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A look of understanding appeared on Yang Kai’s face. The Sixth Order Open Heaven participating in the Dao Exchange this time were all newly promoted. Ning Daoran had only been promoted a few years ago, so how could he be a match for those veteran Sixth Order masters from Crime League? Once he encountered them, it was inevitable that he would be injured.

“Now that the Crime League has become so powerful, under the leadership of the Union Master of the Crime League, Underworld Heavenly Monarch, seven Sixth Order subordinates, and hundreds of sinners, all of us participating cultivators have no place to stand.” Ning Daoran shook his head and sighed. Before participating in the Dao Exchange Conference, no one had expected such a change in the Crime Star.

Crime League's eight Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters and hundreds of sinners all acted together, not giving the participating cultivators any chance at all. Once they encountered them, the result would be death.

“The Crime League actually acted in such a manner?” Yang Kai was stunned, secretly shocked by the boldness of Underworld Heavenly Monarch.

Previously, when the Crime League was established, they had only been guarding the Underword Cave for warmth, but now they had actually slaughtered their way out. How could the participating cultivators resist? It wouldn’t be long before all of them were killed.

This time, Ning Daoran had accidentally revealed his whereabouts and was being pursued by several Sixth Order masters from the Crime League. Fortunately, he is a core disciple of Free and Unfettered Paradise and had many life-saving artifacts on him. Otherwise, it would have been difficult for him to see Yang Kai alive.

“The sinners on Crime Star have banded together for warmth, so we participating cultivators have no choice but to follow suit. Otherwise, with there still more than three months until the Dao Exchange Conference end, we won’t be able to support ourselves,” Ning Daoran smiled bitterly before continuing, “I’ve received news that Brother Lin Feng and several other Senior Brothers have gathered together and are preparing to deal with Crime League. Junior Brother Yang, why don’t you come with me? The more people there are, the greater the strength.”

Yang Kai frowned slightly before slowly shaking his head, “No, I…”

Before he could finish speaking, a violent force suddenly came from above, causing the ground to crack and the place where everyone was hiding to collapse.

A cold laugh rang out, “Let’s see how long you can hide!”

Shua Shua Shua…

Amidst the flying mud, several figures flew up into the sky. Carrying Lu Jing, Yang Kai stood next to Grey Bones and Ning Daoran. Turning his head, his expression changed slightly.

Unbeknownst to them, the surrounding area had already been surrounded by people from Crime League. Eight figures stood in front of the group, surrounding them.

Yang Kai’s face sank as he realized that Ning Daoran’s whereabouts had been discovered long ago. The only reason they had flown away was to stall for time and numb Ning Daoran’s nerves.

Looking at the current situation, it was just as Ning Daoran had said, Crime League had formed a group, otherwise it would have been impossible for all eight Sixth Order Open Heaven masters to appear here.

“It’s you!” Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch glared.

Cang Yan shouted, “Not good, quickly form the Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Formation!”

None of them had expected Yang Kai to appear here, all of them thinking that it was only Ning Daoran, but it was already too late for them to react.

Without waiting for them to form their formation, Yang Kai had already activated his Space Laws and wrapped them around Ning Daoran, Grey Bones and Lu Jing, instantly disappearing.

The Underworld Heavenly Monarch stretched out his hand and grabbed nothing but air, gritting his teeth angrily, “Damn brat!”

If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s interference this time, Ning Daoran would never have been able to escape.

The Underworld Heavenly Monarch made a hand seal and turned to look in a certain direction, “Chase!”

His figure flickered as he took the lead, the seven Sixth Order subordinates following closely behind.

Several hundred kilometers away, a group of four figures fell from the sky. Yang Kai examined Ning Daoran from head to toe, finding him quite strange.

“Senior Brother Ning, carefully examine your body and see if there are any abnormalities!” Yang Kai reminded. Just now, he thought he had hidden himself perfectly, so there was no reason for him to be so easily discovered.

Ning Daoran’s expression changed. How could he not understand Yang Kai’s intentions? Quickly using his Divine Sense, he carefully examined every inch of his body.

A moment later, his expression changed slightly, “There’s a strange mark on my body, when…”

If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s reminder, he really wouldn’t have examined it so carefully and naturally wouldn’t have been able to discover this mark.

“Can it be removed?” Yang Kai asked.

“I’ll give it a try!” Ning Daoran nodded solemnly, concentrating on circulating his strength to try and dispel the seal.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, continued to circulate his strength, wrapping himself around the other three and fleeing into the distance.

The eight Sixth Order masters of the Crime League hurriedly chased in a certain direction, but the Underworld Heavenly Monarch leading them suddenly came to a stop, his face ashen.

The seven people behind him looked towards him.

Underworld Heavenly Monarch said, “The Tracing Soul Mark dissipated, so it should have been discovered.”

“Unfortunately, all our efforts have been in vain!” Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch sighed as he couldn’t help thinking about that little brat who was proficient in the Space Laws. He had already ruined two good things for Crime League.

“It doesn’t matter, if we fail this time, there will be a chance next time!” Underworld Heavenly Monarch was quite open-minded, lightly waving his sleeve and turning around to retreat.

Thousand kilometers away, Yang Kai, Ning Daoran, and the others flew as fast as lightning.

