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“Young man, I can see that your forehead is black and your eyes are dull and your soul is scattered. I’m afraid you will soon encounter a bloody calamity!” A voice suddenly rang out.

Yang Kai turned his head and saw a tall old man standing in front of him with a smile on his face. He wore a tall hat on his head, wore a long linen robe, and held a banner in his hand. On the banner was a large character: Calculate!

“My Eldest Senior Brother is just drunk, what nonsense are you spouting?” Before Yang Kai could react, Wan Yingying glared at him and shouted.

Yang Kai raised his hand and smiled at the old man, “Divination Master?”

In his memory, there was a group of people in this Divine Weapon World who were quite mysterious. Yang Kai didn’t know if they were real or fake, but this was his first time encountering them, so he couldn’t help feeling a little interested.

“This old master, Divine Predictor, has been here for five hundred years, and after five hundred years, he has become omniscient. If this young master wants to resolve this calamity, this old master can read your fortune and ensure your safety.”

“Such big words!” Yang Kai chuckled, “Since that’s the case, help me calculate.”

“Good!” When business came knocking, Divine Predictor immediately felt refreshed. Placing the banner in his hand to the side, he sat down and asked, “Young man, do you want to take a look at your hand?”

“Simply looking at hand, left or right hand?”

“It’s up to you! This old master’s divination skills aren’t that poor,” Divine Predictor grinned, revealing his yellow teeth.

Wan Yingying, who was standing at the side, wanted to say something but hesitated. She really wanted to tell her Eldest Senior Brother that this group of people were just swindling money for a living, so there was no need to believe them. However, after thinking about it for a while, she realized that her Eldest Senior Brother had been quite disheartened for the past year. It was rare for him to be so interested in something, so she didn’t want to stop him. It's nothing more than losing some money, but it will make him happy.

With this thought in mind, she secretly signaled to the Divine Predictor, warning him to be careful.

It was unknown whether or not the Divine Predictor had seen this, but he picked up Yang Kai’s hand and looked at the lines on it, his brow furrowing as he said, “Young man, this hand of yours isn’t smooth. This life can be said to be filled with many disasters. If this old master’s guess is correct, you must have encountered some kind of sad event recently, right?”

Wan Yingying said angrily, “Enough nonsense, who can’t tell?”

“Haha…” Divine Predictor chuckled lightly, but didn’t pay it any mind and continued to observe. Suddenly, his brow twitched as if he had discovered something incredible, and his expression became extremely solemn.

Wan Yingying gnashed her teeth as she watched from the side, secretly deciding that if this old man dared to speak any more disrespectful words, she would definitely beat him up and throw him out.

“Old Sir?” Yang Kai called out softly.

Divine Predictor grabbed Yang Kai’s hand and stared at it for a long time, seemingly frozen in place. After a long time, he slowly let go of Yang Kai’s hand, stood up, grabbed the cloth banner on the table, and cupped his fists as he retreated, “Forgive me for disturbing you!”

Wan Yingying looked at him blankly, not knowing what this old man was up to.

The half-grown old man retreated to the door, turned around, and was about to escape when he bumped into someone.

The young man was a handsome young man with a beautiful woman in his arm. His large hand gently stroked the woman’s waist, causing her to stumble slightly.

Enraged, he grabbed the Divine Predictor's collar and shouted, “Is this old bastard blind?”

Divine Predictor repeatedly apologized before suddenly raising his head to look at the young man and saying, “Young man, I can see that your forehead is black and your eyes are dull and your soul is scattered. I’m afraid you will soon encounter a bloody calamity!”

Wan Yingying: “…”

The young man became even more enraged and slapped the Divine Predictor, sending him tumbling to the ground and stomping his feet twice, causing him to scream in pain.

After venting his frustrations, the young man grinned maliciously, “If you say I’ll meet a bloody calamity, I’ll show you a bloody calamity right now!”

Unable to resist, the Divine Predictor curled up into a ball and shivered.

The young man shouted, “Pull out his teeth and show him the consequences of speaking nonsense!”

“Yes!” Two followers immediately rushed out from behind him, each of them carrying the Divine Predictor to the side.

The young man took his female companion and walked into the restaurant.

Wan Yingying’s face paled slightly as she stood next to Yang Kai and grabbed his arm, “Eldest Senior Brother, let’s go.”

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai’s body was as solid as a rock, and he couldn’t be pulled.

At the door, the young man had already walked in with his female companion and follower, his gaze immediately fixed on Yang Kai as he chuckled, “Isn’t this Yang Kai from the Void Spirit Sword Sect? What a small world.”

Hearing this, the smiling female companion in his arms stiffened slightly and turned to look at Yang Kai, her expression becoming somewhat unnatural as she softly said, “Young Master Zhan, this small restaurant’s environment is not good, let’s go somewhere else.”

The young man called Young Master Zhan sneered, “Is it because this restaurant’s environment isn’t good, or is it because you feel uncomfortable meeting your old lover?”

The woman’s expression became awkward as she remained silent.

Young Master Zhan smiled, “Since you’ve met your old lover, you should at least greet him.”

Saying so, he held the woman in his arms and sat down opposite Yang Kai. Behind him, several of his followers stood in a line, exuding an imposing aura.

