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Recalling the scene just now, Lu Jing said, “These two can be considered Third Order, but the score is evenly divided with senior brother Yang, so this star is only dyed black by ten percent. In other words, if you want to obtain a full star, you must kill ten Third Order Open Heaven Stage alone! What if it’s Fourth Order or Fourth Order…”

“We’ll find someone to try,” Yang Kai said casually.

“You’re right!” Lu Jing nodded. Following Yang Kai, a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master, he felt a great sense of security. If he really encountered a powerful enemy, he didn’t need to worry too much about it. All he needed to do was protect himself and leave the rest to Yang Kai. He secretly made up his mind to stay away from Yang Kai when he kill again, otherwise, it would be bad if he had to share his achievements.

He had only come here for the sake of returning safely, so he didn’t really care about his final results.

“But before that, we must first figure out where this place is located in the Crime Star,” Yang Kai said as he soared into the sky.

He had originally wanted to stand on the high ground and observe his surroundings, but just as he was about to fly up, he suddenly felt the pressure above his head increase dramatically, and as he flew up, the pressure became more terrifying.

After flying a thousand feet, he was no longer able to do anything.

Inwardly, Yang Kai was speechless. This Crime Star Formation was truly amazing, even he, a Sixth Order Open Heaaven Stage master, was unable to resist it. Thinking about it, this place was where Yin-Yang Heaven imprisoned the most vicious and evil people, including some Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters. If it was so easy to escape the suppression of this Formation, the sinners inside would have long fled.

But now, even with his current ability, he could only fly a thousand feet high. If it were any other Sixth Order Open Heaven, it would be even worse. As such, trying to escape Crime Star was simply wishful thinking.

High up in the sky, Yang Kai observed his surroundings while comparing the information recorded on the jade slip in his hand.

This jade slip was given to him by Qu Huachang at the last moment. It contained all kinds of information about the Crime Star, including a map of the entire Crime Star, as well as information about those Sixth Order Open Heaven.

Yin-Yang Heaven had been managing the Crime Star for countless years, so it was only natural that they knew all about Crime Star’s situation. It wasn’t difficult for Qu Huachang to obtain this information.

This action of her was somewhat wrong, but Qu Huachang was worried that Yang Kai would encounter some kind of enemy that was too strong.

However, because there was too little information, he was unable to determine his current location and could only continue forward.

Lu Jing followed closely behind Yang Kai, his expression calm.

The speed at which the two of them flew was greatly reduced due to the suppression of the Crime Star Formation. Yang Kai had thought that the one year period of the Dao Exchange Conference would be too long. After all, the cultivators participating in it were all Fourth Order Open Heaven and above. Although the Crime Star was big, it could not withstand the torment of hundreds of people. It was likely that in less than half a month, the entire Crime Star would be turned upside down.

But now it seemed that because of the various suppression from the Crime Star Formation, the speed of their advance had greatly decreased. In a year, they might not even be able to completely explore the Crime Star.

From time to time, Yang Kai would stop and examine his surroundings.

After half a day, Yang Kai finally confirmed his location and carefully read the information recorded on the jade slip before turning his head to look in a certain direction.

You're it!

Along the way, they would occasionally encounter some wandering sinners, some alone, some in groups.

Xu Linggong was right. All the criminals imprisoned on the Crime Star had been notified in advance that a large number of cultivators who were participating in the Dao Exchange Conference would enter the Crime Star. If they could kill enough participants and obtain a corresponding battle record, Yin-Yang Heaven would grant them freedom.

Due to this temptation, the sinners on the Crime Star naturally took the initiative to wander about. Many of them had been imprisoned here for hundreds or even thousands of years. If Yin-Yang Heaven didn’t agree, they wouldn’t be able to escape. Now that such an opportunity had finally appeared, they naturally had to grasp it.

If their luck was good enough, they might be able to be reborn!

However, although there were a lot of people imprisoned on the Crime Star, most of them weren’t very strong. Along the way, the people they encountered were all below the Third Order. Yang Kai didn’t take action, but Lu Jing was quite excited.

After several attempts, the two of them finally determined a pattern. As long as the distance between them was more than 30 zhang away, the results of their killings would not be divided and would only be obtained by themselves. If they were within 30 zhang of each other, the black light from the dead criminal’s wrist would split into two.

The Yin-Yang Heaven’s design was likely to take into consideration the fact that there would be people who would travel together, so it would be easier to calculate their respective achievements. Of course, the question of who would contribute the most or who would contribute the least was something that could be solved by the group.

Three days later, the two of them stepped into a dense forest. This forest was filled with a dense fog that allowed them to see less than ten meters around them. There was also a faint suppressive force that suppressed their Divine Sense. Obviously, some kind of Formation had been set up here.

With this Formation, it meant that there were people living here, and judging from the traces and grade of this Formaation, the strength of the people living here was definitely not low.

