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“So this is the Great Clam Palace?” Yang Kai looked up at the giant palace atop the towering mountain peak. This palace is completely built from giant rocks, simple and crude.

Under the leadership of White Hair, the three of them ran for hundreds of thousands of kilometers before finally arriving at this place. Before they even reached the top of the mountain, Yang Kai could clearly sense that there seemed to be many malicious gazes staring towards them.

One could easily tell that there were only White Hair under the command of Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch, but this Great Clam Palace was definitely filled with powerful masters, and it wasn’t just Great Clam Heavenly Monarch alone.

However, this was also in line with Yang Kai’s intentions. The more people there were, the greater the benefits they would receive, saving him the trouble of searching around and wasting his time.

“Brother Yang, are we just going up the mountain like this?” Lu Jing’s face was slightly pale. Although his cultivation was not as high as Yang Kai’s, his perception of danger was extremely sharp. The obscure and powerful aura coming from the mountain was simply too oppressive.

“Why don’t you wait here for me?” Yang Kai glanced at him.

Lu Jing hesitated for a moment before shaking his head, “I think I’ll go with Brother Yang.”

This dragon pond tiger cave was filled with dangers. If he stayed outside alone, it would probably be safer to stay by Yang Kai’s side. At the very least, if he encountered any powerful enemies, Yang Kai would be able to take care of him.

“Let’s go,” Yang Kai stepped forward. When he had just broken through to the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, he had single-handedly destroyed Proofund Yang Mountain and defeated the three Mountain Lords. Now, his strength was far greater than before, so no matter how powerful this Great Clam Palace was, it was likely it couldn’t compare to Profound Yang Mountain, so there was naturally nothing to fear.

There was no obstruction along the way and not a single person could be seen, but Lu Jing could clearly feel the hidden murderous intent all around him.

Soon, the three of them arrived at the top of the mountain.

On a flat and smooth platform on the mountain peak, there were at least a dozen people gathered, causing Yang Kai’s eyes to light up.

These dozen or so people all had varying cultivations, ranging from Third Order to Fifth Order. Behind these dozen or so people, there were two figures quietly standing there, observing them with interest.

Yang Kai immediately noticed these two people. Their auras were clearly more vigorous than the others, and although he couldn’t determine their exact cultivation, if he was not mistaken, these two should be Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones and Heavenly Monarch Great Clam.

“Master!” White Hair followed behind Yang Kai and looked at Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones pitifully, his eyes filled with tears.

Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones nodded slightly, “I understand what happened, the fault is not yours, come here!”

White Hair glanced at Yang Kai with some fear, unable to move.

Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones said lightly, “Rest assured, in front of this King, no one can harm you.”

“Yes!” White Hair quickly responded and leapt away from Yang Kai, pouncing towards Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones.

Yang Kai didn’t move, as if he didn’t see him run away from him, simply counting by himself. After a while, he nodded and said, “Thirteen, a little less, but that’s all.”

Everyone was stunned for a moment before Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones frowned and asked, “Little friend, which Cave Heaven Paradise are you from? Please state your name!”

“Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones?” Yang Kai glanced over and asked.

Grey Bones nodded, “Yes, it is this King.”

“So you’re Heavenly Monarch Great Clam?” Yang Kai looked towards the burly man.

Great Clam snorted coldly, “That’s right, it’s your grandfather. Boy, I don’t care which Cave Heaven Paradise you come from, but since you dare come to my Great Clam Palace and act so wildly, don’t leave.”

Yang Kai was surprised, “Heavenly Monarch Great Clam is very hospitable to the guest!”

Great Clam snorted coldly, “You still have the mood to talk nonsense with this King? I’ll show you how this King treats his guests!” He waved his hand and shouted, “Attack!”

In an instant, the thirteen Open Heaven Stage masters standing in front of him and Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones all summoned their own Small Universe's power and released their Secret Techniques and Artifacts power to attack Yang Kai.

Lu Jing’s face paled and without thinking, he quickly retreated!

In the face of such an overwhelming attack, he had no way to resist and could only retreat.

As soon as he stabilized himself, he heard a series of explosions in front of him. A violent shockwave of energy swept out, and as the spear’s light flashed, it was mixed with a series of muffled cries and screams. Blood and flesh flew everywhere as ripples spread outwards, causing his Qi and blood to become unstable and his Small Universe to shake violently. For a moment, he felt dizzy and his heart filled with shock.

Not daring to delay, he quickly circulated his strength to stabilize the Small Universe's movements.

After a dozen breaths of time, when he regained his senses, the tremors in front of him suddenly subsided.

Looking up, Lu Jing couldn’t help letting out a startled cry, his mouth so wide it could fit a fist.

A thousand feet in front of him, Yang Kai’s figure remained motionless as he held his spear with one hand. As the wind blew, his black hair fluttered and his robes fluttered. Around his feet, blood flowed and broken limbs and pieces of flesh littered the ground. The scene was like a living hell.

