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Although it had only been a few years since Yang Kai had broken through to Open Heaven, he had completely integrated the Mysterious Boundary Bead into his Small Universe during his breakthrough. The Mysterious Small World contained a massive amount of resources, including some of Blood Monster Divine Monarch's legacies, so ordinary Sixth Order naturally couldn’t compare to it.

After leaving Shadowless Cave Heaven, he had refined many Wind Spirits and obtained the World Force contained within them, saving him many years of bitter cultivation.

Although Heavenly Monarch Great Clam strength was not bad, he was still inferior to Mao Zhe, so how could he be his opponent?

With a loud bang, the burly figure of Heavenly Monarch Great Clam was sent flying and crashed into a mountain peak. A violent force exploded from his body, causing him to bleed profusely.


A huge hole appeared in the middle of the mountain, and the Heavenly Monarch Great Clam entire body was smashed into it, disappearing without a trace. The mountain shook for a moment, as if it was about to collapse and gravel was falling.

Yang Kai casually waved his spear and turned to look at Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones who had been watching the battle, “Your turn.”

Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones wore a solemn expression. He had been a Sixth Order for so many years and had fought with many masters of the same grade, but none of them had been as strong as Yang Kai. Heavenly Monarch Great Clam was not this man’s opponent, so naturally he was not.

Seeing Yang Kai look over with malicious intent, Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones said bitterly, “Great Clam won’t be defeated so easily, it won’t be too late to talk big after you finish him off!”

“En?” Yang Kai suddenly turned his head towards the hole in the mountain.

There seemed to be a surge of hidden power awakening there, and an extremely terrifying aura was emanating from it…

“Monster Qi?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

Suddenly, he remembered that the Jade Slip Qu Huachang had given him had recorded that this Heavenly Monarch Great Clam had the bloodline of a Great Monster, but he had not noticed it when he had fought him before. Now, it seemed that Qu Huachang’s information was correct. This Heavenly Monarch Great Clam did indeed have the bloodline of a Great Monster, and his bloodline was quite extraordinary.

“The reason why ants are ants is because they will never be able to appreciate the power of a master. Boy, you have angered me, and the consequences of angering me are truly pitiful!” The powerful voice of the Great Clam rang out from the mountain wall, causing the entire mountain to shake and crack.

Dong, dong, dong… A heartbeat like a war drum rang out, drawing everyone’s qi and blood. White Hair and Lu Jing’s faces instantly turned red, their expressions filled with difficulty.

A rumbling sound came from the mountain wall, as if a giant creature was walking inside.


Two giant hands suddenly reached out from the mountain wall and crushed the hard stone like tofu. Just by looking at these two giant hands, one could imagine how massive the owner of these hands was.

“Moo!” The sound of a cow mooing shook the nine heavens.

The two giant hands spread out and tore open a huge crack in the mountain wall. A bull head with two curved horns on its head suddenly poked out, still retaining some of its original appearance as it roared, “Junior, today I’ll show you what true strength is…”

The roar of the bull’s head quickly weakened as it felt a huge shadow blot out the light in front of it. The Great Monster’s bloodline in its body couldn’t help trembling a little as it raised its head to look up, only to see a dragon head with two horns and dragon scales all over its body, a dragon head with a dragon’s beard fluttering beneath its chin, looking down at him with interest.

The two golden dragon eyes were like two huge suns, emitting a dazzling light.

Gulp! The bull head gulped.

White Hair and Lu Jing shivered as Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones wore a solemn expression and shouted, “Dragon Clan!”

He had seen with his own eyes that in less than a breath’s time, this tiny little person had suddenly grown to become such a massive monster in front of him. This giant figure, which was more than a hundred zhang tall, seemed to be an insurmountable chasm.

“Oh?” Yang Kai breathed out, “What did you want to say just now? I’ll allow you to finish!”

Bull head remained silent, his expression extremely solemn.

Yang Kai shook his head, “This Crime Star’s Formation is quite powerful, it can actually suppress me to this extent.”

When he fought with these people, Yang Kai had discovered that under the suppression of the Crime Star Formation, he could only display less than thirty percent of his usual strength.

Of course, this was the same for everyone.

However, he hadn’t expected that this Crime Star Formation could even suppress his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique. Originally, he had used the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique to reach 300 zhang body, but now it was only a hundred zhang.

As their eyes met, the bull head slowly retreated back into the mountain.

Yang Kai stretched out his dragon claw and reached into the mountain without any hindrance, pulling out the Great Clam Heavenly Monarch that was stimulating the Great Monster Bloodline.

At this moment, Heavenly Monarch Great Clam's appearance was completely different from before. His figure was more than a dozen zhang tall, and his muscles were extremely strong.

However, this terrifying physique in front of ordinary people was nothing but a child in front of Yang Kai.

“The bloodline of One-Legged Bull?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

One-Legged Bull is also a Holy Spirit. Although its ranking on the Holy Spirit List wasn’t high, it is still a Holy Spirit, and as long as it was a Holy Spirit, it would have the strength of High Rank Open Heaven after reaching adulthood.

