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Several days later, the Dao Exchange Conference officially began.

As the melodious sound of the bell rang out, the participating cultivators who had been cultivating in seclusion emerged from their respective courtyards.

On Predestined Friends Peak, Yang Kai stepped forward, eyes filled with respect and fear were casted on him. Although it had been a few days, the scene of Kong Tianyu being stabbed to death by him was still vivid in their minds. The strongest person before was Kong Tianyu, a Fifth Order, he is not someone they can defeat, let alone a Sixth Order like Yang Kai, a crane amongst chickens.

Previously, they had been worried that Yang Kai would start a massacre on Predestined Friends Peak and eliminate his opponents, but after killing Kong Tianyu, Yang Kai had been cultivating in seclusion, completely ignoring the outside world’s affairs, allowing everyone to spend a few days in comfort.

To be honest, if it weren’t for the fact that they couldn’t withdraw from the Dao Exchange Conference halfway, all the participants on Predestined Friends Peak would have run away long ago. Now that a Sixth Order had suddenly appeared in the Dao Exchange Conference, who could be their opponent? Rather than staying here and being humiliated, it would be better to leave as soon as possible to save face.

However, this is Yin-Yang Heaven’s Dao Exchange, and since they were participating, who would have the courage to withdraw halfway? The consequences of not giving Yin-Yang Heaven any face were very serious.

Lu Jing came up to greet him.

Yang Kai nodded slightly and looked up into the sky, where a woman with a graceful figure and revealing clothes was standing in mid-air. Her short skirt couldn’t hide her alluring figure, and when the wind blew, one could faintly see the beautiful scenery beneath her skirt.

The woman’s cultivation wasn’t high, only at the Third Order Open Heaven Stage. However, her eyes were extremely moist and her peach blossom eyes almost drips water.

“Everyone is here, Senior Brothers, please follow me,” The woman said, her voice sweet as she turned around and flew forward, her exposed back causing one’s imagination to run wild.

No one moved. Everyone turned to look at Yang Kai.

It wasn’t until Yang Kai was the first to follow that the others began moving.

The group of a dozen or so people flew towards Yin-Yang Heaven outer world and soon entered the endless void. No one knew where she was taking them, but it was inconvenient for them to ask, so they could only follow.

After flying for an hour or so, a huge Universe World suddenly appeared in front of them. The size of this Universe World was extraordinary, and from a distance, the terrain was extremely complex, as if the environment was quite harsh. The entire world was covered in a layer of gray fog.

Yang Kai couldn’t help glancing at the Universe World a few more times, his heart filled with confusion. This Yin-Yang Heaven is one of the 36 Cave Heaven, so how could there be such a Universe World in its territory? According to Yin-Yang Heaven’s ability, it shouldn’t be difficult to change the environment of this Universe World. There must be a reason why it was like this.

Outside the Universe World, a massive palace stretched across the void like a giant. Outside the palace, there was a square with many figures.

The Third Order Yin-Yang Heaven woman led the dozen or so people from Predestined Friends Peak directly towards the Palace Square, stabilizing herself before bowing towards a certain direction, “Greetings, Elder Xu, the participants from Predestined Friends Peak have arrived!”

In that direction, Xu Linggong sat in the middle of a chair, Qing Kui and Su Yingxue standing behind him.

Seeing Yang Kai arrive, Qing Kui nodded slightly towards him.

Xu Linggong swept his eyes over Yang Kai and paused for a moment, seemingly in a good mood as he said, “En, you may leave.”

“Yes!” The Third Order woman bowed and retreated, leaving Yang Kai and a dozen others behind.

Yang Kai looked around and found that there was a large group of cultivators gathered in this square. There were at least three or four hundred of them, and all of them seemed to be participating in the Dao Exchange Conference. The weakest among them was a Fourth Order, and there were even many Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators.

These people who had gathered here should be like the participant on Predestined Friends Peak, which had previously been placed on a Spirit Peak, but had now been brought here.

Looking around, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed as he stared at a certain spot, a look of shock appearing on his face.

On the other side, a petite woman stood there, and the surrounding participants would occasionally look at her with surprise.

Among this group of men, the sudden appearance of this woman was like a full moon in the dark night, naturally attracting attention.

After all, the Dao Exchange Conference was for Qu Huachang to choose a husband, so although Yin-Yang Heaven did not have strict rules, the participants were basically all men.

How could a woman participate?

But now, there was one in the square.

Moreover, Yang Kai actually recognized her.

Langya Paradise's Gu Pan!

Yang Kai couldn’t help but laugh. It wasn’t strange for her to appear in Yin-Yang Heaven. She and Qu Huachang had a deep friendship, and this matter concerned Qu Huachang’s life, so it was only natural for her to follow her teacher here. However, it was strange for her to appear in this square…

When he first met Gu Pan, Qu Huachang, and the others in the Great Ruins Boundary, they were all at the Emperor Realm just like him, but now, with the passage of time, they had all reached the Open Heaven Stage.

