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“Get out of my way!” Lin Feng pushed the young man in front of him away and quickly rushed over to Zhao Xing’s side, helping him up and extending his hand to probe the aura inside his body.

Ning Daoran also flashed over and asked nervously, “How is it?”

Lin Feng’s expression became solemn as he hurriedly took out a bottle of pills from his robes, opened the bottle, and poured the pills into Zhao Xing’s mouth.

However, blood kept pouring out of Zhao Xing’s mouth and the pill was unable to enter his stomach. Lin Feng tried several times but failed.

Suddenly, Zhao Xing’s eyes flashed with a terrifying light as he grabbed Lin Feng’s arm and roared, “Avenge me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, something seemed to rapidly disperse from his body, causing Zhao Xing’s vitality to dissipate in a few breaths of time. Although his body didn’t change much, the scene was like a balloon being popped.

A rich World Force swept out in all directions!

Many Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters from the Cave Heaven Paradise were pale.

“The Small Universe has collapsed…” Not far away, Huang Anyi muttered.

Although they had never seen this scene before, it didn’t stop them from recognizing what it was. The Small Universe in Zhao Xing’s body had collapsed, which was why this World Force was dissipating.

The foundation of the Open Heaven Stage cultivator was their own Small Universe, and the only result of the Small Universe's collapse was… his death!

The dispersing World Force gradually calmed down, and by the time he looked back, Zhao Xing had already lost all signs of life. His eyes were still wide open, the hatred in his pale eyes still burning.


The core disciple of Thousand Crane Paradise, Zhao Xing, had died. In his confrontation with Yang Kai, in less than ten breaths of time, the Small Universe had collapsed and died!

Lin Feng and Ning Daoran glanced at each other and saw the deep worry in each other’s eyes.

Yang Kai was also a bit stunned. He hadn’t expected this guy to be so weak, unable to withstand a few punches and kicks from him. He hadn’t thought he would be able to beat this guy to death, but it seemed he had put in a lot of effort…

Speaking of which, ever since he had broken through to Open Heaven, he had fought many Sixth Order masters, but these Sixth Order masters were all veteran Sixth Order masters like Mao Zhe and Great Clam. The Small Universe's foundation was quite deep, so even if they were not his opponent, they could at least exchange a few blows with him.

A newly advanced Sixth Order… was this weak?

Thinking about it carefully, the Small Universe in the body of the newly promoted Open Heaven Stage was already unstable, so under his bombardment, it was indeed easy for it to collapse.

This was completely an accident!

But now that things had come to this… Yang Kai’s eyes flashed ruthlessly as he shot a glance towards Grey Bones. Grey Bones' heart suddenly trembled as he understood Yang Kai’s intentions. He wanted to silence them!

With a flash of killing intent, Lin Feng immediately sensed it and looked towards Yang Kai, his expression changing drastically as he shouted, “Why haven’t you left yet?”

Ning Daoran also reacted and quickly rushed over to Yang Kai, blocking his vision, “Brother Yang, calm down!”

“Get out of my way!” Yang Kai stared at Ning Daoran, his eyes filled with aggression.

A thin layer of sweat appeared on Ning Daoran’s forehead, but he didn’t move, instead earnestly advising, “Brother Yang, don’t be rash, if you really do that, it will be over!”

The surrounding newly promoted Sixth Order cultivators were still shocked by Zhao Xing’s death, unable to react in time.

Lin Feng was both anxious and angry, “Do you want to die? Why are you still here?”

As he spoke, he tossed Zhao Xing’s corpse to Huang Anyi and hurriedly shouted, “All of you, scram!”

Huang Anyi hurriedly caught Zhao Xing’s corpse and finally reacted, mainly because Yang Kai’s killing intent had locked onto him, making it difficult for him to not notice.

Huang Anyi’s expression immediately changed as he grabbed Zhao Xing’s corpse and rushed off in a certain direction. The other newly-advanced Sixth Order cultivators also came to their senses and quickly turned into streaks of light to flee.

Lin Feng stood up and walked towards Yang Kai step by step, stopping next to Ning Daoran and staring into his eyes, “If Brother Yang really wants to silence us, you can start with me and Senior Brother Ning. Don’t worry, we won’t fight back. In any case, our lives were saved by you from the Great Ruins Boundary, so we’ll return them to you.”

Yang Kai stared at him coldly while Lin Feng stared back without showing any weakness.

After a while, Yang Kai closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, the sharpness had disappeared, leaving behind only a warm smile, “What are you two doing?”

Lin Feng let out a sigh of relief, “It’s best if you can think things through.” A chill ran down his spine. From the way Yang Kai had just killed Zhao Xing, even if he and Ning Daoran joined forces, they might not be able to stop him.

Sighing lightly, Lin Feng earnestly said, “Don’t blame us, we’re doing this for your own good. Although killing Zhao Xing isn’t a small matter, it doesn’t mean there’s no room for negotiation, but if you kill everyone, there’s really no way to resolve this peacefully.”

“I know,” Yang Kai nodded slightly. Although Xu Linggong had also said that no matter who died in this Dao Exchange Conference, no matter what kind of disciple died inside, no one could complain, if the Cave Heaven Paradise disciples really died, how could the forces behind them let it go?

