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“What is the meaning of this?” Lin Feng’s expression became ugly as he looked around.

“Senior Brother Lin, please wait and see!” The young man who was confronting him said in a low voice, “Otherwise, Junior Brother will have a difficult time.” He is also a core disciple of the Cave Heaven Paradise, an existence that had directly advanced to the Sixth ORder. His strength was on par with Lin Feng’s, so if the two of them were to fight, they would at most be evenly matched. Neither of them would be able to do anything to the other, and it would only hurt their friendship.

Not only Lin Feng, but Ning Daoran and Gu Pan were also in the same situation.

Only Yang Kai and Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch were facing two newly promoted Sixth Order masters.

Seeing this situation, how could Lin Feng not know what Zhao Xing and the others were planning? Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch is a veteran Sixth Order, after all, these people who had come to intercept him knew they were no match for him alone, so they had sent two people to intercept him.

Yang Kai also had two people on his side…

From the looks of it, Zhao Xing and the others’ true target was Yang Kai. All of them were newly promoted Sixth Order, so it was impossible for Yang Kai to defeat two of them alone. As long as they could deal with Yang Kai, Zhao Xing and the other two would be able to deal with Grey Bones. At that time, if the four of them joined forces, Grey Bones would likely be doomed.

As for himself, Ning Daoran, and Gu Pan, Lin Feng wasn’t too worried. With his Cave Heaven Paradise behind him as a backer, unless Zhao Xing and the others wanted to start a war between their respective Sects, they wouldn’t kill him.


Did these two newly promoted Sixth Order disciples really think they could defeat Yang Kai?

Zhao Xing turned his head and said, “Brother Lin, please wait here for a moment. After this Zhao is done here, I will apologize to you!”

“You don’t understand him,” Lin Feng slowly shook his head, “Don’t act unnecessarily, let’s end things here today.”

Yang Kai possessed a Space Ability, so this kind of obstruction was nothing more than child’s play to him, allowing him to escape at any time. It was laughable that Zhao Xing and the others didn’t know about this and thought that victory was within their grasp.

Zhao Xing said, “Brother Lin, please have some self-respect and don’t hurt our friendship!” Saying so, he turned to Yang Kai and smiled, “Thousand Crane Paradise, Zhao Xing!”

The other handsome young man also cupped his fists and shouted, “Pure Yang Cave Heaven, Huang Anyi!”

Yang Kai stared at them indifferently.

Zhao Xing smiled faintly, “Do you want to commit suicide or do you want me to fight with Senior Brother Huang? If you want to commit suicide, you can choose a comfortable way to die and leave your corpse intact. I can guarantee that I can bring your corpse out and send it back to your Void Land to be buried, but if you want me to fight with Senior Brother Huang, I can’t say how many you can be left behind.”

Huang Anyi said, “In fact, if we didn’t have any other choice, we wouldn’t have wanted to attack you. Although we are all Sixth Order, we are still from the various Cave Heaven Paradise. It wouldn’t be nice to spread the word that we are fighting two against one, but unfortunately…” He stared at the stars on Yang Kai’s wrist and slowly shook his head, “A tall tree will be destroyed by the wind!”

“Ahh!” Yang Kai looked up at the sky and sighed lightly, his expression somewhat helpless, “How annoying!”

When Zhao Xing and Huang Anyi heard this, they were stunned for a moment before the former smiled and said, “That’s right, there are indeed many troublesome matters in this world. Grudges, fame, and wealth entangle one’s heart, and only by dying can one be free. Since you have already seen through this point, why are you still hesitating? Do you really want to force Senior Brother Huang and I to act?”

“How annoying!” Yang Kai lowered his head again, his brow deeply furrowed.

Zhao Xing’s face sank slightly, “Yang Kai, don’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit. Since you’re also a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, we don’t want to make things too ugly, but don’t let Senior Brother Huang and my good intentions down. Quickly commit suicide, otherwise Senior Brother Huang and I will really have to take action.”

“So annoying!” Yang Kai roared and suddenly took a step forward, his lowered eyes suddenly shooting out a terrifying light, like two suns, overbearing and filled with an indescribable murderous intent, “I didn’t want to make things difficult for you guys, Cave Heaven Paradise, why do you have to force me?” [MSN: well, you act like a pussy. Give an inch, they take a yard.]

Zhao Xing’s expression changed slightly as he grit his teeth and shouted, “Stubborn fool, attack!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he took the lead and rushed towards Yang Kai. Huang Anyi didn’t hesitate and followed closely behind Zhao Xing. Although the two of them weren’t from the same Sect, their cultivations were profound, so when they cooperated, they complemented each other perfectly. The two figures transformed into spinning tops, one of them striking out with a palm while the other punched out with a pure Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage World Force.

They didn’t hold back at all, with a posture of being ruthless.

In fact, they couldn’t hold back either. They had only recently broken through and weren’t familiar with the circulation of their strength, so once they attacked, they had to go all out.

Yang Kai let out a low roar as he poured all of his Small Universe's strength into his body, his hands transforming into a flurry of fists that flew towards the two people.

Boom boom boom…

The World Force collided and shook. Even with the suppression of the Crime Star Formation, the nearby void shattered like a broken mirror. One could only imagine how explosive the scene would have been without the suppression of the Formation.

The two figures were sent flying like paper kites, blood spraying from their mouths.

Everyone was shocked! They stared blankly at the two people who had been sent flying and thought they were seeing things.

