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After Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch finished dealing with the subordinates that Shen Luo had brought with him, he looked up and saw that Shen Luo was already in a precarious situation. Spear shadows filled the air, transforming into a violent storm that rained down on him. Shen Luo’s body was covered in wounds of various sizes and blood was flowing out.

Grey Bones's eyes narrowed slightly. Although he had seen Yang Kai kill a Sixth Order Heavenly Monarch with his own eyes before, seeing such a scene still shocked him greatly.

One had to know that a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator was only a step away from reaching the High Rank. In the entire 3000 Worlds, this cultivator was an extremely powerful existence, and in those Cave Heaven Paradise, he could even become an Outer Sect Elder.

Even so, in front of Yang Kai, he didn’t have much strength to resist.

Shen Luo Heavenly Monarch was also quite good, only a little bit worse than the Great Clam. If even the Great Clam were not his opponent, how could he possibly defeat Yang Kai?

Knowing that this was the time to display his worth, Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch didn’t hesitate to join the battle and join forces with Yang Kai to attack Shen Luo.

Shen Luo’s face immediately became ashen. He had already been battered and exhausted by Yang Kai’s fierce attacks, so it was only a matter of time before he was defeated and killed. Now, with the addition of Grey Bones, his situation became even worse.

“Grey Bones, you will die a miserable death!”

In less than half an incense stick’s worth of time, Shen Luo let out a furious roar as the Azure Dragon Spear pierced his head, causing blood and brain matter to fly everywhere. Shen Luo HEavenly Monarch's headless corpse twitched violently as blood gushed out from his neck like a fountain and fell straight to the ground.

Black light rushed out from Shen Luo Heavenly Monarch wrist and poured into Yang Kai’s golden bracelet, instantly lighting up five stars.

Yang Kai put away his spear and lowered his head to examine his battle record, nodding in satisfaction.

Grey Bones stood in front of Shen Luo’s corpse, silently staring at it with a complicated expression. At this moment, his many years of perseverance and cultivation had begun to waver and have some doubt.

The subordinates Shen Luo had brought with him had not died, all of them had been captured by Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch and sealed in place.

Yang Kai stepped forward and stabbed each of them to death, reaping another harvest.

As a result, the number of stars on his wrist had increased to 24.

“Take care of this, I’m going back to seclusion!” Yang Kai ordered before returning to the tree hole.

Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch silently cleaned up the battlefield. The traces left behind by the battle here needed to be removed so that no one would be able to find any clues, as well as the formation in the jungle.

Lu Jing also ran out to help. Fighting with others wasn’t his forte, so such a small matter was still acceptable.

For the next two months, Yang Kai waited in the dense forest tree cave, refining the Open Heaven Pill to strengthen his Small Universe's foundation while waiting for the fish to take the bait.

From beginning to end, three more big fish had come, all of them led by a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stageg master. Each time, Yang Kai’s harvest was filled to the brim with small fry, and this dense forest of Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch had completely become a bottomless pit. No matter how many people came, they would all be swallowed up.

Two months later, fewer people came to the forest. It was unclear whether it was because the strangeness of this place had finally been discovered, causing people to become vigilant, or if it was because White Hair couldn’t contact more criminals.

However, Yang Kai felt that it should be enough.

The Dao Exchange Conference was said to be a one-year deadline, and only three months had passed so far, but Yang Kai’s battle record had reached nearly sixty stars, of which 25 stars were from killing 5 Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, while the rest had been obtained after killing those below the Sixth Grade.

Even Lu Jing managed to get some results and the golden bracelet on his wrist lit up two stars.

There were only a dozen or so Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters on the Crime Star, but Yang Kai had killed five of them alone, which was quite terrifying. With such a record, Yang Kai felt that no one should have more than him. After all, with sixty stars, one have to kill sixty Fifth Order Open HEaven Stage masters, or twelve Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, no matter how hard the others tried, it was impossible for them to obtain more.

However, everything had to be done with precautions. He had already boasted in front of Xu Linggong, so he could not afford to lose this Dao Exchange Conference. He secretly decided to wait here for another two months, and if no big fish took the bait, he would take the initiative to attack.

As time passed, the number of sinners in the forest became fewer.

On this day, Yang Kai and the other two were cultivating in their cave mansion when Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch suddenly opened his eyes. Seemingly having sensed something, he cast a spell to investigate before raising his brow, “Sir, someone is coming!”

“Finally, someone’s here,” Yang Kai opened his eyes and shook his neck. In the past half a month, he hadn’t seen a single fish or shrimp, causing him to become quite bored. When he heard that someone else had come, he immediately became excited and asked, “How many have come?”

“Only one!” Grey Bones' expression became a bit strange, “And…”

“And what?”

“Sir, are women allowed to participate in this Dao Exchange Conference? Didn’t you say that this Dao Exchange is to choose a husband for a disciple of Yin-Yang Heaven?”

“A woman!” Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before he seemed to think of something. Standing up, he stepped into the tree hole.

A moment later, Yang Kai appeared in front of this person and couldn’t help laughing, “Junior Sister Gu? Why are you here?”

