spirit Arts we cultivate now. I wonder if he can teach it to the other Junior Brothers and Sisters.”

“Oh?” Gu Kangning was shocked, “Ancestor improved the Void Spirit Arts? Hurry up and tell me…”

He is the Great Elder of the Void Spirit Sword Sect and also the Sect’s Disciplinary Elder, so he naturally attached great importance to this matter.

Yang Kai immediately explained the Void Spirit Arts he had improved and the three higher-ups of the Sect immediately gathered together to study it. Seeing their excited expressions, Yang Kai didn’t disturb them and slowly left the hall.

This Void Spirit Arts was something he had personally improved, and it was indeed much better than the original Void Spirit Arts. He believed that the three higher ups of the Sect would soon pass down a new technique, and when the time came, the disciples of the Sect would be able to cultivate it twice as fast with half the effort. Moreover, because it was an improvement on the original foundation, there wouldn’t be any hidden dangers in cultivating it.

But before that, he had to stabilize the foundations of his Junior Brothers and Sisters.

“Eldest Senior Brother!” Wan Yingying was waiting outside the hall. When she saw him come out, she quickly called out, “Everyone is waiting for you.”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded and led Wan Yingying forward.

Not long after, they arrived at the square where the Sect’s disciples had gathered. There were only about thirty or forty of them, and many of them had yet to fully recover from their injuries and were slightly pale, but their spirits were surprisingly good.

“It seems that everyone is eager to become strong!” Yang Kai smiled as he looked around.

A Junior Brother called out, “Eldest Senior Brother, what should we do now? Please advise us!”

“Please give us some pointers, Eldest Senior Brother!” Everyone shouted in unison, their voices shaking the heavens.

Yang Kai nodded, “Rising a great height from the ground, what is the most important thing for us cultivators? It’s not a powerful realm that can sweep away all cultivation, but a foundation. Without a foundation, everything is just wishful thinking! And what is a foundation? A foundation is our physical body. If one’s physical body is strong, it can accommodate even more spiritual force, and if one’s physical body is strong, they can exert even more strength! So, if you want to cultivate, you must first refine your body! If one day you can refine your physical body to the extreme, even if you don’t have any spiritual force, you can still slaughter a city and destroy a country!”

As Yang Kai spoke, he suddenly threw out a punch, sending out a violent shockwave that caused everyone’s eardrums to tremble and their eyes to light up.

“I’ll now teach you a body tempering technique. When you return, cultivate diligently and don’t slack off!”

“Yes!” Everyone agreed.

Yang Kai had quite a lot of knowledge about body tempering techniques. Over the years, he had killed countless powerful enemies and collected countless cultivation techniques, which includes some Body Refining things. After tidying them up a bit, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to pass them on to these youngsters from the Void Spirit Sword Sect.

As for how far they could go in the future, that would depend on their own efforts.

After passing down the Body Tempering Technique, Yang Kai called his two Junior Brothers out and wrote down a prescription for them to go down the mountain to buy medicine.

The cultivation of the younger generation of the Void Spirit Sword Sect’s disciples was too low, so it was impossible for them to improve greatly in a short period of time. All they could do was take their time and buy some herbs to refine some body tempering medicinal liquids to speed up their growth.

The two disciples received their orders and left.

Yang Kai let Wan Yingying lead him to another place.

Ashes Mountain, although its name sounded desolate, it was actually a beautiful mountain with clear river water. At the foot of Ashes Mountain, in a tunnel several dozen meters deep, Yang Kai walked forward while Wan Yingying held her torch and followed behind.

The further they walked, the more they felt a rich spiritual energy fluctuation.

After all, there was a Black Jade Mine vein here that stored a large amount of Black Jade, so it wasn’t surprising for it to contain such a large amount of spiritual energy.

The Void Spirit Sword Sect’s storehouse had been looted by Yang Kai, and now, whether it was developing a Sect or cultivating on his own, he needed a massive amount of resources, so this Black Jade Mine was his only hope.

“This place used to be an ordinary mine, and an ordinary family had been mining here, but after digging up the black jade, because this place was under the jurisdiction of our Void Spirit Sword Sect, the news was reported to the Sect Master and the two Elders,” Wan Yingying explained.

Obviously, she also knew that Yang Kai had been in a drunken stupor for the past year and knew nothing about the outside world.

Yang Kai nodded slightly and tried to activate his Void Spirit Arts. Immediately, he felt a large amount of spiritual energy being drawn towards him, but it was still slightly better than when he was cultivating with the white jade.

“This black jade must be mined by someone,” Yang Kai said.

