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The third battle had yet to begin, but the Ink Clan had already begun arguing.

They had witnessed two consecutive battles, especially the second one. Yang Kai was also injured, so his strength must have been greatly reduced. In the eyes of the Ink Clan, it was impossible for him to win the third battle.

No one wanted to miss out on this opportunity.

Although Angry Flame was happily watching, he was actually quite nervous. Yang Kai had indeed given him a hint that he could fight again, and he had also shown great combat strength, but whether he could win the third round or not, Angry Flame was not certain.

If he lost, he would be shooting himself in the foot.

However, now that things had reached this point, he could only continue. After all, this matter involved a thousand ink coins. If this method worked, he would no longer have to worry about ink coins in the future.

The Ink Clan members continued to argue, eventually deciding to follow the original rules and allow Yang Kai to choose his opponent. Whoever he chose would be his opponent, and no one else could object.

As the third battle began, everyone was paying close attention to it, and Angry Flame was even more nervous.

The situation on the battlefield also changed rapidly as the two Ink Disciple fought back and forth fiercely. Yang Kai once again transformed into his half dragon form and used all of his trump cards, but he was still in a precarious situation.

Angry Flame’s heart sank as he thought he was going to lose, while his opponent was overjoyed, as if they had already seen the scene of subduing a new powerful Ink Disciple.

However, unforeseen events always occurred at random. The side that clearly had the upper hand suddenly took a sharp turn, while Yang Kai, who had fought three battles in a row, appeared to be in a miserable state, but the more he suffered, the braver he became.

When the opponent fell from the sky and fell to the ground, everyone fell silent.

Yang Kai also fell from the sky, but in the end he managed to stabilize himself, his face as pale as paper.

“He won!” Beside Angry Flame, Ding Si shouted.

Angry Flame laughed even harder, finally relaxing his tense mood.

The other party handed over a Space Ring, which Angry Flame accepted and counted. After confirming that it was a thousand ink coins, he smiled and said, “Thank you!”

The Ink Clan’s face remained indifferent. Although the loss of a thousand ink coins was somewhat painful, it wasn’t enough to cause any serious damage. Nodding slightly, he asked, “Are you interested in fighting again?”

Angry Flame immediately shook his head. Although he regarded Yang Kai as a money tree, he was not an idiot. With Yang Kai’s current condition, there was no way he could continue fighting. If he continued, he would definitely lose, so how could he agree?

“Two thousand ink coins.”

Angry Flame continued to shake his head, “I won’t even fight for five thousand!” However, he didn’t say anything and just smiled at the other party, “Next time, if there’s a chance, we’ll let them spar again.”

Turning around, he ordered Ding Si, “Bring him back.”

Ding Si accepted the order and flew towards the basin, bringing Yang Kai back.

Angry Flame didn’t stay for long and led his Ink Disciple back to their previous resting place. He also gave him some cultivation recovery materials and let Yang Kai heal himself.

In these three battles, Yang Kai had brought him a total of 1,600 ink coins. Although it wasn’t a lot, this was not a one-time deal. If he came here a few more times, would he not have enough ink coins?

Looking at Yang Kai sitting cross-legged in meditation, Angry Flame seemed to see a way to make money.

A few days later, Angry Flame once again led Yang Kai and the others to the gambling hall.

Having experienced this for the first time, Angry Flame was obviously more confident in Yang Kai this time.

Although Yang Kai had won three battles a few days ago and displayed his great strength, and many of the Ink Clan and Ink Disciple knew he was not to be trifled with.

However, everyone wanted to try their luck, thinking that they might be able to take advantage of this situation. In any case, even if they lost, their losses wouldn’t be too great.

As soon as Yang Kai entered, Ink Disciple followed their orders and flew into the basin.

The rules of Angry Flame had not changed. The three battles were all life battle, with the stakes increasing each time. The first time was still a hundred ink coins, the second time five hundred, and the third time a thousand.

More and more Ink Disciples appeared, each time Yang Kai chose his opponent.

The result was three battles and three victories! Once again, Angry Flame received 1,600 ink coins, unable to contain his joy!

For the next month, every few days, Angry Flame would lead Yang Kai to the gambling hall, each time experiencing the same experience.

Yang Kai had never disappointed him. This Ink Disciple was definitely his greatest treasure and would bring him a massive amount of wealth.

He secretly rejoiced that he had inadvertently picked up this servant when he was resting in the ink cloud.

In just a short month, Yang Kai became famous throughout the Crazy Wind Territory!

Whether it was the High Rank Ink Clan or the Ink Clan Feudal Lord, all of them were paying attention to him. They had never seen such a powerful Ink Disciple before. Most of the Ink Clan masters had been on the battlefield before, and those who had managed to return alive had fought with human cultivators before. They knew the strength of these human cultivators. If every human cultivator was like Yang Kai, it would be too terrifying.

There were even some Feudal Lords who took the initiative to approach Angry Flame and propose to buy Yang Kai, offering a very sincere price.

