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In the Mysterious Nether Territory, Yang Kai’s figure had already disappeared, but the Black Ink Clan army had no intention of attacking. Whether it was fear or powerlessness, this kind of situation is what the Human Race hopes to see.

Battling at this time wouldn’t benefit the Human Race much.

Under the orders of Wei Junyang and the others, the Human Race army slowly retreated.

A moment later, the noisy Mysterious Nether Territory returned to its calm state and once again returned to its former state, each of them recuperating and preparing for the next great battle.

In the Great Domain adjacent to the Mysterious Nether Territory, Yang Kai turned his head and stared at the huge Domain Gate. The Black Ink Clan had not set up any defenses around the Domain Gate, so Breaking Dawn and Bi Xi’s Battleships did not encounter any obstructions.

The others also stared back in disbelief.

This time, they had actually managed to achieve this goal so easily!

In fact, when Yang Kai led them to the front of the Black Ink Clan’s army, they had all been prepared to fight to the death.

Everyone felt that it was impossible for the Black Ink Clan to agree to Yang Kai’s request.

The result was surprising.

Now that they thought about it, the reason why the Black Ink Clan had agreed to let them borrow this path was partly because of the pressure brought by the Human Race’s army, but the main reason was because of Yang Kai’s overwhelming strength.

For the Black Ink Clan, an expert like Yang Kai leaving the Mysterious Nether Territory was something they longed for. At the very least, they wouldn’t have to worry about being ambushed by Yang Kai for a long time.

“Team Leader, why not seal the Domain Gate?” Feng Ying suddenly asked.

If the Domain Gate leading to the Mysterious Nether Territory was sealed, the Black Ink Clan of the Mysterious Nether Territory would no longer have any way to contact the outside world and would be completely trapped in the Mysterious Nether Territory. At that time, the Human Race would only need to slowly consume the Black Ink Clan’s forces and sooner or later, the Black Ink Clan of the Mysterious Nether Territory would be completely destroyed.

Hearing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing and slowly shook his head, “No, if we really do this, it will only force the Black Ink Clan to fight with their backs to the wall. The Mysterious Nether Army… is not ready yet.”

Hearing this, Feng Ying also realized that she had asked a stupid question.

This was indeed the case. The Black Ink Clan had already suffered a great humiliation by agreeing to let them borrow this path, and Yang Kai had already left. If they took advantage of this opportunity to seal the Domain Gate, the Black Ink Clan would definitely not be able to endure it. At that time, no matter how unwilling or fearful they were, they would have to fight a great battle with the Human Race.

Although Yang Kai had left behind a large number of Small Stone Race, if they were to fight, the Human Race might not necessarily lose, but the best result would be mutual destruction.

The Black Ink Clan could bear such losses, but the Human Race could not.

Yang Kai had also thought about sealing the Domain Gate, but after thinking about it for a while, he gave up.

At this moment, he suddenly came to a realization and said in a low voice, “This war is not a war between a single person, but a war for all the Human Race!”

The strength of a single person couldn’t change the current situation, and even a small portion of their strength was difficult to change. Only when the Human Race constantly produced powerful masters could they resist the Black Ink Clan and defeat them.

At this moment, he suddenly understood the actions of the Ninth Order Old Ancestors.

The Old Ancestors were already strong enough, but on the Spatial Territory Battlefield, they still chose to sacrifice themselves to clear the obstacles for their juniors and create space and time for them to grow.

At that time, the Ninth Order Old Ancestors would have seen through everything.

The Black Ink Clan was the main culprit behind the invasion of the 3000 Worlds. Without the Black Ink Clan’s invasion, the 3000 Worlds would still be vast and prosperous, and there wouldn’t be so many people from the Universe World dying in misery.

However, now that the situation had been decided, the current Human Race needed the Black Ink Clan.

Yang Kai’s thoughts surged as he suddenly understood many things. In the past, he had never considered these things because he was just a nameless human. Although his strength was extraordinary, no matter what he did, he could do as he pleased. If the sky fell, he would be able to hold it up, so there was no need to consider these things.

Now, he was the Regiment Commander of the Mysterious Nether Army and was in charge of a domain battlefield. From the position of Regiment Commander, he saw many things he had never seen before.

Originally, he had planned to find an opportunity to seal all of the Domain Battlefield’s Domain Gates occupied by the Black Ink Clan and cut off their connection to the outside world, but now it seemed there was no need.

If he sealed the Domain Gate, he could indeed help the Human Race in the dozen or so battlefields, but doing so would not have much meaning.

If they really did so, while the Human Race would have a chance to destroy the dozen or so Black Ink Clan forces on the battlefield, if they couldn’t solve the problem of the source, the Black Ink Clan would never be exterminated.

These dozen or so battlefields were a calamity for the Human Race, but they were also places to temper themselves. Between life and death, there were great dangers, great opportunities, and the flowers raised in greenhouses would never be as tough as the grass in the outside world.

Right now, the Human Race needed a life or death enemy like the Black Ink Clan. Yang Kai himself had risen to prominence after countless life or death battles with the Black Ink Clan’s masters.

A vague idea suddenly appeared in his mind. Perhaps after this incident, he could make a trip to the Head Office Division to discuss this matter with Xiang Shan and the others.

