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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Originally, the Void Spirit Sword Sect’s disciples all wore swords, Yang Kai hadn’t noticed it before, but now he instinctively drew his sword and discovered it.


A light sound rang out, and an Eighth Order Mortal Rank cultivator who was rushing towards him froze in place, looking down at his chest where the long sword had pierced his chest, a sharp pain coming from his heart.

“You…” The follower looked up at Yang Kai with a look of disbelief. He didn’t understand what had happened, nor did he know why he had been struck.

“Pang San!” The expressions of the followers beside him changed drastically. From their perspective, Pang San seemed to have accidentally knocked into his sword and ended up like this.


Yang Kai drew his sword, causing blood to spurt out as Pang San fell to the ground, his face pale.

“You’re courting death!” The remaining followers flew into a rage. Several of their Eighth or Ninth Order Mortal Rank masters had joined forces to deal with a Fourth Order Mortal brat, but one had actually been accidentally killed by him. This was simply a great humiliation.

As they roared, they all gathered their strength and drew their swords, attacking from both sides.

A dispute had broken out here and someone had died, causing a series of screams to ring out from the restaurant’s main hall as everyone fled. Even the restaurant’s manager and waiter had disappeared.

Inside the main hall, Yang Kai and the followers were already fighting.

Sword light flashed as Yang Kai protected Wan Yingying while raising his sword to block the incoming attacks.

The backlash from this force caused Yang Kai’s arm to go numb and his Qi and blood to churn. His cultivation was inferior to his opponent’s, so he was always at a disadvantage in a frontal confrontation. Looking around, Yang Kai’s long sword trembled as if it could be sent flying at any moment.

Chi… Another soft sound rang out.

A Ninth Order Mortal Rank follower suddenly stopped and stared at his chest in disbelief, his eyes widening.

He had actually suffered the same fate as Pang San, having his chest pierced by Yang Kai’s sword and his heart pierced. Before he could figure out why, he felt an invisible hand grip his heart, causing his vitality to rapidly dissipate as he fell to the ground.

The remaining two followers were both shocked and fearful. For some reason, today, their companions all liked to collide with other people’s swords! The strength of the boy opposite them was obviously much weaker than theirs, but he had somehow managed to kill two of their companions.

Rather than saying that he had killed them, it would be better to say that their two companions had taken the initiative to crash into his sword.

“Weak, too weak!” Yang Kai’s face was filled with dissatisfaction. This body bestowed upon him by the Divine Weapon World was simply too weak to look at directly. Compared to his own strength, this Yang Kai from the Void Spirit Sword Sect was no different from an ant.

To be able to kill two of their opponents, he had to rely on his superior skills. Although he couldn’t display his full strength here, he could still freely use his many years of fighting skills. Even if his opponents were stronger than him and had more strength than him, as long as he could seize this opportunity, killing them wouldn’t be difficult.

Even if these Eighth or Ninth Mortal Rank followers had spiritual force protecting them, Yang Kai could still find the weakest spot at the most critical moment and send his long sword to them, allowing them to crash into his sword.

Rather than saying that Yang Kai had killed them, it would be more accurate to say that they had used their own strength to kill themselves, so in the eyes of outsiders, the two people who had died before and after seemed to have committed suicide.

Originally, Zhan Yulin had brought six subordinates with him, two of whom had gone to deal with the Divine Protector, but now they had all disappeared. Two of the remaining four had been killed by Yang Kai, leaving only two behind.

At this moment, the two followers stood in place with horrified looks on their faces, no longer wearing the indifferent expressions they had before. With two of their companions killed, it would be strange if they didn’t know that there was something wrong with Yang Kai.

However, no matter how they looked at it, Yang Kai was only a Fourth Order Mortal Rank Individual, so the spiritual force fluctuations coming from his body were much weaker than theirs.

“In a battle, hesitation is the biggest flaw!” Yang Kai casually waved his sword and sneered, his figure flashing as he took the initiative to pounce towards the two men, his long sword dancing with incredible speed.

The remaining two subordinates were shocked and quickly tried to resist, but what made them feel extremely depressed was that even though their strength was much stronger than Yang Kai’s and their spiritual force was also much denser, the figure in front of them was like a loach, making it impossible for them to control their movements. On the contrary, because of their fear, they repeatedly revealed flaws.

A moment later, two more corpses appeared in the hall, their blood dripping onto the ground.

“A family should be united!” Yang Kai shook off the blood on his sword, which was now full of holes.

This sword of his wasn’t a very good weapon, it was just a Mortal Rank long sword. Fighting against four Eighth or Ninth Order Mortal Rank cultivators was almost his limit.

Looking up at Zhan Yulin, Zhan Yulin was stunned.

When the battle began, he was still shouting from the side. As one follower after another fell, the fear on his face became more intense, and he was now as dumb as a frozen chicken.

Was this still the same Yang Kai who acted so subserviently when he saw him and didn’t dare to speak a single word? Zhan Yulin felt like he was dreaming, everything was so unreal.

Even Zhou Cen, who was standing next to him, was shocked.

Seeing Yang Kai walk towards him step by step, Zhan Yulin panicked, “Don’t come over!”

“Didn’t you want to cut off my arms and legs? If I don’t come over, how are you going to cut me down?” Yang Kai looked at him indifferently, suppressing the anger in his heart. The Divine Weapon World had given him a new identity, one that contained many emotions of this identity, vivid and lifelike, just like his own life experience.

