“Cooperate? How?” Yang Kai asked.

Yin Xinzhao glanced at the golden bracelet on his wrist and said with a gloomy expression, “You have a lot of stars!”

When Yang Kai came out of the dense forest tree house with Grey Bones, the golden bracelet on his wrist had already lit up about sixty stars. Recently, he had taken action three times in a row and killed more than thirty members of Crime League, so naturally he had reaped some benefits. Now, he had more than seventy stars on his wrist.

At a glance, he could see a dense cluster of stars.

On the other hand, Yin Xinzhao didn’t have a single star on his golden bracelet.

Yang Kai hadn’t noticed this at first, but now that he saw it, he couldn’t help being stunned. When he looked at Pei Wen Xuan again, he was also surprised.

This was obviously illogical. These two were both Sixth Order, and after entering Crime League for so long, how could they not have gained anything?

Looking towards the other two Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, Yang Kai suddenly understood.

Myriad Demons Heaven’s Fifth Order was one thing, there were only a few stars on the Golden Bracelet on his wrist. On the other hand, Xuanyuan Cave Heaven’s Fifth Order, which stood behind Yin Xinzhao, had nearly thirty stars on his wrist!

From the looks of it, the enemies these four had defeated should have been killed by this Xuanyuan Cave Heaven’s Fifth Order, reaping the rewards. In this way, they might be able to push this person to the top and obtain first place in the Dao Exchange.

When killing sinners, as long as they were 30 zhang away, others wouldn’t be able to obtain any points. It was likely that Yin Xinzhao and Pei Wen Xuan had constantly taken action to capture and imprison the sinners they encountered, allowing the disciples of Xuanyuan Cave Heaven to obtain so many stars.

As for the two of them secretly reaching an agreement to have Pei Wen Xuan’s representative, Myriad Demons Heaven, give up on this Dao Exchange Conference, this was not something Yang Kai could guess.

In this way, even if the Fifth Order of Xuanyuan Cave Heaven really won the first place, they would be able to safely enter Yin-Yang Heaven in the future. Xuanyuan Cave Heaven would only have to pay a Fifth Order Open Heaven, which was the same as their original plan.

Originally, they had thought that such a battle record would be enough for them to dominate the crowd, but after seeing Yang Kai, they realized that the gap between them was simply doubled.

One had to know that the four of them were acting together while Yang Kai was alone.

Combined with the scene he had just witnessed, Yin Xinzhao couldn’t help feeling that Yang Kai’s brain was quite flexible. There were people in Crime League who were easy to deal with. He didn’t know why that Sixth Order Open Heaven had colluded with Yang Kai, but since he had managed to seize this opportunity, he naturally had to make good use of it, otherwise he would have failed this opportunity.

“There are quite a few of you,” Yang Kai glanced at Xuanyuan Cave Heaven’s Fifth Order Open Heaven and said lightly.

“Enough nonsense, you now have two paths to take,” Yin Xinzhao looked as if he was certain Yang Kai was dead, coldly raising a finger, “Brother Pei and I will join forces to kill you.”

Yang Kai’s face sank, “Are you that confident?”

Yin Xinzhao smiled lightly, “We’ve only just broken through to Open Heaven not too long ago, neither of us is much stronger than the other. If Brother Pei and I join forces, how long do you think we can last? If we kill you, the Star in your hand will also be ours.”

However, if they really wanted to take action, although the two of them were confident they could kill Yang Kai here, they would definitely have to pay a price. Perhaps one of them would be seriously injured by him, which was quite a risk.

What’s more, a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage was not something that could be easily dealt with. At that time, they would not be able to guarantee that the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage of Xuanyuan Cave Heaven would be able to reap all of Yang Kai’s merits alone.

The biggest possibility was that he and Pei Wen Xuan had no choice but to kill Yang Kai and divide his achievements equally. If that was the case, it would not benefit the overall situation.

This time, they had to ensure that Xuanyuan Cave Heaven's Fifth Order become first place.

Yang Kai’s expression was solemn, his eyes filled with resentment, and a fierce aura surrounded his body, as if he was ready to fight at any moment.

Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xinzhao both took a step forward, one of them sneering while the other’s eyes filled with murderous intent as they locked onto Yang Kai.

It was as if the power of the world was colliding, causing the void to become unstable as ripples spread out.

After a long time, Yang Kai’s face suddenly paled and he took a step back while clutching his chest, coldly snorting, “What about the second option?” [MSN: meh, momo turned YK into a pussy.]

Yin Xinzhao slowly shook his head, “Refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit, what’s the point? The second option is for you to cooperate with us and use your spies in Crime League to slaughter everyone!”

Yang Kai’s expression became ugly, “It seems I have no choice.”

Yin Xinzhao smiled and nodded, “A wise man submits to circumstances!”

“We can cooperate, but I need compensation,” Yang Kai said.

“Compensation? You still want compensation?” Yin Xinzhao frowned and looked at Yang Kai strangely.

“If you want to use my spy, why can’t I ask for some compensation?” Yang Kai coldly snorted, “If you don’t agree, at most we’ll fight to the death here and see who will benefit in the end.”

