While shocked, his face was filled with greed.

If he could kill this boy here, the stars on his wrist would all be transferred to him. Even if he were to split them equally with Grey Bones, he would definitely reap a great harvest.

Yin-Yang Heaven had long since released word that as long as they achieved good results in this Dao Exchange Conference, they would be set free. As one of the 36 Cave Heaven, Yin-Yang Heaven’s promise was quite credible.

Although he didn’t know how many stars it would take to restore his freedom, it was definitely not a lot.

In other words, as long as he killed this Sixth Order cultivator, he and Grey Bones would be able to regain their freedom.

“Attack!” Wu Nian shouted, waving his long sword and rushing towards Yang Kai. The many Open Heaven Stage surrounding him also used their own Secret Techniques.

After a series of explosions, the space around Yang Kai became chaotic and the World Force surged. His figure was like a lone boat in the midst of a raging storm, swaying back and forth and soon dripping with blood.

After barely resisting for a while, Yang Kai turned around and ran.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” Wu Nian shouted. A great opportunity was right in front of him. If he couldn’t grasp it, he would be trapped on Crime Star for the rest of his life.

Saying so, he raised his sword and stabbed towards Yang Kai’s back, his eyes filled with excitement.

At this moment, Heavenly Monarch Wu Nian suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back and felt as if he had been struck by an entire world, causing his small universe to tremble violently as a burst of stars appeared in front of his eyes and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Turning around in a panic, he saw that the Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones, who had been following closely behind him, was slowly withdrawing his palm with a cold expression.

“You…” Wu Nian’s eyes filled with disbelief. He had never imagined that Grey Bones would sneak up on him from behind. Why? Could it be that he wanted to monopolize that man’s battle achievements? But could he guarantee that he could kill him alone?

What’s more, the other party had accumulated so many achievements that it was more than enough for both of them, so why should he keep them for himself?

Before he could finish his thought, Yang Kai, who had been running forward, suddenly turned around and raised his spear to attack. The panic on his face had long since disappeared and was replaced by fierce fangs.

Wu Nian suddenly thought of a possibility and shouted in horror, “Grey Bones, you dare collude with outsiders?”

Yang Kai laughed, “What collusion? Grey Bones is my people!”

Wu Nian’s face immediately became ashen!

In the next moment, he was caught in a pincer attack between Grey Bones and Yang Kai. Originally, he had been injured by Grey Bones' sneak attack, now that he was fighting against two of them, how could he be their opponent?

In just a few breaths of time, he had been beaten to the brink of death, his blood spurting wildly as his injuries worsened.

Many of the Open Heaven Stage masters who had been surrounding Yang Kai were also stunned. Originally, it was Crime League who had lured the snake out of its hole. Everything had been going well, so why had the situation suddenly changed?

As soon as Yang Kai said this, their expressions changed even more.

Seeing that Heavenly Monarch Wu Nian was in imminent danger and could lose his life at any moment, how could they dare to stay here any longer? All of them fled in all directions.

“All of you, stop right there! Whoever runs will die!” Yang Kai roared as he raised his spear and bombarded Heavenly Monarch Wu Nian.

No one paid any attention to him. If they didn’t run now, they would really die. However, the space around them was thick and viscous, making it difficult to move!

“You go!” Yang Kai ordered Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones.

Grey Bones immediately nodded and rushed towards the fleeing Open Heaven Stage masters. He was well aware of Yang Kai’s abilities. Forget about Heavenly Monarch Wu Nian being seriously injured, even if he was completely unharmed, he would not be Yang Kai’s opponent, so there was nothing to worry about.

On top of that, he couldn’t expose the fact that he had colluded with Yang Kai, otherwise it would be impossible for him to do so again.

By the time Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones captured the fleeing Open Heaven Stage masters and sealed them up, Yang Kai had already pierced more than a dozen holes into Heavenly Monarch Wu Nian’s body, causing his blood and internal organs to flow all over the ground. On his wounds, there was also the burning Golden Crow True Fire.

It was over!

Grey Bones understood that even if the Open Heaaven Stage cultivator had a powerful life force, it was impossible for them to recover from such a serious injury. Logically speaking, it was impossible for a battle between Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators to end so quickly. Even if one side wasn’t a match for the other, if they wanted to escape, the other side wouldn’t necessarily be able to stop it.

The reason for this situation was firstly because Wu Nian had been severely wounded by his sneak attack, and secondly because Yang Kai’s strength far exceeded his peers, so Wu Nian didn’t even have any hope of escaping.

“Cough, cough, cough, cough…” Wu Nian coughed violently and knelt down on one knee, holding his long sword in his hand as he forced himself to not fall to the ground. Looking up at Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones angrily, he shouted, “You traitor, I’ll wait for you on the underworld!”

If he hadn’t been sneak attacked by Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones from behind, he wouldn’t have suffered such a miserable fate.

Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones looked at him indifferently and remained silent.

“This matter is settled, you can go back first.” Yang Kai waved his hand towards Grey Bones. Wu Nian no longer had any strength to resist and his vitality was dissipating. Even if he couldn’t live for long, the remaining Open Heaven Stage cultivators had been sealed by Grey Bones' seal and were unable to move. Now was the time to harvest them.