This Great Clam Heavenly Monarch has some bloodline of the One-Legged Bull, but it wasn’t very rich. It was powered by the foundation of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master, allowing it to have such a physique.

If not for the suppression of the Crime Star Formation, his body would have been even larger.

However, no matter how big it was, it couldn’t compare to the current Yang Kai.

“Die!” Great Clam HEavenly Monarch also knew that life and death were only a hair’s breadth away, so after being caught by Yang Kai, he opened his mouth and roared, releasing a thick World Force from the Monster Race’s Secret Technique, turning it into a column of pure smoke that shot towards Yang Kai’s face.

This column of smoke looked ethereal and invisible, but it was the full power of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage.

Yang Kai clenched his fist and opened his mouth, taking a deep breath as his abdomen expanded.

“Fire Dragon… Breath!”

The pitch-black Golden Crow True Fire surged out to meet the white pillar of smoke.

The violent forces collided and a huge shockwave spread out, causing Yang Kai’s figure to rise slightly. Seizing this opportunity, the Great Clam Heavenly Monarch attacked Yang Kai’s giant hand.

Yang Kai was in so much pain that he almost let go of Great Clam and threw him out. Fortunately, he managed to react in time and grabbed onto his legs before he could completely escape.

Immediately after, he raised his arm and smashed the Great Clam Heavenly Monarch to the ground.


The ground trembled and cracked.

The Great Clam Heavenly Monarch felt dizzy for a moment, but before he could recover, Yang Kai lifted him up again and smashed him towards the other side. He still resisted, but in the face of this violent power, any resistance was futile.

Boom boom boom…

Lu Jing stood where he was and with a loud bang, his body couldn’t help jumping up and down. The earth trembled as he stared blankly at Yang Kai holding a giant object that was more than a dozen zhang tall and smashing it to the ground…

“The world is too dangerous!” On the other side, Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones' eyelids were twitching as he tried to escape, but he could clearly feel that Yang Kai, who was dealing with Great Clam, had released a trace of his aura to lock onto him.

When he didn’t try to escape, it would be fine, but when he does, Yang Kai would immediately stop him.

He had no confidence that he could escape from this monster.

Was Yin-Yang Heaven really going to eradicate all of them this time? Crime Star had existed for tens of thousands of years and had always been an important place for Yin-Yang Heaven’s disciples to temper themselves. Although there were countless criminals imprisoned here, they had also contributed greatly to the growth of Yin-Yang Heaven’s disciples.

This time, Yin-Yang Heaven had actually released such a monster into the Crime Star. Could it be that they felt there was no longer a need for the Crime Star to exist and wanted to eliminate all the sinners?

Seeing that there was no way for him to fight back and that he had no choice but to allow this Great Clam to be slaughtered, Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones couldn’t help feeling a sense of pity.

Boom boom boom…

A loud bang rang out as Heavenly Monarch Great Clam activated his Great Monster Bloodline. Although his physique was sturdy and he was resistant to attacks, he still couldn’t resist Yang Kai’s smashing.

A moment later, Yang Kai stopped, picked up the dozen Zhang tall body, and gently shook it.

The body of the Great Clam Heavenly Monarch swayed like a noodle, blood dripping down like a river, and even the horns on its head were broken.

“He died just like that? How boring!” Yang Kai’s voice rang out as he brought the Great Clam Heavenly Monarch to his eyes.

The motionless Great Clam Heavenly Monarch suddenly opened his eyes, the flames of rage and humiliation is burning in his eyes, as if he wanted to burn everything in this world.

“Let's die together, bastard!” Great Clam Heavenly Monarch roared, his burly figure suddenly expanding as the World Force aura suddenly became extremely chaotic.

Yang Kai picked up the Azure Dragon Spear that was like a toothpick from the ground and thrust it straight towards the Great Clam Heavenly Monarch.

The Azure Dragon Spear rapidly expanded and in the blink of an eye, it had grown to a hundred zhang in length, directly piercing into the chest of Great Clam Heavenly Monarch and pinning him to a mountain wall.

Great Clam Heavenly Monarch's eyes bulged as he stared fiercely in Yang Kai’s direction, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t break free from the Azure Dragon Spear. From the spear, a terrifying power surged into his body, wreaking havoc, and even his Small Universe began to collapse.

“I didn’t expect that I, Great Clam Heavenly Monarch, would die here!” The light in Great Clam's eyes slowly dimmed, his face filled with unwillingness as his vitality dissipated.

“He should be dead now,” Yang Kai muttered to himself. After waiting for a moment, he didn’t see any black light rushing towards him. After a moment of silence, he realized that he was too far away. According to his previous deduction with Lu Jing, he would need to be within 30 zhang to get the result of killing the enemy.

Clutching the Azure Dragon Spear, Yang Kai dragged the corpse of Great Clam Heavenly Monarch in front of him.

A thick black light flew out from the wrist of Great Clam Hevenly Monarch's right hand and poured into Yang Kai’s golden bracelet.

On the golden bracelet, more than three stars had already lit up, and the fourth one was about to light up, but after the black light from the Great Clam Heavenly Monarch poured in, the golden bracelet suddenly has five more stars.


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