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Yang Kai was well aware of this, so there was nothing for him to worry about. He simply drank.

On the other hand, Lu Jing remembered Yang Kai’s protection on the Crime Star and brought the upper echelons of the Gathering Source League to offer a toast, but they were quickly pulled away by his Elder.

After the banquet ended, the guests from Yin-Yang Heaven also gradually left.

Before Lu Jing left, he came to see Yang Kai and told him that the Sixth Order Yang Element resource he promised would be sent to the Void Land.

Three days later, under Qing Kui’s lead, Yang Kai headed towards Xu Linggong’s Spirit Peak.

In the great hall above the Spirit Peak, Xu Linggong sat down and stared down at Yang Kai with a sharp gaze.

After Yang Kai bowed, he stood there quietly with a calm look on his face. He didn’t know why Xu Linggong had called him here, but Qu Huachang was his disciple after all, and now that he had become the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven, they could be considered to have a closer relationship than ordinary people.

After a while, Xu Linggong raised his hand and said, “Sit.”

“Thank you, Senior,” Yang Kai said before turning around and walking to a nearby chair, pulling up his robes before sitting down.

“To be honest, this King is very surprised that you were able to become the champion of this Dao Exchange,” Xu Linggong said openly. He was indeed very surprised, he had never thought that Yang Kai would be able to win this conference. In his opinion, any one of the dozen or so Cave Heaven Paradise was possible of winning, but Yang Kai was not.

Although all of them were newly promoted Sixth Order, the foundation of the Cave Heaven Paradise was different from others. Even if he heard he heard that Yang Kai want to directly advance to Seventh Order, and that he has refined several Seventh Grade forces. [MSN: Wtf? how is refining seventh grade forces inferior to the Cave Heaven Paradise's disicples who only refined sixth grade resources.]

However, in reality, Yang Kai had obtained first place with a result nearly twice as high as the second place. In terms of results, only the Underworld Heavenly Monarch could compare to him.

“It’s good that I didn’t disappoint Senior,” Yang Kai bowed.

Xu Linggong chuckled, “I’m not disappointed. To this King, no matter who wins this championship, as long as it’s not those little Fifth Order brats marrying my disciple, this Xu Linggong will not allow others to humiliate him!” Xu Linggong’s smile faded as he said in a low voice, “However, if you kill that Zhao Xing, it will definitely be troublesome.”

Speaking of this, Xu Linggong felt a headache coming on. Previously, he had withstood the pressure from Thousand Crane Paradise and protected Yang Kai in order to protect Yin-Yang Heaven’s face and status. The Dao Exchange Conference was held by Yin-Yang Heaven, so whether one lived or died was not something one could complain. Zhao Xing had been killed by Yang Kai, so if the Dao Exchange Conference ended and the murderer Yang Kai was dealt with by Zuo Quan Hui, where would his face go? Where would Yin-Yang Heaven’s face go?

At that time, he didn’t know that Yang Kai had won first place.

At that time, he had thought about protecting Yang Kai in front of everyone to protect Yin-Yang Heaven’s face. As for whether Yang Kai could resist the revenge of Thousand Crane Paradise in the future, that would be up to him.

Xu Linggong couldn’t care less.

But now, the situation was different. Yang Kai had become the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven, the future husband of his disciple. Even if he didn’t want to interfere, he had to. Otherwise, if Yang Kai was really killed by a master from Thousand Crane Paradise, wouldn’t Qu Huachang become a widow?

“This was an accident,” Yang Kai replied. At that time, he hadn’t wanted to kill Zhao Xing, he had only used a bit more force…

Xu Linggong said, “Whether it was an accident or not, it has already happened. You heard what Zuo Quan Hui said before he left.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “My Void Land is not one to be bullied.” He thought to himself, Why did Xu Linggong say this to him? Did he think he had caused too much trouble and Yin-Yang Heaven didn’t want to take responsibility?

If so, he could understand.

Xu Linggong coldly snorted, “Do you think they’ll let you return to the Void Land? If I’m not mistaken, they’re already waiting on the path you must take to return. Once you show your face, it’ll be impossible for you to escape.”

“Senior means…”

Xu Linggong said, “You don’t need to hurry back to the Void Land, just stay here for a few days. As for Thousand Crane Paradise… This king will go and negotiate with them to see if there is any room for negotiation.” Glancing at Yang Kai, he said, “Don’t worry too much, my Yin-Yang Heaven can still withstand a Thousand Crane Paradise. Zhao Xing was killed in the Dao Exchange Conference, his life and death was also because of this king words. If they are willing to give up, then so be it, but if they don’t, this king will let them know what strength and despair are!”

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly. The meaning behind Xu Linggong’s words was quite obvious, he had to bear this burden. For a moment, Yang Kai’s impression of him improved greatly as he stood up and bowed, “Many thanks, Senior!”

Xu Linggong nodded lightly, “Additionally, you should carefully adjust your condition for the time being. My Yin-Yang Heaven may have an opportunity for you.”

“Opportunity?” Yang Kai’s brow rose as he keenly noticed that Su Yingxue and Qing Kui, who had been standing behind Xu Linggong, were both visibly moved. Obviously, this opportunity was not small.

“I can’t be certain yet, we’ll see when the time comes,” Xu Linggong didn’t explain in detail.