They had thought that with Zhao Xing and Huang Anyi working together, they would be able to easily defeat Yang Kai. After all, everyone had just broken through to the Sixth Order, so neither of them was much stronger than the other. If the two of them worked together, Yang Kai wouldn't be an opponent.

But in reality, the result was somewhat difficult to accept. The ones who were sent flying and vomited blood were actually Zhao Xing and Huang Anyi!

Lin Feng’s eyes nearly popped out.

Gu Pan and Ning Daoran were also shocked!

Only Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch, who was surrounded by two Sixth Order masters, seemed to have anticipated this scene and slowly shook his head, “The ignorant are fearless!”

He had seen with his own eyes how Yang Kai had killed the Great Clam Heavenly Monarch. Even a veteran Sixth Order had died under Yang Kai’s hands. He really couldn’t understand how these newly promoted Sixth Order brat from the Cave Heaven Paradise had the courage to stir up trouble.

Were they tired of living?

This was exactly what he had expected, so when he saw Yang Kai being besieged by two newly promoted Sixth Order cultiavtors, he wasn’t worried at all.

“How… how is this possible!?” Zhao Xing’s face was filled with shock as he spat out a mouthful of blood, as the small universe in his body tremble violently. In that instant, he had clashed with Yang Kai more than a hundred times, each time causing his small universe to tremble violently.

There was only one possibility.

This was because Yang Kai’s Small Universe's foundation was much stronger than his own, which was why he was able to suppress him so easily.

If it had been a veteran Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master like the Underworld Heavenly Monarch, he might have been able to achieve such a feat, but Yang Kai… he had clearly just broken through not long ago, and the time it took for him to break through had not even been ten years.

Before he could finish this thought, his vision suddenly blurred and he looked over. Zhao Xing’s soul nearly left his body as Yang Kai appeared right in front of him.

“Why… do you want to force me!?” Yang Kai’s nostrils flared with hot steam.

“You…” Zhao Xing’s pupils shrank to the size of a needle, and without even thinking about it, he threw a punch towards Yang Kai’s face.

However, in that exchange just now, his Small Universe was in a state of unrest. At this moment, his attack had lost all of its power, and even the Small Universe's World Force was unable to be used much.


Yang Kai grabbed his fist and held it in front of him, shouting fiercely, “You still want to force me!”

As he spoke, he threw a punch towards Zhao Xing’s chest.

Crack! The sound of bones breaking rang out as the clothes on Zhao Xing’s back burst open and a large chunk of his clothes swelled up. Blood spewed from his mouth as he felt a violent energy rush into his Small Universe and engulf the entire world.

Not an opponent, not an opponent at all! Zhao Xing was terrified. The Small Universe's foundation was many times stronger than his own, if this continued, he would die!

Raising his hand, he waved it towards Yang Kai.

“If you don’t see the coffin, you won’t shed tears. Since that’s the case, I’ll let you know what despair is, what fear is, and what strength is!” Yang Kai’s fists transformed into a fist shadows as he punched towards Zhao Xing’s chest.

Zhao Xing’s hand was still raised high as he shouted towards the stunned Huang Anyi behind Yang Kai, “Save… save me!”

“Brother Yang, keep your hands!” Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically as he shouted.

Ning Daoran also came back to his senses and hurriedly said, “Brother Yang, don’t be rash!”

This change had happened too quickly. They had all thought that with Zhao Xing and Huang Anyi working together, Yang Kai would have no way to escape, but who would have thought that these two would be so easily dealt with by Yang Kai in just a few punches and kicks, causing them to be unable to react.

Seeing that the situation wasn’t looking good, he quickly shouted.

After all, Zhao Xing is a core disciple of Thousand Crane Paradise, and his status is equal to theirs. If he was really killed here by Yang Kai, it would be troublesome.

If a core disciple of a Paradise was killed, it would definitely cause a huge commotion.

Yang Kai stopped and raised his two hot fists, with a fierce look on his face as he turned his head to look behind him and saw the shocked expression on Huang Anyi’s face. He then looked at Zhao Xing’s raised hands and silently said, “Are you asking for help? If you’re asking for help, you should have said so earlier. I thought you wanted to hit me!”

“Puff…” Zhao Xing spat out a mouthful of blood and his aura immediately weakened.

“The weak are truly pitiful!” Yang Kai glanced at him and slowly floated back, lowering his head to look at his fist with a worried expression, “So annoying!”

Now, he had become enemies with the other party again. Back then, he had been forced into a helpless situation in the face of four High Rank Open Heaven where he had no choice but to break through to Fifth Order Open Heaven, allowing him to escape from the Cave Heaven Paradise that were targeting him. Now, he had beaten up the core disciples of the other party to such a state. It was likely that the grudge between him and Thousand Crane Paradise had been forged.

Yang Kai felt deeply distressed. He didn’t want to, but there were always people forcing him.

The group of newly promoted Sixth Order masters who had come to block Yang Kai and the others had long since become dumbfounded. Their plan for this trip had been quite good. Three of them had been assigned to block Lin Feng, Gu Pan and Ning Daoran, while the other two had been assigned to block Grey Bones. Zhao Xing and Huang Anyi would deal with Yang Kai, kill Yang Kai, and then kill Grey Bones. This way, they would be able to complete their mission, and after this, they would find a place to hide and wait for three months before the Dao Exchange Conference came to an end.

However, the situation in front of them was completely different from what they had imagined, leaving them somewhat confused.


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