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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

The Void Spirit Sword Sect was located between a few Spirit Peaks. Yang Kai searched through his memories and found that this Void Spirit Sword Sect had been passed down for a thousand years. In such a world, there weren’t many forces with a thousand years of history. Generally speaking, only extremely strong forces would have such a long history.

Moreover, the ancestors of the Void Spirit Sword Sect seemed to have given birth to a Sword Lord!

The so-called Sword Lord was the Divine Weapon Master.

There were a total of ten Divine Weapon in the Divine Weapon World, and the Clear Void Sword was one of them. An ancestor of the Void Spirit Sword Sect had been fortunate enough to obtain the Clear Void Sword and become the Clear Void Sword Lord. That era was the most prosperous era of the Void Spirit Sword Sect.

However, the Divine Weapon World had a Divine Weapon Contest every hundred years, and the Divine Weapon had changed owners. A hundred years later, the Void Spirit Sword Sect suffered heavy losses and gradually weakened. Today, the only ones left of the Void Spirit Sword Sect were a few small cats and dogs that were able to maintain its reputation. Even the strongest Sect Master of the Void Spirit Sword Sect only had a Third Order Earth Rank cultivation.

Da da da…

The sound of a horse’s hooves stepping on gravel rang out incessantly as Yang Kai led his Little Junior Sister Wan Yingying up the mountain. A few more kilometers and they would reach the main gate of the Void Spirit Sword Sect, but on the way back, Wan Yingying had been silently staring at Yang Kai’s back. Today’s performance by her Eldest Senior Brother had frightened her greatly, and it was completely different from what she remembered, giving her a strong sense of unfamiliarity.

Several Eighth or Ninth Order Mortal Rank masters had been killed in less than an incense stick’s worth of time by her Eldest Senior Brother, and even that Zhan Yulin from Heavenly Net Residence had died under his sword.

“Why are you staring at me? Don’t you recognize Eldest Senior Brother?” Yang Kai asked.

Only now did Wan Yingying notice that her Eldest Senior Brother had stopped and was looking back at her with a smile.

That familiar face and smile made her feel a bit more at ease, so she rode forward to stand shoulder to shoulder with Yang Kai and hesitantly asked, “Eldest Senior Brother, have you always been so powerful?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “It’s not that I’m strong, it’s just that they’re too weak and have too many flaws. In a situation where their cultivation isn’t too far apart, a single fatal flaw is enough to determine life and death.”

Was the gap between the Fourth Order and the Eighth Order and the Ninth Order not big? However, her Eldest Senior Brother’s performance today made her unable to refute.

“Eldest Senior Brother, did you use the Void Spirit Sword Art before? Why does it feel a bit different?” Wan Yingying asked again.

The Void Spirit Sword Sect used the Void Spirit Sword Art as its foundation, and every disciple needed to cultivate this sword art. Thinking back to today’s battle, Wan Yingying discovered that what her Eldest Senior Brother had displayed was a shadow of the Void Spirit Sword Art, but it was not exactly the same.

“It’s the Void Spirit Sword Art, but it’s an improved version of it. I’ll teach you later!” Yang Kai reached out and rubbed her head.

Wan Yingying was speechless. The Void Spirit Sword Art had been passed down in the Sect for more than a thousand years and had been improved and perfected by countless ancestors. It could be said that although the current Void Spirit Sword Art wasn’t very high-end in the entire Divine Weapon World, it was still an extremely solid elementary Sword Art. For Eldest Senior Brother to be able to improve it was simply inconceivable.

As the two of them spoke, they arrived at the main gate of the Void Spirit Sword Sect. There was a huge stone tablet with the words ‘Void Spirit’ written on it, and a disciple wearing a blue and white robe was standing guard beside it. This robe was the uniform of the disciples of the Void Spirit Sword Sect, and when they saw Yang Kai and Wan Yingying, they took the initiative to greet them.

“Eldest Senior Brother is back!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly before dismounting and handing the reins to one of the disciples, “Where is the Sect Master?”

“The Sect Master should be in the Discussion Hall discussing matters with the two Elders. Eldest Senior Brother can go there to find him.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Looking at Yang Kai’s departing figure, the two disciples were somewhat dazed.

“I feel like Eldest Senior Brother is a bit different today,” One of them said.

“I also have this feeling, the old Eldest Senior Brother…” The other person thought for a while before choosing his words carefully, “I feel like he’s dead, but today he seems to have come back to life.”

“That’s right, that’s right, it looks like Eldest Senior Brother has already walked out from the past.”

“That’s good too. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and Zhou Cen is obviously not a good woman. It’s good that Eldest Senior Brother can let go of her.”

The Void Spirit Sword Sect’s Yang Kai was generous and kind, earning him the respect and affection of his Junior Brothers and Sisters. After the incident with Zhou Cen, many of his Junior Brothers and Sisters had been extremely worried about him, so now that he had walked out of the shadows, they naturally felt happy for him.

In the Discussion Hall, the Void Spirit Sword Sect’s Sect Master Su Changfa, Great Elder Gu Kangning, and Second Elder Hong Xiu gathered together.

The Void Spirit Sword Sect was quite weak, and the three of them were the pillars of the older generation. The three of them were also the strongest cultivators in the entire Void Spirit Sword Sect, all of them having Third Order Earth Rank cultivation.

However, from the Third Order to Fourth Order was a dividing line, just like the Third and Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage. If one’s aptitude was insufficient, it was impossible to cross.

Sect Master Su Changfa’s potential had been exhausted, so he would probably be stuck at the Third Order Earth Rank for the rest of his life. Great Elder Gu Kangning was about the same, so if there was anyone among the three who could take this step, it would only be Hong Xiu.

