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What kind of status did Qu Huachang have in Yin-Yang Heaven? Pei Wen Xuan had the same status in Myriad Demons Heaven. Such a character would become a cornerstone of Myriad Demons Heaven in the future. It was absolutely impossible for him to marry into Yin-Yang Heaven, otherwise it would be a great loss to him.

So when they heard that this Elder He wanted to sign up for Pei Wen Xuan to participate in the Dao Exchange Conference, the two disciples responsible for registering were somewhat dumbfounded.

“Stop talking nonsense! Quickly register and issue the Jade Token!” Elder He shouted angrily.

“Yes, yes, yes, Elder He, please wait a moment!” The two disciples didn’t dare delay and quickly recorded Pei Wen Xuan’s information before handing over their the Jade Token.

Elder He grabbed the jade token and left, not willing to stay any longer. The two Yin-Yang Heaven Disciples looked at each other.

Before they could relax, someone else came to register.

Half a day later, the two disciples stared blankly at the book in front of them.

In just a short time, more than a dozen Cave Heaven Paradise had sign up for their disciples to participate in the Dao Exchange Conference, and all of these disciples were Sixth Order Open Heaen Stage masters, all of them like Pei Wen Xuan, the rising stars of the last hundred years.

What made the two of them not know whether to laugh or cry was that there was actually a woman up there!

On the book was a line of large characters.

Langya Paradise, Gu Pan, Sixth Order!

The purpose of the Dao Exchange was to select a husband for Qu Huachang, so naturally, the people who came to participate were all men. However, what was wrong with Langya Paradise was that it had actually sent a female disciple here? If this Gu Pan were to win the first place, wouldn’t she have to marry Senior Sister Qu in the future?

Thinking about that scene… the two disciples’ breathing became heavy.

Although they didn’t know what had happened to cause these newly promoted Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage to change their minds about participating in the Dao Exchange Conference, they could clearly feel that the situation had changed.

When his eyes inadvertently fell on a person’s name, he faintly felt that this change was related to this person. After all, this person was the only Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master who had participated in the Dao Exchange previously!

On Predestined Friends Peak, Yang Kai checked Kong Tianyu’s Space Ring and obtained a few pieces of Fifth Grade resources, but other than that, there was nothing else good.

Now that he was the master of the Void Land and had a large Star City under his command, he naturally didn’t care about such a small amount of wealth. He simply put it away and continued refining the Open Heaven Pill.

Not long after, the formation was activated, but instead of the violent fluctuations of being struck, it was as if someone was seeking an audience.

Yang Kai frowned and stood up to open the formation. When he opened the door, he saw a dignified young man standing outside. Seeing Yang Kai, the young man quickly bowed, “Gathering Source League's Lu Jing greets Senior Brother!”

Yang Kai looked him up and down, “What’s the matter?”

He had vaguely seen a force like the Gathering Source League in his Universe Chart. The Universe Chart contained all kinds of forces, including all the major domains that had been explored so far. In order to find the Star Boundary, Yang Kai had carefully examined every part of the Universe Chart, so he had some impression of this Gathering Source League.

However, because they didn’t have much interaction with each other, they didn’t pay much attention to each other.

If he didn’t remember wrongly, this Gathering Source League should be considered an above average Second Class force with a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage in it.

“Forgive me for intruding, Senior Brother,” Lu Jing carefully observed Yang Kai’s expression and saw that he didn’t show any signs of impatience, only then did he feel slightly relieved. The scene of Kong Tianyu being killed by a spear just now had frightened him greatly. That was a Fifth Order Open Heaaven Stage, yet he had been killed like an ant. Now, facing Yang Kai, Lu Jing was somewhat frightened, afraid that he would directly attack him.

Since he had come to participate in this Dao Exchange Conference, he had to be mentally prepared to be killed. If Yang Kai was willing, he could kill everyone on the Predestined Friends Peak.

“If Senior Brother doesn’t mind, can we talk inside?” Lu Jing asked softly.

Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before stepping aside, allowing Lu Jing to enter.

As the host and guest sat down, Lu Jing said, “I have long heard of Senior Brother’s great name, it is like a thunderclap in my ears. Today, I have come to see…”

Not waiting for him to finish his flattery, Yang Kai raised his hand and interrupted, “If you have something to say, just say it.” This was the first time they had met, so there was really nothing to talk about. The reason he had let him in was mainly to see what this guy wanted to do.

Lu Jing awkwardly coughed lightly and smiled wryly, “It’s like this, Senior Brother Yang. Junior Brother has come here to ask Senior Brother to protect me during the Dao Exchange if possible.”

Yang Kai frowned and looked at him in confusion.

Lu Jing smiled bitterly and said, “Senior Brother, you’ve also seen that I’m only a Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. In the entire Dao Exchange, I’m one of the weakest. If I really encounter some powerful character, I won’t be able to resist.”

Yang Kai said with a strange expression, “Since you know your strength is insufficient, why did you come to participate in this Dao Exchange Conference?”

Lu Jing said bitterly, “Does Senior Brother think I want to come? I have no choice but to come. Although this Dao Exchange is a grand event to find husband for Senior Sister Qu, it is also a grand event in the 3000 Worlds. My father ordered me to participate, but he didn’t expect me to win first place. He wanted me to broaden my horizons and realize the shortcomings of myself and those top talents. I won’t hide this from Senior Brother, many people who came to participate in this Dao Exchange are in the same situation as me.”