In the void, the two Battleships flew at full speed. Dawn Battleship’s performance was excellent, having been modified by Yang Kai and Dawn Squad with countless battle merits. It was many times better than an ordinary Battleship, not to mention Bi Xi’s Battleship. Although it was only a Seventh Order clone, Bi Xi was also a powerful Holy Spirit. In terms of speed, Bi Xi’s Battleship was even faster than Dawn Battleship.

It also had extremely strong defensive capabilities, which was the biggest reason why Yu Rumeng and the others had been able to protect themselves all these years. If not for the protection of Bi Xi’s Battleship, even if Yu Rumeng and the others were already Seventh Order, after tens of years of battle, they might have suffered some casualties.

However, with the protection of Bi Xi’s Battleship, their team of women was completely unharmed.

This trip to Yearning Territory would take six great domains transmission. This was the closest route, and even with the speed of the two Battleships, it would take more than two months.

This was the route from the Domain Gate occupied by the Black Ink Clan. If they were to take the other route, it would only be further.

The cultivator from the Yearning Territory was trapped and the situation was urgent, so Yang Kai didn’t want to waste any time. This was why he wanted to borrow the Black Ink Clan’s path. Otherwise, what's the matter if they're late?

The Black Ink Clan had invaded the 3000 Worlds, causing great domains to fall into a state of misery and suffering. Wherever they passed, the World Great Dao would collapse, and all that was once flourishing was now dead silence.

However, comparatively speaking, the Black Ink Clan still had some sense of propriety. They kept the various great domains’ Universe Temple!

This was good news. The Universe Temple itself was useful to the Black Ink Clan, saving them a lot of time to travel, so the Black Ink Clan didn’t destroy any of the Universe Temple’s buildings. Instead, they had stationed troops in each of the temples.

On that day, when Yang Kai had returned from the No-Return Pass, he had made use of many of Universe Temple’s transit routes. Every time he passed a Universe Temple, the Black Ink Clan guarding it would be completely wiped out.

The Black Ink Clan guarding the Universe Temple wasn’t too strong, and the Black Ink Clan didn’t have many Territory Lords now, most of them were guared by Feudal Lords.

Yang Kai had killed countless Feudal Lords.

On this trip to the Yearning Territory, the Black Ink Clan guarding the various Universe Temple had met with misfortune, there was no need for Yang Kai to personally take action. The group from Dawn Squad, Yu Rumeng, and the other girls could easily resolve this issue.

Along the way, they also encountered a number of small teams from the Black Ink Clan who were transporting supplies to the front lines. Naturally, none of them had a good end, and the supplies they had originally prepared to deliver to the front lines had all been taken advantage of.

This was also what the Human Race’s nomad hunters liked to do the most.

Currently, of the 3000 Worlds’ Great Domains, only a small number of them had not been completely occupied by the Black Ink Clan, the rest were basically occupied by the Black Ink Clan.

The Black Ink Clan’s harvesting materials from the various Great Domains, in addition to their own needs, also had to be delivered to the front lines. In the domain battlefield, the Black Ink Clan’s demand for resources was also extremely terrifying.

This gave the nomad hunter a chance to intercept them.

Killing enemies was undoubtedly a meritorious service that could be exchanged for resources in the army, but how could it compare to directly plundering resources from the Black Ink Clan?

Every small team from the Black Ink Clan carrying supplies carried an extremely rich amount of resources, so as long as they could obtain a single harvest, it would be far easier than obtaining battle merits on the battlefield.

Over the past few decades, the Human Race’s nomad hunter and the Black Ink Clan’s transport team had fought a battle of wits and courage, both winning and losing.

This also led to the Black Ink Clan’s transportation of resources becoming stronger, preventing them from being intercepted by the Human Race.

There were also many Black Ink Clan Territory Lords patrolling the various great domains, searching for traces of the hunters.

Although the group of hunters didn’t work in the army to kill enemies, they had also greatly reduced the pressure on the frontline battlefield. Not to mention anything else, there were several dozen Territory Lords being held back by these hunters.

Some of the dozen or so Territory Lords who had suddenly appeared in the Mysterious Nether Territory had been transferred from here.

It was said that in the beginning, many of the hunters had acted alone, at most summoning two or three friends, but as the Black Ink Clan’s defenses became tighter, the hunters gradually formed small teams to resist the Black Ink Clan.

The Black Ink Clan had a deep hatred for the Human Race’s hunters, constantly wanting to exterminate them like vultures. Unfortunately, the Human Race’s hunters were all bold and meticulous, and their strength was extraordinary, so the Black Ink Clan couldn’t kill them all.

This time, with a cultivator trapped in the Yearning Territory, it was an excellent opportunity. The Black Ink Clan did not immediately deal with the cultivators from the Yearning Territory, instead intentionally letting the news leak out. Most likely, they wanted to attract the wandering hunters to come to their aid so that they could surround them.

They weren’t afraid that the hunters would know their purpose. There were always some hunters who didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth.

Moreover, Yang Kai had borrowed a Domain Gate to leave the Mysterious Nether Territory. Even if the Territory Lords hadn’t figured it out at first, they should have realized later that Yang Kai had gone out for the sake of a cultivator from the Yearning Territory. Otherwise, as the Regiment Commander, there was no reason for him not to guard the Mysterious Nether Territory and instead run outside.

As such, the current Yearning Territory was likely a dragon’s pool and tiger’s den, and the number of Black Ink Clan Territory Lords was definitely not small.


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