Wan Yingying said, “We can have some fellow disciples come together.”

Yang Kai shook his head, “My Void Spirit Sword Sect has very few people, so relying on them alone won’t be very efficient.”

“How about we hire someone to mine it?” Wan Yingying suggested.

“No need, I have a way,” Yang Kai said before turning around and leaving.

A moment later, he returned to the Void Spirit Sword Sect and told Wan Yingying to cultivate while he went to the stable to grab his horse and rode off.

A moment later, in a small city at the foot of the mountain, Yang Kai bought some herbs from a medicine shop and found an inn to stay in for half a day before leaving with a small porcelain bottle.

The headquarter of Heavenly Net Residence was located in a huge manor. As an Earth Rank force, it has a large number of disciples, numbering around five or six hundred. Compared to the population of the Void Spirit Sword Sect, the difference was like night and day. With so many people gathered together, the headquarter had become quite popular, like a small city.

In the Discussion Hall, Heavenly Net Residence's Palace Master and the Eight Elders were gathered.

Originally, there were nine Elders, but after the Third Elder Zhan Boxiong died in the Void Spirit Sword Sect, there were only eight left. These eight people were all Earth Rank masters, with the weakest being a Fourth Order Earth Rank master. The strongest of them, Great Elder Li Zhengqing and Palace Master Shu Wancheng, were both at the Ninth Order Earth Rank and were only a step away from reaching the Heaven Rank.

Compared to the Void Spirit Sword Sect’s strongest Third Order Earth Rank master, Heavenly Net Residence's strength was far greater.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the main hall was extremely tense.

Palace Master Shu Wancheng said solemnly, “Today, we gathered all the Elders here because of a major incident. I’m sure all of you have heard that our Third Elder, Zhan Boxiong, was killed by someone in the Void Spirit Sword Sect, and the one who killed him was the First Disciple of this generation, a boy who was originally only a Fourth Order Humarn Rank master!”

The Eighth Elder’s brow wrinkled, “Palace Master, I’ve also heard about this matter, but I don’t know the details. Was Third Elder really killed by a Fourth Order Humanr Rank brat?”

Shu Wancheng nodded solemnly, “It’s absolutely true. It was a news from Wan Tianhe of Tiger’s Roar Sect. He was present at the time, so he was the one who understood the situation the most. However, the murderer did not rely on his own strength, but a strand of Sword Qi left behind by the Clear Void Sword Lord, so Third Elder was killed without being able to fight back.”

“Clear Void Sword Lord!” Several Elders exclaimed in horror.

“As for the murderer, he was originally only a Fourth Order Human Rank cultivator, but for some reason he suddenly became a Seventh Order Human Rank master!” Shu Wancheng added.

The Second Elder stroked his goatee and narrowed his eyes, “Using the Sword Qi left behind by the Clear Void Sword Lord with his Human Rank cultivation, I’m sure that little brat won’t have a good end.”

Any kind of power couldn’t be obtained for no reason, so using a power that far exceeded one’s ability to bear would definitely require a huge price.

Shu Wancheng said, “According to Wan Tianhe, the one who used the Sword Qi must have been seriously injured and won’t live for long!”

When the group of Elders heard this, their eyes lit up.

“Palace Master summoned us today for…”

Shu Wancheng said, “Third Elder has worked hard for my Heavenly Net Residence and must not die in the Void Spirit Sword Sect for no good reason. Otherwise, if news of this were to spread, what face would my Heavenly Net Residence have left? This Palace Master has decided to send troops to the Void Spirit Sword Sect to take revenge for Third Elder!” Sweeping his gaze down, he asked, “Is there any Elder who can help this Palace Master?”

The eight Elders remained silent, neither of them saying anything.

Even the Third Elder, a Seventh Order Earth Rank master, had been killed by the Sword Qi left behind by the Clear Void Sword Lord. Of all the people present, only a few of them were stronger than the Third Elder, so they naturally didn’t have any confidence in being able to resist this Sword Qi. Although the brat who had activated this Sword Qi was most likely dead, who knew if there was anyone else in the Void Spirit Sword Sect who could use those Sword Qi?

If they were to meet the Third Elder’s end, wouldn’t that be terrible?

This kind of frontline job wasn’t easy to do. If they weren’t careful, their lives would be in danger. All of the Elders were old and experienced, so how could they not understand this logic?

When Shu Wancheng saw that the people below were all pretending to be dead, he was slightly angry. When there was good news, they would rush forward, and when there was danger, they would shrink back like turtles, simply irresponsible.


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