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As for how Yang Kai persuaded Grey Bones to cooperate with him, that was up to his own ability and charisma, so Xu Linggong couldn’t be bothered.

“The cultivation of us Open Heaven Stage masters is the accumulation of countless years, refining Open Heaven Pills, and cultivating resources of various grades. This is also the most orthodox cultivation method for Open Heaven Stage cultivators since ancient times. Although it takes a long time, it is more reliable.”

“It’s not that there aren’t people who want to take shortcuts. Refining the foundation of those Universe Worlds for their own use is a method, but this method has a great drawback, and that is the foundation of the refined Universe Worlds may not be perfectly compatible with one’s own body, once there is some kind of rejection, it may even cause one’s own foundation to leak away, making the gains not worth the losses. Every Universe World is unique, including our Open Heaven Stage cultivator’s Small Universe. How difficult would it be to find a perfect fit?”

Xu Linggong’s voice slowly entered Yang Kai’s ears.

Yang Kai nodded slightly. In the past, he had seen an Open Heaven Stage cultivator try to refine the Demon Territory’s foundation and heal himself, but the cultivator had been stopped by him. In the end, that cultivator had been killed, and the World Force that had leaked out after his death had instead nourished the Demon Territory.

“However, just because shortcuts are difficult doesn’t mean there are no shortcuts!”

Yang Kai’s expression changed, “Senior means…”

Xu Linggong looked at him meaningfully and said, “You originally wanted to go far, your ambitions were lofty and you intended to reach the Seventh Order Open Heaven stage directly, but because of this, you crossed many people’s bottom lines and were forced to reach the Fifth Order in Shattered Heaven. How many years has it been? How could a Fifth Order break through to the Sixth Order in such a short time? I believe the information I received was correct. What you achieved in Shattered Heaven was only a Fifth Order, not a Sixth Order.”

Yang Kai remained silent. This kind of matter couldn’t be hidden even if he wanted to. After all, when he had broken through, so many people had seen him, and Qu Huachang was also present, so it wasn’t strange for Xu Linggong to know about this.

“It is rumored that there is a Divine Medicine in this world called the World Fruit. The World Fruit is divided into the High, Middle, Low grades, corresponding to the Open Heaven Stage, and the World Fruit can allow a cultivator to directly advance a grade without any hidden dangers!” Xu Linggong said proudly, “When you and Little Girl Qu went to the Great Ruins Boundary, someone once auctioned a Low Rank World Fruit in my Yin-Yang Territory, and that person also went to the Great Ruins Boundary. According to the information gathered by my Yin-Yang Heaven, that person’s Low-Rank World Fruit was obtained from the Great Ruins Boundary!”

“That’s why you were able to break through from the Fifth Order to the Sixth Order in such a short time, it should be because you consumed a Mid Rank World Fruit!”

“Senior’s vision is sharp!” Yang Kai admitted frankly, “My current Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage is indeed from consuming the World Fruit.”

“Good!” Xu Linggong smiled lightly, “If that’s the case, then you and that little girl Qu are a perfect match! Originally, I was worried that there would be a gap between your limits and that little girl Qu’s, but now it seems I was worrying too much.”

When Yang Kai advanced to the Fifth Order, his limit was Seventh Order, but with the World Fruit, his limit was Eighth Order, the same as Qu Huachang’s. With Yang Kai and Qu Huachang’s aptitudes, as long as time allowed, they would be able to advance to the Eighth Order sooner or later.

“You’re quite lucky to be able to obtain a treasure like a Mid Rank World Fruit. No wonder you were willing to break through to the Fifth Order back in Shattered Heaven,” Xu Linggong nodded slightly as he looked at Yang Kai with approval, “Consuming the World Fruit is the biggest shortcut you’ve ever known!”

“Does Senior mean… there are other shortcuts?”

Xu Linggong smiled lightly, “Naturally, these 3000 Worlds are vast and full of mysteries. Even if it was the High Rank Open Heaven, we may not be able to fully explore them. The only reason you haven’t heard of them is because of your lack of experience and knowledge.”

Yang Kai said solemnly, “Senior, please enlighten me!”

Xu Linggong asked, “Have you heard of the River of Time?”

“River of Time?” Yang Kai was stunned.

“This is the product of the world’s creation, a place where the mysteries of time are bred. In the River of Time, the flow of time is different from the outside world. It can be ten times, a hundred times, or even a thousand times faster. Do you know what this means?”

Yang Kai was stunned, “Could it be that cultivating in the River of Time is equivalent to ten years, a hundred years, or even a thousand years outside?”

“That’s right!” Xu Linggong said, a look of reminiscence appearing on his face, “For a year outside, you cultivated for ten years inside, a hundred years, and even a thousand years. Naturally, your accumulation is much deeper than others, and this is a normal accumulation, so there are no hidden dangers. Back then… I once entered a River of Time, my harvest was not small!”

Yang Kai’s face was filled with shock. In this world, there was actually such a strange thing as the River of Time. If it wasn’t from Xu Linggong’s mouth, he wouldn’t have believed it.

But soon, he thought of the Flowing Time Great Emperor!

Flowing Time Great Emperor was proficient in the Time Laws, and the Flowing Time Divine Palace he left behind had the power of time sealed within it. Yang Xiao and Yang Xue, these two little brats, had cultivated in seclusion for several hundred years, but in the outside world, only a few years had passed. In other words, the Flowing Time Divine Place was a River of Time created by the Flowing Time Great Emperor.

