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After sending Gu Pan off, Yang Kai turned to look at Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch, examining him from head to toe, causing him to shiver.

“What instructions does Sir have?” Grey Bones quickly asked.

“No one invited you to join the Crime League?” Yang Kai asked.

Grey Bones was startled and quickly replied, “Since this subordinate has already surrendered to Sir, I will naturally follow Sir’s lead. This subordinate will definitely not join an evil force like the Crime League.”

“Relax!” Yang Kai patted him on the shoulder and said amiably, “I naturally understand your loyalty, but joining the Crime League does not conflict with your loyalty to me.”

“Sir’s meaning is…” Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch seemed to understand Yang Kai’s intentions.

Yang Kai said, “No fish has taken the bait here. If you can join the Crime League, with your Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation, you’ll definitely be able to find a good position. At that time, we’ll work together…”

Grey Bones suddenly understood, “Sir is wise!”

After pondering for a moment, Grey Bones said, “Logically speaking, since Crime League was established, someone should have come to invite this subordinate to join them. Since we haven’t seen them yet, it’s highly likely that the messenger who came to invite me was killed by Sir!”

“Uh…” Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before nodding slightly, “That’s possible.”

During this time, he had stayed in this dense forest tree house and caught three big fish, as well as quite a few small fish and shrimps. Now, it seemed like it was highly likely that Crime League had already sent people to invite Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch, but they had all died under Yang Kai’s hands, becoming part of his accomplishments.

“But it doesn’t matter, if this subordinate takes the initiative to join the union, I believe those old fogies won’t refuse,” Grey Bones volunteered.

“Go, be careful!” Yang Kai nodded.

After leaving behind a communication device, Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch immediately set out to find the location of the Crime League.

With the Loyalty List in his hands, he didn’t need to worry about Grey Bones turning against him. As long as he could successfully join the Crime League, he could become Yang Kai’s spy, and at that time, he would definitely be able to obtain information about Crime League.

A day after Grey Bones left, Yang Kai set out with Lu Jing.

It had been four or five months since the Dao Exchange Conference began, and the situation on the Crime Star had gradually become clearer. The weak gathered together to seek shelter from the strong, which was why the Crime League was born.

Although the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage on Crime Star were all existences that had been promoted for a long time, if it was a one-on-one fight, the participants from the Cave Heaven Paradise would naturally not be their opponent, but if it was a two-on-one fight, even these veteran Sixth Order cultivators would not be able to handle it.

The newly promoted Sixth Order from the Cave Heaven Paradise knew how to work together, so naturally, the Sixth Order on Crime Star also knew how to work together.

Crime League was born in accordance with fate, and in an extremely short period of time, it had madly absorbed the sinners on Crime Star and transformed into a giant monster. Since the existence of Crime Star, this was the first time the sinners on Crime Star had worked together to resist an external enemy.

The progress on Grey Bones's side was quite smooth. Originally, he was an expert that Crime League wanted to invite to participate, so now that he had taken the initiative to join them, he was naturally quickly accepted as a Protector.

The headquarter of Crime League was located in a barren land called the Unverworld Cave. It was originally a Sixth Order Open Heaven's Cave Mansion called Underworld Heavenly Monarch, but after being forced by the situation, it was transformed into the headquarter of Crime League.

The strength of this Underworld Heavenly Monarch was one of the top existences on Crime Star. In the jade slip Qu Huachang had given Yang Kai, she had specially marked this person and a few other Sixth Order cultivators, telling Yang Kai to be careful when encountering them, because these Sixth Order cultivators were all on the verge of breaking through to the Seventh Order. It could be said that they had reached the peak of the Sixth Order and were on the same level as Yang Kai’s subordinate Mao Zhe.

Even though he had been imprisoned on Crime Star for so many years, his strength had not dropped much.

The Underworld Heavenly Monarch had established the Crime League and conferred himself as the Union Master of the Crime League. He has two Vice Union Masters and six Protectors under his command, all of whom were Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators.

It could be said that a single Crime League contained nine peak Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, and now that Grey Bones had joined them, Crime League has ten Sixth Order masters.

Aside from the five Sixth Order masters who had been killed by Yang Kai, Crime League had collected almost all of the remaining Sixth Order Open Heaven, so even if they had missed some, there shouldn’t be many left.

This was only the Sixth Order, and there were countless below the Sixth Order.

This information was secretly transmitted to Yang Kai after Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch joined Crime League.

The sinners banded together for warmth, establishing a powerful force like the Crime League immediately causing the participating cultivators to complain incessantly.

A few months ago, they had been able to hunt down some sinners and reap some battle achievements. Although many of them had died because of this, in general, everyone had won and lost.

However, after Crime League was established, it became even more difficult to find a lone criminal to kill. As soon as the Crime League's criminals appeared, they formed a large group, with at least a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage leading them. Five people in a team, ten people in a team, twenty or more people in a team. Once the participants encountered them, if their strength was too low, they wouldn’t be able to resist at all.

As a result, the casualty rate of participating cultivators greatly increased.

