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Many well-informed people had some complaints about Yang Kai at this moment. If he hadn’t suddenly participated, there wouldn’t have been any Sixth Order Open Heaven in the Dao Exchange.

In this current situation, they didn’t expect to win any championship, they only hoped that their ranking wouldn’t be too low and wouldn’t tarnish their Sect’s reputation.

After a while, no one else was led here, most likely all the participants had gathered.

Qing Kui leaned over and whispered something to Xu Linggong, who nodded slightly and said, “Since everyone is here, let’s begin.”

When Su Yingxue heard this, she immediately took a step forward and waved her hand, causing hundreds of streams of light to suddenly explode and flow across the huge square.

A short while later, all the participating cultivators discovered a faint golden bracelet in front of each of them. It was unknown what kind of material this bracelet was made of, but it gave off a faint spiritual aura fluctuation.

Su Yingxue’s expression was cold as she lightly opened her red lips, “All participants, please wear this bracelet on your wrist. This bracelet is extremely important and is the key to determining your ranking in the Dao Exchange Conference, so you must not lose it, destroy it, or remove it without permission, otherwise you will be considered to have forfeited.”

When everyone heard this, they all turned to look at the faint golden bracelet in front of them curiously. No matter how they looked at it, they couldn’t see anything special about it, but since Yin-Yang Heaven had such an arrangement, they could only comply.

Not long after, everyone wore the bracelet, but surprisingly, once it was worn, it immediately transformed into a circular brand and branded onto the wrist.

Yang Kai silently examined the bracelet for a moment but found nothing out of the ordinary, nor was there anything wrong with it. However, he had no idea what this bracelet was used for.

Turning his head to look at Lu Jing, Lu Jing also slowly shook his head, indicating that he had no idea.

Yang Kai could only give up. In any case, Yin-Yang Heaven would definitely provide a suitable explanation later.

Seeing that everyone was wearing wristbands, Xu Linggong slowly stood up and released his Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage aura. With a dignified look on his face, he said, “My Yin-Yang Heaven has stood tall in this world for countless years and has a long heritage. Today, I will choose a husband for my little disciple and have seen many young talents. This King is very pleased and hopes that you can perform well and obtain satisfactory results.”

His voice wasn’t loud, but with the power of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master, everyone could hear him clearly, as if he was talking to them directly.

“The location of this Dao Exchange is the Universe World behind you.”

Many people’s expressions changed, revealing a look of approval.

In fact, when they saw the Universe World, many cultivators had already guessed that if the location of the Dao Exchange Meeting wasn’t there, why would they lead them here?

Yang Kai, on the other hand, noticed that Lu Jing’s face was slightly pale, as if he was afraid of something.

“The Universe World is called the Crime Star, a place where my Yin-Yang Heaven exiles sinners. Among them are the disciples of Yin-Yang Heaven who have committed a mistake, as well as those who were captured from the outside world. It can be said that every single existence there is a sinner who can be killed!”

“It really is Crime Star!” Lu Jing muttered softly.

Yang Kai turned his head to look at him, knowing that he should have some understanding of the Crime Star, but it was not convenient for him to inquire about this matter, so he could only wait for Xu Linggong to finish before making a decision.

“Crime Star is the training ground of my Yin-Yang Heaven’s disciples. What you need to do is enter Crime Star and kill those who can be killed. The bracelet I gave you just now will be able to record your results and determine the first place!”

As soon as his voice fell, the silent square suddenly became restless and many cultivators couldn’t help revealing looks of joy.

This was especially true for the numerous Fifth Order masters. They had thought that this Dao Exchange Conference was just to accompany the Crown Prince to study. After all, with the dozen or so Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters present, there was simply no way they could compete with them.

However, if the Dao Exchange Conference was held in this way, they could avoid fighting a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. As long as they could obtain good results on the Crime Star, they might have a chance to obtain first place.

Xu Linghong stared coldly at the commotion below and only grinned after a long time, “You will know in time how to record the results one the Bracelet. I’ll also inform you that all the sinners on the Crime Star have been notified. If they can kill enough participants, they will regain their freedom, so… this time, not only will you hunt them down, they will also spare no effort to hunt you down. After all, they haven’t tasted freedom for many years.”

The chaotic square suddenly became quiet.

A High Rank Open Heaven frowned and asked, “Brother Xu, why do we not know about this?” If that was the case, then everyone who participated in the Dao Exchange Conference would be in mortal danger. The Crime Star has many Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, so if they accidentally encountered one, even a Sixth Order cultivator of the Cave Heaven Paradise might not be able to escape.

The other High Rank Open Heaven masters also turned to look at Xu Linggong, obviously hearing this news for the first time.

Xu Linggong slapped his forehead and said, “Oh? Did I not tell you? It’s fine, it’s not too late for you to know now!”

“Brother Xu, was this your idea or Yin-Yang Heaven’s?” A High Rank Open Heaven master asked.

