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Advancing from the Seventh Order to the Eighth Order wasn’t something that could be done in a short period of time. It might take several days or even months, but none of the people who had come to observe the ceremony showed any signs of impatience, unwilling to miss out on any details.

The Samsara Pavilion was a place where one’s heart was refined, so no matter how long one reincarnated inside, they would not be able to increase their strength in the slightest.

Luo Tinghe should have reached the critical point of breaking through two thousand years ago. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been forced to break through right after she escaped from the Samsara World. It was precisely those two thousand years of reincarnation that had allowed her to break through.

In other words, if Luo Tinghe hadn’t rushed into the Samsara Pavilion on impulse back then, she would have been an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage by now.

“Little Qu’er, you’re a direct Sixth Order, so there’s a chance you’ll be able to break through to the Eighth Order in the future. It’s good for you to take a look,” Yu Xiangdie said.

Qu Huachang nodded seriously.

“The danger of breaking through in the Open Heaven Stage lies in the enhancement of the Small Universe. The Small Universe's physique is also limited, so if one can’t withstand it, The Small Universe will face the risk of collapsing. This is the risk Senior Sister Luo is facing right now, as well as the risk all Open Heaven Stage cultivators have to face. For you, you are now a Sixth Order now, so when you break through to the Seventh Order in the future, the risk you face will be the Small Universe's transformation into solid form. That is the most difficult hurdle, even more dangerous than what your Martial Aunt Luo is currently facing.”

Qu Huachang respectfully said, “Please enlighten me, Senior Uncle.”

Yu Xiangdie sighed, “These things should have been told to you by Old Fellow Xu, but now that he’s not here, I can only explain them to you. During the process of the Small Universe's transformation, your Small Universe and even your Soul will suffer an unimaginable impact. For example, when a Monster Beast cultivates to a certain extent, it will need to condense a Monster Core within its body. If its strength is unstable, it will be impossible to succeed, so if you break through to the Seventh Order in the future, you must be certain that you have accumulated enough resources. If you don’t have enough, the Small Universe will not be able to evolve from the illusory into solid form, and that will be a life or death crisis. Many disciples from Cave Heaven Paradise have fallen at this stage. If not for this, the number of High Rank Open Heaven Stage masters in the various Cave Heaven Paradise wouldn’t be so low.”

Since ancient times, there weren’t many Open Heaven Stage cultivators who had reached the Sixth Order directly, but there were definitely many who had reached the Fifth Order directly.

These direct Fifth Order Disciples, after a long period of cultivation and accumulation, would be able to slowly increase their grade to Sixth Order or even Seventh Order.

However, if it was really that easy to break through to the Seventh Order, the number of High Rank Open Heaven in the Cave Heaven Paradise would probably be in the tens of thousands.

Not to mention the Cave Heaven Paradise, there were definitely many Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters amongst the Second Class forces.

However, in reality, none of the current Cave Heaven Paradise had so many High Rank Open Heaven. Although there were other reasons for this, the bigger reason was that there was a huge risk to breaking through to the High Rank Open Heaven. Disciples who had the qualifications to attempt to break through to the High Rank Open Heaven either had insufficient accumulation or lacked confidence in breaking through, so they didn’t dare attempt it recklessly, or they would fail and die during the process.

The gap between Sixth Order and Seventh Order was a dividing line. After Seventh Order, there was an insurmountable gap between each Grade.

“If that’s the case, wouldn’t the Universe Four Pillars and Twelve Small Pillars be of great help to the Open Heaven Stage?” Yang Kai suddenly thought of something.

Yu Xiangdie nodded, “Of course, when breaking through to the Open Heaven Stage, the Small Universe will receive a strong impact. The universe four pillars and twelve small pillars will allow the Small Universe to become stronger and more stable, so they will be of great help. However, you must know that only High Rank Open Heaven have the qualifications to refine the Universe Twelve Small Pillars and store them in their Small Universe. Even if they are useful, they won’t be able to use them under High Rank Open Heaven. The ones that are truly useful to them are the Universe Four Pillars, but how rare are they? How could ordinary people have the opportunity to obtain them?”

As she spoke, she glanced at Yang Kai with a look of ‘you’re really lucky.’

Yang Kai’s possession of the World Spring was no longer a secret in the Cave Heaven Paradise. The World Spring suppress and seal the Small Universe, making it flawless and impervious to external forces. Even the Ink Force was unable to do anything to Yang Kai, causing a large group of High Rank masters to be envious.

Yang Kai had thought that this was the only effect of the World Spring, but he hadn’t expected it to be helpful during his breakthrough. This was a pleasant surprise.

With the Univese Four Pillars sealing the Small Universe, not only could the Small Universe not be invaded by external forces, but he could also rest assured and raise living creatures, strengthening his foundation, and resist the corrosion of the Ink Force. When he fought with others, he didn’t need to worry about his Small Universe being disturb, and his breakthrough would also be greatly beneficial.

From the looks of it now, the Universe Four Pillars were indeed World Treasures, and their value was no less than his Soul Warming Lotus and the Eternal Tree he once owned. In particular, to a Open Heaven Stage cultivator, Universe Four Pillars might be even more precious.

“Martial Aunt Yu, I have another question to ask,” Yang Kai said humbly.

Yu Xiangdie said, “Go ahead.”

“Martial Aunt probably knows a little about my situation. Now that I’m also a Sixth Order, I feel like I’m not far from breaking through to the Seventh Order. If I break through to the Seventh Order, what kind of situation would I encounter?”

Yu Xiangdie was first shocked by Yang Kai’s cultivation speed.

