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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

“Of course I know… nonsense!” Gu Kangning roared, his eyes twitching, “Are you sure you killed Zhan Yulin?”

“Absolutely sure!” Yang Kai nodded.

The Great Elder fell back onto his chair, his face drained of all color. Since Yang Kai had said so, there was no mistake about it. Not to mention that Zhan Yulin had some grievances with Yang Kai before, so there was no way he would mistake it.

Zhan Yulin had actually been killed! It was over, it was over, the Void Spirit Sword Sect was really over.

Su Changfa and Hong Xiu also couldn’t come back to their senses for a moment. They couldn’t understand why Yang Kai would cause such a great disaster. Zhan Yulin had been killed, so how could Zhan Boxiong let this matter go so easily? With his Seventh Order Earth Rank cultivation, who could resist this Void Spirit Sword Sect?

“It seems that Heavenly Net Residence has already taken action,” Hong Xiu said softly after a while.

Su Changfa and Gu Kangning looked over and suddenly realized something.

Previously, they had been wondering why Heavenly Net Residence didn’t respond to the Black Jade Mine incident, but now it seemed that they had already made their move, just that they wanted to use Yang Kai as a breakthrough point.

Yang Kai was, after all, the First Disciple of the current generation of the Void Spirit Sword Sect, and he represented the face of the Void Spirit Sword Sect, allowing Zhan Yulin to stir up trouble and use the grievances of the younger generation as a catalyst to ignite the conflict between the two great forces to seize the Black Jade Mine.

They probably didn’t expect Yang Kai to have the guts to kill Zhan Yulin.

From the looks of it, Heavenly Net Residence's appetite was far greater than Tiger’s Roar Sect’s. At the very least, Tiger’s Roar Sect had sent a letter to inform them that they only wanted a share of the spoils, but Heavenly Net Residence had secretly made a move to swallow up the Void Spirit Sword Sect.

Thinking of this, Su Changfa and Gu Kangning both sighed lightly. This time, even if Zhan Yulin’s matter didn’t happen, Heavenly Net Residence would definitely have other methods to pressure the Void Spirit Sword Sect.

Yang Kai killing Zhan Yulin only gave them a better excuse to act.

“What happened this time was not your fault, it was my Void Spirit Sword Sect’s fault!” Su Changfa waved his hand lightly.

Hong Xiu frowned, “But if that’s the case, we can only choose to cooperate with Tiger’s Roar Sect, perhaps we can use its power to block Heavenly Net Residence.”

Yang Kai, who was listening from below, couldn’t help asking, “What is Master and the two Elders talking about?”

Gu Kangning and Hong Xiu looked at each other and thought for a moment before the former said, “As the First Disciple of my Void Spirit Sword Sect’s current generation, you should know a few things. It’s like this, we found a Black Jade Mine vein on Ashes Mountain that has a rich storage capacity. However, for some unknown reason, the news was leaked and Tiger’s Roar Sect sent a letter saying they would assist us in developing this mineral vein. The reason why Heavenly Net Residence is looking for trouble with you this time is probably because of this mineral vein.”

“Black Jade Mine!” Yang Kai’s expression changed. In this world, cultivators could not only absorb World Energy, but they could also consume Spirit Pills, similar to those in the Star Boundary. In addition, they could also use Spirit Jade.

The Spirit Jade contained a rich amount of spiritual energy that could greatly improve a cultivator’s cultivation efficiency.

Spirit jades were also divided into several grades. From bottom to top, there were White Jade, Black Jade, Red Jade, and Gold Jade. White Jade was the lowest, while Gold Jade was the highest. Similarly, the value and Spiritual Energy stored between the two was more than a thousand times higher.

Yang Kai recalled that he had used Spirit Jade to cultivate in the past, but all he had used was white jade. Occasionally, he would obtain a few pieces of black jade, but they were extremely rare and Su Changfa had saved them for him.

If even the Eldest Senior Brother was like this, there was no need to mention his Junior Brothers and Sisters.

Unexpectedly, they found a Black Jade Mine vein on Ashes Mountain!

A Black Jade Mine vein was enough to allow an Earth Rank force to greatly increase their strength in a few dozen or even a hundred years. This kind of thing could only be occupied by a Heaven Rank force.

It was no wonder the Tiger’s Roar Sect and Heavenly Net Residence were eyeing them so fiercely.

Su Changfa said, “The value of this Black Jade Mine vein is too great. With my Void Spirit Sword Sect’s ability, we won’t be able to swallow it. Originally, we had planned to wait and see between Tiger’s Roar Sect and Heavenly Net Palace, but now it seems…”

Yang Kai’s interest was piqued, “Now that I’ve killed Zhan Yulin, my Void Spirit Sword Sect can only rely on Tiger’s Roar Sect’s strength to resist Heavenly Net Residence.”

“Exactly!” Su Changfa nodded.

Yang Kai was slightly stunned and smacked his lips, “If I had known, I would have spared his life.”

Su Changfa shook his head and said, “Since Heavenly Net Residence is acting like this, it means they want to monopolize this Black Jade Mine, otherwise, they can send a message to this old master, there’s no need to use you juniors as a breakthrough point, so even if you didn’t kill Zhan Yulin, Heavenly Net Residence will not let this matter rest.”

Gu Kangning waved his hand and said, “As long as you know these things, there’s no need to think too much about it. With your current strength, it’s useless to think too much about it. Even if the sky collapses, we old fellows will hold it up. You’ve already wasted a year, so you should quickly cultivate.”