Zhao Xing was a core disciple of Thousand Crane Paradise, a genius who had directly broken through to the Sixth Order. In the future, he would definitely become a cornerstone of Thousand Crane Paradise, but now that he had died at Yang Kai’s hands, the grudge between them would become even greater.

This was an accident. Yang Kai’s original intention was not to kill Zhao Xing, but he had been unable to control his power.

Looking down at his wrist, he saw that there were almost eighty stars there.

Yang Kai originally had nearly seventy stars, while Zhao Xing had about thirty. With Zhao Xing’s death, his achievements were naturally transferred to others.

However, besides Yang Kai, there were also Lin Feng and Ning Daoran beside Zhao Xing, so the stars were divided equally among the three.

With so many achievements, he could basically guarantee the first place in the Dao Exchange, so he didn’t need to do anything else but wait patiently.

“Let’s go,” Yang Kai collected himself and called out to everyone.

Although beating Zhao Xing to death was an accident, he was destined to become enemies with Thousand Crane Paradise. He couldn’t imagine just how strong the foundation of a Paradise was, but with his current Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation, it was impossible for him to resist.

Strength was something that required even greater strength!

However, at his level of cultivation, all he needed was time and effort to refine the Open Heaven Pill and various other resources. It was impossible for him to accomplish this in a short time.

The hidden place Gu Pan had mentioned was a mountain range with a hidden cave at the foot of the mountain. If one didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t be able to find it.

After walking a few dozen kilometers further into the cave, they arrived at a beautiful place.

A group of people arrived and waited for the Dao Exchange to end.

As time passed, Yang Kai and the others would occasionally gather together to brew tea, discuss the Dao, and exchange pointers with one another. Regardless of the changes in the outside world, they were still quite carefree.

All of them had just recently broken through to the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, so they naturally had a lot of common topics to discuss with each other, allowing everyone to gain some benefits.

Grey Bones is a veteran Sixth Order cultivator who had been immersed in the realm of Sixth Order for longer than anyone else here, so he naturally had more say in this realm than anyone else.

Occasionally, a few words of advice would give Yang Kai and the others some inspiration.

Although Yang Kai’s current strength was much stronger than Lin Feng and the others, Lin Feng and the others were still from a force like the Cave Heaven Paradise, so they were able to come into contact with many things that Yang Kai had never heard of before. After spending several months together, Yang Kai had heard many interesting things.

One day, the group of people who were discussing this matter suddenly paused and looked down at the golden bracelet on their wrist, where a clear Divine Sense fluctuation emerged.

Everyone lowered their heads and immediately understood the contents of the Divine Sense.

“The Dao Exchange Conference is finally coming to an end,” Lin Feng slowly stood up, “There’s still half a month before the exit opens, we should make some preparations.”

Everyone naturally had no objections.

There wasn’t much to pack, so after a short while, everyone prepared to set out, and Grey Bones is sending them off.

This time, he couldn’t follow Yang Kai out. After all, he was still a sinner of the Crime Star, but since he had left his name on the Loyalty List, Grey Bones believed Yang Kai wouldn’t ignore him.

“Stay here for a while, I’ll talk to the people from Yin-Yang Heaven later and get you out,” Yang Kai said.

“As Sir's commands!” Grey Bones bowed.

Lin Feng, Ning Daoran, Gu Pan and the others quietly watched. If they hadn’t witnessed Yang Kai’s strength with their own eyes, it would have been difficult for them to understand why a veteran Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage was so obedient to him.

Originally, they had thought that Grey Bones and Yang Kai had reached some kind of agreement to cooperate.

It was only later that they realized that this was simply the relationship between master and servant.

“Let’s go,” Yang Kai called out and used his strength to wrap around Lu Jing before soaring into the sky, Lin Feng and the others following closely behind.

Su Yingxue had said before that at the end of the one year period, the exit of the Crime Star Formation would open again, and the location of its opening was indicated by the previous Divine Sense.

Therefore, what everyone needed to do now was to rush to that place before the time limit arrived.

Everyone set out half a month in advance, so time wasn’t pressing. As they flew, cultivators who were participating in the Dao Exchange Conference flew out from their hiding places and followed behind them.

These participating cultivators who had been hiding all this time should have been trying to avoid the Crime League. Now that they had discovered a number of Sixth Order cultivators leading the way, they naturally hurried to catch up, giving them a sense of security.

Otherwise, if the people from Crime Star encountered them, they wouldn’t be able to resist at all.

Yang Kai and the others didn’t pay too much attention to this. These people simply followed from a distance, not daring to get too close.

After more than ten days, the group of people finally arrived. There was a huge stone here with a flat cut that formed a platform. The exit was located on this platform.

However, when he looked around, he couldn’t see a single person.

However, under the perception of his Divine Sense, there were many people hiding nearby. It was obvious that some people had come here in advance but didn’t dare to show themselves, so they were hiding.


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Rein Larsa
Rein Larsa
Nov 19, 2022

It's funny how the author describe these low life core disciples as "geniuses" and yet they too often act like they just came from their mother's wumb ... which in a sense is true 😁

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