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The purpose of the Dao Exchange was to select a husband for Qu Huachang, so all the cultivators who came to participate more or less had some hope that they could win first place and win the beauty.

On their side, they were eager to fight to the death, but they didn’t expect Qu Huachang to take the initiative to throw herself into the arms of one of the participants, as if she was secretly in love with him…

This kind of mood was truly difficult to describe. For a time, many people looked at Yang Kai with eyes filled with hatred and anger, but even more people felt that it was better to not see what was in front of them and rush up the Rainbow Bridge to be sent to the Crime Star.

“Junior Brother, you must be careful!” Qu Huachang didn’t try to act intimately with Yang Kai, quickly letting go of him and taking two steps back, winking at him.

Yang Kai nodded slightly before turning around and striding towards the Rainbow Bridge.

“Senior Brother Yang, wait for me!” Lu Jing finally came back to his senses and quickly caught up to Yang Kai. At the same time, he pushed his own strength towards Yang Kai.

Although Yang Kai was aware of this, he didn’t resist. After the two of them stepped onto the Rainbow Bridge, a rush of dizziness hit him, and his vision blurred as he entered a different world.

A great pressure pressed down on him from all directions, causing Yang Kai’s body to sink involuntarily. He felt as if his Small Universe had been blinded and his strength had become sluggish.

“Senior Brother Yang, please forgive me, this Crime Star’s teleportation is a random location. If it wasn’t for that, you and I would have been separated, and it would have been difficult to find Senior Brother again,” Lu Jing explained to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai looked surprised, “This place… is a bit strange!”

Lu Jing said, “Senior Brother, please calm down, this Crime Star…”

Just as he was about to explain something, he suddenly heard a scream from nearby. Turning his head, he saw a burly man riding on a woman in a patch of grass. He was laughing in a low and lewd manner as his hands tore off the woman’s clothes, exposing her snow-white skin to the air. Soon, only her undergarments were left to cover her body.

The woman punched and kicked, crying and begging for mercy, but it only made the man even more excited, his actions becoming more violent.

“Stop! How dare you act so despicably in broad daylight!” Seeing this, Lu Jing’s blood boiled as he shouted towards the other side.

He didn’t expect to see such an ugly scene the moment he and Yang Kai fell into Crime Star.

This shout startled the man who was just about to do something good. Turning his head, he sized up Lu Jing and grinned maliciously, “Where did this little brat come from? Since he dares to ruin this old master’s good deed, if you don’t want to die, get lost.”

Lu Jing said angrily, “Crime Star’s people are truly vicious. Since I meet you, I won’t let you off.” As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and grasped a long sword in his hand before thrusting it towards the man.

The Small Universe's power fluctuated wildly and the man’s face changed, “Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage?”

His expression couldn’t help becoming solemn. He was only a Third Order, but this little brat who had suddenly appeared was actually a Fourth Order, so how could he dare be careless? He couldn’t care less about the woman he was pressing down on, and instead used his World Force to fight Lu Jing.

Yang Kai glanced over at the two of them and didn’t pay any more attention to them. One was a Third Order while the other was a Fourth Order. There shouldn’t be any suspense in such a battle. Although Lu Jing wasn’t much in Yang Kai’s eyes, a Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage was still a Mid Rank Open Heaven. In all of the 3000 Worlds, he had a certain foundation.

He looked down at the jade slip in his hand and immersed himself in it, carefully examining it.

This jade slip was the one Qu Huachang had secretly given him when she threw herself into his arms. Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of information was recorded in this jade slip, but since Qu Huachang was willing to sacrifice her reputation in the Dao Exchange Conference, it must be extremely important.

On the other side, Lu Jing and the burly man were engaged in a fierce battle. Due to the difference in grade, Lu Jing had the absolute advantage. In less than a dozen breaths, the burly man had been suppressed to the point where he couldn’t even fight back. Sword light flashed as the burly man’s body was covered in blood.

Terrified, the burly man quickly begged for mercy.

A trace of hesitation flashed across Lu Jing’s eyes, but he soon said firmly, “Those who bully people should die!” The long sword in his hand trembled and transformed into a sword curtain that fell towards the man.

As the sword light disappeared, Lu Jing let out a light snort and flung away the blood on his sword, but the burly man simply stood there, motionless.

A gentle breeze blew past and the burly man’s body was like a piece of wood that had been pushed to the ground. With a loud bang, it shattered and blood flowed out.

Lu Jing glanced over at Yang Kai, seemingly wanting to say that he wasn’t completely useless, but when he saw Yang Kai only lower his head to examine a jade slip, he suddenly felt somewhat disappointed.

After the man died, a black light suddenly burst out from the corpse and split into two. One part rushed into the golden bracelet on Lu Jing’s wrist while the other rushed into the golden bracelet on Yang Kai’s wrist.