The thirteen Open Heaven Stage masters who had attacked him was actually completely wiped out, and even those with intact bodies were few in number. All of their corpses were in tatters, as if they had been struck by countless violent attacks.

Lu Jing was stunned, Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones and Heavenly Monarch Great Clam were also stunned, and the White Hair trembled as he nearly fell to the ground.

When he thought about how he had actually followed such a powerful person who could easily crush him, he couldn’t help feeling a lingering fear.

Beams of black light flew out from the dead body and into Yang Kai’s golden bracelet, instantly lighting up more than three stars.

“You…” Heavenly Monarch Great Clam eyes bulged.

He didn’t expect his subordinates to really kill Yang Kai. According to his and Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones' speculations, since this person dared to come here knowing that there were two Sixth Order Heavenly Monarchs gathered together, he must be a Sixth Order too.

Originally, he had planned to use his subordinates to probe Yang Kai’s background so that he and Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones could have a chance to target him, but who would have thought that thirteen of his subordinates would be killed so easily?

Although the strength of these thirteen subordinates was quite varied, two of them were Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, but even so, they were unable to resist the other party’s spear!

“How dare you!”

Yang Kai licked his lips as if he had just eaten his fill, “Heavenly Monarch is really hospitable to the guest!”

“I’ll kill you!” Heavenly Monarch Great Clam roared angrily. Although he was a Sixth Order, it wasn’t easy for him to gather so many subordinates on Crime Star. He wasn’t the only Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator on the Crime Star, and most of the cultivators on the Crime Star were vicious and ruthless, most of them unwilling to submit to others.

Compared to someone who was under the protection of a powerful master, they preferred to act freely.

The reason why Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones only had White Hair as his subordinate was firstly because he didn’t like noise, and secondly because he couldn’t find a suitable candidate.

Heavenly Monarch Great Clam had spent a great deal of effort to subdue these dozen or so subordinates. Although their strength was inferior to his, if there was anything he needed them to do, it would save him a lot of effort. Now that they had been slaughtered by Yang Kai’s spear, he was naturally furious.

As his anger reached its peak, his muscles bulged and his entire body swelled up. Both of his hands clenched into fists in the air, each of them grabbing a large hammer. His massive figure was incredibly vigorous as he rushed over to Yang Kai’s head and smashed down.

“Come here!” Yang Kai shouted in a low voice. He had fought with a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master many times, but after returning from Shadowless Cave Heaven, he had yet to officially fight a Sixth Order. He also wanted to know how much he had grown compared to when he had just broken through.

The long spear was like a dragon as it thrust forward, not showing any fancy moves, but it was extremely exquisite.

The Great Unrestrained Spear Technique didn’t have any fixed trick, every strike was executed at will.

With a loud bang, the World Force collided with each other and Yang Kai’s body shook slightly, clearly feeling his Small Universe World tremble slightly.

On the other hand, Heavenly Monarch Great Clam was sent flying like a ragdoll, his eyes filled with disbelief.

At the side, Heavenly Monarch Grey Bones had originally planned to act as support and join forces with Great Clam, but upon seeing this scene, his eyes couldn’t help narrowing as he quickly suppressed the World Force in his palm.

Both of them were Sixth Order, so he was well aware of the strength of Great Clam. It was not much stronger than him.

But now, the Great Clam had been sent flying by the enemy’s spear, showing just how deep the enemy’s foundation was! With such a powerful enemy, even if the two of them joined forces, they wouldn’t be able to win.

How could a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator display such great strength? Which Cave Heaven Paradise's disciple was this?

On the other side, Heavenly Monarch Great Clam fell to the ground in a sorry state, his eyes wide open, unable to believe that he had been so easily defeated. Although the spear strike just now had not injured him and only caused his Small Universe to tremble, it was still quite unexpected.

Shaking his head vigorously to suppress the Small Universe's shock, Great Clam felt slightly better.

“Weak, too weak.” Yang Kai slowly shook his head. The strength of this Heavenly Monarch Great Clam was not even comparable to Mao Zhe, so it was naturally impossible for him to be his opponent.

When he had just broken through to the Sixth Order, he had been able to fight with Mao Zhe, not to mention now, he had swallowed a lot of World Force from that Whirlwind Divine Ability. The current him was much stronger than before.

“Junior, how dare you humiliate me!” Great Clam roared in anger as he rushed forward again with his two hammers in hand. Ignoring everything else, he poured all of his Small Universe's strength into his two hammers and smashed them towards Yang Kai, each strike leaving a black mark in the void, causing the void to tremble and twist.

Yang Kai’s spear flashed as he countered with his own attack.

Although it had only been a few years since he had broken through to the Open Heaven Stage, he had fought with many Open Heaven Stage cultivators, and now he had gained some insights into the mysteries of the Open Heaven Stage. The battles between Open Heaven Stage cultivators were all about the strength of one’s Small Universe World foundation. The stronger one’s foundation was, the stronger one’s strength was, while the weaker one's foundation was, the weaker one's strength was.


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