Xu Linggong glanced over and said, “I am in charge of the Dao Exchange Conference, so whatever I say goes. If anyone is worried about their own disciples, you can withdraw now, this Xu will not stop you.”

'Withdraw my ass!' At this point, who would still have the face to withdraw? If that was the case, wouldn’t others be looking down on their own Sect?

Originally, they had thought that this Dao Exchange would be an explanation to the various Cave Heaven Paradise, but now it seemed that everyone had been tricked by Xu Linggong.

If they had known that the Dao Exchange Conference would be so dangerous, they might not have allowed their proud disciples to participate. The ones they had brought with them this time were all newly promoted Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, how could they be compared to those old bastards from Crime Star?

“May I ask Martial Uncle Xu, if two people join forces to kill a criminal, how will this result be calculated?” Yin Xinzhao from Xuanyuan Cave Heaven suddenly cupped his fists and asked.

Xu Linggong grinned, “Don’t worry, as long as you’re nearby when that criminal dies, you’ll be able to obtain a certain amount of results. You can explore the mysteries of this place on your own.”

Yin Xinzhao nodded slightly and asked, “What if Disciple accidentally kills one of the participants?”

Xu Linggong replied, “Naturally, there will be results, and the results of that person will also be transferred to you.”

Yin Xinzhao licked his lips and smiled, “This disciple understands.”

Many of the participating cultivators wore ugly expressions. Yin-Yang Heaven’s Dao Exchange Conference was simply a chaotic feast. Xu Linggong’s arrangement was undoubtedly an encouragement to kill. Whether it was the sinners on Crime Star or the participating cultivators, as long as they killed someone, they would obtain results!

Lu Jing’s face was pale as he swallowed his saliva and looked at Yang Kai pitifully, “Senior Brother Yang…”

The rules of the Dao Exchange had suddenly become so cruel, so he wasn’t sure if Yang Kai was still willing to fulfill his previous agreement.

Yang Kai said, “Don’t worry, just follow me later.”

Lu Jing was overjoyed, “Many thanks for Brother Yang’s care.” He was extremely glad that he had taken action on Predestined Friends Peak, otherwise how could he have had the opportunity to follow behind a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator?

If he, a mere Fourth Order, really entered Crime Star like this, he would soon become someone else’s meal.

“Who else has a problem?” Xu Linggong swept his eyes over the crowd.

No one answered.

Xu Linggong nodded in satisfaction, “Then let the Dao Exchange begin!”

Saying so, he sat back down.

Qing Kui and Su Yingxue, who were standing behind him, took a step forward at the same time, each of them changing their hand seals as they struck towards the Crime Star. In the next moment, a wide colorful path suddenly appeared, like a rainbow connecting Crime Star and the Palace Square.

Su Yingxue lightly shouted, “All participants, please enter. This Dao Exchange will last for a year. During this time, the Crime Star Formation will be activated and no one is allowed to enter or leave without permission. A year later, all of you will be brought back!”

Everyone turned to look at the rainbow bridge, and soon, someone’s figure flickered and landed on it. With a flash of light, that person was sent into the Crime Star.

Many cultivators, some alone, some in groups of three or five, all flew towards the Rainbow Bridge.

Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry and simply stood there waiting.

“Junior Brother Yang!” A tender voice suddenly called out. Yang Kai turned his head and saw a figure flying over from the depths of Yin-Yang Heaven. It was Qu Huachang.

On the high platform, Xu Linggong was stunned for a moment before asking Su Yingxue, “What is this girl doing here?”

Su Yingxue slowly shook her head.

Xu Linggong’s face twitched as he felt somewhat helpless. No matter what, the purpose of this Dao Exchange was to find a husband for Qu Huachang, so it wasn’t appropriate for her to show her face at this time, but since she was already here, it was too late to stop her.

Many cultivators who had yet to enter the Crime Star also looked up, many of them recognizing Qu Huachang’s identity and showing looks of admiration.

Not to mention Qu Huachang’s Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation, even her appearance was one of the best in the entire 3000 Worlds. If they could obtain first place in this Dao Exchange Conference and win the favor of such a beautiful woman, their life would not be in vain.

Under everyone’s gaze, Qu Huachang landed lightly in front of Yang Kai.

“Senior Sister Qu, why are you here?” Yang Kai asked.

Since the last time he had been caught red-handed by Xu Linggong, he had never had a chance to see Qu Huachang again, but now she had run over.

“I came to see you,” Qu Huachang looked at him with a smile and suddenly took two steps forward, throwing her soft body into Yang Kai’s embrace, “Junior Brother, come back soon, I’ll wait for you in Yin-Yang Heaven!”

Yang Kai froze on the spot. Although the last time they had met in Qu Huachang’s room, the two of them had almost done a 'good deed', but that was Xu Linggong’s design, so it wasn’t worth it. Now that Qu Huachang had taken the initiative to throw herself into his arms, and in front of so many people, he was caught off guard.

Looking up, he saw many participating cultivators, their faces as black as the bottom of a pot!


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