“I’m afraid returning like this is a bit inappropriate,” Grey Bones said.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before suddenly saying, “I was negligent.”

Lifting his palm towards Grey Bones, he didn’t resist and took this blow head on, his figure staggering as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

After stabilizing his body, he said with a pale face, “Sir, I’ll go first!”

Yang Kai nodded, and Grey Bones immediately flew up into the sky and flew off.

Wu Nian looked on coldly, his face filled with sorrow. He couldn’t understand why a Sixth Order like Grey Bones would be so respectful towards an outsider!

“Now… it’s time for me to send you on your way!” Yang Kai grinned maliciously, raising his spear and preparing to kill, he suddenly turned his head and shouted towards a certain direction, “Who is it!”

A ripple appeared in the space over there as four figures slowly appeared.

Yang Kai looked up and his face sank.

Of these four people, two were people he knew and had a grudge with.

Xuanyuan Cave Heaben’s Yin Xinzhao, Myriad Demons Heaven’ Pei Wen Xuan!

They were actually here! Yang Kai’s face was ashen. He had been so focused on fighting Wu Nian that he hadn’t noticed anyone approaching, but by the time he noticed, it was already too late.

It was unknown how long they had been here…

These two fellas had somehow gotten together, probably because they felt the pressure of Crime League, so it wasn’t safe for them to be alone.

In addition to them, there were two other people. One of them had a thick Demonic Qi and was obviously Myriad Demons Heaven's disciple, while the other was probably a disciple from Xuanyuan Cave Heaven.

Before Yang Kai was exposed, only a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator had participated in the Dao Exchange Conference. Whether it was Xuanyuan Cave Heaven or Myriad Demons Heaven, both of them sent Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator to participate. Yang Kai, this Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivator, had suddenly appeared and stirred up the waters of the pond, causing the various Cave Heaven Paradise's forces to adjust their strategy and send out their Sixth Order Disciples.

From the looks of it, these two should both be the Fifth Order that were originally chosen by Xuanyuan Cave Heaven and Myriad Demons Heaven to participate in the Dao Exchange Conference!

The disciple from Xuanyuan Cave Heaven was one thing, Yang Kai had never seen him before. On the other hand, Myriad Demons Heaven's Fifth Order disciple seemed familiar to Yang Kai, as if he had seen him somewhere before.

With his powerful memory, Yang Kai quickly recalled where he had seen this person before.

This guy was one of the people who had followed Ti Zheng to the Shattered Heaven. Outside the Shadowless Cave Heaven, many Open Heaven Stage from four Cave Heaven Paradise had joined forces to deal with Zhu Jiu Yin.

Wasn’t it said that even Ti Zheng had met with an accident and died, so how was he still alive? Yang Kai was somewhat puzzled.

However, he didn’t think too much about it. His current strength was extraordinary, and a mere Fifth Order cultivator wasn’t even worthy of his attention. On the other hand, the man smiled at Yang Kai, causing him to frown.

“It’s you two,” Yang Kai coldly snorted, “What advice do you have?”

In his heart, he was secretly calculating the consequences if he were to start a massacre here.

With his current strength, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to kill these four people. Whether it was Yin Xinzhao or Pei Wen Xuan, both of them had just broken through to Open Heaven not long ago and had probably just stabilized their realm, so their strength shouldn’t be too strong among Sixth Order Open Heaven.

However, after killing him, there was no way to resolve this matter peacefully.

These two were, after all, core disciples of the two Cave Heaven. Even though Xu Linggong had said that killing was not a taboo during the Dao Exchange Conference, even if a Cave Heaven Paradise's disciple were to fall here, there would be no complaints.

But even so, if a disciple from a Cave Heaven Paradise were to die, the forces behind them would definitely not let this matter rest. During the Dao Exchange Conference, they might be concerned about the reputation of Yin-Yang Heaven, but after the Dao Exchange Conference, they would definitely settle accounts.

What’s more, he didn’t know if these two had any life-saving treasures on them. If he couldn’t hit them in one blow, he might not have another chance.

As Yang Kai’s thoughts sank, he gave up on trying to kill everyone here.

His heart was filled with resentment. Without a powerful strength to back him up, everything he did was bound up.

“Originally, I just heard some noise and came over to watch the show, but I didn’t expect to see such a good show!” Yin Xinzhao clapped lightly, with a meaningful look on his face.

“Good show?” Yang Kai coldly snorted, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Yin Xinzhao chuckled lightly, “At this point, do you still want to hide it?”

Yang Kai remained indifferent, knowing that Grey Bones' identity must have been exposed. These four should have been here for some time now, and they had all seen what had just happened.

A fierce light flashed across his eyes as the thought of silencing him flashed across his mind.

“Cooperate with us and we’ll spare your life!” Yin Xinzhao’s face suddenly sank as he stared coldly at Yang Kai, “You should know that with your current condition, if Senior Brother Pei and I were to join forces, you wouldn’t have any idea of resisting, but since it’s useful, we can spare your life for now.”


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