Yang Kai replied solemnly, “Yes, after this incident, this Disciple feels that his strength is quite low, so it’s time for him to properly cultivate.”

Su Changfa and the two Elders both looked at him with relief, Su Changfa said, “It’s good that you have such thoughts.”

Yang Kai continued, “Disciple also wants to request some cultivation resources, I hope Master will agree.”

Su Changfa directly threw out the Sect Master Token and said, “Go to Martial Uncle Chang’s place and receive it. As much as you want, it’s up to you.” In any case, if the Void Spirit Sword Sect managed to survive this calamity, they would be able to obtain whatever they wanted in the future. If they couldn’t, those resources would be useless.

“Thank you, Master!” Yang Kai accepted the token and turned to leave.

“Yinying is still here?” Hong Xiu looked at Wan Yingying who was standing below.

Wan Yingying opened her mouth, wanting to say that not only had her Eldest Senior Brother killed Zhan Yulin today, but he had also killed four Eighth or Ninth Order Mortal Rank masters, but she didn’t know how to say it. Perhaps no one would believe such a thing?

Now that she thought about it, she couldn’t be certain if the followers were at the Eighth or Ninth Order of the Mortal Rank…

“No, it’s nothing, I’m going to cultivate now,” Wan Yingying said and quickly excused herself.

Inside the Discussion Hall, Su Changfa and the two Elders discussed for a while before finally deciding to cooperate with Tiger’s Roar Sect, hoping to use the Tiger’s Roar Sect’s strength to block Heavenly Net Residence. With Zhan Yulin killed, Heavenly Net Residence's revenge would soon arrive, so if they didn’t rely on Tiger’s Roar Sect, Void Spirit Sword Sect wouldn’t be able to resist.

Because of the unexpected appearance of a Black Jade Mine vein, the Sect that had been passed down for thousands of years had reached a critical juncture!

In front of the Sect’s storehouse, Yang Kai took out the Sect Master Token and found a Martial Uncle who was overseeing this place. This Martial Uncle’s surname was Chang and he was very old, but because his aptitude wasn’t good, he was still only a Ninth Order Mortal Rank cultivator. In terms of seniority, he was the same generation as Su Changfa.

Seeing the Sect Master’s Token, this Martial Uncle Chang naturally didn’t say anything and simply let him pass.

Yang Kai entered the storeroom and walked around, taking everything he could find to assist his cultivation.

Not long after, he came out carrying a huge package.

After Yang Kai left, Martial Uncle Chang entered the storeroom to take a look and almost fainted because the Spirit Jade stored in the storeroom had been completely emptied, along with dozens of bottles of pills and herbs purchased from other Sects. Even some of the Spirit Flowers and herbs used for Alchemy were gone.

It could be said that anything of value in the storehouse had been carried away by Yang Kai. The entire storehouse was even cleaner than the rice fields eaten by locusts.

Frightened, he quickly went to the Sect Master to report this matter.

Carrying a huge bag, Yang Kai stood in front of a tall statue and looked up. This statue was a statue of a man with exquisite carvings, displaying the charm of this man. This man was handsome and extraordinary, with a pair of spirited eyes and a sword hanging from his waist.

This was the statue of the Void Spirit Sword Sect’s ancestor, Clear Void Sword Lord. It was unknown how long it had stood here.

In Yang Kai’s memories, he had passed by this statue countless times, but this time, he seemed to have discovered something interesting.

After staring at the statue for a long time, Yang Kai grinned and carried his bag towards his residence.

As the eldest disciple of the Void Spirit Sword Sect, Yang Kai naturally had his own cave mansion.

After entering the Cave Mansion, Yang Kai put down his bag, took off his clothes, and checked his injuries.

When he had been stabbed in the chest by Zhan Yulin’s sword, and when he had fought with his followers, his arms had been badly damaged by the backlash, but now they showed signs of healing.

After silently sensing for a while, Yang Kai raised his brow.

“The power of the Dragon Vein?”

He could clearly feel a trace of the Dragon Clan’s bloodline power flowing through his flesh and meridians. It was precisely because of this trace of Dragon Clan bloodline that his injuries healed so quickly.

From the looks of it, although he couldn’t use the power of the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, this Divine Weapon World couldn’t completely isolate him from the power of his bloodline.

Although the Dragon Vein energy flowing through his body was extremely weak and almost undetectable, this kind of energy was enough to allow a Fourth Order Mortal Rank cultivator to undergo a complete transformation.

Moreover, Yang Kai had a faint feeling that as his strength increased and his body’s endurance increased, the Dragon Vein’s power would also become stronger.

But now, what he needed to do the most was to cultivate diligently and improve his strength.

Whether it was for the Divine Weapon Contest or to deal with the impending crisis…

Time waits for no man!

Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and carefully recalled the information in his mind.

The Void Spirit Sword Sect used the sword as its core, and the cultivation technique it cultivated was called the Void Spirit Arts, which was accompanied by a set of Void Spirit Sword Arts. When Yang Kai fought with Zhan Yulin and his followers, he had used the Void Spirit Sword Art, but it was an improved version.

With his vast experience, improving a set of sword techniques was naturally not a problem.

Now that he looked at this Void Spirit Arts again, it seemed there was a lot of room for improvement, so he immediately circulated his spiritual force and slowly changed the route of his cultivation.

After spending less than two hours perfecting the Void Spirit Arts, Yang Kai discovered that the improved Void Spirit Art was about twenty to thirty percent better than the one passed down in the Sect, whether it was in terms of cultivation speed or absorption of the World Energy.


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