Generally speaking, a Sixth Order Ink Disciple was worth about ten thousand ink coin in the Ink Clan, but many Feudal Lords had offered twenty thousand or even thirty thousand. Although Angry Flame was tempted, he eventually refused.

A one-time deal couldn’t compare to a long-term increase in wealth. He still had many plans to implement, so how could he sell Yang Kai?

However, one day a month later, when Angry Flame brought Yang Kai to the gambling hall again, no one came to accept the challenge.

After so many battles, Yang Kai hadn’t lost a single one, and each time, he had fought three consecutive battles, each one seemingly on the verge of losing, but in the end, he still won.

The Ink Clan also saw the problem and suspected that Angry Flame was digging a hole for them to jump into, all of them secretly cursing Angry Flame for being cunning.

Since they couldn’t win, who would be willing to give him money for free?

Since no one was willing to accept the challenge, Angry Flame couldn’t do anything about it. After waiting for a long time, he could only summon Yang Kai back and lead everyone out of the gambling hall.

However, this period of accumulation had indeed allowed Angry Flame to gain a lot.

Originally, he didn’t have many assets, but now it was enough for him to do something important.

Silently following behind Angry Flame, Yang Kai vaguely discovered that his target seemed to be the Ink Nest. Having lived in the Crazy Wind Territory for some time now, Yang Kai had secretly observed this Ink Nest many times.

Ding Si said that it was the birthplace of the Ink Clan, an important foundation of the Ink Clan, and the advancement of the Ink Clan had to be carried out in the Ink Nest. Entering the Ink Nest required one to spend ink coins, and purchasing World Sphere also required ink coins, which was why ink coins were so valuable.

He was extremely concerned about the Ink Nest. In the past, he hadn’t had a chance to approach it and could only observe it from afar, but now his wish had come true.

Soon, the group arrived in front of the Ink Nest along with Angry Flame.

From a distance, this Ink Nest looked like a giant flower bud, as if it had its own life. As it breathed, rich Ink Force swirled and dissipated.

Standing close to it, he discovered that this Ink Nest was indeed incomparably huge. Its thick roots were closely connected to the entire Crazy Wind Territory, and its existence was like a plant yet not a plant. On the surface, it looked like dried meat, exuding an extremely evil aura.

As for the thick root, it was actually a tunnel that led straight up to the top. Below it was a door, and next to this door was an Ink Clan Feudal Lord guardian.

Angry Flame stepped forward and respectfully bowed to the Ink Clan Feudal Lord before handing over a number of Ink Coins.

The Feudal Lord examined it carefully before nodding slightly.

Angry Flame turned around and looked around at the Ink Disciple before pointing at Bing San and Ding Si, “You two, follow me inside.”

Bing San and Ding Si responded in unison before quickly following Angry Flame.

Before leaving, Ding Si cupped his fists towards Yang Kai, “Take care!”

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled slightly, but although he wore a puzzled expression, he still returned the greeting.

Soon, Angry Flame led Bing San and Ding Si out of Yang Kai’s sight.

Yang Kai, Yi Er, and Wu Wu stepped aside and waited quietly.

From time to time, the Ink Clan would bring their Ink Disciples here and pay in ink coins to enter, and each Ink Clan would bring one or two Ink Disciples in like Angry Flame.

This scene gave Yang Kai some vague guesses, but he didn’t dare to be too certain.

After enduring for a while, Yang Kai asked, “Is Master trying to break through?” After spending so much money to enter the Ink Nest, it was obvious he was trying to break through.

Perhaps because Yang Kai was highly regarded by Angry Flame, these Ink Disciple’s attitude towards him had been quite good recently.

Hearing this question, Yi Er nodded, “Yes, this is the second time.”

Yang Kai was stunned, “The Ink Clan’s promotion can fail?”

Yi Er said, “Of course they can fail. If they succeed every time, Master will already be a Feudal Lord. However, if they fail to break through, the consequences won’t be serious, unlike us. The higher the grade, the more serious the consequences of failure will be. If they fail, they will at most be weakened for a while and will recover sooner or later.”

Yang Kai bared his teeth. Angry Flame was now equivalent to a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, a High Rank Ink Clan. If he successfully broke through, he would become a Feudal Lord.

He wasn’t too afraid of a Feudal Lord, but the higher the strength of Angry Flame, the more disadvantageous it would be for him. Naturally, he didn’t want him to succeed.

“Why did Master bring Bing San and Ding Si inside?” Yang Kai asked in confusion.

Logically speaking, whether it was the Human Race’s cultivators or the Ink Clan’s cultivators, promoting was an extremely important matter, so what could two Ink Disciples do? Protectors? There shouldn’t be any danger in the Ink Nest.

Yi Er was silent for a moment before explaining, “For example, when we advance, we need to accumulate our strength, and Master also needs it. Bringing them along is just in case he need them.”

Yang Kai’s expression instantly became tense.

Although Yi Er didn’t make his words too clear, how could Yang Kai not understand?

This was obviously using Bing San and Ding Si as a backup source of energy. If it was a critical moment, the Angry Flame could swallow their World Force to help him advance.


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