It had to be known that it had only been three hundred years since he had broken through to the Fifth Order in the Shattered Heaven's Shadowless Cave Heaven entrance. In these time period, he also spent 130 years on the Samsara Pavilion.

From the Fifth Order to the Sixth Order, he was actually not far from advancing to the Seventh Order.

She had never heard of anyone cultivating so quickly at the Open Heaven Stage. The cultivation of the Open Heaven Stage required accumulation the most, so it was impossible for one to rapidly improve. This was something every Open Heaven Stage cultivator could not avoid.

The accumulation of time over the years was the main focus of Open Heaven Stage cultivators.

In three hundred years, it was possible for a Third Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator to break through to the Fourth Order. But from the Fifth Order to the Seventh Order, it was simply a fantasy.

However, the truth was right in front of her eyes, and Yu Xiangdie could also feel Yang Kai’s strength. In Lang Ya Paradise, he had single-handedly defeated all of Lang Ya’s Sixth Order masters. He was unstoppable, and his strength was clearly not something an ordinary Sixth Order could contend with. He was definitely at the peak of the Sixth Order.

However, she was unable to answer Yang Kai’s question.

Under normal circumstances, the Open Heaven Stage cultivator could advance from the Sixth Order to the Seventh Order, and the most important factor was the transformation of their Small Universe into solid physical form.

However, Yang Kai was different. His Small Universe had long since become a solid physical form since he break through to Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage, so there was no need for him to face what other Open Heaven Stage cultivators have to do.

After pondering for a long time, Yu Xiangdie shook her head and said, “To be honest, I’ve never encountered Open Heaven Stage cultivator like you. I’ve also discussed your situation with the other Senior Brothers, and I feel that the uniqueness of your Small Universe is very likely related to the Space Dao you cultivate.”

“Before me, has no one ever cultivated the Dao of Space?”

“There is, but no one is as proficient as you are, so I can’t say for sure what you will encounter when you break through to the Seventh Order, but the problems others will have to face are not problems for you. Moreover, you have the World Spring to suppress and seal your Small Universe, so I think it shouldn’t be a problem for you to break through to the Seventh Order.” Pausing for a moment, she continued, “However, it’s best to be careful. It’s best if you find a place to cultivate in seclusion and deduce the problems you may encounter so that you won’t be flustered.”

“I understand,” Yang Kai nodded.

He had long since intended to enter seclusion and attempt to break through to the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, but the time limit of the hundred-year agreement with Qu Huachang was about to arrive, so it had been delayed until now. Now that Qu Huachang had escaped from the Samsara Pavilion, it was time for him to go into seclusion once Yin Yang Heaven's matters was settled.

Thinking up to this point, Yang Kai thought of the Proprietress and quickly asked, “Martial Aunt Yu, has my Void Land’s Lan Youruo come out of seclusion?”

Yu Xiangdie said, “When you entered the Chaotic Dead Territory, she had already come out of seclusion. Don’t worry, she is now a Seventh Order.”

Yang Kai’s brow rose. He had spent more than a hundred years in the Samsara Pavilion and several dozen years in the Chaotic Dead Territory. Counting the years, the Proprietress had been out of seclusion for a long time.

After learning that the Proprietress had successfully broken through to the Seventh Order, Yang Kai also felt relieved. The main reason was that the Proprietress had been in seclusion for too long this time, so Yang Kai wasn’t sure if she had succeeded or not.

When she broke through to the Seventh Order, she would have to face the problem of all the High Rank Open Heaven who did not come from the Cave Heaven Paradise.

“What are the attitudes of the various Cave Heaven Paradise towards her?” Yang Kai asked again.

Yu Xiangdie said, “Xuanyuan Cave Heaven’s Situ Kong has stepped forward to guarantee that no one will attack her, you can rest assured.”

Because of the incident with Blacl Ink Disciples, the various Cave Heaven Paradise were extremely concerned about the High Rank Open Heaven that had been created by other families. Many people had been drawn over, causing the world to misunderstand.

Some people had secretly broken through to the High Rank Open Heaven, and then sneaked into the Shattered Heaven.

Bright Sun Divine Monarch, Xia Linlang, and the others were all like this, but there was no way to explain the matter of Black Ink Disciple to the world. Even Vice Sect Master Yuan Du, who came from Lang Ya Paradise, couldn’t resist the temptation of the Ink Force and took the initiative to offer sacrifices to the Black Ink Clan in order to break through his shackles. It was hard to guarantee that no one would have any ill intentions after learning about the strange power of the Ink Force. [MSN: Well, who wouldn't after their cultivation being suppressed?]

After becoming Black Ink Disciple, one would no longer be restricted by the Open Heaven Stage's shackles, which was too attractive for some people.

Especially those with low starting points and great ambitions.

However, the Proprietress was originally a member of The First Inn, and the owner of The First Inn was none other than Xuanyuan Cave Heaven’s Situ Kong. With him acting as the guarantor and the connections the Proprietress had accumulated over the years, it was indeed enough to ensure her safety and ensure that she would not fall into the same situation as the other High Rank masters.

Yu Xiangdie suddenly looked at Qu Huachang meaningfully, “Little Qu’er, you must pay close attention in the future. This little brat is not someone who knows his place, perhaps one day he will provokes another flowers.”

Qu Huachang nodded heavily, “Yes, Martial Aunt.”

Yang Kai’s face was filled with grievance, “Martial Aunt Yu, you’re just spreading false rumors and slandering me. I’ve never been involved with other women, I’m an honest man.”

Qu Huachang smiled at him, “Is that so? Then what about Senior Sister Tao? Shouldn’t you tell me?”

Yang Kai quickly said, “I was just about to tell you about this.”


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