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“Killing a Sixth Order cultivator give five stars?” Yang Kai raised his brow slightly, vaguely understanding how the Dao Exchange’s results were calculated.

On the way here, Lu Jing had also killed some small fry. Coupled with the results Yang Kai had obtained from killing thirteen Open Heaven Stage masters, the difference in grade was immediately apparent.

The results of this Dao Exchange should be based on the number of Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage. In other words, by killing a Fifth Order cultivator, one could light up a complete star on the Golden Bracelet.

If it was a Third Order, it would be ten people to get a star, a Fourth Order would need five, and a Sixth Order would give five times the result of killing a Fifth Order. It seemed that killing a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage was the most rewarding, but how could a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage be so easy to kill?

Excluding Yang Kai, all of the Sixth Order cultivators participating in this Dao Exchange Conference were newly promoted, rising stars who hadn’t even been promoted for a hundred years. Even if their starting points weren’t bad, they still couldn’t compare to those Sixth Order veteran on Crime Star who had spent many years on the road. Unless two or three of them joined forces, it was impossible to kill a Sixth Order Sinner!

There weren’t many Sixth Order masters on Crime Star, but there were more than ten or twenty of them. If he could kill all of them, he would be able to secure his position as the champion of this Dao Exchange.

However, it would be too troublesome to search for them one by one. The Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage were scattered in various corners of the Crime Star, and Crime Star’s surface area was so large. Under the suppression of the Formation, even if Yang Kai tried his best, he might not be able to find many!

After collecting his thoughts, Yang Kai turned his head to the side and saw that the Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch, who had been watching the battle, had disappeared along with the White Hair. Obviously, he had taken advantage of his distraction to flee.

“Senior Brother Yang, they ran?” Lu Jing shouted as he pointed in a certain direction.

“They won’t be able to escape!” Yang Kai grinned maliciously as his massive figure rapidly shrank back into his true form. Activating his Space Laws, he instantly disappeared.

Fleeing in front of someone who was proficient in the Space Laws was simply a joke. No matter what kind of ability this Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch had, as long as he left behind a trace, it was impossible for him to escape.

In this regard, Yang Kai is a top existence.

Tens of thousands of kilometers away, Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch wrapped his only subordinate White Hair and flew as fast as lightning, a layer of blood mist covering his body. It was obvious he had used some kind of powerful Secret Technique to burn his blood essence and escape.

The scene of Great Clam Heavenly Monarch being killed really frightened him.

Before today, he had never thought that Great Clam Heavenly Monarch would be so weak. No, it wasn’t that Great Clam was weak, but rather that the boy with Dragon Clan’s Bloodline was ridiculously strong. Even though they were both Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, Great Clam was unable to resist him and was easily killed.

His ability was about the same as Great Clam's, and since Great Clam was not his opponent, he was naturally not his opponent too. Taking advantage of Yang Kai’s distraction, he decisively escaped.

This man was like a nightmare. If he didn’t leave, what awaited him was death.


The figure of Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch who was rushing forward suddenly stopped and looked forward with a solemn expression, a drop of cold sweat dripping down his forehead.

“Old Master?” White Hair looked at him hesitantly.

Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch didn’t answer, instead staring straight ahead. This place was shrouded in a thick fog, and even his Divine Sense was greatly suppressed, but Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch could clearly feel an extremely fierce aura staring at him from the thick fog.

It was as if an evil dragon was hiding inside!

How could…

How could this person be so fast? Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch couldn’t believe it. He had already tried his best to escape, but now he was being blocked.

At this moment, White Hair also came back to his senses. Although he couldn’t see anything, this didn’t stop him from deducing something from Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch expression. A trace of fear appeared on his face, but it quickly turned into determination as he roared, “Old Master, quickly leave, I’ll block him for you, remember to take revenge for me!”

Saying so, he rushed forward.

Amidst the mist, two dark red lights suddenly blossomed like two red lanterns.

Pa… With a miserable scream, White Hair that had rushed forward was slapped to the ground by a palm that had appeared out of nowhere, his fate unknown.

“Foolish loyalty!” The two red dots flickered as they slowly approached, the figure of the Dragon Clan gradually appearing in the eyes of Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch.

Grey Bones glanced over at White Hair and found that he had only been knocked to the ground and was not in any danger of dying. He then turned to Yang Kai, who was walking towards him, and asked in a low voice, “Does Sir intend to kill me?”

Yang Kai stood a dozen zhang in front of him, shook his neck, and said lightly, “That depends on whether you want to live or die?”

“What if I want to live?” Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch asked. If he could live, who would be willing to die? Against such a terrifying character, Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch really didn’t have any confidence in defeating him. If they really fought, his fate wouldn’t be much worse than Great Clam's.