Unfortunately, the power of time sealed inside the Flowing Time Divine Place had long since been exhausted, and the flow of time inside the Flowing Time Divine Palace had returned to normal.

From this, it could be seen that the Flowing Time Great Emperor was indeed worthy of being an eternally rare genius. If he hadn’t met Mo Sheng and his unexpected death, there would definitely be a place for him in these 3000 Worlds.

Thinking up to this point, Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly, “Senior, could it be that the opportunity you spoke of is the River of Time?”

Xu Linggong laughed, “You’re thinking too highly of yourself. If someone were to encounter the River of Time, they would have long since entered it to cultivate. If you don’t use up all of the power of time in it, you won’t be able to leave, so don’t even think about the River of Time.”

Yang Kai was stunned. Only now did he understand that this River of Time was something similar to a consumable. If it had really been discovered, it would not have been preserved.

“You don’t need to think about the River of Time for now. This thing is extremely rare in the 3000 Worlds. Even if it does appear, it won’t be your turn,” Xu Linggong paused for a moment before continuing, “The River of Time is a shortcut, and the other is Small Source World!”

“Small Source World?” Yang Kai frowned slightly, a puzzled look appearing on his face. He had never heard of Small Source World before.

“Since you’ve obtained the World Fruit, you must have entered the world inside it.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Yes.”

On top of that, he had entered more than once, so Yang Kai couldn’t help recalling his experience in the Great Ruins Boundary, using the Mysterious Small World to cheat and bring a group of people to explore more than a dozen fruit worlds.

In the end, he even provoked the World Fruit Tree and beaten by it for a while. The past… was unbearable to look back on.

“Small Source World is somewhat similar to the Fruit World you entered before. It can be said that Small Source World is a weakened version of the World Fruit.”

“Senior, please enlighten me!” Yang Kai said humbly.

“In Small Source World, the flow of time is also different from the outside world. If you can refine a trace of the Small Source World’s power, you will be able to obtain a portion of the Small Source World’s World Force and integrate it into your body, strengthening your foundation and saving you many years of hard work!”

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up when he heard this.

Refining the power of the Small Source World would allow one to obtain the World Force of the Small Source World. As Xu Linggong had said, it would enhance one’s foundation and save time for cultivation.

No wonder he said a Small Source World was a weakened version of the World Fruit. The World Fruit could help a Open Heaven Stage cultivator to advance one grade, but Small Source World couldn’t.

“However, compared to the World Fruit, Small Source World has its own advantages. The World Fruit can only be consumed by one person, but Small Source World can become a place for many people to train, and Small Source World is one of our Cave Heaven Paradise foundations. Every Cave Heaven Paradise has a small Small Source World, and my Yin-Yang Heaven has three Small Source Worlds!”

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly, “The opportunity Senior mentioned before…”

Xu Linggong said, “That’s right, the opportunity this King wants to give you is to enter one of the Small Source Worlds. This Small Source World is also the highest grade in my Yin-Yang Heaven. If you can refine a trace of power from it, you will definitely obtain great benefits!”

Yang Kai was moved, “Many thanks, Senior!”

Such a great gift was no ordinary gift. Qing Kui had said before that even in Yin-Yang Heaven, such an opportunity was extremely rare.

Yang Kai could vaguely guess the reason for this. Although Small Source World was like Xu Linggong had said and could be used as a training ground for many people, every time someone refined a trace of the Small Source World's power, the Small Source World’s existence would become weaker and one day, it would completely disappear.

Compared to the World Fruit, which could only be used once, Small Source World could be used often, but its effects were not as good as the World Fruit. Both had their own advantages and disadvantages.

However, there was always a limit, so those who could enter these Small Source Worlds were all the best cultivators in Yin-Yang Heaven.

However, for a Sect, the existence of a Small Source World was undoubtedly more important than the World Fruit. The former could help many disciples improve their strength in an extremely short time while the latter could only be used by one person.

Xu Linggong must have put in a lot of effort to open up the Small Source World to him.

“You don’t need to think too much about it. This King is also doing this for Little Girl Qu. You’ve only just broken through to the Sixth Order, so your foundation is unstable and your foundation is lacking. Entering Small Source World is a good opportunity for you to accumulate some experience, otherwise if you encounter any danger and die early, wouldn’t it be unfair to Little Girl Qu?” Xu Linggong said indifferently, “Moreover, even if you enter the Small Source World, you may not be able to gain anything. Everything depends on your own hard work and luck.”

“Senior, please rest assured, this Junior will do his best!” Yang Kai said seriously.

“We’ve arrived!” Xu Linggong suddenly stopped in the air.

Yang Kai looked up but couldn’t see anything.

Xu Linggong’s hands, on the other hand, were moving rapidly as he suddenly pointed forward and shouted, “Supreme Elder!”

A stream of light shot out and the void in front of him rippled.

After the ripples, an old man sitting cross-legged suddenly appeared in Yang Kai’s field of vision. This old man’s hair and beard were all white, and his two long eyebrows hung down in front of his body. His upper body was bare, and his muscles were covered in a bronze glow, as if he was hiding an endless amount of power. He wore only a pair of linen pants and was bare-footed.

When he opened his eyes, there seemed to be two suns flashing by!


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