Not far away, a petite figure holding a brush in her hand looked around vigilantly before turning her head and asking, “Senior Brother Yang? Why are you here?”

Looking at the Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch next to him, her expression became even more confused.

“It’s a long story, come in first,” Yang Kai extended his hand and invited.

Listening to Grey Bones say that it was a woman, Yang Kai had a vague guess. After all, in the entire Dao Exchange Conference, there was only one female participant. When he came out to take a look, it was indeed her.

A short while later, in the tree hole, the host sat down while Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch served tea and sat behind Yang Kai with Lu Jing as if they were his lackeys.

Yang Kai briefly explained Grey Bones' identity.

Gu Pan nodded and said, “Heavenly Monarch abandoning the darkness to the light is also a wise move. If Senior Brother Yang can obtain first place this time, he may be able to make a request to Yin-Yang Heaven to bring you out of Crime Star.”

When Grey Bones heard this, he asked excitedly, “Really?”

Originally, he had no choice but to sign the Loyalty List and serve under Yang Kai, so he didn’t think too much about it. Now that he heard Gu Pan’s words, he felt a great sense of hope.

If he could escape Crime Star and leave this barren land, it would be wise to submit to Yang Kai.

“I’ll try my best! Whether Yin-Yang Heaven agrees or not is not something I can interfere with,” Yang Kai nodded slightly. Grey Bones is bound by the Loyalty List, so even if he was brought out, Yang Kai wasn’t afraid he would have any second thoughts. At that time, he could discuss this matter with Xu Linggong, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

“Many thanks, Sir! As long as Sir has such intentions, it is enough!” Grey Bones said excitedly.

Gu Pan said, “Senior Brother Yang’s achievements are enough for him to lead far ahead. As long as he can stabilize his current progress, winning first place shouldn’t be difficult.”

The dense number of stars on Yang Kai’s golden bracelet could be seen at a glance.

“Junior Sister also gained a lot,” Yang Kai glanced at her white wrist and smiled.

Gu Pan’s results naturally couldn’t be compared to his, but there were more than a dozen of them, most likely obtained from killing criminals below the Sixth Order.

According to her situation, the others should be similar.

“Why is Junior Sister here?” Yang Kai changed the subject.

Looking around, Gu Pan said, “I heard some sinners say that there was something unusual about this place, and many Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators had entered this place, but there was no news of them, so I came to investigate, but I didn’t expect Senior Brother Yang to be here.”

From the looks of it, the Sixth Order sinners who had entered this place without any news had most likely become the stars on Yang Kai’s wrist.

“Oh? The news has already spread?” Yang Kai raised his brow. No wonder no one had come here recently. It seemed that his actions had been too big, causing the criminals outside to become vigilant.

From the looks of it, there was no need to continue waiting here to fish. The fish had already been frightened, so how could he catch any more? It was time to take the initiative to attack.

Having made up his mind, Yang Kai asked about Zhang Ruoxi’s situation again. Ever since the collapse of Blood Monster Cave Heaven, he had not seen her again.

After learning from Gu Pan that after the collapse of Blood Monster Cave Heaven, Langya Paradise's upper echelons had brought a group of disciples back to the Sect, and Zhang Ruoxi had been accepted by an Outer Sect Elder, she is currently cultivating hard to prepare for her future breakthrough to Open Heaven.

After learning that Ruoxi was safe and sound, Yang Kai also felt relieved. In Langya Paradise, with someone taking care of her, Ruoxi should not suffer any grievances.

Langya Paradise was one of the 72 Paradise after all, it had a deep foundation and Ruoxi’s ancestor was a disciple of Langya Paradise, so she had a sense of belonging to Langya Paradise, so staying there was a good choice for her.

After chatting with Gu Pan for a while longer, she took her leave.

The reason she had participated in this Dao Exchange Conference was not because she wanted to compete for first place, but because she was the only Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage that had come from the Langya Paradise. There was no other way to allow her to participate in this Dao Exchange Conference and also use it to temper herself.

Yang Kai didn’t try to persuade her to stay. Since she wanted to gain experience, it was naturally better for her to be alone. Moreover, as a disciple of Langya Paradise, her methods and cultivation were extraordinary. On Crime Star, even if she encountered a Sixth Order enemy, if she couldn’t defeat them, she could still escape with her life.

After sending her out of the dense forest, she turned around and said, “Senior Brother, you can stay!”

Yang Kai nodded, “Be careful.”

Gu Pan nodded, “The same is true for Senior Brother, the sinners on this Crime Star… after all, they are all extremely vicious people, and each of their subordinates has done heinous murder, so we cannot trust them too much.”

Yang Kai understood that she was reminding him to be careful of Grey Bones, so he didn’t say anything and simply smiled, “Naturally.”

“In addition, I’ve also received news that the Crime Star’s sinners seem to have recently established a Crime League. Most of the sinners have joined it to hunt and kill the participating cultivators, and many of them has caused many people to be unlucky. If Senior Brother encounters anyone from Crime League, you must not be careless. Crime League has many Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators, so it’s not something a newly-advanced Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator like us can resist.”

“Crime League?” Yang Kai raised his brow, suddenly becoming interested.


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