Ning Daoran said, “It’s best if Junior Brother can think things through. Right now, the situation on Crime Star has changed greatly, and I’m afraid that the changes in the Dao Exchange Conference have not been anticipated by all the Elders. What we need to do now is to support each other until the end of the Dao Exchange Conference, then we can safely escape.”

After experiencing what had just happened, Yang Kai decided to follow Ning Daoran to find Lin Feng and the others. Just as he had said, Crime League was now too powerful to resist, so the participating cultivators had no choice but to follow their example and join forces to warm up.

Although Yang Kai possessed a Space Ability and could escape if he couldn’t win, there is still a Lu Jing he needed to take care of. In a critical moment, he might not be able to protect him.

After flying for two days, Ning Daoran finally landed on a barren mountain. After checking the surrounding terrain and determining his position, he took out a small incense stick and lit it.

A moment later, a figure suddenly flew over and landed in front of them. Glancing at Yang Kai and the others, he frowned slightly before turning to Ning Daoran and cupping his fists, “Greetings, Senior Brother Ning!”

Ning Daoran nodded, “Did Brother Lin ask you to come here?”

“Yes, Senior Brother asked me to pick you up.”

“Lead the way,” Ning Daoran nodded lightly.

The man glanced at Yang Kai and the others again and although he found this strange, he didn’t say anything and simply led the way.

Not long after, everyone entered a cave inside the mountain. The cave was extremely dry and there wasn’t any strange smell in the air. The walls of the cave were decorated with strange stones that gave off a brilliant light, illuminating the cave’s passage.

As this person lead them around the cave, it's unknown how far they went, but they suddenly saw a huge cave.

At least a hundred people had gathered here, with the first group of nine standing side by side, seemingly waiting for Ning Daoran’s arrival. The leader was none other than Lin Feng.

“Senior Brothers, Senior Brother Ning is here,” The cultivator leading the way said.

Lin Feng looked past Ning Daoran towards his back and asked in surprise, “Yang Kai?”

Ning Daoran said, “I met Junior Brother Yang on the way here and invited him along.”

Yang Kai smiled, “Seeing Brother Lin like this, it seems you don’t welcome me?”

Lin Feng coldly snorted, “Since you’re already here, can you leave if you’re not welcome?”

Yang Kai smiled, “Since we’re already here, we naturally won’t leave.”

Beside Lin Feng, Gu Pan gave him a slight nod. The others, on the other hand, were all unfamiliar faces and did not know which Cave Heaven Paradise they came from. After all, they had never met before.

The others also stared at him curiously, most of them showing looks of displeasure.

The reason they had participated in this Dao Exchange Conference was all because of Yang Kai, this shit-stirrer. Originally, they had only followed their respective masters here to broaden their horizons and gain experience, so naturally, there would be others participating in this Dao Exchange Conference.

However, because Yang Kai, a Sixth Order, suddenly participated in the Dao Exchange Conference, they were forced to participate.

In the end, at this point in the Dao Exchange Conference, the Crime League had run amok, forcing them to hide and flee. Although they had gathered a lot of forces and had seven or eight Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators, compared to the veteran Sixth Order Crime League cultivators, it was still difficult to contend with them.

Now that they saw this culprit, it would be strange if they showed any goodwill.

In the dark cave, the stars on Yang Kai’s wrist flashed brilliantly.

Everyone stared at his wrist in shock.

The most powerful of them had only obtained thirty or forty stars, only half of Yang Kai’s. In this current situation, it was already very difficult to find a single criminal. In other words, with everyone’s current achievements, the final ranking of the Dao Exchange Conference had basically been decided.

A few people looked at each other in confusion.

One of the thin young men’s eyes flickered as he stepped forward and asked, “Does Brother Lin recognize this Brother Yang?”

Lin Feng said with a look of disdain, “We’ve met before.”

The man nodded, “So that’s how it is.” He then turned to look at the Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch behind Yang Kai and asked, “What’s the situation with this man? If I’m not mistaken, he should be a sinner from Crime Star, right? Why has he come here?”

The black bracelet on Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch's wrist was completely different from that of a participant.

Ning Daoran said, “This is Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch, he has already renounced the darkness and pledged allegiance to Junior Brother Yang, there is no need to worry.”

The man frowned and said, “Although you say so, there is always a chance… Every sinner on Crime Star is an insidious and cunning person, we must guard against them!”

“Brother Zhao’s words are reasonable. This place is our hiding place, if news of this were to leak out and attracted the Crime League, no one would be able to gain any advantage. Brother Ning joining us is naturally something we would welcome, but this Brother Yang and this Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch…” He slowly shook his head, the meaning behind his words obvious.

Grey Bones lowered his eyes and said, “Underworld Heavenly Monarch killed my servant, this King will never forgive him! Moreover, this King had previously infiltrated the Crime League under Sir’s orders and exposed the whereabouts of the Crime League. To Crime League, this King is nothing more than a traitor.”

Zhao Xing slowly shook his head, “This is just your one-sided story! Brother Lin, this is a matter of great importance, it’s best if you don’t accept these two, lest they cause trouble and regret it later.”

“That’s right!” A few more people nodded in agreement, their rejection obvious.


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