Qu Huachang and Gu Pan had both reached the Sixth Order, so…

Yang Kai’s eyes continued to wander and soon saw two familiar faces: True Martial Cave Heaveen Lin Feng, Free and Unfettered Paradise’s Ning Daoran…

Of all his old friends in the Great Ruins Boundary, only little fatty Xu Zhen wasn’t here. It was unknown if he hadn’t come or if he hadn’t broken through to Open Heaven.

Looking at each other, Lin Feng snorted lightly, showing a look of displeasure towards Yang Kai. On the other hand, Ning Daoran nodded slightly towards Yang Kai as a form of greeting.

Several hostile and scrutinizing gazes shot towards him from all directions.

Yang Kai looked over one by one and saw Myriad Demons Heaven's Pei Wen Xuan and Xuanyuan Cave Heaven’s Yin Xinzhao… These two had become enemies with him in Blood Monster Cave Heaven, especially Yin Xinzhao, who had chased after Yang Kai to kill him. Fortunately, Qu Huachang had not abandoned him at the time and had escaped with Yang Kai on her back.

As for the others, Yang Kai didn’t recognize them, but he could feel that they were all elite disciples from various Cave Heaven Paradise, similar to Qu Huachang.

This Dao Exchange… seemed to have many powerful enemies!

Yin-Yang Heaven’s people constantly led the various Spirit Peak participants to this place, and everyone split up into small groups to wait quietly.

On the high platform of the square, with Xu Linggong as the leader, the High Rank Open Heaven masters from the various Cave Heaven Paradise all wore ugly expressions.

Xu Linggong had actually changed the content of the Dao Exchange at the last minute.

According to the original plan, the Dao Exchange Conference would be for everyone to fight on the stage, and in the end, the strongest person would be decided. Although such a battle was violent, it was simple. The stronger one was, the greater the advantage.

Unexpectedly, in the end, Xu Linggong had suddenly informed them that the Dao Exchange Conference was not going to be held in such a manner and that it was going to be held in a different way. The dozen or so High Rank Open Heaven from the Cave Heaven Paradise were so angry that their noses had become crooked. It wasn’t impossible for them to change the way they held the Dao Exchange Conference, but it was a last-minute change, they didn’t put anyone in their eyes, causing them to be completely unprepared.

“Brother Xu, what are your intentions?” Zhuo Buqun of the Myriad Demons Heaven sat to the left of Xu Linggong and asked coldly.

“What?” Xu Linggong turned to look.

Zhuo Buqun said: "Changing the way this competition is held, who are you paving the way for?"

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand,” Xu Linggong said innocently, “If Brother Zhuo thinks there’s anything wrong with this Dao Exchange, you can withdraw from it. I have no objections.”

Zhuo Buqun coldly snorted, “Brother Xu’s words are quite light. Since I, Myriad Demons Heaven, am participating, how could we withdraw halfway? If this news were to spread, wouldn’t I become the laughing stock of the world?”

“Since you won’t back down, then don’t waste your breath here. This old master is in charge of the Dao Exchange Conference, so this old master can do whatever he wants!” Xu Linggong said in a fierce tone.

Seeing these two’s fiery words, someone quickly stepped forward to persuade them to calm down.

Xu Linggong looked down with a smile, but in his heart he was smiling bitterly. If it weren’t for that little girl Qu pestering him, how could he have wasted so much effort to change the way the Dao Exchange was held?

If everything went according to plan, the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage would have a huge advantage, and the final victor would probably be one of those dozen or so people, Yang Kai wouldn't even matter at all.

Although Yang Kai was also a Sixth Order, it had only been two years since he had broken through. Whether it was in terms of foundation, he was far inferior to the disciples in the Cave Heaven Paradise. [MSN: Dahell? They basically promoted at the same time LMAO. Even the people from Myriad Demons Heaven respect YK strength.]

Only by changing the way the Dao Exchange was held could he win.

Xu Linggong knew that this Qu girl was trying to help Yang Kai, but even so, what kind of result he could achieve would depend on his own strength.

He just didn’t know if this little brat had lived up to his expectations.

As time passed, the cultivators from the various peaks who participated in the Dao Exchange Conference were soon led here.

Looking around, Yang Kai found that there were more than five or six hundred people participating in this Dao Exchange Conference, and at this moment, while they were residing on various peaks, there were definitely some who had been eliminated early, just like Kong Tianyu.

It was easy to imagine that nearly a thousand people had signed up for this Dao Exchange!

One had to know that these thousand people were all Fourth Order Open Heaven and above, and none of them were ordinary.

This Dao Exchange Conference was indeed a grand event in the 3000 Worlds, it seemed that Lu Jing’s previous words were quite reasonable. A large number of people had not come here to participate in the Dao Exchange Conference to win first place. They also knew that with their strength, it was impossible for them to emerge victorious, so they had only participated to temper themselves.

Of course, if one was lucky enough to win the first place, it would be a great profit.

The current situation was more or less related to the blockade of the Yin-Yang Territory by the dozen or so Cave Heaven Paradise forces. The Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators who had come to participate had been forced to withdraw, giving many Fifth Order cultivators great hope.

But now, this hope was crushed along with the sudden participation of more than a dozen Sixth Order masters.


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