Hong Xiu was also the youngest of the three present, but she was already over forty years old, but because she had maintained herself well, she still looked like a woman in her early twenties. Her skin was fair and tender, her chest full and her figure graceful.

She was also the only female among the three.

“On this trip to the Ashes Mountain under my Void Spirit Sword Sect’s jurisdiction, news of the discovery of the Black Jade Mine has somehow leaked out. The Tiger’s Roar Sect’s Sect Master has already come to me a few days ago and has repeatedly hinted to me that he wants a piece of the pie!” Su Changfa sighed. He was now almost a hundred years old. Although he had an Earth Rank cultivation and could still live for a few more years, after so many years of managing the Sect, he had long since become haggard and his appearance had aged.

“Bastard, this is my Void Spirit Sword Sect’s Black Jade Mine, what right does his Tiger’s Roar Sect have to get a piece of the pie!” Great Elder Gu Kangning shouted angrily.

Su Changfa sighed, “If we don’t agree, the Tiger’s Roar Sect won’t let this matter rest. A man’s wealth is his own ruin! The Tiger’s Roar Sect's strength is far greater than ours, so if they really use force, there’s nothing we can do.”

Hong Xiu’s expression became solemn, “With such a big piece of fat meat, my Void Spirit Sword Sect won’t be able to eat it alone. Tiger’s Roar Sect is confident in their own strength, so it’s only natural for them to want to share some of it. What about Heavenly Net Residence? Since the news has spread, Heavenly Net Residence should not be unresponsive.”

Su Changfa shook his head, “Heavenly Net Residence hasn’t made any moves so far, I don’t know what they’re thinking, but I’m certain they’ll interfere with this Black Jade Mine matters!”

Hong Xiu said, “If that’s the case, we can wait and see for the time being. Heavenly Net Residence and Tiger’s Roar Sect’s strength are about the same, and since both of them have designs on this Black Jade Mine, they will definitely have some kind of confrontation. My Void Spirit Sword Sect may be able to find a good opportunity between them.”

Su Changfa nodded and said, “Hong Xiu is right, this old master also had the same idea, so I didn’t immediately reply to the Tiger’s Roar Sect. Let’s first see what kind of reaction Heavenly Net Palace has before making any further plans…”

Saying so, he suddenly raised his head and smiled, “Yang Kai is back?”

Beside him, Gu Kangning glared at Yang Kai angrily while Hong Xiu looked towards him with concern.

“Disciple greets Master and the two Elders!” Yang Kai stood up and cupped his fists, followed by Wan Yingying.

On the way here, Yang Kai took some time to change into a new set of clothes, otherwise he would be covered in blood and would look quite scary.

Gu Kangning angrily rebuked, “I don’t even know where you’ve been fooling around all day, you reek of alcohol. If my Void Spirit Sword Sect were to rely on you, it would be destroyed sooner or later!”

It wasn’t that the Great Elder didn’t like Yang Kai, it was just that Yang Kai’s performance in the past year had greatly disappointed him, so he couldn’t help reprimanding him!

Hong Xiu quickly said, “It’s not that serious. A child’s temperament isn’t stable enough, it will always take time to polish.”

“What’s there to polish? How old is he this year? He’s only a Fourth Order Mortal Rank cultivator, when will he reach the Earth Rank? With his wretched appearance, I’m afraid he won’t even know how to fight back after being beaten up. The last time, he was beaten black and blue and ran back, simply throwing away the face of my Void Spirit Sword Sect,” Gu Kangning said angrily.

Yang Kai bowed towards the Great Elder and said, “Great Elder’s teachings are correct. Disciple is aware of his mistakes. Before this, Disciple failed to live up to the earnest teachings of Master and the two Elders, but now that Disciple has been enlightened, Disciple will definitely work hard in the future and not disappoint Master and the two Elders.”

Gu Kangning was slightly stunned, not knowing if Yang Kai was telling the truth or not, but his anger subsided slightly as he nodded, “It’s good that you think so, but I hope you can keep your word.”

“Disciple will obey Great Elder’s words. Today, when someone provoked Disciple, Disciple ruthlessly teach them a lesson!”

Standing behind him, Wan Yingying’s eyes twitched.

“Oh?” The Great Elder’s interest was piqued, “Which blind fool came to provoke you? What was the result?”

“Disciple killed them all!” Yang Kai said casually.

A strange silence filled the hall.

After a while, Gu Kangning coughed lightly and said, “It’s good for young people to be hot-blooded. Only when they’re hot-blooded will they be motivated. En, who are these people?”

The ones who would be killed by Yang Kai were probably those who couldn’t be brought up in public, so although Gu Kangning was surprised that Yang Kai, who had such a gentle temperament, would actually kill them all, he didn’t take it to heart. Although the Void Spirit Sword Sect was weak, it wasn’t something an ordinary person could afford to provoke.

“Heavenly Net Residence's Zhan Yulin and a few of his followers,” Yang Kai reported honestly, “At that time, this disciple was in the restaurant…”

Before he could finish speaking, Yang Kai heard a loud bang and looked up to see his Master Su Changfa and Great Elder Gu Kangning both standing up, their faces filled with shock, and Elder Hong Xiu covering her red lips.

“You, you, you, say it again! Who did you kill?” Gu Kangning stuttered.

“Heavenly Net Residence's Zhan Yulin… En, Great Elder may not know this person, but this person is a descendant of Heavenly Net Residence's Third Elder, Zhan Boxiong. Great Elder should know Zhan Boxiong, right?” Yang Kai explained seriously.


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