The establishment of the Crime League also forced the participating cultivators to band together, but because there was no unified appeal and the location was scattered, only three or five friends or acquaintances temporarily banded together to increase their safety.

With the help of a spy like Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch, Yang Kai had gained a lot. As one of the Seven Protectors of Crime League, he naturally had access to a lot of information about Crime League's internal affairs. Just passing a little bit of information to Yang Kai would allow him to reap many benefits.

In a barren mountain three hundred kilometers away from Underworld Cave, there was a cave inside the mountain that was unusually dry. Inside the cave, Yang Kai and Lu Jing were sitting cross-legged.

Suddenly, Yang Kai’s expression changed and he took out his communication bead to inspect it before slowly standing up.

Lu Jing noticed this and quickly opened his eyes, “Senior Brother wants to go out?”

Yang Kai nodded, “This trip may be a bit dangerous, you should stay here and wait for me!”

Lu Jing also knew that his strength was low. The last few times Yang Kai had made a move, he had only been able to watch from afar, unable to interfere. Hearing this, he said, “Then Senior Brother, be careful.”

Yang Kai smiled and stepped forward, his figure quickly fading away.

Two hours later, on top of a barren mountain, Yang Kai lay quietly, concealing his aura.

According to Grey Bones' message, Crime League would make a big trip this time. If everything went smoothly, they would be able to obtain a lot of battle achievements.

Not long after, a number of figures rapidly approached from the distance. There were more than a dozen of them, and leading them were three Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage masters.

Such a lineup could be considered a large-scale squadron. Ordinary participants wouldn’t be able to resist it.

However, to Yang Kai, this group of people was nothing more than an impressive achievement!

When this group of people landed on the barren mountain, they seemed to have a clear purpose and immediately began a carpet search. Their Divine Senses circulated as they scanned their surroundings. Vaguely, these dozen or so people seemed to have formed an extremely simple battle formation. Their auras were connected, and although the range was not great, their auras were slightly strengthened.

Yang Kai hid in the shadows and concealed his aura. With his Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation, he didn’t need to worry about being discovered by these people.

After waiting for a moment, when this group of people had entered a suitable range, Yang Kai took out his Azure Dragon Spear and shot towards the densest area of the crowd.

Caught off guard, these dozen or so people were sent flying, and several of them exploded into a bloody mist on the spot, not even leaving behind a trace of their remains. Black light flashed as they poured into Yang Kai’s golden bracelet.

Screams rang out as the lucky survivors all activated their Secret Techniques and artifacts without hesitation, smashing their heads towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai brandished his spear and circulated his Sixth Order Open Heaven force, blocking all of the incoming attacks. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he thrust his spear forward again.

At this moment, four or five more people appeared around him, each of them exuding a powerful aura. The two people in the lead were obviously Sixth Order Open Heaven.

One of them is Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch, while the other was a tall, middle-aged man with gray hair.

As soon as the two of them appeared, they simultaneously pushed their strength towards Yang Kai, obviously having made preparations beforehand.

The middle-aged man shouted, “I’ve been waiting for you!”

Yang Kai was shocked and raised his spear to block.

With a loud bang, Yang Kai’s body shook and he spat out a mouthful of golden blood, his expression immediately becoming dispirited as he staggered backwards.

Struggling to stop himself, Yang Kai raised his head and looked forward, his face filled with fear, “Who goes there!”

Grey Bones' eyelids twitched slightly as he carefully looked at the blood at the corner of Yang Kai’s mouth, secretly thinking that his Lord’s acting skills were really good. If it weren’t for his deep knowledge, he really would have been deceived by Yang Kai. Taking a step forward, he lightly said, “This King is Grey Bones!”

The middle-aged man held a blue long sword in his hand and with a flash of light, he coldly snorted, “This King is Wu Nian!”

“Two Heavenly Monarchs!” Yang Kai wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, his expression becoming extremely solemn as he stared coldly at the many Open Heaven Stage masters surrounding him and snorted, “Crime League really gave me face, actually sending two Heavenly Monarchs to ambush this King!”

Heavenly Monarch Wu Nian grit his teeth and said, “You ambushed and killed my Crime League's 36 people, do you really not put my Crime League in your eyes? No matter which Cave Heaven Paradise you are from, this place will be your burial ground today.”

With the help of the information from Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch, Yang Kai had taken action three times in a row recently, each time killing many members of Crime League, many of whom had reached the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage, finally drawing the attention of Crime League.

After investigating the three battlefields, the Crime League had determined that this was a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage and that it was a lone cultivator, so it was naturally impossible for them to remain indifferent. With Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch's suggestion, they came up with a plan to lure the snake out of its hole.

Sure enough, the Sixth Order Open Heaven who had been secretly attacking once again made his move, but this time, the two Protectors of the Crime Leage had hidden behind him and blocked him.

“En?” Heavenly Monarch Wu Nian suddenly saw the dense number of stars on Yang Kai’s golden bracelet and couldn’t help showing a shocked expression.

How many people had this person killed in just half a year? How could he have achieved such terrifying results?


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