Lu Jing nervously followed behind Yang Kai, occasionally glancing around. He didn’t know why Yang Kai had come here, but along the way, Yang Kai’s goal seemed very clear.


A light sound rang out, causing Lu Jing’s hair to stand on end. Looking down, he saw a dried branch beneath his feet break and couldn’t help laughing, wondering if he had been too nervous.

As soon as this thought flashed through his mind, he suddenly felt a wave of darkness envelop him and his vision went dark. An extremely viscous feeling filled his nose and he felt as if he had fallen into an extremely harsh environment.

Shocked, he quickly summoned the World Force from his Small Universe and punched out.

With a pop, light returned to his eyes and his whole body was drenched in a yellow liquid.

Shocked, he looked behind him and saw a giant flower with a large hole in it, from which a similar liquid flowed out.

Lu Jing’s face went black as he realized that he had just been swallowed by this strange flower. He had seen many of these giant flowers along the way, but he had never imagined that they could actually eat humans.

“Oh?” Yang Kai looked towards the flower with interest.

Cī cī cī……

A strange sound rang out as the dozen or so giant flowers around them suddenly split apart, revealing rows upon rows of jagged fangs that stretched out like poisonous snakes.

“You dare act so arrogantly!” Lu Jing’s stomach was filled with anger as he brandished his long sword. With a flash of sword light, the incoming flowers were chopped into pieces.

Although these flowers were strange, they were still far from being able to injure a Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator like him.

Shua Shua Shua…

A series of wind piercing sounds rang out, and the branches of the surrounding ancient trees seemed to come to life as they lashed out in all directions, each of them attacking with great force.

Before Lu Jing could recover from his shock, he was struck in the head and face, causing him to panic as he hurriedly called out, “Brother Yang!”

“This is a good Formation!” Yang Kai sighed as his entire body shook and the pitch-black Golden Crow True Fire suddenly spread out, instantly burning all the branches.

On the surrounding ancient trees, terrified faces appeared one after another. With a loud bang, the roots of many ancient trees were pulled out, as if they had encountered something extremely terrifying, and all of them fled!

The surroundings suddenly became empty.

“Let’s go see the master of this place!” Yang Kai called out.

Lu Jing’s entire body was covered in wet mucus as he dejectedly followed behind Yang Kai, muttering, “Brother Yang, I don’t feel too good.”

“It’s fine, we'll just borrow this place master’s bath to wash ourself.”

Lu Jing sighed, “We can only do so.”

Although the viscous liquid hanging from his body had a certain corrosive property, with his Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation, he was still able to resist it. All he did was consume some World Force, but the smell was simply too nauseating.

The two of them continued forward, and after what had just happened, the flowers and strange giant trees were nowhere to be seen. However, the great array here seemed to have some kind of Confusing Formation effect. Yang Kai and Lu Jing wandered around for a while but still couldn’t find their way out, let alone find the master of this place.

Yang Kai impatiently stopped and shouted, “Is Heavenly Monarch Gray Bones here? Come out and see me!”

According to the information Qu Huachang had given him, the one who lived here was a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master named Gray Bones Heavenly Monarch. This man had once boasted of his great strength and ran to a Universe World under the jurisdiction of Yin-Yang Territory to wreak havoc, causing Yin-Yang Heaven’s wrath. In the end, he was personally captured by a Seventh Order Elder from Yin-Yang Heaven and thrown into the Crime Star, where he had been imprisoned for more than eight hundred years.

For Yin-Yang Heaven Disciples who had entered Crime Star to temper themselves, this jungle was like a forbidden zone. After all, the cultivation of Yin-Yang Heaven Disciples who came here to temper themselves was not too strong, so who could face the might of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master like Heavenly Monarch Gray Bones?

Only people at Qing Kui and Su Yingxue’s level could be a match for Heavenly Monarch Gray Bones, but with Qing Kui and Su Yingxue’s status, they wouldn’t come to the Crime Star for no reason, unless they had received a special mission from the Sect. When they were promoted to Outer Sect Elders, the two of them had come to the Crime Star to kill the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator.

“Where did this blind fool come from? How dare you act so wildly in this King’s territory? If you don’t want to die, then hurry up and scram. Otherwise, don’t blame this King for being impolite,” A sharp voice rang out, causing everyone who heard it to feel extremely uncomfortable. Moreover, this voice was so ethereal that it was impossible to determine its direction.

“Are you sure you want to talk to me like this?” Yang Kai glanced towards a certain direction.

A strange laughter rang out, “This little brat is spouting nonsense. This King is in a good mood today so I won’t argue with you. If you understand me then scram!”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, “I hope your bones will be as tough as your mouth later!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the pitch-black Golden Crow True Fire spread out and transformed into a sea of flames that swept out in all directions!


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