Yang Kai looked at him quietly, some information appearing in his mind.

Heavenly Net Residence, Zhan Yulin!

Compared to the small Void Spirit Sword Sect, Heavenly Net Residence was much stronger. The cultivators of the Divine Weapon World were divided into ranks of Mortar, Earth, Heaven, and Spirit.

Although the Void Spirit Sword Sect and Heavenlt Net Residence both had Earth Rank cultivators, and could be considered Earth Rank forces, the Void Spirit Sword Sect’s Earth Rank cultivators were at most Third Order while Heavenly Net Residence had a Ninth Order Earth Rank master. Whether it was in terms of quantity or quality, they were not on the same level. Any Elder from Heavenly Net Residence could easily destroy the entire Void Spirit Sword Sect.

This Zhan Yulin was the heir of an Elder of Heavenly Net Residence. Although his strength was only slightly stronger than Yang Kai’s, it wasn’t far off, but his status and power were vastly different.

The woman beside him was called Zhou Cen, a disciple from the Zhou Family. Yang Kai had met Zhou Cen when he was out on business and secretly admired her.

Originally, he had thought that Zhou Cen was gentle, kind, knowledgeable, and an ideal life partner, but who would have thought that this Zhan Yulin would suddenly appear out of nowhere? Between Yang Kai and Zhan Yulin, Zhou Cen had decisively chosen the latter, which was also the biggest reason why Yang Kai had come here to buy wine to drown his sorrows.

This identity bestowed by the Divine Weapon World was truly a life of failure! Yang Kai sighed slightly.

“I said, don’t let me see you again, I’ll beat you up every time I see you. Do you think I’m joking with you?” Zhan Yulin stared coldly at Yang Kai. Although he had snatched Yang Kai’s love from him, he had no intention of letting him go. The reason he had come here today was not by accident, but on purpose.

“What a coincidence, seeing you here, I don’t know why, but I also want to beat you up!” Yang Kai grinned.

This Divine Weapon World had given him a new identity and naturally included many emotions. Now that his love rival was in front of him, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a surge of anger.

Zhan Yulin wore a stunned expression while Zhou Cen, who was in his arms, also stared at him in surprise.

In her impression, Yang Kai had a gentle temperament and was extremely generous to others, he had never acted so aggressively, even showing a trace of… evil!

Such a Yang Kai was a stranger to her.

“What did you say?” Zhan Yulin tilted his head towards Yang Kai, “Say it again, I don’t think I heard you clearly!”


Yang Kai raised his hand and swept his palm across Zhan Yulin’s face, sending a tooth flying out along with a pool of blood. Zhan Yulin was sent flying several times before landing heavily on the ground, along with Zhou Cen, who was still in his arms.

Two cries rang out at the same time as Wan Yingying and Zhou Cen, who were standing behind Yang Kai, called out together.

“Young Master Zhan!” A few of his subordinates were shocked and hurriedly rushed forward to support him.

At the door of the shop, a disheveled Divine Predictor with several large footprints on his body rushed in with a cloth banner in his hand. He glanced at the bloodied Zhan Yulin who was lying on the ground and laughed loudly, “This old master said you would meet a bloody calamity today, but you didn’t believe me. Let’s see if you believe me now!”

Saying so, he turned around and fled.

When Zhan Yulin was helped up, he felt that half of his face was swollen. Shaking his head vigorously, he looked towards Yang Kai in shock and anger, “You dare hit me?”

Yang Kai said lightly, “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself when you stretched your head so far!”

“Eldest Senior Brother, hurry up and leave!” Wan Yingying’s face turned pale as she grabbed Yang Kai’s arm. When she saw Zhan Yulin, she wanted to pull Yang Kai away, but unfortunately, she couldn’t. Who would have thought that such an accident would occur?

Eldest Senior Brother had actually beaten up Zhan Yulin. Now that things had blown up, there was no way to clean up the mess.

“You still want to leave?” Zhan Yulin’s anger soared, “What are you all waiting for? Go! Cut off this boy’s arms and legs! I want him to taste the cruelest torture in the world!”

The several followers behind him immediately rushed forward. Zhan Yulin’s strength was almost the same as Yang Kai’s. Yang Kai was a Fourth Order Mortal Rank master while Zhan Yulin was a Fifth Order. It wasn’t that Zhan Yulin’s aptitude was better than Yang Kai’s, it was just that Heavenly Net Residence's resources were abundant, so Zhan Yulin was able to obtain more resources.

However, the followers he brought were all at the Eighth or Ninth Order of the Mortal Rank. Although none of them were Earth Rank, they were close.

“Eldest Senior Brother…” Wan Yingying’s face was as pale as paper, her petite body trembling slightly. Although she was extremely terrified, she still stood in front of Yang Kai and said, “Hurry up and leave, I’ll block them.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing as he stood up and pulled her behind him, “With Eldest Senior Brother here, how could it be your turn to stand up for me? Just stand here obediently.”

“This world’s road, let's start here!”


With a light sound, a dazzling sword light flashed. Yang Kai looked down at the sword in his hand and exclaimed in surprise, “Oh? I actually have a sword! It seems this world has treated me well!”


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