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Updated: Jan 7, 2022

In terms of the Array Dao, Yang Kai didn’t have a deep understanding of it. There was a Confusing Formation set up here, making it impossible for him and Lu Jing to find the right direction. If he wanted to break the formation, he would have to either find the location of the Formation Eye or use brute force.

Yang Kai chose the second option.

The pitch-black Golden Crow True Fire filled the air, burning everything in its path as it pushed forward layer by layer. At first, the sharp voice spoke a few words of ridicule, but soon, it realized that the situation was not quite right. Under the sweep of the Golden Crow True Fire, the entire Formation seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

The voice suddenly became flustered and exasperated, hiding in the shadows and activating the various transformations of the Formation, transforming into an endless stream of attacks that flew towards Yang Kai and Lu Jing from all directions. Each of these attacks was extremely powerful, clearly demonstrating the foundation of the Formation.

Yang Kai’s expression remained unchanged as he casually blocked these attacks while continuing to release his Golden Crow True Fire.

Lu Jing’s face was pale as he hid beside Yang Kai, not daring to move. With his Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation, if he had fallen into this Formation alone, he would have been killed on the spot. Now that he was safe and sound, it was all thanks to Yang Kai.

The attacks coming from all directions were not only concentrated but also continuous, each of them containing the power of a Fourth Order Open Heaven.

After half an incense stick of time, Yang Kai suddenly turned his head towards a certain direction and grinned, “Found it!”

With a burst of his strength, he wrapped in Lu Jing and rushed towards it, breaking through the illusion of the Formation and plunging into a giant tree hole.

Violent energy fluctuations filled the air, accompanied by muffled groans and screams. The giant trees swayed and the branches and leaves fell, but after three breaths, everything calmed down.

Inside the tree hole, Yang Kai held the neck of a dwarf half the height of a man and gently shook him.

The dwarf didn’t move at all, like a noodle being tossed about, even his aura was completely extinguished.

“Dead?” Yang Kai frowned and suddenly licked his lips, “Even if you die, I can’t waste it.”

Under Lu Jing’s stunned gaze, he opened his mouth and stuffed the dwarf into his mouth as if he wanted to eat him alive.

Lu Jing’s eyes twitched violently.

The motionless dwarf who seemed to have died suddenly struggled and shouted, “Mercy, mercy, Sir!”

Yang Kai looked at him with a mocking expression, their eyes meeting. How could the dwarf not know that he was being played? His little trick of feigning death had long been seen through.

Yang Kai threw him to the ground and said lightly, “Don’t even think about running, you won’t be able to escape.”

Saying so, he walked over to a wooden chair, pulled up his robes, and sat down.

The dwarf trembled as he lay prostrate on the ground, not daring to run. Just now, he had only exchanged a few blows with Yang Kai, but he had already been captured. With his little ability, he wasn’t even worthy of holding his shoes in front of Yang Kai, so how could he possibly have any other thoughts?

Looking around, Yang Kai saw that the layout of this tree hole was extremely simple, so it was obvious that the owner of this place wasn’t someone who pursued material desires and didn’t find anything worth paying attention to. Yang Kai looked down at the dwarf in front of him and asked in disappointment, “Are you Heavenly Monarch Gray Bones?”

Contrary to the information Qu Huachang gave him, this dwarf in front of him was only a Fourth Order, not a Sixth Order.

The dwarf quickly said, “Sir is wise, this little one is only the old master’s servant!”

“You’re not Gray Bones?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

The dwarf raised his head and squeezed out a flattering smile, “This little one is called White Hair!” As he spoke, he raised his hand and stroked the white fur on his head.

“Pfft!” Lu Jing couldn’t help laughing.

From the fight between this dwarf and Yang Kai just now, he had also felt that the other party’s cultivation was at the Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage. If this was some of the weaker Second Class forces outside, perhaps he would be an Elders, but on Crime Star, he was actually just a servant of the other party and had even given such a casual name.

This was obviously not his real name, but there was no need to investigate further.

“Where’s Heavenly Monarch Gray Bones?” Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, somewhat unhappy. He had rushed all the way here, thinking he could start a massacre and earn some achievements, but who would have thought that he would only find a Fourth Order here, a waste of time and energy.

White Hair respectfully replied, “Recently, something big will happen on the Crime Star. Old Master went to pay a visit to Heavenly Monarch Great Clam to discuss countermeasures.”

“Great Clam Heavenly Monarch?” Yang Kai’s expression changed as he recalled the contents of the jade slip Qu Huachang had given him. There was indeed a Great Clam Heavenly Monarch who was also a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master. It was said that this person had the bloodline of a Great Monster and possessed extraordinary strength.

“Sir, are you all here to participate in the Dao Exchange Conference held by Yin-Yang Heaven?” White Hair carefully observed Yang Kai’s expression and asked.

“So what if I am?” Yang Kai looked at the White Hair from head to toe, causing his hair to stand on end. Recalling the scene where Yang Kai opened his mouth to bite him, he couldn’t help shivering.

Hurriedly squeezing out two drops of tears, he kowtowed repeatedly, “Sir, please spare my life. This lowly one’s cultivation is low, I didn’t commit any heinous crimes. It’s just that back then, because I had eyes but couldn’t see, I made a fool of a Yin-Yang Heaven Disciple and was captured and brought to this Crime Star. Sir, please spare my life, this lowly one really isn’t a sinner.”