Yin Xinzhao’s expression became unsightly, “What kind of compensation do you want?” He secretly decided that if Yang Kai’s request was too excessive, he would immediately kill him. In any case, with their current achievements, no one should be able to surpass them. As long as they killed Yang Kai, obtaining the first place shouldn’t be a problem.

“Whatever!” Yang Kai coldly snorted.

Yin Xinzhao was stunned for a moment before realizing that Yang Kai was trying to give him a way out of this embarrassing situation, otherwise why would he say such a thing? Thinking about it, it made sense. After all, Yang Kai was a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so how could he not be embarrassed?

Letting out a laugh, he began fiddling with his Space Ring before tossing out a ring.

Yang Kai took it without even looking at it and put it away.

“Are you ready now?” Yin Xinzhao asked impatiently.

Yang Kai remained silent.

Yin Xinzhao turned to look at the Fifth Order Open Heaven next to him, “Zhuang Wei, you go!”

The Fifth Order Open Heaven who was called Zhuang Wei immediately nodded, “Yes, Senior Brother!”

Taking a step forward, he arrived in front of Yang Kai and stretched out his hand, “Please make way!”

Yang Kai glanced at him, obviously knowing what he wanted to do. Annoyed, he coldly snorted and flew a thousand feet away.

Zhuang Wei arrived in front of Heavenly Monarch Wu Nian and stared at him greedily.

Although he had been under the protection of two Sixth Order masters and was invincible, he had never killed a Sixth Order Open Heaven before. Today, he was lucky to have picked one up for free. He wanted to experience what it was like to kill a Sixth Order.

Heavenly Monarch Wu Nian still had a breath left in him as he glared fiercely at Zhuang Wei, the long sword in his hand suddenly trembling as he stabbed towards Zhuang Wei.

Zhuang Wei was startled and quickly retreated, only to discover that this Sixth Order Open Heaven had little strength left and the sword he thrust out was also weak and powerless.

Enraged, he stepped forward and struck out.

Heavenly Monarch Wu Nian didn’t even make a sound before his entire head was smashed into his chest.

The black light flew out and rushed into the golden bracelet on Zhuang Wei’s wrist, lighting up five stars in an instant. Zhuang Wei was overjoyed and walked towards the many Crime League members who had been restrained by Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones.

Ignoring the pleas and cries of these people, he easily took them down one by one.

In just a short time, the number of stars on Zhuang Wei’s Golden Bracelet had increased by ten, causing him to beam with joy.

He already had a record of nearly thirty stars, so now that he had ten, that meant he had forty. On Crime Star, besides Yang Kai, it was impossible for anyone to have more than him.

Now that the Dao Exchange Conference was only halfway through, with the cooperation of Yang Kai and the insider from Crime League, it was only a matter of time before he won first place. When he thought about how a person like Qu Huachang would become his in the future, his heart burned with passion.

In Xuanyuan Cave Heaven, although he could be considered a top figure, he was still far inferior to a Core Disciple like Yin Xinzhao, otherwise he wouldn’t have been sent to participate in this Dao Exchange Conference.

Anyone who was sent to participate in the Dao Exchange Conference was mentally prepared to be cut off from the Sect behind them. In fact, in reality, they were existences that were dispensable to their own forces.

The son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven… This status was much higher than his original status. Not just anyone could be called the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven, only the husband of the top Core Disciples had the qualifications.

Unverworld Cave, Crime League's headquarter, Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones, covered in blood, fled back with a dispirited aura.

When Vice Union Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch, who was on duty, received the news, he was shocked and quickly came to investigate. Inside the secret room, Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch examined Grey Bones' injuries and asked with a solemn expression, “Brother Grey Bones, what happened? Where is Brother Wu Nian?”

Grey Bones suddenly became depressed, “I’m afraid Brother Wu Nian is in trouble… Vice Union Master, we were ambushed by others and none of us were able to escape, only I managed to escape.”

“Ambush?” Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch's eyes widened, “Who did this?”

Grey Bones shook his head, “I don’t know which Cave Heaven Paradise he came from.”

Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch said, “You and Wu Nian are both Sixth Order, and you brought so many masters with you. How many Sixth Order opponents do you have?”

“At least three, or even more,” Grey Bones said casually. After all, he and Wu Nian were both Sixth Order, so it wouldn’t be appropriate to say they had fewer enemies.

Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch's expression became slightly solemn, “This matter is of great importance, follow me to see the Union Master and report this matter to the Union Master.”

Grey Bones couldn’t help feeling somewhat guilty, “Meeting Union Master…”

“There’s no time to lose, let’s go now!” Jin Gang Heavenly Monarch didn’t allow him to say anything else, grabbing his arm and dragging him out.

A short while later, the two of them met with Crime Leaague's Union Master, Underworld Heavenly Monarch, and Grey Bones explained the words he had prepared beforehand. Lowering his head, he said, “Union Master, this time, my Crime League suffered heavy losses. It was I, Grey Bones, who failed in my task. Please punish me, Union Master.”

The Underworld Heavenly Monarch has a great reputation and was one of the most powerful masters on Crime Star, or else he wouldn’t have been able to become the Union Master. Hearing this, he glanced at him indifferently and said, “I know about you and Wu Nian’s abilities. The Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters who came to participate in the Dao Exchange Conference were all newly promoted. Even if there were more of them than you, how could you have suffered such a crushing defeat?”


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