A thick and ancient book was thrown at his feet.

“With your Blood Essence, write down your name and leave behind your aura and mark if you want to live!”

“This is…” Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch's brow wrinkled as he reached out and picked up the ancient book. Opening it, he saw that there were six names written in blood.

Apart from the cover of this ancient book, there were only nine pages in total. After writing down the names of six people, there were only three pages left.

The first three names were one thing, Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch didn’t care too much about them. However, the names of the last three, the dried bloodstains, clearly exuding the aura of a powerful Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master.

In other words, the people who left behind these three names were definitely the same as him, Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage!

“May I ask, are these six people still alive?” Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch looked up at Yang Kai.

“Alive and well, the moment they write down their name, their life and death will be under my control!”

“It really is a Loyalty List!” A look of understanding flashed across Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch's eyes. When he first saw this artifact, he already had some guesses, but only now did he obtained confirmation.

“Oh? You know about the Loyalty List?” Yang Kai looked at Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch in surprise.

“Rumor has it that Zhongyi Mo refined this thing from Xiezhi’s skin and flesh. I’ve only heard of it, but I’ve never seen it before. So it’s actually like this.”

Yang Kai grinned, “Since you know, it saves me the time to explain. Choose, submit to me, or die now!”

Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch sighed, “Winner is the king, loser is the villain, do I have a choice?”

Saying so, he decisively flipped to the seventh page, bit his tongue, forced out his Blood Essence, and left his name and mark on it.

Yang Kai immediately felt that there was a faint connection between him and Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch, causing him to grin widely, “A wise man submits to circumstances, a wise bird chooses a tall tree to nest in. Heavenly Monarch will not regret his decision today.”

Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch remained silent. Although he had been exiled to the Crime Star, he was still quite free and unfettered. As a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, there was no one here who could match him. At most, there were some who were on par with him, but now that he had been reduced to someone else’s subordinate, his life and death were under someone else’s control, his mood couldn’t be changed.

White Hair, who had been knocked to the ground, also got up and ran over to Yang Kai, smiling flatteringly, “Sir, this little one can also write my name on it and serve you loyally from now on!”

Since his old master had been subdued, he naturally had no choice.

Yang Kai glanced at him lightly and put away the Loyalty List, “You’re not qualified.”

There were only nine pages on the Loyalty List, up until now, he had used a total of seven. They were Chen Tian Fei, Hei He, Yun Xinghua, Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, Zhou Ya, and the newly subdued Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch. With only two pages left, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t waste them on a Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage.

White Hair’s expression changed as he quickly begged, “Sir, please spare me, please spare me.”

Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch also stood to the side and said, “Sir, White Hair is loyal to me. Although his cultivation is somewhat lacking, it is still better than nothing. Please spare him.”

The essence of this Dao Exchange was to hunt and kill each other. For Crime Star’s sinners and the cultivators who participated in this Dao Exchange, each of them had a certain amount of achievements. Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch was also afraid that Yang Kai would kill White Hair for his achievements.

Yang Kai said lightly, “Since you say so, let him serve you.”

White Hair was overjoyed and quickly said, “Many thanks, Sir!”

He quickly ran over to Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch and stood next to him, staring at Yang Kai with a look of awe. He had witnessed the scene of Great Clam Heavenly Monarch being killed; even such a powerful figure had been killed, so in front of him, a mere Fourth Order was probably no different from an ant.

“Wait here for me for a moment,” Yang Kai said before disappearing in a flash.

“This is…” Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch's expression suddenly became serious as he carefully observed his surroundings and suddenly understood, “Space Ability, so that’s how it is!”

No wonder the other party was able to catch up so quickly and even block his path. It turned out that he was proficient in the Space Ability, so this loss was not in vain!

A short while later, Yang Kai flashed back and brought back Lu Jing, who had been staying at the Great Clam Palace.

When Lu Jing saw that Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch was also here, he couldn’t help being shocked. When he heard Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch address Yang Kai, he was even more surprised.

He couldn’t understand what had happened in this short period of time to make a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage surrender so easily to another Sixth Order.

On the other hand, White Hair happily ran over to greet Lu Jing, probably wanting to build a good relationship with him.

“Sir, where are we going now?” Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch asked.

Yang Kai said, “Go back to your tree house.”

Grey Bones's expression changed, “Return to the tree house?”

Yang Kai said, “You’ve been on the Crime Star for quite some time now, right? How many Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters do you know?”

Grey Bones replied, “I know seven or eight of them, but because the others are too far away, I don’t have much contact with them.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Send a message to them, tell them that you and Great Clam are discussing how to deal with this Dao Exchange Conference and have them come over.”


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