“Oh?” Lu Jing was surprised, “It’s actually like this?”

Previously, he had heard Xu Linggong say that as long as one killed a sinner, the participants nearby would be able to obtain a certain amount of points. Originally, Lu Jing didn’t understand how to divide the points, but after seeing the scene just now, how could he not understand?

Lowering his head to examine the golden bracelet on his wrist, he discovered that there was a spot on the originally empty golden bracelet that seemed to have been dyed black. It seemed to be a part of a pattern, but because the results he obtained were too little, this pattern had not been fully revealed.

Without any time to think, Lu Jing put away his sword and walked towards the woman, gently asking, “Is Young Lady alright?”

The woman’s naked body was exposed, only a few pieces of clothing covering her body. Her jade white skin flashed with a porcelain-like luster as she shivered and curled up on the ground, staring at the road in front of her, her eyes filled with terror as she repeatedly shook her head, “No, no, please…”

Her delicate appearance made one feel pity for her.

Lu Jing comforted, “Young Lady, don’t be afraid, I have no malicious intentions.”

Walking over to the woman, he removed his clothes and draped them over her body, concealing her from the sun.

The woman’s body was still trembling violently, obviously frightened by what had just happened. Lu Jing was helpless, and just as he was about to comfort her again, a strange sense of crisis suddenly struck his heart, causing his entire body to go cold.

Before he could figure out what had happened, Yang Kai, who had been standing nearby, suddenly appeared in front of him and grabbed the woman’s slender neck.

The woman’s expression became even more terrified.

“Senior Brother Yang, you…” Lu Jing looked at Yang Kai in confusion.


Yang Kai exerted some force and the woman’s head fell to the ground. The vitality in her eyes quickly dissipated and a black light shot out from her wrist, splitting into two and disappearing into the two golden bracelets.

Lu Jing was shocked!

However, he wasn’t an idiot, so after a moment of hesitation, he took off the clothes he had placed on the woman’s body and looked down, immediately breaking out in cold sweat.

At some point, a blue dagger had appeared in the woman’s hand, and the dagger was aimed directly at his chest, almost piercing into his body.

Only now did he understand where that sense of crisis came from.

He had thought this was a helpless woman who had been bullied, but who would have thought that she was actually a poisonous snake hiding her true appearance? If Yang Kai hadn’t acted decisively, he would have been seriously injured even if he didn’t die!

“On this Crime Star, there really are a lot of vicious and wicked people, all of whom can be killed!” Lu Jing wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and cupped his fists, “Many thanks for Brother Yang’s life-saving grace.”

If even a woman who had been bullied was like this, it was easy to imagine what kind of people were imprisoned in this damned place.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Brother Lu, lust is like a knife to the heart. Remember, don’t ever think about it!”

Lu Jing blushed and said, “It’s not what you think, it’s just… it’s just… sigh!” There was no way to explain, but now that he thought about it, he had indeed been bewitched by that woman’s beauty, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so careless. Yang Kai’s words weren’t wrong.

“This Crime Star is quite strange,” Yang Kai muttered to himself.

Lu Jing said, “Brother Yang doesn’t know this, but because this Crime Star is the training ground of Yin-Yang Heaven’s disciples, the entire Crime Star is being suppressed by the Great Array. All cultivators, no matter what grade they are, are greatly weakened here, and the stronger they are, the stronger the suppression will be. Brother Yang must have seen the battle between me and that man just now.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Yes.”

As soon as he entered this Crime Star, he felt a suppressive force pressing down on him like a mountain.

Lu Jing was a Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator while the man was a Third Order. When the two of them fought, they didn’t have the power of a Third Order or Fourth Order, presumably because of the suppression of the Crime Star Formation.

Moreover, logically speaking, if a Fourth Order cultivator wanted to deal with a Third Order cultivator, it would be as easy as lifting a finger, but Lu Jing took more than ten breaths to do so because although his strength was stronger than the man’s, the suppression he suffered was much greater, and the huge gap between the two was also greatly reduced because of the Great Array.

“Because of that Great Array, everyone on the Crime Star is unable to display their original strength. Senior Brother Yang’s Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage has suffered the greatest suppression, so if you encounter an enemy, don’t be careless, even if it's a Fifth Order, they may be able to compete.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly before lowering his head to look at the golden bracelet on his wrist and thoughtfully saying, “This Dao Exchange's method of recording results is quite interesting.”

The golden bracelet on his wrist was originally just a golden mark, but because he had killed the man and the woman, now there were traces of black on it.

Yang Kai took a closer look and said, “This seems to be the pattern of a star.”

Lu Jing also looked at his wrist and compared it with the pattern on Yang Kai’s wrist. The two’s current situation was exactly the same, “Senior Brother Yang is right, this should be a star.”

However, the pattern of this star was not completely dyed black, at most only ten percent.


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