After confirming that Yang Kai and the other had come to participate in the Dao Exchange Conference, how could he not know that his life was under the others hands? Since his strength was inferior, he could only quickly beg for mercy.

Yang Kai kicked him to the ground, “Shut up if you want to live!”

White Hair immediately shut his mouth and stared at Yang Kai with tears in his eyes.

Sitting on the chair, Yang Kai’s eyes darted around as he pondered for a moment before standing up and lifting his white fur, “Do you know where that Great Clam Heavenly Monarch is?”

White Hair quickly nodded, “I know, Great Clam Heavenly Monarch has a good relationship with my Old Master and often interacts with him. Old Master once brought me to the Great Clam Palace of Great Clam Heavenly Monarch!”

“Take me there!” Yang Kai released him and ordered.

White Hair stared at him in disbelief, but soon became overjoyed, “Sir, please follow me.”

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, in a huge palace, a white beardless middle-aged man and a burly man sat facing each other. The white beardless man didn’t seem to have any special features, but the other man was a burly man who was two heads taller than an ordinary man. His muscles were bulging, giving off an explosive aura.

These two people were Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch and Great Clam Heavenly Monarch.

The man called White Hair didn’t lie. After learning that a large number of cultivators would enter Crime Star and participate in the Dao Exchange Conference, with all the sinners on Crime Star as targets, Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch would set out to this Great Clam Palace to discuss countermeasures with Great Clam Heavenly Monarch.

Although the two of them were both Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, they didn’t dare underestimate the elite disciples from the Cave Heaven Paradise. This Dao Exchange Conference was an opportunity for them, and if they could kill enough cultivators to participate in it, they would be able to regain their freedom. They didn’t doubt Yin-Yang Heaven’s impartiality, and since they had been informed of this matter, Yin-Yang Heaven would fulfill their end of the bargain no matter what, so whether it was Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch or Great Clam Heavenly Monarch, both of them attached great importance to this matter.

Unexpectedly, just as the two of them were discussing, Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch suddenly noticed that something was wrong with his Cave Mansion. Using his Secret Technique, he immediately discovered the situation inside.

At this moment, a semi-transparent light curtain floated between the two, reflecting the scene inside Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch's Cave Mansion. The conversation between Yang Kai and White Hair naturally reached their ears.

After putting away the Secret Technique, Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch looked up towards Great Clam Heavenly Monarch and asked, “What do you think Great Clam?”

Great Clam Heavenly Monarch said solemnly, “As expected, this child must have come from some kind of Cave Heaven Paradise or else he wouldn’t have the courage to rush straight towards us.”

Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch nodded and said, “He definitely came from a Cave Heaven Paradise, but I don’t know which Cave Heaven Paradise it is.”

“Who cares where he comes from? It’s fine if he doesn’t provoke this King, but if he dares to act so wildly in this King’s territory, I guarantee he won’t be able to escape.” Great Clam Heavenly Monarch waved his hand, his tone filled with confidence.

Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch said, “Brother Great Clam, you must not be careless. This child clearly knows that the two of us are gathered together, yet he still dares to rush here. He obviously has something to rely on.”

“Grey Bones, you’re being too careful. If you and I join forces, do you think we’ll have to be afraid of him? No matter how powerful he is, he’s only a Sixth Order just like you and me. Not to mention, according to the information we’ve received, the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters who participated in this Dao Exchange Conference were all newly promoted cultivators, no one has accumulate their strength in this realm more than a hundred years old, so how could they have any kind of strong foundation? When we Open Heaven Stage cultivators fight, it’s all about the strength of our respective Small Universe.”

Grey Bones thought for a moment and nodded, “Brother Great Clam's words make sense, but it’s best to be careful.”

Great Clam grinned and said, “Don’t worry, this King isn’t a fool. If he came, we would naturally have someone investigate his background first. Sigh, Brother Grey Bones, I told you long ago that you should recruit more subordinates, but you just wouldn’t listen, only keeping White Hair. What can a mere Fourth Order do?”

Grey Bones smiled and said, “I’m used to peace and quiet.”

“But it doesn’t matter. If you and I seize this opportunity during this Dao Exchange, we can escape from this place. At that time, we’ll be able to go wherever we want,” Great Clam licked his lips, “A Sixth Order, I don’t know how many achievements he can give us.”

“I don’t know, but it shouldn’t be too little.”

The two of them glanced at each other, both of them somewhat restless. Since they knew that Yang Kai had come here, the two of them naturally had to make some preparations to ensure that this little brat would never return alive.

“Brother Yang, what is the cultivation of Grey Bones Heavenly Monarch?” On the way, Lu Jing suddenly asked.

Yang Kai didn’t say anything, but White Hair said proudly, “My old master is a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master. In the entire Crime Star, he is one of the top existences!”

Lu Jing’s expression couldn’t help becoming solemn as a trace of fear appeared in his heart. Heavenly Monarch, although a Mid Rank Open Heaven cultivator could be called a Heavenly Monarch, there was still a huge gap between their grade.

Now that he had broken through to the Fourth Order, he could also call himself a Heavenly Monarch, but the weight of this Heavenly Monarch tittle was completely different from Grey Bones.


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