Yang Kai nodded lightly before suddenly remembering something, “Right, Senior, this Junior has a presumptuous request.”

Xu Linggong glanced at him, “You are now the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven and can be considered half a Yin-Yang Heaven's people. If your request is not too excessive, this King can make the decision to agree to it.”

“I want to ask Senior for someone!” Yang Kai said.


“Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch on Crime Star!”

A moment later, Qing Kui led Yang Kai back.

Xu Linggong readily agreed to Yang Kai’s request. As an Inner Sect Elder of Yin-Yang Heaven, he is a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator with great authority. Aside from the Supreme Elders who were in secluded cultivation, he was also one of the top figures in the entire Yin-Yang Heaven. Getting someone from Crime Star was simply too easy.

It was only now that Xu Linggong understood why Yang Kai was able to obtain so many achievements in the Dao Exchange Conference, it was because of Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch's secret assistance.

However, Grey Bones had committed many sins, so to be honest, Xu Linggong was still a bit worried about getting him out. However, after Yang Kai showed him the Loyalty List, Xu Linggong readily agreed.

“Senior Brother Qing Kui, may I ask what kind of opportunity senior Xu Linggong was talking about before?” Along the way, Yang Kai asked. Judging from Su Yingxue and Qing Kui’s reactions just now, they undoubtedly knew the mysteries behind it.

Qing Kui smiled lightly and shook his head, “I can’t say, I can’t say. When the time comes, you will naturally know, but if you can’t, it’s useless even if you know. Just wait patiently, I can only tell you that even in my Yin-Yang Heaven, only a few people are qualified to obtain this opportunity.” Qing Kui gently patted his shoulder.

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly. He hadn’t expected this so-called opportunity to be so precious. Even in Yin-Yang Heaven, only a few people had the qualifications to obtain it.

However, since Qing Kui didn’t say anything, he didn’t ask further.

Soon, he returned to his own residence.

After waiting for two more days, Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch was brought out from the Crime Star by Qing Kui. When the master and servant saw each other again, Grey Bones couldn’t help sighing. Ever since he was thrown into Crime Star by Yin-Yang Heaven, he had never thought he would one day be able to escape.

Unfortunately, White Hair, who had served him for many years, had not been able to last until today.

“The Underworld Heavenly Monarch has also been released, but now we don’t know where he went. Don’t worry, I’ll send someone to find out where he went. There will definitely be a chance for revenge,” Yang Kai comforted Grey Bones.

Grey Bones bowed and said, “Many thanks, Sir. If I can take revenge for White Hair in this life, I can die without regrets!” Although White Hair’s strength wasn’t high, he was truly loyal to him. Humans weren’t made of grass or wood, so how could they be emotionless? After living together for so many years, he had long since regarded White Hair as his disciple and family. White Hair had been killed in front of him, so these days he had been constantly thinking about taking revenge.

As time passed, Yang Kai and Grey Bones settled down in their residences. During this time, Qu Huachang came to inform Yang Kai that she was going into seclusion and asked him to wait a hundred years for her.

Yang Kai nodded in agreement and accompanied Qu Huachang for three days before finally separating.

A few days later, Qing Kui suddenly visited Yang Kai and looked at him enviously, “Congratulations Junior Brother, your opportunity has arrived. Follow me.”

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before suppressing the curiosity in his heart and ordering Grey Bones to guard this place and not walk around casually, following Qing Kui out.

As they sped along, no one knew where they were going.

At the beginning, they would occasionally encounter some disciples from Yin-Yang Heaven along the way. When these people saw Qing Kui, they all stopped to greet him, but as time passed, the number of people they saw became fewer, until there was no one to be seen. It was obvious that they were going to a secluded place.

Up ahead, a figure stood in the void, quietly waiting. It was Xu Linggong.

Qing Kui led Yang Kai to Xu Linggong and cupped his fists, “Master, I’ve brought him.”

Xu Linggong nodded, “You go back.”

Qing Kui replied, “Yes!” He turned around and walked back the way he came.

Xu Linggong called out to Yang Kai, “Let’s go, the restricted area of my Yin-Yang Heaven is right in front of us. No one is allowed to enter, otherwise we will kill without mercy!”

Yang Kai’s expression changed. A colossus like Yin-Yang Heaven definitely had a forbidden area, but even a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator like Qing Kui couldn’t casually set foot in such a place, which showed just how much Yin-Yang Heaven valued it.

He became more curious about this so-called opportunity and the restricted area he was about to enter.

As they flew, Xu Linggong’s voice rang out, “Although you were able to obtain first place in the Dao Exchange this time, it was only because of a convenient plan. In terms of strength, among the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, you are the same as those little fellows who participated in the Dao Exchange. After all, you have only recently broken through.”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “Senior is right.” He knew that Xu Linggong should still be unaware of his actions on Crime Star, but thinking about it, those who had seen his true abilities were basically all dead. When he killed Zhao Xing, although the Core Disciples of the Cave Heaven Paradise had all seen him, they had also left early, and the remaining Lin Feng and the others who had stayed behind would not spread the news.

Xu Linggong felt that since he had only recently broken through, it was only natural for his strength to be at the bottom of the Sixth Order. The only reason he could obtain first place was because of Grey Bones' help.


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