“I… I was just joking.” Zhan Yulin shivered, suddenly seeing the pale-faced Zhou Cen standing to the side, he quickly pushed her, “Don’t you like this woman? I’ll return her to you, don’t come over.”

Zhou Cen staggered and crashed into Yang Kai’s chest, her face turning even paler.

Looking up, she saw that Yang Kai was just staring down at her coldly, his expression so unfamiliar that she couldn’t believe it.


Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her chest. Looking down, she saw the tip of a sword piercing through Yang Kai's back, piercing through her chest and into his waist.

“Hahahaha!” Zhan Yulin’s loud laughter rang out from behind her, “You dare act so arrogantly in front of this Young Master? Let’s see if you die now!”

Wan Yingying cried out in alarm.

Yang Kai shouted angrily as he raised his sword and slashed behind Zhou Cen. With a flash of sword light, Zhan Yulin’s head flew up into the sky, his face still filled with a fierce and proud look. The headless corpse swayed a few times and blood gushed out from his neck like a fountain before slowly falling to the ground.

Zhou Cen, who was in Yang Kai’s arms, softened and Yang Kai took two steps back, gently placing her on the ground.

Zhou Cen’s eyes lost focus as she stared at Yang Kai, “Sorry!”

Wan Yingying rushed over and immediately saw the wound on Zhou Cen’s chest. Zhan Yulin’s sword had pierced through her chest and directly pierced her heart.

Such an injury… was hopeless.

After Zhou Cen finished speaking, her eyes slowly closed and her aura completely disappeared.

The smell of blood in the restaurant was extremely thick, filling the air with a nauseating stench.

“Eldest Senior Brother, how are you?” Wan Yingying nervously looked towards Yang Kai, only to see that at Yang Kai’s waist, a dark red mass was slowly spreading out, staining his clothes red. Zhan Yulin had used Zhou Cen to stab at Yang Kai, but in the end, he had still managed to injure him. Not only that, but his arms were also dyed red with blood.

This was because his flesh and blood had ruptured.

While fighting with Zhan Yulin’s four followers, although Yang Kai had relied on his superior skills to kill four of them in a row, the gap in their cultivation had still caused him to suffer a loss. The force of the impact had caused the flesh and blood on his arms to become blurry.

“I’m fine!” Yang Kai waved his hand and looked at Zhou Cen on the ground with a complicated expression, sighing in his heart that this world was really strange. He had never met this Zhou Cen before, but when he saw her die in front of him, he couldn’t help feeling a bit sad.

Being stabbed by Zhan Yulin was also because when Zhou Cen was pushed over, he couldn’t help feeling a slight ripple in his heart, causing him to momentarily lose focus.

“You’ve already lost so much blood, yet you’re still saying you’re fine!” Wan Yingying was on the verge of tears. She quickly took out a bottle of pills from the small cloth bag on her waist, poured one out, and stuffed it into Yang Kai’s mouth. Then, she took out some medicinal powder, tore open Yang Kai’s clothes, and applied it to his wounds.

While treating Yang Kai’s injuries, she also checked his injuries and found that the sword wound between his waist and abdomen was just a flesh wound, only an inch deep, so she was relieved.

“Eldest Senior Brother, let’s hurry back to the mountain gate, we can’t stay here for long!” This was the first time Wan Yingying had seen so many people die and lose so much blood, but after a moment of panic, she quickly realized she had to leave.

After all, Zhan Yulin was the heir of an Elder of Heavenly Net Residence. Now that he had been killed here by her Eldest Senior Brother, how could the Heavenly Net Residence let this matter go?

This place was one of Heavenly Net Residence's strongholds. If the people inside were to receive the news, they would definitely come here to besiege.

Her heart was filled with worry. Eldest Senior Brother had caused so much trouble this time, she didn’t know how to resolve it.

“Good!” Yang Kai nodded and the two quickly packed up before quickly leaving the restaurant.

Walking down a street, Yang Kai seemed to sense something and suddenly turned his head, only to see a bruised and battered Divine Predictor stroking his beard and looking towards him with an unfathomable expression. When their eyes met, the Divine Predictor's expression immediately became one of flattery as he cupped his fists and bowed repeatedly.

This old man… was quite interesting! Did he sense something?

Yang Kai retracted his gaze and found the stable with Wan Yingying to retrieve his horse before speeding towards the main gate of the Void Spirit Sword Sect.

In this world, only Heaven Rank and above cultivators could fly in the air. Mortal Rank and Earth Rank cultivators didn’t have this ability, so ordinary people could only rely on horses to travel.

However, even Heaven Rank masters wouldn’t fly unless it was an emergency, because they consumed too much energy and couldn’t sustain themselves for long. Only Spirit Rank masters would be able to fly freely.


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Jon A
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Hossy Wockynocks
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4481 - Void Spirit Sword Sect is located between several Spirit Peaks that are neither too big nor too small. Yang Kai searched the memories in his mind and found this Void Spirit Sword Sect's inheritance was not short, in fact it was a thousand years old. In such a world where there is not much power for an inheritance of a thousand years. Generally, only very old powers have such a long history. If Mono is going to abandon his non-Patreon translations, people will naturally look for the same content elsewhere... Just saying. The text above was also free content by the way. I'm not going to be "that guy" and post the source (so don't ask) and I'm STILL going…

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