“They were forced to come here by their family?” Yang Kai was stunned.

Lu Jing said, “That’s not the case. Even if there are, it’s only a minority. What I mean is, they didn’t come to participate in this Dao Exchange to win first place, but to use this opportunity to temper themselves.”

Yang Kai nodded in understanding. Thinking about it carefully, it was indeed as Lu Jing had said. This Dao Exchange Conference could be considered a grand event in the 3000 Worlds. Gathering heroes from all over the world here to exchange pointers was indeed a great way to temper oneself.

Frowning, Yang Kai said, “If you want me to protect you, I’m afraid it will be a bit difficult. At most, when you and I meet, I’ll let you go. Others may not be as easy to talk to as me.”

When Lu Jing heard this, he couldn’t help laughing, “Does Senior Brother think that this Dao Exchange is just a simple sparring match to determine the strongest person?”

“Is it not?” Yang Kai was stunned.

Lu Jing said, “Perhaps there will be such a segment in the end, but according to the information I have gathered, this Dao Exchange isn’t as simple as it seems. There are other arrangements to be made. As for how this Dao Exchange will be carried out, that’s not something I can figure out.” He paused for a moment before continuing, “Senior Brother, why do you think Yin-Yang Heaven has arranged for all of us participants to be assigned to different Spirit Peaks?”

Yang Kai replied, “Naturally, it’s to allow the strong to eliminate some of their opponents in advance so that the situation can become clearer.”

“This may be one of the reasons, but it may also be an opportunity for us to familiarize ourselves with one another so that we can travel together in the following trials!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s eyes flashed. Was Yin-Yang Heaven’s arrangement so profound?

Lu Jing said, “The purpose of the Dao Exchange is to select a husband for that Senior Sister Qu. If it’s just to select the strongest, isn’t it a bit too simple and straightforward? If that’s the case, there’s no need for everyone to compete. As long as everyone can be pulled out and let the many High Rank Open Heaven investigate them, how can they guarantee their temperament? Only through all kinds of different tests will they be able to display the strength of the participants.”

What this guy said… seemed to make sense.

“That’s why I feel that this Dao Exchange isn’t a simple competition, but rather another arrangement!” Lu Jing’s eyes lit up, as if he was very certain of his guess. Turning to look at Yang Kai, he said, “That’s why I sincerely request Senior Brother to protect me within your ability.”

Yang Kai stroked his chin and bluntly said, “If it’s really as you say, I can take care of you to a certain extent, but what can you offer?”

Lu Jing was stunned, as if he hadn’t expected Yang Kai to agree so easily. The words of persuasion he had prepared were completely useless as he asked, “What does Senior Brother want?”

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes at him, causing Lu Jing to shiver…

“If I remember correctly, your Gathering Source League mainly focuses on commerce, right? Your merchant ships are spread across 3000 Worlds, and your financial resources are quite abundant. Since you can represent the Gathering Source League in this Dao Exchange Conference with a mere Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation, your status in the Gathering Source League must be quite high…”

“Senior Brother, please don’t say anymore, I’m willing to pay a Sixth Grade resource as reward, what do you think?” Lu Jing interrupted Yang Kai before he could finish, afraid he would ask for too much.

“Deal!” Yang Kai said decisively.

Lu Jing let out a sigh of relief and cupped his fists, “Then I’ll have to rely on Senior Brother. After the Dao Exchange Conference ends, the reward will be paid!”

Yang Kai nodded.

The two chatted for a while longer before Lu Jing took his leave.

After reopening the Formation, Yang Kai sat in his room and remained silent.

A mere Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator giving Sixth Grade resource as reward, the Gathering Source League really was rich and overbearing! A Sixth Grade resource was worth at least ten or twenty million, while the Yin-Yang Elements was worth even more.

From this, it could be seen that Lu Jing’s status in the Gathering Source League wasn’t low. He was probably the Young Union Master, otherwise it would have been impossible for him to be so generous.

If this Dao Exchange really was as Lu Jing had guessed and had other arrangements, it wouldn’t be a big deal to protect him within his ability.

The Void Land was currently in desperate need of Sixth Grade resources. Not only did the Great Emperors, Su Yan, and the others need them for cultivation, but even Yang Kai himself had a need for sixth grade resources. With Yue He and several other Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, which one of them didn’t need a sixth grade resource to increase their strength?

Although the Star City had a large number of resources and could obtain some Sixth Grade resources from time to time, the Yin-Yang Elements was still a rare treasure.

Lu Jing was also an understanding person and knew that the other costs wouldn’t be able to move Yang Kai, so he directly offered a condition Yang Kai couldn’t refuse.

For the next few days, everything was peaceful.

When Kong Tianyu was overseeing the Predestined Friends Peak, everyone would occasionally exchange pointers with one another, creating a lively scene. After Kong Tianyu was killed by Yang Kai’s spear thrust, the entire Predestined Friends Peak fell into a dead silence. More than a dozen people were hiding in their courtyards and cultivating in seclusion, afraid that Yang Kai would come knocking and kill them in advance.

Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage was simply an unstoppable existence on the Predestined Friends Peak.


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